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Plugins that run my site

I recently came across a blog meme that was going around where WordPress bloggers were tagging each other and were asked to list their top three most underrated plugins. Unfortunately, no one tagged me.

Get The Image WordPress Plugin

One of the problems with magazine-type WordPress themes has always been that they require more work than an average theme because of the extra image uploading.

Cleaner WordPress Gallery Plugin

So you upgraded your WordPress blog to the nifty new 2.5 only to use the gallery feature that Matt Mullenweg has been raving about. Now, you upload that first set of pictures to only find that there are a lot of problems.

Custom Fields For Feeds: WordPress Plugin

![WordPress custom fields for feeds“](/user/media/2008/01/custom-feed.gif“ title=“WordPress custom fields for feeds) Description: This puts images or videos into your feeds through the use of custom fields. You can alter the custom field Keys and what is displayed. Version 1.0.1 Beta License: GPL Download Plugin ([download#13#hits]) About this plugin One of the … Continue reading →

Themes List: WordPress Plugin

If you’re a WordPress theme designer, this little plugin I put together might help you. Do you have a central page that lists all of your themes? No WordPress theme designer should do without that page. I’ve been using this for a while now and have finally decided to release … Continue reading →

List Subpages With Descriptions: WordPress Plugin

This is my very first WordPress plugin! It’s a very simple plugin, and I made it mainly for use on my blog. The function of this plugin is to list a WordPress Page’s subpages in an unordered list with a description of each one. Here’s an example of what it … Continue reading →