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  1. Travis
    Travis Published |

    The one problem I see with the subtitle is that it doesn’t show up in the actual post, just in the browser title bar. I’m sure that’s fine for SEO, but it doesn’t add anything for the reader unless they look up, which a lot probably don’t.

    Still and interesting idea, and I’ll be watching to see how else you implement the custom fields – I’m sure there’s some great uses yet to be figured out.

  2. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Yeah, stay tuned. We could add the same snippet of code used to show the subtitle in the browser bar to show it in the actual post.

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  4. David
    David Published |

    Hi Justin,
    Does your code go between the ? So I delete what is inside of title now? Or do I delete title all together? Thanks!

  5. David
    David Published |

    whoops looks like it didn’t like my explanation because it mistook some of the HTML. Any, does your code go between the open and close of title, or do I delete the title code, or? thanks again!

  6. Justin
    Justin Published |

    David, this code goes between the opening and closing <title> tags. You should delete anything else between those tags.

  7. Voter
    Voter Published |

    Thanks for this tip and the “costum field” series!

  8. Andy
    Andy Published |

    I believe that custom fields could be used for creating a ‘Classified Ads’ area in a blog/cms site. Plugins like the Custom Write panel and the custom_field_gui could be used to make advert placement easy for users.
    I haven’t found any workable plugin as yet for a free classifieds
    Any thoughts?

  9. billso
    billso Published |

    Sweet! I’ve been looking for some code to help me on my site. You saved the day!

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  11. Des Walsh
    Des Walsh Published |

    Obviously I’ve not done something correctly. Followed the steps in the tutorial, published this post: http://webarts.net.au/wordframe-demos-soon-for-europe-and-asia-time-zones/
    and got the subtitle but multiplied twice – i.e. three iterations

  12. Mark
    Mark Published |

    A little tweak to this, and you can have post subtitles working as well (see example here, below the title in italics). Many thanks for the good information above.

    Note: I’ve attempted to format this a bit. Apologies if it ends up ugly.

    1 – Add a custom field entitled ‘subtitle’ to a post, as described above.
    2 – From the Theme Editor, open the Main Index Template (index.php)
    3 – Search for the opening paragraph declaration entitled class=”post-info”
    4 – Paste the following BEFORE (immediately after the Title): ID, ‘subtitle’, $single = true); if($subtitle !== ”) { ?>
    5 – Save and open the Single Post Template (single.php)
    6 – Repeat Steps 3/4
    7 – Save and open Stylesheet (style.css)
    8 – Search for post-info
    9 – Wherever you have your post-info defined (look for font-size, color, margin, etc), add , #content. subtitle before the opening bracket ({)
    10 – Immediately below (after the closing bracket), paste in the following: #content .subtitle { color: #265e15; font-style: italic; padding-bottom: 10px; }
    11 – Of course, change the color/font to match your theme…
    12 – Now, test! Open up your main page (index.php), and ensure all is displayed correctly. Also, open up a single post and make sure it is also displayed correctly.

  13. Mark
    Mark Published |

    Trying again… I feared something would be stripped. Didn’t realize the ‘code’ tag worked here… oops. 🙂 Step 4 should be as follows…

    4 – Paste the following BEFORE (immediately after the Title): ID, 'subtitle', $single = true); if($subtitle !== '') { ?>

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  18. diszk
    diszk Published |

    Jeez dude, u save my day:) thanks

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  20. sarah
    sarah Published |

    Looks good, but I’m having a little problem with post, if there is no subtitle custom field it’s show only blog title. How to make if else or whatever if I forget to fill title in custom field?

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