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Introducing the "Powered By" WordPress Block Plugin

Officially, I released my first WordPress block plugin today. X3P0 - Powered By is now hosted on the WordPress plugin directory. Woot! Woot! 🥳 Powered By, for short, is a simple block type for displaying a randomly-generated message, such as: Powered by coffee. Powered by crazy ideas and passion. Powered … Continue reading →

Forum Preview #4: Featured Images

I just added featured image support to forums in the new forum plugin I’m building. Loads of other improvements have worked their way in, but it’s nice to be able to spruce the page up a bit with images. … Continue reading →

Quick forum preview

![/user/media/2015/01/mb-003-960x528.png](Forum front page display) This is just a quick preview of the forum plugin I’m working on. I thought it was about time to start sharing what I’ve been up to over the last couple of months. … Continue reading →

Cookies for Comments

You should be using the Cookies for Comments plugin. Here’s why.