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  1. donalyza
    donalyza Published |

    Thanks for the mention. 🙂 I will definitely follow this tutorial. I’m excited now.

  2. The Web Guy
    The Web Guy Published |

    What a fantastic tutorial!

    I’m going to implement something based on these tutorials on my future releases for WP.

    Great work, can’t wait to delve deeper within your site!

  3. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Donalyza, I’m excited about where this tutorial is going too. There’s so many things I want to do from this point.

    I did leave a longer reply to your comment. At least I thought I did. I’m not sure what happened to it. I probably typed it in a notepad file and forgot to put it here.

    TWG, continue reading as I offer more examples of how to use custom fields. You can use the same basic techniques to do pretty much anything you want. You just have to pull the information out.

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  5. Jenny
    Jenny Published |

    is there a way to get image ratings using custom fields?

  6. Christine
    Christine Published |

    I’ve tested your code, adjusting it to my needs, works great! Thanks so much.

    I’m wondering how I can make the Title: a clickable link.

    Actually I want to make ‘Title:’ a text link, i.e. in your example, I would make I, Robot a clickable link.

    I’m tinkering around with it now but so far haven’t figured out how to do it.

    Thanks again,

    PS> Where’s your DONATION LINK? 😉

  7. Philip
    Philip Published |

    Just to say, thanks very much for these tutorials. I just used your “thumbnails for posts” code which works brilliantly. And I’ve been fretting about how to enhance all my book & CD review posts for a while. I’ll definitely be looking closely at these articles.

    Question: I’m guessing that custom fields aren’t clever enough to treat a date as a date? So I wouldn’t be able to list out my reviews sorted on the meta field “Book publication date”? Not a big deal. Producing lists sorted by “Book author” or “Rating” is the priority.

    I’m going to need to figure out how to adapt your suggestions to the situation where I have several categories in which I post reviews. CDs, History books, novels, etc.

    I’ll stop rambling. Keep up the good work

  8. Jay Robinson
    Jay Robinson Published |

    Hi, Justin. I’m learning WordPress for the first time and much of your content is very helpful. But I have a question about Custom Fields: How can I delete old Keys? I have many keys left over from before I figured out the best way naming strategy. Now old ones flood the drop-down and I can’t seem to save new ones.

    Thanks for the help!

  9. James Dean
    James Dean Published |

    This is some really good information, so thanks. I’ve been really trying to get this all setup, but I must admit to still being very lost. I’m not a hardcore scripter, so all the meta tags and so forth, and references as to where to paste the correct scripts are a little over my head. I recently purchased “WordPress for Dummies” to help with eventually doing my own design, but when I flipped to the page that talked about Custom Fields, it simply directed me to the WordPress Codex. Some help – that’s the place that confused me the most! I’ll be bookmarking your blog in an attempt to read through it a few times to try and better understand what you’ve gone through in this tutorial. You seem to have a good grasp on the concept. Thanks again for your work!

  10. Jay Robinson
    Jay Robinson Published |

    @Justin, @Jay

    Years later, but I’ve found the answer: in the latest WordPress (2.7.x as of this writing) custom keys will be removed from the drop down if they’re no longer used on any post.

  11. Rudy C
    Rudy C Published |

    Thanks for the great explanation on using custom fields. I dig the way you write your articles for explaining things very clearly in WordPress.

    I’ve been designing custom WordPress themes and building websites with it as my choice of CMS and reading your articles helps add more functionality to the sites I’ve built.

    Its like an extension the the WordPress Codex and I appreciate it. I was wondering where the next part of the series is? I’m hoping to implement this with your custom post types, custom taxonomies posts to create a pretty dynamic site.

    By the way, will you also add how to calculate ratings where members/visitors can vote and interact with the database to store these records? Something I’m hoping to do without a plugin.

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    Game of Thrones Free Download Published |

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