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  2. Ricardo Del Rio
    Ricardo Del Rio Published |

    Hi. I love your Magtastic WordPress Theme. As you can see, i am not techman, i am just one fan and hard user. I want to change my blogspot to word press. I will use your Magtastic WordPress Theme, and perhaps i am still with good fortune and i could be able to get your offer of Free Header Image. My header Image should be saying “Seikyo Criollo Digital” using some newspaper background image or compose.
    Lets go to be in touch.
    PS. I am VP at Pajamanation.com also (do you know about?) Please check it http://www.pajamanation.com There you will be able to find more customers also. Because I will be customer your in the next months. I have some websites and i will need your services.

    Thanks in advance from Caracas Venezuela

    PS2: the seikyo criollo has own domain http://www.seikyocriollo.org.ve and it is publishing Buddhist Materials (only in spanish language) because i am buddhist since 30 years ago. My buddhism website is http://www.sgi.org

  3. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks Ricardo. No, you’re not too late for the free header image, but I think you may have misunderstood me a little. I’ve edited the post to make it a little clearer. When I said I’ll give the free header image, I meant that I’ll simply edit the text by adding “your site name” and “your site description,” like in the demo.

    I’ve put together your header image, and I’m ready to send it your way. Just let me know if you want a “site description” along with it. I’ll e-mail you.

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  5. K
    K Published |

    I have downloaded it and compared with your Newspaperized, I prefer the latter. This one is too “girlie” but nice.

    Does your themes, gravatar-enabled?

  6. Justin
    Justin Published |

    None of my themes come gravatar-enabled, but I’m thinking of adding the feature because I think WordPress bought Gravatar. I’ll have to look more into it.

    Generally, I don’t add plugins to the themes because with so many plugins out there, it’s hard to decide what the best things to add are. I try to leave everything open enough for the user to do what they want with the themes.

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  9. Tim
    Tim Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Great theme! I’d love to get a header if they’re still available – thanks!


  10. vicki
    vicki Published |

    would love a customized header for my style/fashion blog.

  11. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Your demo is busted…

  12. Jenny
    Jenny Published |

    Man I really need to know how to do that for my new theme. 🙁 I’m off to study your theme. It looks really good btw.

  13. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Tim and Vicki, I’ve sent you both e-mails. So, check your inbox for your header image.

    Mike, I don’t see anything wrong with it. What browser are you using? Do you have cookies disabled? And, what do you mean by busted, exactly?

    Jenny, thanks for the comment. What do you “really need to know how to do” for your theme? I might be able to help. By the way, I like the look of your site. I think Natalie done a wonderful job with the theme.

  14. Jane
    Jane Published |

    Am I number 14? Please?

    I love this theme and would love a free Header!

    Jane Devin
    “There’s Always More to the Story”

    Thank you in advance, so much!

  15. Eric
    Eric Published |

    This is a wonderful design. Great job. With a free .psd even. I am using this for sure on one of my domains. If the free header is still available please LMK. I’ll give you a plug on one of my blogs too.

  16. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Jane, I’ve sent you an email with your custom header. Thanks for using the theme.

    Eric, I’m about to send you an email now. So, yep, the remaining header images are still up for grabs.

  17. Amy
    Amy Published |

    Hi, this theme is what I’ve been looking for – wish I had found it before I got started with the one I have now. I’ve loaded magtastic – now just have to figure out why my pages didn’t show.

    Have you got your 20 requests for a header? If not, I would like one! And I’d like it to say: My Dog Sky
    For Today’s Dog


  18. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Amy, I’ve sent you an email, so make sure to check that.

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  20. Amy
    Amy Published |

    Hey Justin, thanks for that. Hate to bother you again, but the email didn’t make it. Could you send it again? Thanks.

  21. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Amy, I’ve sent the email again, so I hope it makes it there. You might want to check your junk mail folder if you haven’t already, just to be sure. If it doesn’t go through again, I’ll just upload it to the site or something.

  22. Amy
    Amy Published |

    Hi again Justin,
    this is starting to get weird. I did as you suggested and checked the junk mail even the delete folder to be extra sure. And still nothing…Think it is Roadrunner???

  23. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Amy, I’m thinking it’s got to be your email because I’m not getting any returned mail and everyone else I’ve emailed today has gotten their mail.

    Nevertheless, you can download your header here. My email address is in the instructions text file. If you have any trouble, feel free to send me an email.

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  25. iatitlan
    iatitlan Published |

    Great template.. I also looked at using a few others. one question I had, can you send a sniplet of code that would explain how to add a graphic image in the header ??

    I tried about everything i know, and I am sure I am missing something small.


  26. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Iatitlan, open “readme.txt” included with your download. Scroll down to a section named “Add header image.” There are instructions on how to include a header image with the theme.

    The only thing you’ll need to do outside of that is replace “header.gif” with another file called “header.gif” in your /magtastic/images folder.

  27. iatitlan
    iatitlan Published |

    Justin thanks, more so I was thinking about this in the newspaper theme

  28. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Iatitlan, I’ve sent you an email that explains everything.

  29. Recopilación de themes para tu wordpress » Comenta o Muere | Actualidad, Humor, Tecnología, Política, Ciencia, Música… y otros muchos temas de los que merece la pena hablar.
  30. Mario
    Mario Published |


    I am very interested in the header image:

    RUM en Línea
    Cursos a distancia para estudiantes de Escuela Superior

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful theme.

  31. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Mario, I’ll send you an email as soon as I get home from work tonight.

  32. BJohnM
    BJohnM Published |

    Most likely your offer for a free header image is already taken up, but just in case I thought I’d ask. I’ve got to update this church website I do, and I want to turn it into a Wordpress site, so I don’t have to do the updates.


  33. Justin
    Justin Published |

    BJohnM, sorry. I have finished giving out the free header images. There is a .psd file included that you can edit though.

    Feel free to stop by and ask any questions you have. Thanks for deciding to use the theme.

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  35. shari
    shari Published |

    hi, i tried downloading it and i got a 404. is this theme not available anymore? 🙁


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  37. oops hey
    oops hey Published |

    I have tied to download,.. but I found nothing.. I guess the link is broken

  38. cattle jokes
    cattle jokes Published |

    hi,.. do you have any update for this themes ?..

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