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  1. Justin Tadlock » Post-Graduation Week
  2. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Published |

    Hi Justin 🙂

    I have a family that are all Southern Baptist or Church of God on my dad’s side with a plethora of preachers. Then on my Mom’s side (the Japanese side) they’re all Buddhists. So, one could say, I have an open mind about religion.

    This sounds like it could have been an interesting read, but I never think it would be successful to bring someone over to my way of thinking by bashing theirs.

  3. ryan
    ryan Published |

    well all religions(as far as i know) lack proof. and different religions differ making it hard to agree. know one knows which one is right,. i am an atheist

    “children are too young to know where they stand on such issues” is annoying. everyone thinks children are dumb and cant understand concepts.WRONG its a very annoying generalization.

  4. Neel N
    Neel N Published |

    What Darwin spoke about has always been a part of Hindu Way of Life. Evolution is real and happening even as speak, some religions restrict the mental growth of their followers, to these people it seems unreal and anti-religion.


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