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  1. Small Potato
    Small Potato Published |

    Justin – Other than some spacing issues (search form and ads), I like it 🙂

  2. Armen
    Armen Published |

    Excellent work Justin. You appear to be a little like myself. You learn something new each time you seek to design and release a theme.

    With this style becoming more and more common, you can be sure that I’ve thought about releasing my own. However, I’ve a bit more to learn.

    Again, great work. (I feel your pain concerning IE6)

  3. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks guys for stopping by and giving your input.

    SP, I have a little bit of an issue with the ads also. I’m trying to figure out the best way to put them above the fold and have plenty of content up there too.

    Do you think that I should stretch the search box out to align with the sidebar? Or, maybe slide it over. Maybe even just go a whole different direction with it.

    Armen, you should definitely get into the news-theme game. The best way to learn is to try. I know I’ve made mistakes with previous themes and am sure there are a few with this one, but I’m learning as I go.

    The only thing I even like about this theme now (I’ve been looking at it for 2 weeks and am tired of it) is its video abilities and jQuery scripts. Those are the things I’ve been exploring the most — how to extend WordPress a little more.

    I think I might scale it back a little with my next theme. Maybe go with a “normal” blog template.

  4. Mohsin
    Mohsin Published |

    Very impressive Justin. Your themes are getting better and better 🙂

  5. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks Mohsin.

    Just after mentioning in my previous comment that I want to “scale it back a little with my next theme,” I came up with a new idea that I know will test my limits even more. However, it’s going to be mainly for blogs.

    Well, I’m getting a little off-topic. I just felt like writing a little, even if it was only a few sentences.

  6. K
    K Published |

    I am impressed. I’d give it a try, however I am not sure if the “video” is appealing to the theme itself. I like the name, “Visionary”. 🙂

  7. K
    K Published |

    PS. I think this is for a hardcore blogger. I am not familiar with codes, etc. I rely mostly on widgets. I noticed only 1 widget sidebars there, until I’d find ways to learn how to “tweak” codes here and there, the VISIONARY is a beautiful newspaper theme. Comment section is by far simple yet looks attractive.

  8. Justin
    Justin Published |

    K, I like the name too. I gave it that name because it represents the path I want to go down with theme design — creating free premium designs. Of course, I still have a little more to go before I can think of calling my themes “premium.”

    This is definitely more for a “hardcore” blogger. Well, at least people that know a little more about coding than the average blogger, or feel more comfortable opening the PHP files. I actually meant to write a list of people who should/shouldn’t use this theme.

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  10. Tan The Man
    Tan The Man Published |

    Very nice, and very promising…

  11. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks Tan.

    I just came up with a few ideas to make it a little better while in the shower. Basically, I was just thinking about some of the things SP mentioned and some thoughts came to me.

  12. Jenny
    Jenny Published |

    Very awesome theme. I love it.

  13. John Kolbert
    John Kolbert Published |

    Beautiful theme! Thanks for the hard work.

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  15. Nika
    Nika Published |

    I love your newspaperize so I can’t wait to try out this theme. Haha, I’ve been changing themes for the past few weeks and I’ve been sticking with newspaperize since I like it a lot. I’ll try this one and if it works well for me, I’d use it for awhile. 🙂

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  17. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks Jenny, John, and Nika.

    Subscribe to the feed to make sure you’re updated when the new version comes out, especially if you decide to use it. I’m just trying to get a few issues worked out with IE6.

  18. SEO
    SEO Published |

    Great look! I wish all themes were as original and nicely done as this one.

  19. MommaDiary.com
    MommaDiary.com Published |

    Wow! This is one helluva beautiful WordPress Theme! One of the best I’ve seen so far I’ll say!

    It’s a keeper!

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  21. Justin
    Justin Published |

    SEO and Momma D (can I call you Momma D?), thanks for the comments.

    I still have a few issues with it, but I have issues with every theme I release. I don’t think any designer, artist, or any kind of creator is ever satisfied with their work. At first, I thought I had a few things I was going to change, but now, I’m thinking I’ll just leave it like it is. Of course, I’ll fix the bugs that crop up.

  22. Kristian
    Kristian Published |

    Hi Justin.
    I simply love this theme, and having it in action at my site.

    All i need now is to get the tabs with Latest, Popular and so on working.

    But this theme is GREAT!

  23. Tanguillo
    Tanguillo Published |

    I only can say: WOW!
    I found the theme for my new site. I will start to work in the spanish translation 🙂

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  25. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks Kristian and Tanguillo. I’m glad you like it.

    I just released an updated version of this if you want to check it out instead.

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  30. Frank C
    Frank C Published |

    I’m very impressed by it, one of the best themes I’ve seen. I’m certainly considering using it OpTempo.

    Have you tried it with the new Google Video Units? The mini one, 400×415, looks like it might fit.

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  33. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Frank C, you should definitely use it, especially if you post videos on your blog a good bit.

    I’m not sure about the new Google video units. I didn’t realize there was more than one kind. Everything in the theme is set up so that you wouldn’t have to do a lot of work when inputting video. You just get the embed URL and plug it into a custom field. Then, you’re ready to go.

  34. Charles
    Charles Published |

    Love the theme however the popular, sections and archive functions are not working on my blog (although the latest is). how do i correct this?

  35. Emre
    Emre Published |

    Nice theme thank you. I started to use now but in a home page, wordTube player plugin doesnt work.There’re codes in post.In a single post it works. Do u know anything about it?

  36. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Charles, I’m not sure what’s going on with your blog because you’re not using the theme right now. So, I’m going to need a little information from you.

    What version of WordPress are you using? (This should work with 2.1+)
    What browser are you viewing the theme with?
    Did you change any of the code? If so, tell me specifically.
    Are the tabs not working, or are the individual sections just not showing what they’re supposed to show?
    Specifically, tell me what’s happening.

    Emre, I don’t know much about the WordTube plugin. It’s something I might look into later. You might want to ask the plugin developer about how to use it. You’ll probably have to tweak the code a bit in “sidebar-video.php” also.

    I’ll look into adding support for it in the future though.

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  38. corpas
    corpas Published |

    Magnífico tema para WP. Enhorabuena!

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  42. Steve Drake
    Steve Drake Published |

    This is a great theme. I look forward to using it
    Thanks for the great work

  43. Charles
    Charles Published |


    I do not have the theme active currently because it was not working properly. The latest posts show, along with the tabs for popular, sections, and archives, however when clicking on those tabs nothing happens. I just upgraded to the most recent wordpress yesterday, so it may be a problem with my installation. My prior version did not have the JQuery folder, and I am not familiar with that function. Is there something I need to do after installing the newest version of wordpress (other than upgrading the database) in order to make JQuery work properly?

  44. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Charles, you still didn’t answer my question about what browser you’re using. This might be the source of the problem itself. So, what browser are you using and what version? Also, did you change any of the code yourself? Have you tried uploading a fresh copy?

    There is also not a jQuery folder. There are files called “jquery.js” and “visionary.js.” Those are the two files that you definitely need.

    You need to make sure your “header.php” file has these lines:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo bloginfo(stylesheet_directory) .'/jquery.js'; ?>"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo bloginfo(stylesheet_directory) .'/visionary.js'; ?>"></script>

    Is your blog located in your root directory?
    Is javascript turned on in your Web browser?
    Does my theme’s live demo work correctly for you?
    Are the video links working correctly?

    Details. Details. Details. That’s the only way we’re going to get to the source of your problem because this seems to be a single case. I’m sure it’s something simple, but we’re overlooking it. That’s why I need so many details. Have you tried looking at the theme with another computer to see if it’s working there, but not with the computer you’re seeing it on.

    Did you follow all directions in the “readme.txt” file?

  45. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks Steve and Corpas. I speak little Spanish, but I’m assuming that’s like the equivalent of “Awesome” or “Narly” or “Cool” in the English language, Corpas.

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  47. Charles
    Charles Published |


    I have IE 6.0 at my office, and Mozilla Firefox on my home computer, the tabs do not work in either. I have not made any alterations to the code, uploaded it as is. Your live demo works correctly so I am sure it is not a browser issue, is it possible it is a server issue? Do I need a certain version of PHP for this to work properly?

    My blog is located in the root directory and I followed the installation instructions in the readme.txt file.

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  49. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Charles, all I can say right now is that I’m stumped. You’re the only person to have this problem (so far), so I think that it definitely has something to do with your side of the equation.

    It shouldn’t have anything to do with your server though, but I can’t be totally sure on that. Javascript (jQuery) is client-side, so it generally messes up because of the user’s browser. That’s why I wanted to know a lot about what browser you’re using.

    Right now, without literally sitting down, logging onto your account, and looking at what’s going on, I don’t know what to do. Let’s take a look at what we do know:

    You’ve installed WordPress 2.3.
    You’re using Firefox and IE6.
    I’m assuming that Javascript is enabled in both these browsers.
    The code is exactly like it is on my theme demo page.
    You’ve uploaded the theme to your /root/wp-content/themes/ folder.

    I only know about coding, and this seems to be a bigger issue than that. Have you tried any other jQuery scripts to see if they work? The only thing I know to do at this point is to keep testing every little thing you can possibly think of. Of course, as a user, I know you just want to upload something and have it work out of the box.

    I’m sorry I haven’t been more helpful, but this is all I can think of right now. Maybe someone else that comes across these comments might be able to shed a little light on this. Or, maybe someone at the WordPress support forums knows something about why javascript isn’t working for you. You might want to look up a few javascript support forums too.

    You can always email me through my contact page also. I’m still willing to help out with this problem, but I can’t think of anything right now.

  50. Charles
    Charles Published |

    Hi justin, thanks for offering to help. I have been looking for a theme like this for a while and hope to make it work properly. I currently have it live on my blog right now so you can see it in action. Under the videos, when I added 1 video it worked fine, when adding a second video it no longer worked properly (as you can see). If you would like I can give you the login information to my control panel so you can confirm the folder structures are accurate (I believe they are).

  51. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Charles, here are some things I see wrong with your site:

    First of all, it is not Valid XHTML because you’ve added things that make the theme invalid. You can check your validity with the validator or you can get the Firefox plugin, which easily does it for you. If your code is invalid, things could go awry. The jQuery functions on very specific classes and IDs. If your code is messed up too much, then this could potentially mess up the entire theme.

    When looking at your page source, I noticed that you had a lot of other javascript running. I think these might be plugins. One thing I would like you to try is opening “header.php” and moving this code:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo bloginfo(stylesheet_directory) .'/jquery.js'; ?>"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo bloginfo(stylesheet_directory) .'/visionary.js'; ?>"></script>

    below this or any other javascript that you have:

    <?php wp_head(); ?>

    but above this:


    What it looks like is happening is some other javascript or plugin is breaking the code in “visionary.js.” You might want to disable any plugins that use javascript just to see. This is also one of the reasons that I’m asking you to move the code down in the theme. Maybe if it’s called after the other stuff, it might load properly.

  52. Charles
    Charles Published |

    thanks justin, I deactivated all plugins and now it works properly, I will play around with it now to see which plugins will/will not work. i appreciate your help, and the work you put into this theme

  53. Aaron Stevens
    Aaron Stevens Published |


    GREAT job.. I played around and got most of it 100% running, just now deciding on videos or not.

    the header image was a fun project to get to work 🙂

    The ads are working fine..

    I am having a little problem with the FlickrRss cache thou.. it comes up with a bunch of junk and the picture, but just blows the page way out.

  54. Samuel
    Samuel Published |

    I’ve see distorted my theme why?

  55. Aaron Stevens
    Aaron Stevens Published |


    I just had the same thing happen to mine, can I ask if you implemented the FEATURE ARTICLES ??

    Justin – When I activate the FEATURE ARTICLES, by modifing the home.php with the correct name of my category, it blows out the page as well.

    here is a png of : http://www.iatitlan.com/feature.png

    and this only happens when I place the correct name of the featured cat in. If you look at the live site, its all placed correctly, but I am not using the featured option.

  56. marc
    marc Published |

    I may be having a similar problem to what Charles is seeing.

    My blog Asian Motor Sports displays all the sidebar information below the main content. Old problem I know, many people have it when they include larger images that bust out of the container, but this seems to be unrelated to that.

    I have disabled all plugins except Akismet and Bad Behavior and the problem still exists.

    The blog is in a sub directory not in the root, if that makes a difference. I note there are 6 minor errors that I will attempt to track down and repair but they are only a couple of missed end tags.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Marc

  57. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Samuel, Aaron, and Marc. From “readme.txt” included with your theme:

    You need to go to your Admin Panel
    – Options
    — Reading
    — Blog Pages > Show at most: [odd number] posts
    This will ensure that your display isn’t all wacked. If it’s not an odd number, then your layout will break.

    This theme has a feature article that is always listed first on the home page.
    – You need to create a category named “Features” or open home.php and change the feature category to whatever you want to name it.
    – Add posts that you want featured to the “Features” category.

    This might be your problem, at least from what I can see on Samuel and Marc’s pages. Samuel and Marc are using an odd number of posts, but haven’t created a category named “features.” If you’re not going to use the feature article you need to set your posts to display an even number.

  58. Aaron Stevens
    Aaron Stevens Published |

    Hey Justin,

    I did read that, as was a bit confused, as it didnt make it clear that if a featured post was counted different, as I started with 4 fost, and 1 just happened to be a features, which left 3, but what you are saying, is a total of post = odd, so that each column is filled. (1×1)

    Thanks for the response, and opening her up now 🙂


  59. marc
    marc Published |


    That solved part of the problem Justin. I think.

    Switching back to 4 posts to display allowed the sidebar to display correctly.

    However with a “Features” category and one post designated for that cat the sidebar slips to the bottom with display set at an odd number.

    In addition the jquery box that includes “latest, popular, sections and archives” does not display.

    Frankly I have not checked, and will do so now, I’m assuming that section may be commented out in the sidebar php file.

  60. Ronald
    Ronald Published |

    I am also testing your theme, good job! I do not have it on my website, I am just playing around with it locally.

    However, I am also having issues (on XP, Vista and using either Firefox, IE6, IE7, Opera and Safari) with the “latest, popular, sections and archives”, javascript is in place. Still looking into that.

    I also had the “Wacky” homepage as described by Aaron (here is a PNG of : http://www.iatitlan.com/feature.png) and I have a featured article, and an odd number of posts as per the readme.txt.

    I found out that an odd number of 3 caused that, so any odd number > 3 should work.

    Hope this helps

  61. tAxX
    tAxX Published |

    I like it… very good job!

  62. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Marc, I’m not sure what could be going wrong for your sidebar not to be working right. It’s definitely not the theme itself. It’s not commented out either.

    With posts in the “features” category (which is what this theme was designed for), you need to display an odd number of posts. This means that 1 post will go into the feature at the top of the page. Then there are blocks below with 2 posts sitting beside each other.

    Ronald, I just checked on the odd number of 3 issue, and it works fine. As long as it’s an odd number, you won’t have any invalid code, which will break the layout.

    Also, I’m not sure why your sidebar isn’t showing up, just the same as Marc.

    These both seem to be isolated issues with the sidebar. Any number of things can break a theme. Invalid code, plugins, javascript and other types of scripts. All themes aren’t going to work out of the box for everyone because of the things they have on their site.

    I always recommend making sure you have the latest version of WordPress, Valid XHTML, your theme uploaded in the proper directory and activated, and check to see if any plugins might be causing an issue.

    Taxx, thanks. Use the theme if you like it enough. 🙂

  63. Samuel
    Samuel Published |

    Justin thanks 4 the reply, but i’ve created a Category named Features but the problem still i’ve changed the number of posts to 3 and… nothing

    Whata lines on the home.php i must edit to change the Features title if i use another name i.e Destacados

    I hope your answer man!

  64. Aaron Stevens
    Aaron Stevens Published |

    Samuel, Just thought I would post it..

    8 $my_query = new WP_Query(‘category_name=features&showposts=1’);

    you would change it on line 8 , I added line numbers above so it would be easier for you to see.

    so where you see features in line 8, this is what you would change.

  65. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Samuel, see what Aaron said. I would like to stress that it’s technically not the category name, it’s the category slug. But, when you create a category named “Features” in WordPress, it automatically gives it the category slug of “features.”

  66. Samuel
    Samuel Published |

    I’m still seing the page distorted

    i’m make the steps of the features and put the odd number to 1, but, nothing even i used the same name Features (Category) But the theme still distorted =(((((((

    Any solution?
    Any Special plugin need to be installed on wp?

  67. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Samuel, the solution is to pick a number of posts that is more than 2 and odd, like 3, 5, 7, or 9. I recommend 5. I think that’s the best look. Make sure you have at least one post in the “features” category. This theme was designed to have one feature post at the top of the page and at least two secondary posts under it. That’s how you have to use it.

    If the theme is still not working right, then you’ve done something or you have something installed that is causing it not to work.

  68. Samuel
    Samuel Published |

    Its ok now, thank u Justin!

    I’ve puslish a post on the category and its ok now.

    but i have another question

    I need to show images on the featured post, when u refer to a – Create a Key named “Feature Image”

    Where i must create that key?

    Why i dont see the tabs and later videos of youtube and flicker photos?

    Hope your answer buddy!
    Thanks a lot!

  69. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Samuel, I don’t want to sound rude, but I can’t walk you through every step of the theme myself. I have a lot of other things I need to get done. Please read this entire post. I explicitly point out that you need to know how to use custom fields before using this theme.

    I point this out in the “readme.txt” file. I also provide you with two links on learning how to use custom fields, which are, once again, using custom fields and introduction to custom fields.

    It also looks like you’re using widgets or you’ve changed your sidebar code. There is section on widgets in the “readme.txt” file.

    I hope you don’t take this the wrong way and think that I don’t like to offer theme support, but that’s not the case. Please try to get things running smoothly by reading this blog post, readme.txt, and any links that I’ve provided for you.

  70. Samuel
    Samuel Published |

    I’m accord with you!
    No problem man, sorry 4 the inconvenients!


  71. Kristian
    Kristian Published |

    Hi justin,
    As i wrote to you on the “How to create to create tabs”, i managed to do so, from your toturial.

    I do have 1 question with this theme though.
    Am i right, that when youre on the frontpage, no adds are displayed, or is it just me??

    Best regards,

    You need a kinda “support” button here, where its posible to hand over a few bucks, so you could enjoy a cold one, once in a while, with all the work you have done here.

  72. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks Kristian. You are right when you say there are no ads on the home page. If you open footer.php and find this line:

    <?php include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/sidebar-ads-horizontal.php'); ?>

    You can copy that and paste it in one of the three sidebar sections. I think you’ll see a clear structure to work with and will notice how everything else is done.

    From there, you can mix and match the different sidebars you want on your home page, archives/categories, and single pages.

    I’ve set it up where there’s various different sidebars that are included. This way, I can easily allow others to download extras in the future and include them.

    You can open “sidebar-ads-horizontal.php” to put what ads you want.

    I’m actually living in South Korea for the next 10 months, so cold ones come pretty cheap here. But, it would be nice if they were even cheaper…

  73. Charles
    Charles Published |


    Once again thank you for this theme, it is the best I have seen by far. I have been making some minor changes to it, and was hoping to incorporate popularity contest (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/popularity-contest) on the sidebar instead of ‘popular posts’ which you have. The popularity contest is a more accurate judge of the most popular articles because it keep track of page views, comments, trackbacks etc.,

    I obviously wouldnt ask you to go through the trouble of trying to code it just for me, but take a look at the plugin, if you think it is worthwhile, it is something you can incorporate into future releases of Visionary.

    Thanks again,

  74. José
    José Published |

    I fall in love for this theme at first sight.
    But, after installing it I can’t see what I see in the demo. Will I miss something?

    Thank you.

  75. Kristian
    Kristian Published |

    Hi justin. Got it working, and for sure this is gonna be the new theme ón my future cooking site. You just made wordpress a heck lot easier.
    South korea?? IS that working or something. Well, if you ever pass by Denmark (it could happen), i will make sure that the cold one keeps coming 🙂

  76. ket
    ket Published |

    my hard work on someone else’s theme will be for nothing when i see this theme, i have tweaked the theme to the look that i want completely different from its original outlay

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  78. Yvonne Russell
    Yvonne Russell Published |

    Hi Justin

    Congrats on this wonderful theme!

    As a non tech person, may I ask if I will still be able to switch between themes once I have uploaded Visionary – i.e. using the WP theme presentation tab?

    I wasn’t sure, as I assume the coding would be slightly different with a magazine theme than with regular “blog style” themes.

    Any clarification on this much appreciated.

    Many thanks for your time.

  79. Aaron Stevens
    Aaron Stevens Published |

    Hey Justin,

    Just a update 🙂 I added language translation into the top nav section ..

  80. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Charles, thanks for the feedback. As a theme designer, it’s hard to know which plugins to incorporate because there are so many. I will definitely add the functionality in the next update. That’s assuming that it works well with the theme. It should though. If you have any other plugins you’d like to see incorporated, feel free to suggest them.

    Jose, you must give me more than that before I even begin to start thinking about what’s wrong. Be sure to read this entire post, the readme.txt file, and any links that I’ve pointed out.

    Kristian, I’m glad everything is working for you. Thanks for using the theme.

    I am working in South Korea. I’m teaching English at an academy here. I get paid well, and the cost of living is low. Plus, I get to spend a year in another country. It’s been fun so far. Denmark’s not on my current list of countries to visit, but you never know.

    Ket, I’m not exactly sure what you’re saying, but if it’s a compliment, thank you.

    Yvonne, you can definitely switch between themes. This doesn’t mess with your content. That’s why I tried to do so much with custom fields. That way, in the future, you might want to go a different route with your theme.

    The coding isn’t all that much different. A few tweaks here and there. It’s essentially the same. You can rest assured that this won’t affect any future themes you use.

    Aaron, that’s cool. I just tried out the German translation, since I can read a little German. I like to see the different ways people use the themes.

  81. Yvonne Russell
    Yvonne Russell Published |

    Justin – Thanks so much for your prompt reply – much appreciated.

  82. Fenix
    Fenix Published |

    Hi just noticed a small compatibility issue with jQuery and other libraries like Prototype (used in other WP-Plugins like ligthbox) i was trying to make work your theme with the lightbox plugin and found a problem: By default, jQuery uses “$” as a shortcut for “jQuery”

    You can fix this just defining a new alias:

    var $j = jQuery.noConflict();

    and replacing every $( in visionary.js to:


    for example:

    var $j = jQuery.noConflict();
    $j(document).ready(function() {
    // setting the video hide and show, setting the current video link
    $j(‘div.menu ul li a’).css(‘cursor’, ‘pointer’);
    $j(‘div.menu ul li.v1 a’).addClass(‘current’);
    $j(‘ul.video li a’).css(‘cursor’, ‘pointer’);

    You got the idea 😛

    Excelent theme indeed i love it, i hope to see this theme full Widget compatible, you can make the sidebar elements like jQuery Menu, Video box and flirk Flickr as Widgets elements, so we can add widgets without problem.

    Regards, Fenix.

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  84. donalyza
    donalyza Published |

    Hi Justin, I’m currently designing my other site. I really like your theme. Can you help me on figure out on how to display a certain category only in recent headlines section? I already have a video section displaying in my homepage, it also shows in the recent headlines. What code do I need to use to have it working?

  85. donalyza
    donalyza Published |

    No need to answer my question. I was able to do it. Thanks anyway. 🙂

    I will definitely use this theme now in my NUGRIND.COM site.

  86. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Yvonne, no problem. I hope everything works well for you if you use the theme.

    Fenix, thanks for pointing this out. It’ll definitely be updated in the next version. Plus, I got a little help from Karl at Learning jQuery that’ll lighten the code even more.

    Do you know of any other plugins that this might be messing up? I’d love to run them in a test environment before the next update. I’m about to test out the lightbox plugin.

    Maybe I’ll add these as widgets next time also. I hadn’t really thought about doing that before. It’ll broaden my userbase.

    Donalyza, sorry I couldn’t get to you sooner. I was sleeping. 🙂 I hope everything is working well. And, thanks for using the theme.

  87. Steve Drake
    Steve Drake Published |

    Hey Justin,

    I the more I work with this theme the more I love it.

    One question, when adding the feature image and thumb I would like to be able to upload the images while writing the post using the file upload. When I do this and add the image name to the Feature Image field the image doe not show. I have to manually add the “wp-content/uploads/2007/11/” path along with the image name. Is it designed to work this way or have I missed something in the setup.

    Thanks, Steve

  88. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Steve, you are exactly right. You must add the URL of your image for this to work.

    For example, if you upload an image with the name of “example.gif,” you can’t just use that as the Thumbnail value or Feature Image value. If you do that, you’re actually referring an image that’s in your “/root” directory, which would look like:


    It should be something like “/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/example.gif” to work.

    This is no different than adding an image to your post. You have to add the correct path to the image for it to show up.

  89. Ronald
    Ronald Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Is the theme designed so that it shows a thumbnail of the meta field “article image” on a single page of a post?

    I prefer a thumbnail on the frontpage (under headlines), yet a full image on the post page.

    Anyway, I changed class="left thumbnail" in single.php (line 61) to class="left" so that the full size image is displayed instead of a resized 75×75.

    Or did I miss something?


  90. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Ronald, you’re correct. I am, however, going to add some more options in the next release to let users have more control over the customization of their images.

    I wanted to keep everything perfectly strict with the initial release though. By removing that line, what you’ve done is something I don’t like to do with code. It’s not necessarily a bad thing though. It’s best to define the dimensions of an image so that the web browser will know exactly how much space to leave open. Images are loaded after the content.

    But, like I said, I will be offering more options when the next update rolls around. Subscribe to the feed to stay updated.

  91. Ronald
    Ronald Published |

    Justin, I agree with specifying the dimensions, however, in the single page of a post I do not want a thumbnail, and also, images in my posts can be either landscape or portrait, so I’ld prefer the actual image and specifying width and height in the string.

    Also (and please don’t get me wrong, I am just passing on my findings while testing the theme!) the archive and category pages both only show 1 post. I again edited the php code and removed the &showposts=1 from the query_string as I prefer to see more than 1 post when digging in the archives.

    Feel free to tell me if you want me to sh*t up 😉

  92. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Ronald, feel free to modify the theme to fit your needs. Obviously, no single theme will fit everyone’s needs perfectly. It’s just a foundation for users to tweak to their liking. If you don’t want thumbnails, then change the code.

    Actually, the archive and category pages show more than one post. You can take a look at the demo to confirm this. The latest post’s excerpt is displayed at the top (loop 1). Then, a listing of post titles of previous posts is below that (loop 2). If you’ve only changed &showposts=1 in the theme, then you’ll end up with duplicate content on the same page. So, you’ll also need to delete the second loop at the bottom of archive.php and category.php if you want it to display correctly.

  93. impropio
    impropio Published |

    buen tema! gracias!

  94. Venu
    Venu Published |

    Nice theme justin, I have decided to use the theme on my weblog and i am already working on it.

    When I tested the theme on my site, even i noticed the problem with the sidebar. Only the “Latest” tab is highlighted and all the tabs including “latest” are not clickable. (And I did have lightbox activated)

    The same theme on my local setup (xampp) had no sidebar issues (no lightbox 🙂 )

    Also I would like to have the “related posts” as part of the sidebar. Any way of adding more tabs ? I did see kristian mentioning about creating tabs, but didn’t see details on that.

    Thanks again for creating a wonderful theme.

  95. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Venu, thanks for you interest in the theme. Fenix offered a fix for the lightbox issue. I haven’t tested it yet, but if it works, I’ll add it to the next version of the theme. Sometimes, different scripts can conflict with each other, and this looks like a good fix from what I can tell.

    I take it that you’d like to add “related posts” on the single.php pages. You need to open “sidebar-single.php” and edit it there. I think you’ll notice a similar structure with each tab and its contents. I can’t go into specifics on how to add it at this moment because I’m just dropping by to answer comments. If you still need help, let me know, and I’ll get around to you within the next day. You can also check out this tutorial I wrote on how to create tabs using jQuery the other day. It uses the same basic structure as the Visionary theme.

  96. 最新(11月)wordpress主题(theme)汇总 | 第九城市
  97. Samuel
    Samuel Published |

    Justin, i dont know if its my pc, but i have an error os style on line 36 with Internet Explorer, I see ok all, but the tabs dont work on firefox, someone have this problem too?

  98. Samuel
    Samuel Published |

    I’ve solved the problem with the tabs, just replaced the jquery.js of the wp-jquery plugin and work fine, but the error on line 33 or 36 with internet explorer still

  99. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Samuel, I’m viewing your site in IE 6, IE 7, and Firefox right now, and everything looks fine. The only problem I see is that your site isn’t valid XHTML. As far as I can tell, everything is working fine. Maybe there’s something wrong with your browser.

  100. twigged.net » The best things in life are free
  101. Fenix
    Fenix Published |

    Justin, i dont know why but the theme keeps crashing IE6 but it works perfert on Firefox 2.0 i will test on another browsers.

  102. Samuel
    Samuel Published |

    Thanks Justin, maybe something go wrong with my browsers, but anyways i dont use internet exploder.


  103. TV-Stream
    TV-Stream Published |

    No problem Justin. Great Theme. I am new to Wordpress, but I think I have figured out how to use your elegant theme. I will contact you if I need any help.

  104. donalyza
    donalyza Published |

    hi justin, this is not really related to your theme. But I just found out how convenient to use custom fields by using your theme. I’m trying to make my own custom fields for a particular category. Is it possible to teach us how you did it? I have downloaded Custom Field GUI and Custom Write Page made by Rhymedcode but I don’t know how to use it or probably not working. Since you create your own plugin for your theme, might be possible you can share your knowledge how to make one. Thanks.

  105. A great new theme for my website
    A great new theme for my website at |
  106. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Fenix, there’s nothing I can do without details or being able to look at what’s going on myself. Have you checked my theme demo page with IE6? Is it crashing there? If so, there may be something wrong with your browser (besides being IE6, of course).

    Samuel, I hope everything turns out well. You should still think about your readers though. If you have a large IE6 user base, then you should make sure they can view your site properly. Only about 15% of my viewers use it, but I try to accomodate them also.

    TV-Stream, thanks for responding. Feel free to contact me with any problems.

    Donalyza, I simply rewrote the Custom Field GUI to make it valid code and changed a few things to make it work better. I’m not a big plugin developer though. Use the contact form to give me some more details on what you want to know, and I’ll see if I can help with this. You can also check out my custom fields tutorial series to see if anything there is useful.

  107. Tanguillo
    Tanguillo Published |

    Hi Justin. First, I finish the translation of the theme, But now I see a different version, so I will translated again (I try to copy only the changes, but don’t work 🙁 ).
    Second, with the new version, at least in firefox, the gray sidebar goes below the post, but only in the home page, not in the post page.
    You can checked in http://www.tangoscopio.com/test/
    What could be happening?

  108. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Tanguillo, you have removed the Feature category, which will break the theme. As mentioned in some previous comments and the theme documentation, your post count should be set to an odd number. However, if you remove the lone feature category, this breaks the layout, which results in invalid XHTML. So, you’ll need to change the post count to an even number.

    The new version is the actual version of Visionary. The first version was the beta run, as mentioned in the post and theme documentation. The original download links are still available though.

  109. Tanguillo
    Tanguillo Published |

    Oooops! My bad. I forgot I change the category of features in the previous version. Now is working great.
    Thanks for the quick response!!!

  110. Mike
    Mike Published |

    I had the same issue as Charles with the tabs…and this worked for me:

    Justin said:
    “When looking at your page source, I noticed that you had a lot of other javascript running. I think these might be plugins. One thing I would like you to try is opening “header.php” and moving this code:

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””>
    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””>

    below this or any other javascript that you have:

    but above this:

    Good tip! I like it a lot and while it’s not live, the Admin Theme Preview plugin is helping me get going on it without revealing it to the public.

    I plan on editing a lot of the colors and stuff to give it my feel, but damn, the overall layout is just awesome.

    Great stuff Justin!

  111. techsam
    techsam Published |


    first of all a good a theme, my pages names are not changing it is still says example , can u fix it

  112. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Mike, I’m glad your tabs are working.

    Techsam, your name is “Techsam” and you can’t change links? 🙂 Open “main-nav.php” and change the links to whatever you want.

  113. Mike
    Mike Published |

    One question Justin…

    Your Popular Posts tab just shows the most commented stuff.

    Is there nothing to see posts with the top views, or is that only via the Top Post plugin that no longer works?

    I really would like to show top viewed posts there and not top commented posts.

  114. David
    David Published |

    Great Theme! I am testing it now. What is the best way to place a logo in the header?



  115. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Mike, you’ll have to find a plugin to do this. I’ve heard Popularity Contest is pretty good. Just search around WordPress’ plugins directory. I think there are quite a few plugins that are still supported.

    David, I think there might be a few different ways to accomplish this. I’ve written an article on how to create clickable header images that are valid XHTML. You might want to check that out. Of course, you’d have to customize it to work with this theme. The good thing about it is that most of my themes and tutorials have basically the same structure.

  116. Charles
    Charles Published |


    I have been using this theme for almost 2 weeks now and I love it! One issue I just noticed today though on the homepage. Some of my feature images are displaying to the left of the post (which is the way it looks best), others are displaying above the post. I didnt make any changes (that I am aware of) to the way I added these entries, any idea how to correc this?

  117. 11 Free Magazine Style WordPress Themes | Epic Web Strategies
  118. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Charles, nice job on your theme.

    The hard part for me is that CSS isn’t super easy yet for me to tweak with, and I want to take the flikr part and turn it into a two column area for recent comments and other things…

  119. Mike
    Mike Published |


    A quick question…most themes have the ability to flip through pages of old posts…but with this new frontpage, the whole /page/2, /page/3 doesn’t work anymore.

    Any suggestions or should people just use the archives?

  120. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Charles, I don’t know why it would be doing that. There are many different things that could cause it though. Changing something in the theme templates or stylesheet. Invalid XHTML. I did notice that you have 27 XHTML errors on your page. I would start working from there.

    Mike, I assumed not everyone would use the flickr plugin, so customize away.

    One thing you’ll probably notice with most magazine-style themes is that you can’t flip through pages of old content. This is actually one of my gripes with WordPress. Page 2, 3, and so on use the “home.php” template automatically. So, it’s not really a viable option when the home page is edited in this way. The best option would be to use an archive page.

    I’m not sure how many people use the next/previous links anyway on the home page. I never click on them because I’m not sure what content I’ll come upon. Archives are a much better way to present your content.

  121. links for 2007-11-16
    links for 2007-11-16 at |
  122. Mike
    Mike Published |

    That’s an interesting point…I think the best thing you can do is to present your content in the easiest way possible for people to find stuff.

    The funny thing is, right now, someone is on page 4 of my blog thumbing through stuff 🙂

    But the archives is a good idea.

  123. twigged.net » Free Wordpress themes (part 1 - ezines)
  124. Amanda
    Amanda Published |

    Hello Justin,

    This is truly a wonderful theme and I really appreciate all of the effort you have put in to creating this. I’ve downloaded this for use in my personal blog, and am very happy that your ReadMe file is so informative!

    Best wishes and many thanks,


  125. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Mike, I definitely suggest using the archives the best you can at least until we can get the guys over at WordPress to give us a way to make templates for the paged articles.

    Amanda, I’m happy that someone definitely read the “readme.txt” file. There’s a few things I overlooked, but will update in the next version. I’m thinking of adding an online version that’s a little prettier and easier to read.

  126. Steve Drake
    Steve Drake Published |

    I’m trying to get the “Latest” list in the sidebar tabs menu to omit the post made to the Video cat. But can’t seem to figure it out, any ides?

    Your can view the testing site here http://www.frenchcove.com/

    Thanks, Steve

  127. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Steve, you get the award for the best theme-specific question yet. This can be easily adjusted though.

    Find this line in the “latest posts” section:

    $posts = get_posts('numberposts=10&offset=0');

    Replace it with this:

    $posts = query_posts('cat=-157&showposts=10&offset=0');

    You’ll need to change the “157” to whatever the ID is for your Video category.

    Thanks for bringing this up. I’m not sure why I used “get_posts” instead of “query_posts” before because the latter has more parameters.

  128. Steve Drake
    Steve Drake Published |

    Thanks Justin

    I am soooo stupid sometimes. I had done that but forgot to change GET to QUERY

    I also change the Popular to use Alex Kings Popularity Contest. All seems to be working well so far. 🙂

    Thanks for the help, this is a super theme

  129. Temas Para Wordpress Para Todos os Gostos
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  130. PW Chambers
    PW Chambers Published |

    I too was having the same problems with Jscript as Charles was above.

    I did what Justin suggested by moving the code above the head as the last statement in header.php. It works fine now.

    Great Theme.

    I will say that the problem was coming up in Firefox as saying $ was not a function on line 3. In IE 6 and 7 it was reader “null object” on line 2, char. 4.

    The code I moved: <script type=”text/javascript” src=””>
    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””>

    below this or any other javascript that you have:

    but above this:


  131. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Steve, I’m glad everything is working well for you.

    PW, I’m happy that you took the time to read previous comments. Sometimes different scripts can conflict with each other.

    I wouldn’t suggest having too many scripts running though. That’s why I chose jQuery. It’s such an easy library to work with, and every piece of Javascript I write will use this. That way, I’ll only have to use that small file, which won’t burden your users too much.

  132. The bluefrog has a facelift | bLuefRogX
    The bluefrog has a facelift | bLuefRogX at |
  133. redviper
    redviper Published |

    love the theme concept but am having an issue. the default post heading is in recent headline, not a problem, I even added the features area, works great. the problem is, to make use of the visionary theme to link videos, you need to create a “Video” category. When you post to the Video category, it default to Recent Headline. when there is an odd number of items in the Recent Headline, it relocates the tabbed “default” sidebar under the recent headline area. When there are even numbers of Recent Headlines, the tabbed sidebar is where it should be, to the right side.

    how do I fix this? i have been through the css and other files and have made some adjustments but nothing fixes this issue.

    This is the only problem holding me back, otherwise, it’s a fantastic theme and concept.


  134. Charles
    Charles Published |


    I have been trying to add popularity contest to the “popular” section of the JQuery tags and it wont come up for me. Can you tell me what code you used to make it work?

  135. TheAnand
    TheAnand Published |

    hey matey! rocking theme here. I was about to buy the premium revolution news theme when i saw this and fell in love (hope my gf does not mind 🙂 )

    I am in the process of customizing it at http://www.cochinsquare.com , but i am not able to see the video. Am I missing something here?

    P.S : the readme was strictly followed 😀

  136. TheAnand
    TheAnand Published |

    An after thought…you can do with a subscribe to comments option on your blog here 😀 IMO . .

  137. liezmaya
    liezmaya Published |

    ya i think i luv it…simple but nice 😀

  138. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Redviper, you should definitely give the “readme.txt” file a good read. It explains how to take the Video category out of the normal loop. However, even with it in the normal loop, you shouldn’t have any alignment issues. You should make sure your number of posts to be displayed is an odd number.

    And please, for the sake of me not losing my mind while reading comments, capitalize your sentences. Just because we’re on the Internet doesn’t mean we need to throw the basics of the English language out the window.

    Anand, from what I can see, you didn’t strictly follow the “readme.txt” file. I checked your site for a category named “Videos,” and nothing came up. I put a lot of focus on the Adding Videos section in the file. You could’ve easily overlooked something. I’ll pass on the “subscribe to comments” plugin. Those things are just annoying to me.

    Liezmaya, thanks. I’m still a big fan of my Newspaperize theme though because it’s even simpler.

  139. redviper
    redviper Published |

    I have included the site I am working on in the website field. I did read through the readme, it was quite helpful. the issue is the alignment. in options under “Reading” I have the posts set to 9. I have tried several numbers and did do some research before posting and found the information about the odd number. not sure what the problem could be.

    also, please don’t be offended, I don’t mean to offend, but I consider forums, blog comments, and the like to be informal language, like carrying on a conversation, caps and punctuation are optional. when I post an article or other formal document, I do use appropriate grammar.

  140. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Redviper, what seems to be the problem is that you don’t have 9 posts on your site. Have you tried only displaying 5 or 3 posts? You also didn’t follow the Removing Videos from the loop part of the “readme.txt” file.

    As far as language is concerned, if you want me to continue reading your comments easily, I suggest writing correctly. Whether you “consider forums, blog comments, and the like to be informal language” is irrelevant. I consider the basics to be fairly important. I’m not asking for an academic research paper, just capitalization, punctuation, and something that resembles proper grammar. Informal language isn’t about capitalization; it’s about not speaking with proper grammar, which is perfectly fine as long as I can understand you. I simply like not having to strain my eyes to figure out where a sentence ends and begins.

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  143. Yvonne Russell
    Yvonne Russell Published |

    Hi Justin

    I have your theme on 2 sites, with quite a bit of work to go on both of them, but I am very happy with the results to date. Thanks for providing the theme.

    I have a Wish List, if you are considering features for future upgrades. I hope it’s okay to put forward a suggestion for your consideration. 🙂

    If it is possible, I would love to see the past posts called by categories i.e. each individual “article spot” under the feature article showing the latest post in a specific category.

    This way readers can see the latest post from a cross section of categories at a glance, as opposed to just chronologically by the most recent posts.

    I understand you may not want to go in this direction, but I thought I’d mention it, in case it is an option.

    Thanks again – and also for your informative responses on this thread.

  144. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Yvonne, thanks for the suggestion. I originally designed the theme with the categories under the feature article, and I still might add this feature later. I knew that users would have to manually edit the template file to put what categories they wanted, so I decided against it for the first release because there is already so much that the user has to do. I might just provide the additional code to do this in the future.

    Please suggest anything. This helps me get a feel for what users want to see and makes me a better theme developer.

  145. Los mejores themes con look profesional para Wordpress | PuntoGeek
  146. David
    David Published |

    Justin: I have finally uploaded the theme to http://www.offshoreincorporation101.com but I noticed that if I place links in a post or page they stay the same color as the rest of the text in the post.

    I took a look at style.css and tried to modify it. I can get the links to underline and blue but the Post Title also changes.

    Is there a way to modify the CSS so that the post title stays black with text-decoration none and other links in the posts can be link blue underline, visted green.

    I also changed the post title to h1 tags in single.php. Is there anything else I need to change in CSS to with that change.

    Other changes: increased margin between byline and post text.


  147. The Wordpress Newspaper theme at Delirium Propaganda
  148. The new theme is live!
    The new theme is live! at |
  149. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Okay, it’s been like a week or two, but I finally finished tweaking this Visionary theme to fit my site and I’ve got it live now.

    Justin, thanks for the great them and I appreciate any feedback anyone might have.

    I absolutely love it right now!

    Click on my name to see it…

  150. » 5 Best Free Magazine Style Wordpress Themes
  151. Justin
    Justin Published |

    David, there’s no problem with your links. They look perfectly fine.

    If you want to change the post links without changing the post title links, just use this code:

    .post .entry a { }
    .post .entry a:hover {}

    The post title’s CSS code is:

    .post h2

    Mike, you’ve done a wonderful job. You’ve managed to make my theme something truly beautiful, and I’m planning on running an article on great uses of my themes in the near future. You’re currently at the top of the list.

  152. Introductions: Tim
    Introductions: Tim at |
  153. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Thank you Justin, I absolutely appreciate that and realize that coming from you, means a lot.

    You designed a good theme, I just took it and ran a bit. Thanks for making it free for all of us!

  154. EarnBlogger
    EarnBlogger Published |

    Hi! I’m using your theme on my new blog. Feels good that people loves your theme. I’m trying to make some changes to suit my needs. Please give a look on my blog.

  155. Hassan
    Hassan Published |

    awesome theme!! just one question that’s taken awhile to figure out:

    Is it possible to get THREE “recent headline” articles per row, instead of two articles per row???

    i’m thinking it has something to do with adjusting the modulus (%) snippet in home.php or this (also in home.php):

    if($i == '1' || $i == '3' || $i == '5' || $i == '7' || $i == '9') { ?>

    , where it says “<?php // for controlling the layout of the home pages bottom excerpts up to 10 posts”

    thanks for the super theme!

  156. Justin
    Justin Published |

    EarnBlogger, thanks for using the theme. It’s looking pretty good now.

    Hassan, that’s one thing you’ll have to change. It’ll take some major customization of the theme templates and CSS to accomplish this though. I’ll look more into it in the next few days, but I can’t completely redo the theme. You’ll have to play around with it a lot to get it working right.

  157. WordPress Magazine Theme Update : A Geek From Kansas
  158. Sold Out Blog » Magazine Style Themes Scrutinized
  159. Testando novos temas | Rotativo
    Testando novos temas | Rotativo at |
  160. pBlog, Personalize seu blog Wordpress » Blog Archive » Visionary, uma nova geração de temas
  161. Steve Drake
    Steve Drake Published |

    Sorry for the delay – I wasn’t paying attention…

    Popularity Contest 1.3b2

    In sidebar-home.php

    Original code

    get_results(“SELECT comment_count,ID,post_title FROM $wpdb->posts ORDER BY comment_count DESC LIMIT 0 , 10″);
    foreach ($result as $topten) {
    $postid = $topten->ID;
    $title = $topten->post_title;
    $commentcount = $topten->comment_count;
    if ($commentcount != 0) { ?>
    <a href=”” title=””>

    I replaced it with

    How this helps

  162. Free Magazine Style Wordpress Theme: Visionary | Earn Blogger
  163. Diime.com » Premium Wordpress Theme’s
    Diime.com » Premium Wordpress Theme’s at |
  164. Collin
    Collin Published |

    Hi Justin! Congratulations for your theme, it´s amazing. First, sorry for my english, i´m spanish and my english is bad. I am testing the theme and I have a problem. I want that my main page (Home) people see like here (http://demo.justintadlock.com/) but, however in my web the box (where are “Latest” , “Popular” , “Sections”…) is down (example: http://quedeque.awardspace.com/) . I don´t know if you understand me, I want my box is the right as in your demo and I don´t know do it, thanks!.

  165. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Collin, the link you provided doesn’t work. I have covered the sidebar problem in the previous comments though. Check out this comment. Make sure you read the entire “readme.txt” file and carefully follow the instructions.

  166. eliZZZa
    eliZZZa Published |

    Thanks Justin, for that wonderful theme!
    Have a look how I used it for one of my friends

    Kind regards from Austria!

  167. Justin
    Justin Published |

    EliZZZa, I noticed that blog earlier today. I’ve got it bookmarked for a special post I want to run fairly soon on the best uses of my themes. That’s if I ever find the time.

    My German is a little rusty too. I’m trying to read your site, but am finding that I need a few refresher courses before trying to tackle German again.

  168. swollenpickles
    swollenpickles Published |

    I’m thinking of using this theme as a more traditional CMS (eg. not for a blog or news site).

    How can I specify which posts appear on the front page. Eg. if I only want to display posts ids 1,2,3,4,5 on the front page, how would I go about that?


  169. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Swollenpickles, you are free to customize the theme in any way you want, but it was created for a news-type site.

    There are probably several different methods for specifying certain posts on your front page though. If you can be more specific about what you want to put on the front page, I might be able to help.

  170. swollenpickles
    swollenpickles Published |

    hi justin,

    I’m trying to display a random post in the ‘feature’ block on the homepage, and then have static pages listed underneath (so in effect the recent news sections would remain the same over time).

    I’ve got the random post thing working, using this method:

    but that seems to throw out the width of the feature box, and causes the sidebar to go to the bottom of the page.


  171. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Swollenpickles, the best method I’ve found for displaying a specific post is the get_post function from the WordPress Codex.

    I think it should be something like this, but I encourage you to read the get_post function page because it’s more informative. “351” is the ID of the post you want to display. In this example, I’m showing you how to display the post title and post content.

    $my_id = 351;
    $post_id_351 = get_post($my_id);
    $title = $post_id_351->post_title;
    $content = $post_id_351->post_content;
    echo '<div class="post">';
    echo '<h2 class="post-title">';
    echo '<a href="' . get_permalink(351) . ' " title="' . $title . ' ">' . $title . '</a>';
    echo '</h2>';
    echo '<div class="entry">' . $content . '</div>';
    echo '</div>';

    To see other things you can add, look at the function page I mentioned.

    The sidebar going to the bottom of the page has been covered in previous comments. You must have an odd number of posts on the front page for it to align correctly.

  172. Visionary - Magazine / News Wordpress Themes
  173. swollenpickles
    swollenpickles Published |

    Thanks Justin.

    I’ve have a read of the wordpress codex on get_post but I’m a bit confused.
    Is it possible to list all the posts I want to call in an array or something so that I don’t have to do 7 blocks of code calling out each post individually?

  174. Monika
    Monika Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I fell in love with your theme the first time I saw it. I’ve one as far as installing it on the domain in the link but seem to struggle with getting my contact link to work to my contact page.

    I’m afraid I’m not a coder and only learn by changing and mistakes, but I’m lost as to what exactly to give as a command so it finds the page. (I like it to link to the “contact” link in the top nav.)

    I found the top nav.php, but the code there confuses me. I understand that I need to insert the page id which is “6” for my contact page or either the URL which is http://petbirdworld.com/contact

    but where exactly in that code to I insert this?

    Thanks for making this theme available for so many people.

  175. Monika
    Monika Published |


    Me again, I managed to find the spot and it is working now. So easy when one knows how to do things. 🙂

  176. Monika
    Monika Published |

    Hi Justin,

    This is getting embarrassing. Please delete my first two comments, now I have a real problem where I’m stuck. When you look at my site, it looks fine in the home page view.

    But when I navigate to either the “archives” or the “section” tab in the sidebar and then click on the one existing link of my post it returns a “fatal error” under the sidebar-tags.php file on line 6.

    I have no idea what this means? Could you please help and point me in the right direction?


  177. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Monika, I’m glad you got the top navigation links working. I’m sorry about the “fatal error.” This is a mistake on my part. I corrected this weeks ago, but forgot to upload the new file. You can either redownload the now updated file, or you can do this:

    In, “sidebar-tags.php,” find:

    <?php if(function_exists('wp_tag_cloud')) { wp_tag_cloud(); } ?>

    And, replace it with this:

    if(function_exists('wp_tag_cloud')) { wp_tag_cloud(); }

    It should take away the fatal error. What version of WordPress are you using? I take it that you’re using something prior to 2.3. Another thing you can do is open “footer.php” and delete this line:

    <?php include(TEMPLATEPATH . '/sidebar-tags.php'); ?>
  178. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Swollenpickles, I’m no PHP genious, so there’s probably a better way to do this. Nevertheless, this is my solution. You’ll have to add each post’s ID individually for each “case,” but that’s all. Basically, this code loops through seven times and displays each post.

    $i = 1;
    while($i <= 7) {
    	switch($i) {
    	case 1:
    		$my_id = 351;
    	case 2:
    		$my_id = 351;
    	case 3:
    		$my_id = 351;
    	case 4:
    		$my_id = 351;
    	case 5:
    		$my_id = 351;
    	case 6:
    		$my_id = 351;
    	case 7:
    		$my_id = 351;
    		echo "No Posts!";
    	$post_id = get_post($my_id);
    	$title = $post_id->post_title;
    	$content = $post_id->post_content;
    	echo '<div class="post">';
    	echo '<h2 class="post-title">';
    	echo '<a href="' . get_permalink(351) . ' " title="' . $title . ' ">' . $title . '</a>';
    	echo '</h2>';
    	echo '<div class="entry">' . $content . '</div>';
    	echo '</div>';
  179. FUNKist
    FUNKist Published |

    hello Mate, first i’de like to thank you for the amazing design of yours, it’s really great staff the Visionary theme is just great.

    However, following your instruction i could make evrything work in order and even added many plugin’s and they were all compatible 100%

    One thing I still can get it to work, is to display the video at the front page. in stead I’m getting the error message “You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video”.

    I think it shouldn’t be any reason to display the video as I have an enabled browser, I just have to click view full story and I still can see the video without any problem.

    any reason or solution.

    I’ll appreciate your help.


  180. Justin
    Justin Published |

    FUNKist, flash isn’t really my area, but I’ll definitely try to help. If you have a URL I can go to, it would be great. It’s hard to figure out what’s going wrong without seeing it sometimes.

    What browser, and what version of that browser, are you using? I assume you followed all directions correctly and added the YouTube link to the correct custom field.

    This is the fist time anybody has had this problem, so it’s probably something wrong with your version of flash. Of course, you could’ve accidentally misread something and put it in wrong.

    I’ll need details. Tell me all the steps you’ve taken. Providing a link would make things a lot easier.

  181. Monika
    Monika Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Just letting you know, that your suggestion fixed the problem. The sidebar-tag.php file only had partial code from the one you suggested replacing and I did replace it with the bottom one of your tip.

    This fixed it instantly. And I’m using the latest version of WP. Only installed it yesterday with fantastico.

    I’ll get accustomed with your theme over the next week or so and will be back if I get stuck again.

    Thanks, you are doing an amazing job! 🙂

  182. FUNKist
    FUNKist Published |

    ok the url is pureblackfunk.com

    please have a look at it and let me know, by the way, I’m using IE 7 and Flash Player 9

    but I don’t think this is the reason, it may have been something else.

    thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

  183. Monika
    Monika Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I’m back again. Everything looked great yesterday. Today I uploaded 3 banners which were all ok and then I posted another blog post (virtual pet bird parrot)and now the home page looks skewered with the sidebar suddenly in the bottom half of the page.

    I do have some plugins installed but disabling them didn’t help. (They are are Akismet, DD form mailer, Previos Posts, WP Stats, Visionary, WP Automatic Upgrade and WP Database Backup).

    I also moved the script files in the header.php below the code you suggested to Charles earlier on and above the tag but still not improvement.

    Any hints on how I can fix this please?
    Also, the first post is in the “Feature” category so it always stays on top.

    Second problem: I followed your readme file to install youtube videos but they don’t show at all. I’m using Mozilla Firefox browser and it is set to accept cookies.

  184. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Funkist, by looking at your source code, I can see that you didn’t follow the directions in “readme.txt” correctly for videos. You have to add the URL (like it shows you in the file) to the correct custom field.

    If you give me more details on what you’re doing, what steps you’re taking to put videos up, I will be able to help you out more.

    Monika, please read this comment on getting your sidebar fixed. You’ll need at least three posts in total for it to work correctly.

    Read the part in “readme.txt” about “Videos” again. You don’t have a Video category, so videos aren’t going to show without that.

  185. Monika
    Monika Published |

    Plus I forgot to ask, how can I display 4 posts in a square like manner like on your demo page. Is this to do with custom fields and if yes, where is it explained how to make them appear square (2 top, 2 below)?

    I read about custom fields in wp but am a little lost on how to achieve this.

  186. Monika
    Monika Published |

    On your last comment Justin, I did have the Video category and followed all instructions but no video showed, only the text. So I deleted the lot in order not to stuff things up. Wasn’t sure 🙂

    I have now recreated the category and am going to set up a video test again. Maybe you can see the mistake then better.

  187. Monika
    Monika Published |

    Haha, I think you need comment editing Justin, so I could just ad to it. If you go to my site, you can see that the video is there. I did as you explained in your readme file and still, there is no video.

    I can see the videos in my browser from youtube directly, so I don’t think it is a browser issue. I t must be code related somewhere but since I’m no code geek when it comes to finding mistakes I depend on your wisdom here.

    I also set the page to 5 (odd number and now I just have to figure out how to get those thumbnails showing too on the home page and then I’m happy sailing away into the bird sunset. 🙂

    I tried your suggestions but need to read some more I think.

  188. Monika
    Monika Published |

    Wooohooo…I managed to do my custom field images and I got the idea now of having my 5 posts displayed on the home page.

    I’m nearly home free. Just two more problems, please disregard all the other questions except the video related one, I still can’t see those videos and no matter how hard I double and tripple check your tutorial, it still doesn’t work.

    Also, the other thing is that in my “feature”post on the home page the thumbnail image won’t come up, but it is there when I click through to the full article. I did exactly the same as in the posts below and they do show the thumbnails.

    Is this happening because of either (that post is in the “feature” category) or maybe (because it is the first one)?

    I’m sorry for hogging your thread here, it’s just that I’ve been at it for the last 4 hours and slowly getting the hang of it except the last two issues. 🙂


  189. FUNKist
    FUNKist Published |

    Well I did it exactly as on the readme.txt, I added a category called Video, I also updated the Video ID on the side bar to 4 (this is the ID generated for my Video Category) and I added a VIDEO on the custom field and pasted the following ling http://www.youtube.com/v/zJtXMIjsuXA

    I checked, no video displayed in from and no Video displayed even when I click on view full story.

    It’s very clear that there is something wrong with the scrip; I wonder how know one mentioned this before me.

    Thanks bro

    By the way, if we using the custom filed I wonder why we need to install easy tube.

  190. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Monika, I think what you’re doing wrong with the video is you’re not posting the link to a custom field Key named “Video” (note the use of the capital V).

    Also, there is no thumbnail for the feature post on the home page. You can set a “Feature Image” with custom fields.

    I suggest reading the links provided in the “readme.txt” and in this post to the Using WordPress Custom Fields article. Learning how to use them is necessary to use this theme to its full potential.

    FUNKist, your site is down at the moment, so I can’t see what’s going on right now. I hope you didn’t put “VIDEO” as your custom field Key name. It’s “Video.”

    It’s also not clear that something’s wrong with the script. It’s clear that the script works because it runs fine on my demo and everyone else’s blogs that use it. That’s why no one has mentioned it before.

    I’ve tested the video link you provided locally and it’s working. From what I can tell, you must be adding the video URL to the wrong custom field. Once again, the custom field’s Key is “Video.” It’s Value is the “video URL.”

  191. Monika
    Monika Published |


    Thank you, thank you and thank you again. It worked. I failed to do exactly this. Posting the URL of the video in the video line. So cool.

    Funny thing is that I had worked this out for the images but didn’t think about doing the same for the videos.

    Great stuff.

  192. FUNKist
    FUNKist Published |

    My site is no down mate, it’s up and well running, you can check it now again.

    I spelled the categorie as Video and now I added the customer key as Video too plus the you tube video link as value, i really don’t see what’s the problem.

  193. Justin
    Justin Published |

    FUNKist, your site is still down. Here’s a screen capture of what it looks like when I try to access it: Problem Loading Page

    I’ve checked it in Firefox and IE7.

  194. FUNKist
    FUNKist Published |

    Try this website http://www.dzcrew.com/

    I just installed a fresh version of Wordpress + Visonary them, Installed the Plug in activated then created a categorie named Video and then posted using the customer field Video plus value as http://www.youtube.com/v/Pv-8Du-3M0w

    but still nothing is displayed.

    well I have done nothing wrong so what’s the issue.

    also my website are all well runing, it’s only from your end, I just checked with friend in Africa, usa & Europe.

  195. swollenpickles
    swollenpickles Published |

    Thanks Justin. How would I go about integrating that code into the home.php file so that the page retains it’s current look etc?

  196. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Swollenpickles, that would really depend on what you want to do. If the code above is all you want to use, put it in between these two lines:

    <?php get_header(); ?>
    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    If you want to use the features of the theme (feature image, thumbnails, etc.), you’ll have to customize it a bit.

    Monika, I’m glad you got everything working again. Everything seems so complicated at first, but when you finally get it working, you see how easy it is.

  197. FUNKist
    FUNKist Published |

    What about me, where is my support, well thanks, glad this theme is not for sale, it’s very clear that it needs improvment, I checked the other news premium and the video works fine

  198. Justin
    Justin Published |

    FUNKist, I’m not sure what you want me to do. I have offered you support, and something’s obviously wrong on your end. It could be a plugin, incorrect custom field usage, or any number of things. I have nothing more to add at the moment, so I have given you no more advice. There’s no point in repeating the same things over and over.

    And, you’re right — “This theme is not for sale.” It is free. I don’t have to offer support at all. Plus, all themes need improvement, and this theme is no different. I’ve also never claimed that this was a “premium” theme. If it was premium, I would charge for it.

    You’re the only person that has had this much trouble with the theme. I’ve even mentioned in this post and “readme.txt” that this theme requires some work from the user.

    I do believe that with over 2,800 downloads at this point, this theme is a “cut above” most. I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from the WordPress community.

    Now, I’ve tried to help you out as much as I can. If I come up with another idea, I’ll be sure to add it to the discussion. Please, only leave comments that are either supportive or add to the discussion.

  199. Azmeer
    Azmeer Published |

    justin, from Mike’s page, I wonder how to add those right sidebars below the video column. he have the right and left sidebar on the right. can you help me ?

  201. Kayecee
    Kayecee Published |

    Thank you very much for this lovely theme! I have found that Twitter Tools breaks the tabbed area in the sidebar. Everything looks ok, but the tabs won’t work when you click them.

  202. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Azmeer, to add more stuff to the right sidebar, you can add it in the file named “sidebar-bottom.php.” If you want split left and right columns like Mike has, then you’ll have to write new XHTML and CSS. Mike customized a lot of his layout to suit his needs.

    You’re welcome, Kayecee. I’m glad you like it. I haven’t tested with Twitter Tools, but will be sure to before I update again. You might want to try Fenix’s jQuery fix if the Twitter thing uses Javascript. This will also be in the next update, but I can’t say when that’ll be. So, if you don’t mind editing the files a little, then try that out.

  203. Manoj Sterex
    Manoj Sterex Published |

    Awesome theme!! Was looking one just like this! 🙂 Will be changing the CSS a bit to suit my site and also play around a bit with it. Looks really promising. Great release, and thanks again! 😀

  204. Ungas Allan
    Ungas Allan Published |

    Hi justin awesome template.

    Got 1 quick question. How can I exclude a content from the loop like the video? I tried adding the contentID in the query_posts(“cat=-157”); but its not working.

    My idea is to have an excerpt in the right panel as a teaser.


  205. Ungas Allan
    Ungas Allan Published |

    Oh sorry my fault… I add the wrong ID thats why 🙂 Thanks again for the great template.

    I will post my web projects using your template soon.

  206. Matt Ellsworth
    Matt Ellsworth Published |

    I just found this – it looks simply amazing!

  207. River Plate
    River Plate Published |

    Great theme men!!!

    i will love to use it 😉

  208. Rahul
    Rahul Published |

    thanks for this nice theme. i liked the video part. so i decided to only take that portion and put it on my site. i almost succeeded but theres a problem. The latest video is shown and the remaining titles in the Video category are shown but the links on the titles are not working.Basically, one is supposed to click on the title and the video has to load right? thats not working. Could u please check it out and let me know. site link is http://www.reelsuave.com

  209. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks. Customize away! This theme was designed with CSS customization in mind.

    Delete. I wish I would’ve seen your second comment before writing out a mini tutorial on different ways to accomplish this. 🙂 Learn to scroll down, Justin.

    By the way, I love the look of your site. I’ve already bookmarked it for my next great uses of my themes showcase.

    Matt and River
    Thanks. I’d love to see what it looks like if and when you use it.

    This is really just a theme support comment section. I may write a tutorial on how to accomplish this in the future though.

  210. muhaseberehberi
    muhaseberehberi Published |

    Hi justin.
    You theme is amazing.i need a help.I look a lot of theme but your theme best of them.Thanks for this theme.
    i am using your theme but sidebar dropped.Why ? Could you help me ?

  211. Justin
    Justin Published |

    The reason for this is mentioned in several comments above. Read this comment. Make sure you follow all instructions in the “readme.txt” file.

  212. Claudya
    Claudya Published |

    Uau!!!! Very beautiful theme! Would you make a dark/black version of it! Hugs from Brazil

  213. vista themes
    vista themes Published |

    thanks a lot i will use it on my blog

  214. Top 3 Free Magazine Style Wordpress Themes at Wordpress123.com
  215. Leslie
    Leslie Published |

    I love your theme 😛
    I´ve got a tiny problem when i go to the widgets section…Even though they appear as available,i try to put them in the default sidebar but when i select one all of them are select at the same time and i can´t no put even all of them..can´t put nothing :s
    Thanks in advance,
    Please tell me as soon as possible!

  216. Zach
    Zach Published |

    the popular, sections and archive functions with tab doesn’t show up at all, does it require any other changes?


  217. CCNA Discovery
    CCNA Discovery Published |

    That’s a great theme Justin. Thanks!

  218. Visionary: Wordpress theme — Freak Group
  219. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks for the compliments. Currently, there are no plans to make a dark/black version of this theme. Feel free to modify it to suit your needs. Of course, I am always available for cheap custom work. 🙂

    Thanks. I hope it works well for you.

    It seems like you might have a problem with your WordPress install of widgets. This really has nothing to do with the theme.

    No, it doesn’t require any changes. Everything seems to be working fine. Do you have a URL that I can see? Maybe we can figure out why your tabs aren’t working.

    Thanks. 🙂

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  221. ed
    ed Published |

    Hi everyone. I love this theme and just implemented it on my site. Great job to the author! Is it possible to make it so that in “the latest headlines” section on the right which has a list of all the latest articles, it does not include the feature article + other articles on the left side?

    basically what i want is to have in the “latest headlines” navigation menu to the right only articles that aren’t on the left side of the main page (the feature article plus the ones below it) this way users would see 15 articles in the main page instead of only 5 since the ones on the left show up as links in the navigation menu to the right

  222. The Poulette Family » links for 2008-01-04
  223. Link Love Gratitude #2
    Link Love Gratitude #2 at |
  224. Pietro
    Pietro Published |

    Excuse me, but where ii in navbar “register” and “login” tag ?

  225. Justin
    Justin Published |

    I think one thing you’re overlooking (as many do) is that most visitors to your site won’t come in through the front page. More than likely, they’ll come to a specific blog post. By listing the most recent articles, they can see your newest stuff instead of even older articles.

    If you still want to offset the number of articles, just change “offset=0” to whatever number you want in your sidebar files. I only suggest doing this in “sidebar-home.php” for the reasons stated above though.

    I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking.

  226. Pietro
    Pietro Published |

    In the theme Visionary 1.1, where is in home page, tag “register” and “login” ?

    (for log admin, for register user)

  227. Justin
    Justin Published |

    You have to manually add those to wherever you want in the theme.

  228. Pietro
    Pietro Published |

    For Visionary 1.1 in italian language ?

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  233. Sangesh
    Sangesh Published |

    very cool design.

  234. Smashing Magazine: 100 free Wordpress themes « TechBays
  235. paul
    paul Published |

    Hi Justin! Thank you so much for an awesome theme! And the support that you’ve given is just phenomenal (especially that this theme is free!)

    The information that you’ve provided in readme.txt is very clear. At first I was very tempted to post a really stupid question (i.e. Why is the sidebar appearing below the blog posts? How come the video blog info shows up under the ‘Recent Headline?) but after I read the readme.txt, everything has been very very clear. I got the video, flickr, etc working. My message for everyone using this template – LEARN HOW TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

    BTW, I want to share something for those who would like to change the title with a logo image.

    1. From the admin panel go to PRESENTATION > THEME EDITOR > *click on ‘header’ to open header.php

    2. Look for this line: <a href=”” title=””>
    **and replace it with**

    3. Save and preview.

    Justin, just one really really stupid question… There’s only one page in the manage page section – I’m talking the “About” page but why three ‘example’ pages? I can’t seem to find a way to delete them and replace them with a different page. I even tried deleting the ‘about’ page and created a new one with different name but nothing happened.. I still have Home – About – Example – Example – Example.. I’m sure that the answer would be really really simple and I would definitely feel stupid later but thanks in advance man. More power!

  236. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Currently, there are no plans to translate the theme into Italian because I don’t know anyone that can read/write Italian. Unless, maybe, you want to. 🙂


    This isn’t a really stupid question, and I should probably update the “readme.txt” file with instructions on how to do this. Some of these things that seem easy to me, I’ve learned, aren’t always easy for everyone else.

    Open “main-nav.php” to edit the links manually. I think there’s a clear structure that you’ll notice immediately for each link. They are a bunch of unordered list items. There’s actually a link that shows you how to use these type of links (dynamic menu highlighting) in that file. Here’s what one of the links will look like:

    <!-- To show "current" on the ? Page -->
    <li<?php if (is_page('Example')) { echo " id=\"current\""; } ?>>
    <a href="<?php echo get_permalink(2); ?>" title="<?php _e('Example'); ?>"><span><?php _e('Example'); ?></span></a></li>

    You’ll need to change the “2” to the ID of the WordPress Page that you want to link to. You’ll also want to change the word “Example” to the name of the page. Of course, if you don’t have anything other than an About page, then you might want to just delete everything in the file other than the Home and About links. I hope this helps.

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  238. ed
    ed Published |

    Thanks for the reply. I added video to my site http://www.laopinionlatina.com but when you click on “view full story” under the video I get 2 videos on the video page (the small one that is on the main page plus the bigger sized one right under it). What is going on? I don’t remember adding any extra code so im wondering what could be doing this.


  239. Chris Rhoad
    Chris Rhoad Published |

    Thanks Justin! Great job.
    Turns out, I had the same problem that Charles had with the tabs not working. Thanks to reading these comments I determined that my “Social Bookmarks (v4.0.64)” was the origin of my problem.

    Thanks again.

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  241. Marta
    Marta Published |

    Hello Justin!
    I have two questions concerning thumbnails:
    1. Is this possible for thumbnails to be seen in a feed?
    2. While browsing a category is this possible to add the thumbnails to previous stories titles?

    Although I’ve set “Show at most: [x] posts” to 9, the home page layout breaks when there is an even number of posts. I don’t now how to solve this problem apart from publishing two posts at a time.

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  243. ed
    ed Published |

    Nevermind Justin I managed to remove one of the embeded youtube videos although I don’t know how to keep just the bigger sized one on the actual video page.

    The question I do have is how do you make a “more videos” link under the “view full story” or beside it.

  244. fpohl
    fpohl Published |

    Thanks for the Visionary theme, I just got it set up and got right to it editing it and changing the magazine look. I like the way you have the post left post right. I thought I needed Revolution but everything is right here. Your Theme rocks.

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  246. Justin
    Justin Published |

    You should just provide a link to your video category.

    That’s good. Sometimes the order in which things are called can affect how things work too. I hope you saw the jQuery “no conflict” comment too.

    1. I’m sure it is, but you’d have to edit your feed files.
    2. Yes.

    The reason your layout breaks is because you don’t have enough content up yet. You should set the number lower until you have enough posts to warrant that many.


  247. hefebreo
    hefebreo Published |

    hey great theme, i have modified to a black color and translated to spanish, and give it some aded stuff, hope u like it, owever i have find an error on the js file that make the calls for the sidebar menu, (the t1,t2,t3 etc, one) the show function for the t5 and t6 option dont have the correct number, they have a 4 instead give it a check

    ty and sorry for the bad english

    btw i find this site who remove the link back here

  248. blog do Cobra » Finalmente voltarei a programação normal.
  249. 100 superbi temi per Wordpress [gratis]
    100 superbi temi per Wordpress [gratis] at |
  250. Marta
    Marta Published |

    Justin, thank you.
    Now that I know your answers to my questions (especially to the third one) those questions seem to be quite silly.
    Sorry to bother you, I know your theme wasn’t meant for complete beginners but I like it a lot and decided to give it a try. And in this way I learn new things.

  251. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I’ve updated the theme. Also, thanks for pointing out that site.

    They’re not silly questions. Those are actually good questions. It just takes some modifying to get those type of things done.

  252. WordPress met Premium Themes als CMS : De Fries
  253. LymanReed.com » Blog Archive » Link Love Gratitude #2
  254. Visionary | BWpthemes
    Visionary | BWpthemes at |
  255. The Online Marketing Blog | Wordpress Magazine Themes - Hot for 2008
  256. Paulo Polzonoff Jr
    Paulo Polzonoff Jr Published |

    Justin, wonderful theme. I’m a little upset because I spent $ 50 on Revolution Theme before know Visionary. But…

    I’m customizing the theme today. Everything work fine. But, unfortunately, there is an incompatibility with Optimize DB plugin and Share This plugin. Ok. I can live without the second. But the first one is kind of important, don’t you think?

    Today I’m going to insert Google Adds and other banners. Let’s see what happens.

    All the best,

  257. Marta
    Marta Published |

    Hi,it’s me one more time.
    Now I wonder if there is any simple way to add page numbers to the home page?
    I’ve downloaded WP-PageNavi 2.20 plugin but can’t get it work.

  258. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    The Optimize DB plugin should not conflict with the theme at all because themes are “front end,” while that plugin deals with the “back end.”

    Because of the nature of magazine-style themes and a few things that WordPress isn’t quite capable of yet, you can’t add page numbers. Well, you could, but it wouldn’t work correctly. Unfortunately, at the moment, this is something that you can’t do.

  259. 100 Free Premium Wordpress Themes - Bigg Magazine
  260. Paulo Polzonoff Jr
    Paulo Polzonoff Jr Published |


    Maybe it’s Share This plugin. Or both. 🙂

    But I insist: it’s a great plugin. Congratulations and thank you.


  261. edbaker
    edbaker Published |

    Hi there.

    First of all – I LOVE this theme. Thanks for all the hard work you must of put into making it.

    For some reason though, my ‘Recent Headlines’ won’t show anything. I’ve only added two posts and both are in the ‘Featured’ category. The most recent one is now in the ‘Featured News’ slot as it should be and I thought the last one would be shifted down automatically to the ‘Headlines’ slot but it hasn’t. What am I doing wrong? I’ve read the readme about 10 times and I can’t find anything relevant.

  262. Link notes dal 19 1 2008 al 20 1 2008 » Sapientone
  263. FREE - Magazine Style Wordpress Themes | FreshFreeStuff.Net
  264. 365 To Freedom dot Com » A Comprehensive List Of Magazine Style Wordpress Themes
  265. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    I think the Share This plugin uses JavaScript, so you might want to use this solution left by a previous commenter.

    Do you have a URL that I can view? This might help me sort out the problem. The previous article should’ve shifted down unless you have your blog set to only display one post.

  266. Paulo Polzonoff Jr
    Paulo Polzonoff Jr Published |


    Share this really doesn’t work. But that’s ok. I unisttalled it. No big deal.

    Unfortunately, Optimize DB isn’t working with Visionary. I mean, it works, but the tables in the sidebarhome don’t. That’s the conflict.

    But, for me, it’s not a big deal. I use Optimize DB for a few seconds. My readers can wait. 🙂

    All the best,

  267. DzieÅ„ dobry…
    DzieÅ„ dobry… at |
  268. Mark
    Mark Published |

    Hey, just installed this theme today, and I really like the potential it has.

    One small glitch, as soon as I added a feature blog, the sidebar has fallen out of place to the bottom of the home frame.

    Any easy fix to the code to sort that out?

  269. edbaker
    edbaker Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I still can’t get the recent headlines working. I’d appreciate your help with this. You can view the website .

  270. 电子商务观察 » Blog Archive » 100个免费 WordPress 主题(精品)
  271. Mark
    Mark Published |

    Don’t worry about my question above, I ended up changing themes.

  272. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Did you try out the solution I linked to? It works with my newest theme, Structure, but I haven’t updated this theme to do that yet. I’m not sure what you’re talking about when you say “tables” in “sidebar-home.php.”

    Thanks for at least giving it a shot.

    How many posts do you have your blog set to display? Did it work correctly before you changed or added any code?

  273. edbaker
    edbaker Published |

    Hi Justin,

    My blog is set to display 5 posts and no, it hasn’t worked at all since I installed it. I even re-installed it and still nothing. Have you got any ideas I could try?

  274. webringnet.com
    webringnet.com Published |

    wow nice and clean theme. thanks for distribute and sharing.
    if you a journalist i recommend this theme

  275. Marta
    Marta Published |

    Hi Justin!
    The question about pagination still bothers me. I keep searching for a solution and have found something like this:
    I do not know php, but after reading this note I believe that it is possible to add page numbers somehow. I’ll keep trying, cause I like your theme.

  276. edbaker
    edbaker Published |


    I’m getting a little frustrated trying to figure out why my ‘Recent Headlines’ isn’t working. I really like this theme and don’t want to find a new one.

    Does anyone else have any idea what I might be doing wrong?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  277. Marta
    Marta Published |


    try to write more posts from a different category than Video. Video posts do not belong to Recent Headlines, if you have excluded this category by changing in home.php “query_posts(“cat=-157″)” as advised in the “Read me” file.

  278. edbaker
    edbaker Published |

    Thanks Marta. I’ll have a look at that.

  279. ALEX-UA
    ALEX-UA Published |

    For some reason I can’t get any videos to show up. I have tried with regular XHTML 1.0 Strict code and the plugin flash video player with the code they gave me [flashvideo filename=videos/my-video.flv /]

    All it shows me when i go to the homepage is a bunch of mixed up text (which is the code) and crosses over to my other blog posts. Whats the Problem?

    VERY VERY AWSOME LAYOUT just what I was looking for.

  280. ALEX-UA
    ALEX-UA Published |

    i’ve read the readme file and with custom fields i enter everything just like it says and yet still no result of a video being shown.

  281. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    As Marta mentioned, you might want to try writing a post that’s not in the “Video” category. If that doesn’t work, we’ll have to try something else.

    As I’ve mentioned, it’s definitely possible to add page numbers, but it won’t work like you would plan. See, once you click on “Page 2,” it’ll take you to a Page 2 that looks like the home page because WordPress will automatically use the “home.php” template to show the page. It will still show the feature article and the recent articles below.

    I’ve complained plenty of times about this missing feature with WordPress, especially if we’re using it as a CMS as opposed to a blog. I’ve tried numerous solutions for it but haven’t found anything. If you do find a solution to this, please share.

    The first problem I see is that you don’t have any posts in the “Video” category. It won’t work without that.

    If you’re using the Flash Video player plugin, then you need to make sure you have the plugin activated. Put the code in the “Optional Excerpts” box by itself. You don’t use custom fields with this option.

    I actually think I’m dropping support for the Flash Video Player plugin in the next update because the author of the plugin still hasn’t attempted to provide a solution for using it outside of the normal content loop.

    I honestly suggest using YouTube, Google Video, or MetaCafe videos if possible.

  282. ALEX-UA
    ALEX-UA Published |

    Hey, Justin it’s me again. If you check out my site again you can see I have tried every way possible. I have posted a blog in “Video” and then tried to use the plugin (did not work) then the custom fields ( did not work). What is the problem? I have even done many combinations of them. I have read through and can’t find the mistake.

  283. blog do Cobra » o “risco” da troca de tema em um blog monetizado
  284. edbaker
    edbaker Published |

    Hi again,

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to Marta. It worked and I’m now very happy with the way things look.

    Another question though – the ‘subscribe by email’ link is the same as ‘subscribe by RSS’. What should the email link be changed to so people can subscribe that way?

    Also, am I right in thinking that items are added to the ‘popular’ section after they have been commented on?

  285. Ikaika
    Ikaika Published |

    Hi Justin, thanks for a great theme. I’m having problems with the “secondary” stories not appearing in chrono order on my home page. Any ideas?

    The Hawaii Standard

  286. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    From what I can tell at this point is that you’re not using the custom fields properly because the excerpt is showing up instead of the video. If the excerpt shows up, then you haven’t used the proper custom field.

    Try this out. In your “Video” category, write a post. Give this post a custom field Key name of “Video” (note that custom fields are case-sensitive, so the “V” must be capitalized). For the Value of the custom field, input this url: http://www.youtube.com/v/2VOQgMMErxA

    Publish your post. It should work perfectly fine at this point. If not, then something’s either wrong with your theme download or your WordPress download.

    I want to say thanks to Martha too. I’m glad she caught that because I was a bit baffled.

    For people to subscribe by email, you probably need a feedburner account. From that account, you are provided with a email subscription link.

    Items are made popular by the number of comments received. A good plugin you might try is called “Popularity Contest.” It’s more advanced and counts page views and other things.

    Do you have a URL where you’re using the theme, so I can check it out? There would be no reason for them to not appear in chronological order, except to skip the feature and video posts.

  287. WebBizReviews Blog
    WebBizReviews Blog at |
  288. 100个精挑细选的免费WordPress主题推荐 - 菠菜博
  289. AlexT
    AlexT Published |

    Justin, I am really enjoying this theme. Thanks for putting it together and sharing it. I’ve got a couple of questions if you don’t mind…
    1) On my site, on the front page, the ‘recent headlines’ are displayed in reverse chronological order (eg the oldest articles show up first). Is there a setting I can tweak to reverse that?

    2) The same problem appears in the javascript in the sidebar also but only if you click through to read the whole text of an article. On the front page, it behaves correctly. On the article page, the oldest articles are listed at the top of the ‘latest’ tab.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. And thanks again for the clean and super functional theme!

    Alex T

  290. TBM
    TBM Published |

    I am using the version of this theme that features the ad block on the full post pages, not the one with the ads on the home page. That being said, I love it. I tried structure but got carried away with all of the widgets and it looked clutered so I went to visionary, it has a very unclutered look and the emphasis is on the blog (which is the main thing I want visitors to see. I did some tweaking on the CSS file and added a masthead at the top. I looks exactly the way I wanted in both Firefox and IE7. Great! Keep up the good work.
    Okay I just yesterday updated my FireFox and it mussed up my flickr, I assume there might be a prob with the flickr plugin and not the theme. If you know the maker rag on him. LOL.
    To make sure it was not me causing the prob I came here in the latest version of Firefox ver: and tried both demos of Visionary with it and the same thing happened here with both versions, no graphics showing in flickr just jumbled text.Finally keep up the good work Justin. Visionary Rocks.
    My url is The Brass Monkey Blog . Net

  291. edbaker
    edbaker Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I’m absolutely loving this theme now. It was a bit confusing at first but once you get up to speed it’s awesome.

    You mentioned to me before about the ‘popularity contest’ plugin. I’ve installed it and I like the stats it gives you – but can you tell me how to amend your theme so that the popularity tab on the sidebar shows posts according to the ‘popularity-contest’ plugin?

    I assume I need to change something in the sidebar-archive.php file…

    get_results(“SELECT comment_count,ID,post_title FROM $wpdb->posts ORDER BY comment_count DESC LIMIT 0 , 10″);
    foreach ($result as $topten) {
    $postid = $topten->ID;
    $title = $topten->post_title;
    $commentcount = $topten->comment_count;
    if ($commentcount != 0) { ?>
    <a href=”” title=””>

    But I don’t have a clue how to do it. Could you help please or anyone else out there? I’d really appreciate it.

    Don’t know if I’m explaining myself properly but I hope you understand what I’m asking.

    Apologies for being such a pest and keep up the excellent work!

  292. GncTurkler.COM » Blog Archive » visionary teması video ekleme ?
  293. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    I see no reason this should happen unless you’ve changed some code somewhere, something else you’ve added to the theme, or your WordPress or theme install is messed up.

    I suggest just working through each of those problems until you can figure out what’s causing things to mess up.

    Thanks for using the theme. Just a note about Structure: the theme comes with a blog-styled layout option, so it doesn’t have to be as cluttered. I think Flickr was partially down or something the other day because I was noticing the same things on several blogs.

    You just need to delete everything between this:

    <ul class="popular">

    Place your Popularity Contest code in between that code.

  294. Sally
    Sally Published |

    First, thanks for the theme, it’s great.
    I’m just getting used to Wordpress, so my questions may be pretty basic.
    I want to use this as a CMS, not a blog, so I want to eliminate comments and the post date. How can I accomplish that?
    I’m confused about categories, is there a category list in this theme?

  295. AlexT
    AlexT Published |

    Thanks for the look-see Justin. I just uploaded a fresh copy of the theme from here and it’s still behaving funny. I’m going to check and see if perhaps I changed something in wordpress’s behavior directly that might have this affect…but it’s a fresh upgraded copy too so….. who knows. If I figure it out, I’ll let you know just incase other users run into this.
    Thanks again for the theme!

  296. John
    John Published |


    I really like this theme. I’ve been using it for a while now and it works great. BUT, today I ran into a snag.

    I posted a new feature article and suddenly the sidebar started appearing at the bottom, below the posts. There was no problem with the previous feature. At first I thought it might be because this feature had a photo but after removing the photo, the problem was still there. If I remove it from the feature category, everything works fine. It’s only when I make it a feature.

    I also tried deleting it and reposting but have the same thing happening. If it’s a feature, the sidebar is gone. If not a feature, everything is ok. Any ideas?

    By the way, this happens with both IE or Firefox.


  297. AlexT
    AlexT Published |

    John – check out this chunk from the readme.txt file that came with the theme:

    You need to go to your Admin Panel
    – Options
    — Reading
    — Blog Pages > Show at most: [odd number] posts
    This will ensure that your display isn’t all wacked. If it’s not an odd number, then your layout will break.

    This fixed it for me

  298. John
    John Published |

    Thanks Alex but that’s not it. I’ve got an odd number and it worked fine with the old feature. It went wacky with the new one.

  299. Marta
    Marta Published |

    @ edbaker – I’m glad I could be any of help.

    Justin – I’ve just found a magazine-style theme with built-in pagination. I haven’t downloaded it so I don’t now how the issue was solved (probably I wouldn’t understand because I don’t know PHP):

    Back to Visionary – I wonder if it is possible to simplify Visionary in order to have pagination working. What functionality would be lost? (But this is rather a kind of comment to “Project Community Theme”.)

  300. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    You can set no comments from your WordPress dashboard on every post. If you don’t want to show the dates on posts, then you’ll have to edit most of the files. You’ll need to delete all the lines that look something like this:

    <?php the_time() ?>

    There’s a category list in the tabbed sidebar section.

    This just seems like an odd thing to be happening. It shouldn’t be anything theme-related because there’s no code that displays the posts in reverse-chronological order, but I’m interested in seeing why it’s happening.

    I’ll look more into it, but I’ll have to stand by AlexT’s advice for now.

    I’ve actually come across something that I can’t believe I missed before. It’s the conditional tag for a paged page:


    It would probably take some stylistic changes and definitely some XHTML and PHP changes to implement correctly, but I’ll consider adding it in the next update.

  301. Themes Gratis de WordPress con aspecto de Portal
  302. j.fish
    j.fish Published |

    I’m slightly stumped at what is likely has an easy solution. Is there a way to change the loop that controls the “Recent Headlines” section of the homepage so that it sorts the posts by date rather than post ID?

  303. Sally
    Sally Published |

    OK, I thought my modifications to the theme were just superficial in appearance, but now in IE, it’s FUBAR 🙁
    I’m frustrated, & no doubt, it’s all my fault. The header is centered but the rest of the page is off to the left.

  304. John
    John Published |

    Justin, thanks again for the great theme. Strange thing though, and the solution to my problem, when I added the new feature story, it changed my post number from 7 to 8. Not sure how or why, but obviously, once I switched it back to an even number it worked like a charm.

    Sorry for bothering you.

    I really do like this theme.

  305. 20 themes estilo revista para Wordpress | vloox.com
  306. 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes | Chloee
  307. Ikaika
    Ikaika Published |

    Hi Justin:
    The URL is http://www.hawaiistandard.com

    Ikaika (comment # 285)

  308. Moolahking
    Moolahking Published |

    Hi JT..Thanks for the great theme. Damn love it so much.

    But there is something i would like to ask. Is there any way i can change the color of the box which contains “Featured News” and “Recent Headlines”?

    Thanks for your support. And if you already posted about this, Then million apologies to you. Cause i don’t search it through all the comments. 🙂

  309. John
    John Published |

    Justin, another question, this time on videos. I notice that when you read a post with a video, specifically a YouTube video, it shows the video, on the right is the YouTube “download video” and then the post wording. You can see what I mean at http://CoastGuardNews.com.

    Is this inherent or am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks for your time.

  310. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    I don’t really help those that don’t follow the license included with the theme.

    I don’t usually answer questions like this because they’re not really theme-support, but you have a nice way of complimenting folks. 🙂

    In “style.css,” there’s a line you’ll have to change. You should notice it because I’ve labeled it pretty clearly. You’ll need to edit the CSS for this line:


    I’m not sure what you’re talking about at all. Could you give me a URL to a specific post and elaborate on what the problem is?

  311. Moolahking
    Moolahking Published |

    Hey J.T,

    Thanks mate for the help..!! I’ve change the color. 🙂

  312. Ikaika
    Ikaika Published |

    Hi Justin:
    Sorry, that was a mistake. My apologies. The link is back in.

  313. John
    John Published |


    Any of the video posts. Here’s one



  314. 100个优秀的免费 WordPress 主题 | 望月博客
  315. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    I still don’t understand what you’re asking. Everything looks fine to me.

  316. Magazine-Style WordPress Themes | CleverSage
  317. John
    John Published |

    I see it now. It only shows up in Firefox. In IE it isn’t there.

    Thanks for the great theme anyhow.

  318. Ikaika
    Ikaika Published |

    Hi Justin: Sorry again for the oversight on the license. The page is not yet live. The change has been made. We hope to begin fulltime publishing by the end of this month.
    Ikaika – http://www.hawaiistandard.com

  319. Paul Hanssen
    Paul Hanssen Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Just thought I’d let you know I used your theme for my swimming club’s website that just went live today. Many thanks for your effots, and releasing it for free use.

    The site is: http://www.claremontaussi.org/.


  320. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    I hope everything works out then.

    No problem.

    Thanks for using the theme. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

  321. Major
    Major Published |

    Hi Justin, very good theme idea
    1: It will be much more useful if you can add the option to show feature post from featured category only or any latest post. or can I just add more then one category in home php by comma seprated.

    2: I want to be able to show my images in the post as they are bigger or small in featured post or below. Right now nor,al aded image will not show in post if was not added specially.

    is these features possible

  322.   100个精挑细选的免费WordPress主题推荐 by Endlessnet personal blog
  323. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    I’m not sure if you can query more than one category by name. You might have to do it by category ID, like this:


    I’m not sure what you’re asking about images. Could you be more specific?

  324. Núria
    Núria Published |

    Hi, Justin, I just download your theme to try it in my blog, but in the visionary.zip there is not a /plugins/visionary folder, so I can’t upload the visionary plugin to my server installation.
    May be I lost something in the way, but I can’t find it anywhere.
    Can you tell me where can I find the plugins/visionary files?

    Thanks in advance

    Núria Ramoneda

  325. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Sorry about that. I had updated some of the files and forgot to add the plugins folder. It should be in there now if you download again. It’s not anything important, but it might help you if you’re unfamiliar with custom fields.

  326. Themes Profesionales para Wordpress Gratis Visionary Descargar Full Megaupload Rapidshare Gratis Comunidad Informatica Hispa-Digital.net
  327. Wordpress İçin Haber Sitesi Tarzı Tasarımlar - Biraz Gerçek Biraz Sanal
  328. Brad
    Brad Published |

    Justin, I love what you’ve done, but I’m having a problem with any images that we use in the body of a post or page they end up massively blown up – like their being resized…

    But I can’t find anything in the css that would cause this I’m trying to use the “Buy me beer” plug-in at the end of the posts.

    Any help would be great, I’m sorry I can’t leave an error as an example, as we are in a soft launch – and have live traffic hitting the site…
    Thanks for your help.

  329. statisticalprocesscontrol
    statisticalprocesscontrol Published |

    I have a problem with it on my homepage:

    Thanks if someone can tell me why the sidebar is at the bottom.

  330. Jim Bright
    Jim Bright Published |

    Greetings, I am the Buckeye and new to blogging, just wanted to say HI.
    It may be awhile before I can contribute meaningfully to the site.

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  334. zoqaa
    zoqaa Published |

    wonderful theme… thank you

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  340. Marta
    Marta Published |

    I am so happy that you’ve found the way to incorporate page numbers into Visionary theme.
    I’m looking forward to the theme upgrade.
    Thank you!

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  342. soccerstore
    soccerstore Published |

    Very googd. Thanks.

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    zlpx Published |

    very good .welcome to my site.

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  353. Volkan
    Volkan Published |


  354. MooN
    MooN Published |

    i have to chang my theme

  355. WordPress som CMS: Gratis Magasin Themes | WordPress
  356. elizabeth
    elizabeth Published |

    Hello friend, you know permission by using a template finalsence but when I saw the vicionary your template, I impact me enamore it looks like what I read of the major print media, I really like this template and I am using … but I I am not a connoisseur ducho or deep in these templates and xml codes, and e wanted a place a code “read more” to the inputs that will allow summarize its content and does not work for me, pleease I need help in this by fa .. . is very important to me that this template will lead this additive.

  357. adyarock
    adyarock Published |

    i like your templates, but i am so confuse…how to make your visionary template to use with 2 collumn on the my POST like to your view demo?? please tell me Brother…what can i do??

    Thanks so much…

    adya visco


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  359. slamfest
    slamfest Published |

    thank you for this them it is great i love using it

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    Good Wordpress Themes!

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    This is one helluva beautiful WordPress Theme! One of the best I’ve seen so far I’ll say!

    It’s a keeper!

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    I am looking for a good theme for my Netanya site and haven’t found a good wordpress theme yet.

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    Hi Justin,
    I just installed this theme in my blog http://www.cableconnectstexans.org/
    But when I added some widgets on the sidebar, the widgets are appeared on below the posts(not on the sidebar). Please help me to fix the problem.

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    Is Visionary a fluid design? Are any of your themes fluid or are they all fixed width. If not fluid, why not? That is, what are the problems you find with a fluid design?


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    Yeah demo is dead, fix please.

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    Hi Justin, love your nVisionary theme. I’m using an adaptation for blogger and I will like to know where can I get the same instructions of use and customization you provide BUT for the blogger version. CAn you help me?

    Love your work! Lots of luck with future proyects.

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    THey are showing text but they are not showing photos attached with that posts in home page. Is it possible that with text photos can also display so the visitot can get more attract.

    Kindly help.

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    Cool Justin,

    excellent work, but i must adapt again with the custom field when i do posting.. but its ok after few posting i really enjoy using ur theme.. once again thank you Justin..

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    your theme is excellente but i have a problem. How can i delete the navigation on (at) the top of the page where the categories are displayed?

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    What plugins is a MUST to cooperate with your theme’s???

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