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  3. BoltClock
    BoltClock Published |

    My theme pages are… pages… instead of posts. How can I make this plugin work with my configuration?

  4. Justin
    Justin Published |

    BoltClock, I don’t see a good way to list them with this version of the theme. I’ll add that to my “Future Versions” to-do list.

    I am, however, going to update my old plugin, List Subpages With Descriptions to include images. So, I think that will work fine for what you’re looking for. I plan on releasing a new version within a week. If you’re interested, just subscribe to my feed or check back here in a week or so.

    I’ll see what I can do with this plugin in the meantime though.

  5. Publisher
    Publisher Published |

    I publish several WordPress driven sites. One of them is well suited for a magazine or newspaper theme.

    Your Newspaperize has a great deal of potential so we’ve put it up on our private test and evaluation site.

    Our public site for this publication is at


    If you’ll respond by private email, I’ll send you the URL for our private site so you can see what your theme looks like where there is a great deal of complex content.

    Your ideas seem very sound and your conceptualization more visionary than others playing with these ideas.

    Well done.

  6. Mohsin
    Mohsin Published |

    Great plugin Justin. I’ll use it when I have more than one themes to show off :).

  7. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks Mohsin. It was just something that I needed for my site, and I figured if I needed it, maybe someone else would.

    It can be modified to display any list with images, whether it’s WordPress themes or not. I’m only barely scratching the surface with what custom fields can do.

  8. simple67
    simple67 at |
  9. わーどぷれすっ! » Themes List
  10. Justin
    Justin Published |

    This plug in has saved me a lot of time a frustration.

    I recommend this plug in to all theme designers.

    Thank you a whole bunch!

  11. Mohsin
    Mohsin Published |

    Justin, any idea about how to setup a WordPress Theme demo site where users can test a theme live?

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  13. Yoyon Sugiono
    Yoyon Sugiono Published |

    You can use my plugin to setup a WordPress Theme demo site where users can test a theme live.

  14. Marco
    Marco Published |

    Where is a link to download a plugin?


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