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  1. Travis
    Travis Published |

    Hey, cool! Neat tip, thanks for sharing.

    1. Vaseem Ansari
      Vaseem Ansari Published |

      This tips is really useful, i am stuck in a problem, here is that, need solution for this one

      i have posted 100 articles under category1 with custom field “featured” (only 20 posts have custom field values in them).
      Now i want to show random 5 posts, so can u propose me query that will get all those posts which have featured in them, i dont want the results to be come for all those posts which dont have featured values in them.

  2. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks Travis. This is just as much a learning experience for me as it might be for you or other readers. WordPress has been out for too long, we need to figure out what kinds of things we can do with these custom fields.

    1. Ali
      Ali Published |

      Hi Justin,

      I have a question about placing an image in the post. For example I want a fixed position for the image and lets say, when you write the title of the post while creating the post the title will show in the post at the exact same position in every post. In similar way I want to place images by just using URLs but I want that there position should remain constant, so I don’t have to go in every post and insert images in the post. Hopefully you understood what I was trying to say.

      Thank you for this post.

  3. blackbelt Sofa
    blackbelt Sofa Published |

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the tutorial! Can I ask for help?
    I can display the image in the article with your method but still not in the frontpage like your example. It works well when I “enter” a post thought.
    I’m testing it on the default template with wp 2.3.1
    Do you have any idea ?

  4. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Blackbelt, I see you’ve got it working. But, for future reference for others: you must change this in any template you want to use it, like single.php or home.php.

  5. jvsvn
    jvsvn Published |


    Thanks for all your work. I have have a question about how to extend this technique. I understand about how to call the photo before the_content,etc. This way the photo always shows at the top of the post. How about if you want the photo to always appear on the same line as, let’s say, the 3rd paragraph. I’ve been experimenting with the technique described here: See post but can’t get it work. Any Iseas? Thanks again.

  6. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Jvsn, I think we should be able to get this to work. Just give me a little time, and I’ll do a little experimenting of my own. This looks like a great way to extend this tutorial series too.

  7. Nyssa
    Nyssa Published |

    Thanks for this, Justin. I may use this with my redesign!

  8. jvsvn
    jvsvn Published |

    Thanks Justin,

    I’m still trying as well.

  9. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Jvsn, this looks simple enough. Just replace the_content(); with this:

    $content = apply_filters('the_content', $post->post_content);
    $save = explode('</p>', $content);
    $count = 1;
    foreach ($save as $a) {
    	// Place your image code here
    	echo $a."</p>";
    	$count = $count + 1;

    Make sure to put the image code you’re using in the // Place your image code here area, which would be the code you use right before the content.

    I just tested this, so it should work fine.

  10. jvsvn
    jvsvn Published |

    Thanks Justin. With your help, I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong and now have the solution working. I’ll send a link when the site is up and running so you can see how I implemented this technique. Thanks again for the excellent tutorials. They have been very helpful. Best.

  11. Marcy
    Marcy Published |

    I’ve got this code working except that I don’t want to upload images, I want to link to external images (an image on another website I own), that is linkable to an external link. So would be the final output, is there some way I can do this? Thanks!

  12. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Jvsvn, that’s great. I’d love to see how you’re using it.

    Marcy, you can definitely do that. Just use the image URL as the Value of your custom field Key of “Image.”

  13. Erika
    Erika Published |

    Question, I want it to appear in my sidebar, so how would I manipulate this code for the ‘Get Posts’ loop? Thanks!

  14. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Erika, do you want to add only the images in the sidebar? Also, is it necessary to use “get_posts(),” or can we use a different way to pull the posts from the database?

    This might be a good reason to write another tutorial. I’ll work on it as soon as I get a chance. It shouldn’t be too much different though.

  15. TR
    TR Published |

    1. Like jvsvn had mentioned earlier, I am attempting to place my images in posts other than the very beginning. Will I have to just insert them accordingly in the content?

    2. Meanwhile, I would like to be able to display a thumbnail image on the mainpage that is not displayed on the single page. I have edited the single.php page to NOT include thumbnails, but not sure if the is correct.

    You’ll see your template in action (sort of) on my site.

  16. Justin
    Justin Published |

    I don’t really help people that use my themes but remove the credit link, which is a violation of the license.

  17. r.s
    r.s Published |

    hello justin,

    i installed your theme localy to get in touch with those features like customfields and the video section.

    i think i can handle this now. my question to you is, how can i get the tabs in the sidebar to work?
    do i have to add something, create new pages for the comments?

    the sidebar is shown correct, but the links in the tabs dont work

    would be nice if you can answer me whenever your time allows you

  18. Justin
    Justin Published |

    You should ask this question on the page of the theme you’re referring to. Also, you need to tell me exactly what problems you’re having and, if possible, give me a link to your site.

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  20. Jenny
    Jenny Published |

    Oh nifty. I wanna use this for my upcoming portfolio! Thanks so much!

  21. Sean
    Sean Published |

    I’d like to include thumbnails with the “previous” and “next” links on permalink pages. For example, right now I’m displaying what comes next and previous:

    <?php previous_post_link(‘PREVIOUS EPISODE: %link’) ?>

    <?php next_post_link(‘NEXT EPISODE: %link’) ?>

    How can I display their corresponding thumbs?

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  23. Jenny
    Jenny Published |

    my thumbnail image wont float left. it stays above the entry text no matter what i do.

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  25. Charles
    Charles Published |

    Do you know how to get the custom images fields to show up in an RSS feed? I am using the custom fields for thumbnails.. but I’d like the thumbs to appear in the RSS feed. Is that possible?



  26. Jauhari
    Jauhari Published |

    Hi Justin, How to add the URL Patch of the images? paste manually? from the URL after Upload? or it’s will automatically generated when we Upload new images?

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  28. JC
    JC Published |

    I have tried to use this thing for your visionary theme, but am going nuts trying to figure out why it shows the thumbnail image and the large image in my post when i use this field.

    I did hat you said in the directions. I cant seem to figure out whats screwed up here.

  29. Yvonne
    Yvonne Published |

    Thanks for this very helpful piece of code! I was looking for a plugin like this exactly. It really adds structure to the thumbnails with each post on my category pages.

    I have a question: I like to use square thumbnails (resized to 100x100px) for all my post excerpts. Is there a way that I can also crop the image with your code, so a rectangled picture is not distorted when I resize it to a square format?

    (I’m no CSS or PHP expert so this might be a dumb question)

  30. B John M
    B John M Published |

    I want to ask.com and searched on Wordpress and “create a link to an image from custom fields.” Your tutorial came up right at the top of the list, and gave me exactly the information I needed. I’m using it slightly differently. I’ve created a category page specifically for a given category. In the “page” for each movie review, the “poster” for the movie is aligned on the right. But in the category listing, I wanted the image aligned on the left with just the title and excerpt.

    In the past, I would paste the entire link with size, border, and alignment info into the custom field. This was, to say the least, cumbersome. By using ideas gathered here, now all I need is the url to the image…the rest of the sizing and alignment info is now part of the code for that particular category page.

    Thank you for taking the time to provide this.

  31. Isabelle
    Isabelle Published |

    Hi! Thanks for this great post 😉

    I adapted it to get videos. The problem I have is the following:

    I use this code:

    ID, "Video", true); ?> <?php
    } // end if statement
    else { echo 'SOME RANDOM STUFF'; } ?>

    The only problem I have is that I can’t get the SOME RANDOM STUFF to be displayed.
    Do you know what I could possibly be doing wrong?

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  34. aone
    aone Published |

    Thanks for this, Justin.

  35. Jamie Carter
    Jamie Carter Published |

    Just one quick question..

    how can I add a border to the code without messing everything up using just one simple css line.



  36. Austin
    Austin Published |

    Thank so much, I had it down, but I was just a little confused about the php key; ie: $thumb = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'Thumbnail'
    I am doing this for my personal blog: The Frosty

  37. John
    John Published |

    Have you seen this plugin – http://www.Mediatricks.biz/demo. I just added it to my blog and it’s a WONDERFUL to not have to keep adding those custom fields anymore.

    I have been using custom fields for image display on my blog for a while and it seems to be becoming really popular now with new theme developers like Revolution, Unstandard, Mimbo etc. but it does add a serious amount of time to every post having to not only tag the right urls in the custom fileds but uploading correctly sized images for display in the theme. If anyone is serious about using custom fields and linked images in their theme check out the Mediatricks Viva Thumbs plugin. I am only recommending his because I got it and it really works! Life saver – trust me.

  38. Brooke
    Brooke Published |

    This is a great article!

    How would I use this to display a list of posts, showing just their title and post image?

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  40. Mack
    Mack Published |

    Will come in very handy, but I ran into a small issue. Everyone of my post start off with and they all are broken where I want them.

    I want to insert my img in that same starting and for the life of me I can’t figure out how. Here is what I am currently working with.

    the_content('Continue Reading');

    Maybe too tired to figure out the explode for it.

  41. ali
    ali Published |

    hey man, thanks for this, this was a milestone design issue i just over came thanks to you.

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  43. Chris
    Chris Published |

    Great article, I’ve implemented it in my theme and it works perfect for the first article posted, but when I post another article in the same category it still displays the first posts image or custom field value. Any ideas on why this is happening?

  44. WordPress Plugin: Custom Field Images | scribu
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  46. zets
    zets Published |

    Dear Justin. Thanks for this tutorial. One question. I want to use custom fields for displaying thumbs. But also, I want to have a default image placed somewhere inside my theme’s images folder which will be displayed when no image is attached to the post. How do I do it? I would appreciate if you could show me full code. Thanks in advance.

  47. zets
    zets Published |

    Hrmmm…Could this be the answer: http://justintadlock.com/archives/2008/05/27/get-the-image-wordpress-plugin

    Although, I would prefer a few lines of code which I could place inside my theme’s template so I don’t have to worry about upgrading your plugin. Thanks.

  48. Hillbilly
    Hillbilly Published |

    Thanks for this.

    I fear I am too….non tech to be able to do this. I have had much challenges with customizing my WP site. I paid someone $200 and ended up redeveloping it again myself. I know have someone contracted to redo my content and customize my theme. Unfortunately this person is not ‘steppin up’ and I am finding myself holding hands through the process, which tells me I should just get better at doing it myself.

    That said, I am learning that if it involves editing codes, for me, it is something to think hard about implimenting. However, the script mentioned above by John that you have suggested you are working on too is of interest. I get the impression that this sort of script takes a bit more of the backend tech stuff out of the equation.

    Please let me know when you have your script ready.



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  52. kReEsTaL
    kReEsTaL Published |

    You saved my life with this tutorial. Thank you so much!

  53. Bertie
    Bertie Published |

    This is come quality stuff, thank you!

  54. Nicolas
    Nicolas Published |

    Hi Justin! Thanks a lot for this, it was the only tutorial working.

    Only one small problem .. when I put it in archives.php and I then click for example “archive september 2008” it shows the thumbnail of the latest post I did with every article. So the same thumbnail over and over again in every post. What is going wrong here?

    Thanks a lot

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  56. Jeff
    Jeff Published |

    I came across your tutorial today, read through it, and it seems like a great resource. I thought, this is really well explained and should be easy to implement.

    I am developing locally, so I can’t link to an external resource. I added the custom fields, but the if statement is finding that the $image variable is empty set, when I have entered an image path in my ‘Thumbnail’ variable. (/images/test_thumb.jpg) I put an error message in the echo for the else and that is what I am getting, and when I do an echo on the $image variable, nothing displays.

    Will the conditional find the variable to be empty set if the image link tag can’t find the image?

    This seems like something simple and stupid on my part. Do you know right off the top of your head what might be my problem? Could it be a plugin conflict? I assume this information will work with WP 2.6 and above.

    If you have time….if you don’t, I understand.

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  58. rafy
    rafy Published |

    while searching for some stuff on custom fields i found your tutorial and i understood quite a few things .
    Thanks, great!
    One question though: the custom fields interface is a bit basic … i cannot specify what type of field i need to use.
    I did find some pugins that modifify the interface and alowa that but none of them does what i need: i need a file type field.
    Do you have any ideeas?

  59. wordy
    wordy Published |

    Hello Justin,

    i am trying to use more thumbnails for my post by using your code. I have no knowledge so i am just experimenting.

    So far i have managed to make 4 thumbnails appear to my post by using 4 custom fields. ( basically i wanted to align three smaller thumbs next to the main thumb and i did but….)

    what happens is that although i am using 4 different custom fields all images are pulled from the last one.

    These are the changes i made, i guess there is a workaround for it so could you please help me?

    Thanks so much in advance!

    ID, 'Thumbnail', $single = true);
    // check for thumbnail class
    $thumb_class = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'Thumbnail Class', $single = true);
    // check for thumbnail alt text
    $thumb_alt = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'Thumbnail Alt', $single = true);
    // check for thumbnail
    $thumb = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'Thumbnail2', $single = true);
    // check for thumbnail class
    $thumb_class = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'Thumbnail2 Class', $single = true);
    // check for thumbnail alt text
    $thumb_alt = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'Thumbnail2 Alt', $single = true);
    // check for thumbnail
    $thumb = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'Thumbnail3', $single = true);
    // check for thumbnail class
    $thumb_class = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'Thumbnail3 Class', $single = true);
    // check for thumbnail alt text
    $thumb_alt = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'Thumbnail3 Alt', $single = true);
    // check for thumbnail
    $thumb = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'Thumbnail4', $single = true);
    // check for thumbnail class
    $thumb_class = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'Thumbnail4 Class', $single = true);
    // check for thumbnail alt text
    $thumb_alt = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'Thumbnail4 Alt', $single = true);
  60. Rene
    Rene Published |

    OMG thank you so much for posting this… XD

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  62. Nathan
    Nathan Published |

    Thanks for this! Really helped me ALOT!

  63. Jesper
    Jesper Published |


    Awesome tutorial, this is really usefull 😉

    I have a problem though, on http://www.speedrevision.se/ (extremely experimental stage) i use your code to make the thumbnail appears, the problem is that is only shows the one i upload latest, shouldnt it be 3 different thumbnails since i used a different image link on every post?

  64. Jesper
    Jesper Published |

    Hehe sorry, i´ve had a querry post that messed it up, it works fine now, thanks for all your work in this site 😉

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  66. Mehmet
    Mehmet Published |

    Thx Justin. I really loved the tutorial. Easy to implement. i wanna ask something though

    I succesfuly add the custom fields and stuff but if i dont add normal post image after more tag, i can see both custom field image and post image on the main page.

    How can i make normal images to shown only on the single page.

    (sorry i accidently post this comment on other post)

  67. MissAnn
    MissAnn Published |

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

    It helped so much!!!

    (My knowledge is limited when it comes to php and all)

    Arigatou!! ^__^

  68. AppleUser
    AppleUser Published |

    Hello Justin,

    Thanks for this great tutorial, it works great! But can you tell me how i can place a “standard” thumbnail when i have no image…

  69. AppleUser
    AppleUser Published |

    Hello Justin,

    I forget to ask of there is a tutorial for:

    Add a link around the displayed thumbnail to a larger image, another page, or the single.php page.

    Have a nice evening!

  70. thepplway 求真
    thepplway 求真 Published |

    hi,may I ask, why my wordpress can’t display every single post a view value at beside the post?

    this is my web :http://thepplway.createbloggers.com


  71. Chris
    Chris Published |

    Hi – I followed your instructions and the image appeared straightaway – but I have one problem –
    As I’ve created other types of custom fields, and have put within the loop of the index.php template I now get the key (Thumbnail) and the value (path to image) printed underneath my post! Any way of not getting that printed out?

    Thanks of the tutorial whatever the case!

  72. Chris
    Chris Published |

    Amendment to my question above (I included some php but it didn’t print –

    As I’ve created other types of custom fields, and have put within the loop of the index.php template I now get the key (Thumbnail) and the value (path to image) printed underneath my post! Any way of not getting that printed out?


  73. Linn
    Linn Published |

    Thanks for the tutorial. Is there a way to get several thumbs in one post? My code looks like this:

    I haven’t figured it out yet…

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  75. Jan
    Jan Published |

    Thanks a lot for this one, really helped me and kick ass explenation!

    What could be cool and pretty usefull for designers if you want to showcase your references is a thumbnail link. Now visitors can click on the image and get linked to a specific image file 😉

    Thank you!

  76. kamal
    kamal Published |

    is it possible ti use the custom fields to show the Next / Previous image navigation?

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  80. Rishabh
    Rishabh Published |

    Nice Tip, Really cool for newbie wordpress designers !!

  81. yoseph
    yoseph Published |

    hi justin, . . .

    can you help me, . . . .

    how if i want show image thumbnail only in latest post , and others post is showed just title link , as like this site http://hizbut-tahrir.or.id/ (in “berita” category ) ???

    show me the codes of wordpress theme to do that, . . . .

    thanks for your help, . . . .
    reply me on my mail, . . .

    Email address deleted by the administrator. You should never leave your email address in open view like this. That’s just asking for spam.

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  83. Kat - Kat
    Kat - Kat Published |

    It really doesn’t work for me 🙁 Can you help me please?

  84. Nathan Nash
    Nathan Nash Published |

    Great post, very easy to implement. I got it to work with both images and videos.

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  86. Avangelist
    Avangelist Published |

    I have been searching through quite a lot of guides and gone through some of your posts.

    What I don’t understand is why there seems to be no way of modifying the input page.

    For example, I want to create a new type (instead of page or post) and I want it to have the standard text field for the body content, but then a series of additional type items. for example, lets say I want the following:

    Image 1
    Image 2

    Of course I have created my custom fields. But now I want them permanent on the page and to be able to add a file browse to select the image location. This makes it more user friendly for the content provider. It also allows tighter control.

    Is there genuinely no way of extending the admin in this way as you can with Drupal? I prefer Wordpress a whole lot more, but if this isn’t possible, I am going to have to go back to working with Drupal.

  87. Hoopkins
    Hoopkins Published |

    Good tutorial, I was looking for!

  88. 存档Wordpress自定义字段使用技巧和插件/Custom Fields
  89. Dennis Lynge
    Dennis Lynge Published |

    Hey Justin,

    I have a question about images in custom fields. I have made my own theme based on Equilibrium and are pretty happy with it so far. The custom fields works fine with the thumbnails.
    My question is: is it possible to have two custom fields thumbnails? I want a grayscale image to be shown when you se my posts and when you hover over the image it become the color one. My idea was to make two images then write them in the custom fields and style my way around the hover. But that didn’t work, ovesly.

    Hope that ypu can help me.

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  91. Peter
    Peter Published |

    Hello Justin, one thing – I love you.

    On a side note, I was banging my head few days how to do this, since I’m not really into PHP but I pretty much can understand any language’s logic, so all I need was you! Thank you.

    I will not forget people who helped me passively or actively with the site building, and will be glad to include a link to you later on. But that will probably be after New Year. Anyhow, bookmarking and please send me a 125×125 badge of your site. I’d like to have something in my advertisement place instead of keeping it empty until the site grows.

    Thanks again, now back to designing and coding.

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  93. David
    David Published |

    Thanks for the clear explanation !

  94. Web Design Company Sheffield
    Web Design Company Sheffield Published |

    Very usefull, implemented on my site, as I needed an image before the_title and the_content.

  95. paul
    paul Published |

    how do you do this in thesis?

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  98. Jason Andrew Bowles
    Jason Andrew Bowles Published |


    Does anyone know how to “offset” the posts by one??? I know a bit random, but much needed.

  99. todd
    todd Published |

    this is awesome justin, thank you! so, how can i use the custom fields to do something like duplicate an based on however many custom fields i add to a post (say for a jquery crossfade feature)?

    <!--duplicating field-->
    <!--end it-->

    been trying all sorts of things and can’t nail it.

    awesome tutes!!

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  102. MysteryE
    MysteryE Published |

    Thank you so much for this tutorial!
    Now I can make my own custom fields! 😀

  103. Aaron Newton
    Aaron Newton Published |

    OH – MY -GOD!

    Too cool. I’ve been developing on PODs CMS lately, but I had a special requirement where stock standard WP pages needed to have an image which I could display conditionally via the template. This did the trick. You are the bomb!

  104. Eddie Mercer
    Eddie Mercer Published |

    This is awesome, I keep 3 sizes of images, one thumbnail, one sized to fit in my post, and one large image to open in a modal window. Never used the post thumb feature and had to code everything out within the post.

    Using this I could essentially only place url in a meta field (2010-04/theimagename), and one dimension for the image displayed in the post and have the blog retrieve that within the modal link/image without copy pasting it over and over. and use the thumbs in an archive of all the images, I’ll just need to make 3 folders (large,medium,small) and create identically named sub folders inside them (2010-04).

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  106. Steve
    Steve Published |

    Thanks for the great tutorial, can you also do similar to have text further along the same line of the page title for just home page, sort of like a tagline to the page title

    many thanks

  107. Mattes
    Mattes Published |

    Thak you very much!

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  109. dubcomm
    dubcomm Published |

    This was a great help! Thanks!

  110. fullziphoody
    fullziphoody Published |

    danke, this is thanks in german.. i followed your tutorial and i succeed. now i know how o add images to my posts.

  111. Riccardo
    Riccardo Published |

    Hi! Thank you for this tutorial!
    Really useful!

    Just one thing don’t work with me:

    <img src=""

    The img closing tag, when rendered in an html page, isn’t rendered.

    Usually an image tag must be closed in this way: But in my page outputs: The “/” is ignored!

    How to solve this?
    You know, without “/” the img tag don’t pass the w3c validation!

  112. welly
    welly Published |

    Awesome! Thanks!

  113. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Thanks! was trying to figure this out for a week. Great work and run through! Much appreciated

  114. sam
    sam Published |

    it works for me thanks

  115. rigamarole
    rigamarole Published |

    Thanks Justin,

    That’s exactly what I was looking for.

  116. Nickproger
    Nickproger Published |

    Is it possible to change input-type of “custom field”-value from textarea-input (where I should to set image-URL) to the file-uploading-input?

    Because it’s little bit not clear to use.

    Maybe, not file-uploading-input, maybe some kind of media-selectors or something like this?

  117. Wordpress Custom Fields - Tutorials and Plugins - PelFusion
  118. WordPress Custom Fields – Tutorials and Plugins | Online Magazine for Designers, Artists and Photographers
  119. Brian
    Brian Published |

    I know this is a very old topic, but I have a question for ya. If I wanted to upload more than one image, is there a way to loop through the images that I add to the fields? I have tried to just simply add another field but it’s not showing up on my theme. It just shows the first image.

    Any help, even though this is like 10 years later would be super helpful!


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