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  13. örgü modelleri
    örgü modelleri Published |

    great thanks a lot

  14. havlu kenari
    havlu kenari Published |

    thank you..

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  18. pepa garcía
    pepa garcía Published |

    thanks a lot. i´m trying to understand what this all is about. i´ve just installed the fabulous options theme (teleperra.com).
    i´m following you.

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  21. örgü
    örgü Published |

    great thanks a lot

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  27. Toure
    Toure Published |

    Thanks for the great tutorials.
    My question is could you please write a plugin that can simply help to upload images and manage them to a specific folder withing wordpress where we can call the image files for the excerpts.
    It think wordpress files upload sucks (I don’t even know if there is one beside uploading directly images for the articles.
    Please help us with a plugin or guidance or how o do it withing wordpress without using any external ftp.
    Again thanks and I am gonna follow this post for answer

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  29. kailoon
    kailoon Published |

    Thanks for the tutorial!

    Are there any way to add a page of custom field in admin panel?

    For example,
    within the theme, I use the query_posts

    ?php query_posts($query_string.'&posts_per_page=x'); ?>

    And I wish to control the x amount in the admin panel where I will create a new menu page for it.


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  31. vijayaraghavan
    vijayaraghavan Published |

    thanks for the info dude…can u jus tell me how to add an adsense videounit code into the custom field??

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  33. Steve Bruner
    Steve Bruner Published |

    Justin: Great article, but I’m confused. How does this code sort by the custom field? It looks like it’s sorting by “post_name” not “author”.

    Any help you can provide would be appreciated!


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  35. Richard
    Richard Published |

    Thanks for your introduction on Custom Fields, a very useful and easy tool to making WordPress websites easier to update.

    I have expanded on your discussion on Custom fields with a simplified tutorial at:


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  42. ordersomabuyg
    ordersomabuyg Published |

    Wow Cool !
    Super Man
    Nice Site

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  50. higgins
    higgins Published |

    this’s a very useful post – thank you for sharing!

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  52. Meung Lee
    Meung Lee Published |

    I think custom field usage in wordpress magazine and complex themes are really important. in fact it makes things really easy. Thanks for sharing this nice intro.

  53. Mens health Blog
    Mens health Blog Published |

    I am using wordpress for more than three years. But till today before seeing this post, I was completely unaware of this custom fields. I thought it might be for something like for adding keywords meta tags etc.

    Thanks for enlightening on this. I’ll look up more opportunities to use the feature more productively. If I get a new idea about using this feature I’ll post in my blog.

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  58. Kevon
    Kevon Published |

    This is a great overview for custom fields on posts and returning info in the loop.

    I’ve be stumped or a while if i can use the custom fields for static pages (not posts) and then return the fields in a newly-created static page. For example, i’ve created 10 static pages, one for each type of surfboard. The keys are builder, color, type, etc. Now, I’d like to return all 10 pages in a table of contents page. How would i do this since this is outside the loop as i understand it? Sample code to drop into me index.php file would be awesome.

    Thank you!!

  59. Xantifee
    Xantifee Published |

    Hey, great post! Works great but I really would like it if the list was not text links but a group of thumbnail links from one categorie. Any idea how that code would look like?

  60. ekingdom
    ekingdom Published |

    Hi – thanks for the tutorial.

    New WP user here. I’m wanting to add some custom details to my post details which would be exif info for photos. I’m sure CF’s would allow me to do that – but i can’t work out how it would be coded… anyone ideas anyone?

    For example:

    Travel | Posted on Feb 25th by Electrique Kingdom | No comments – being my currect post details

    Travel | ¹/125 sec | ƒ/5.6 | ISO 200 | Posted on Feb 25th by Electrique Kingdom | No comments – this is what i want!

    Thanks for looking.

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  62. Eurovision Turkey Contest Hadise

    And i can not found your bbpress themes.Can u help me?

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  66. Waukesha website designer
    Waukesha website designer Published |

    The edit post screen now refers to these as name/value, even though the wordpress documentation still refers to this a key/value. This is kind of confusing. I’m still trying to find information on how to add these custom fields into my own theme.

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  71. Web design cheltenham
    Web design cheltenham Published |

    so you don’t call the ‘value’ in the php, you just call the ‘key’ Right?

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  94. Brad Poulter
    Brad Poulter Published |

    Fantastic! Seriously out of all the custom field tutorials I have been mowing through this one finally touches on using custom fields in custom TEMPLATES. Most of the other tutorials only touch on how they can be used on the index.php page. All I wanted to do was make a simple gallery page of a certain category. And now its done, thanks!

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  106. Fort Collins Web
    Fort Collins Web Published |

    The “What are custom fields” was a great explanation. It would be great to use custom fields as footnotes in posts. I am going to use the as “extra” info above the header. In hope it will help with sem/seo. Thank for the great toot.

    1. Fort Collins Web
      Fort Collins Web Published |

      I meant “use *THEM* as”. sry for the typo. 🙂

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  108. Richard
    Richard Published |

    I installed the plugin and activated and I don’t see the Custom Fields box anywhere where you are suppose to select Key and Value. Is there something else I’m suppose to be doing after activating to plugin?

  109. Joseph Buarao
    Joseph Buarao Published |

    nice tutorial… I will implement this to my theme.. thanks mate 🙂

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  122. Kurajin
    Kurajin Published |

    As long as I do blogging, I still use plugins for my blog enhancement. I think now I have to learn about php and it’s Object Oriented Programming. Thanks for share.

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