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  1. Small Potato
    Small Potato Published |

    I used bbPress before switching to vBulletin. Right now, bbPress doesn’t have the features and management flexibility I’m looking for.

    If Automattic decide to get serious with bbPresss, I’m sure they’d include a vBulletin to bbPress importer in the future.

    p.s. – Looks like I’ll be in Korea sooner than expected, between April and May šŸ™‚

  2. SinDe
    SinDe Published |

    Thanks for setting up a forum.

    I’m almost 60 and have just started using the Structure Theme for a new site I am working on. I love it! And, I’m having so much fun with it, but.. at my age, I don’t have too much “code” knowledge. I read everything you publish, but still have questions.

    All the WP Themes you offer are so clean and easy on the eye.

    Hopefully, being able to read more info on the Structure theme and others will educate me. I have been “blogging” for two months, so I am a total novice.

    Thank you for everything you publish. Love your work and send everyone to your site for info.

  3. Luis
    Luis Published |

    Justin, congratulations on your new addition, I think forums are a great way to communicate and keep the community active. bbpress shows up to be a great platform, I like it because of its integration with wordpress, while keeping separate databases. Cheers. Luis

  4. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Small Potato
    I was considering some other forums because I assumed that there’d eventually be some type of importer. I don’t need as much flexibility with my forums, so I went ahead with bbPress.

    I’ll be looking forward to hanging out when you come this way. Stop by on May 1 and we can celebrate my birthday. šŸ™‚

    You’re welcome. I’m really trying to push the forums as a community-driven thing. I’ll probably answer a lot of questions to kick-start this thing, but I’d like other users to really contribute in the long run. So, head on over and start posting.

    Actually, I’m using the same database because of the user integration with WordPress. bbPress has its own table names. Feel free to stop by the forums and join in on the discussions.

  5. milo
    milo Published |

    I use bb press without any flaws, easy to cutomize and manage,
    however Matt (from WP) announced to built up a new forum solution, looks like a spiced up bb press.

  6. Aaron
    Aaron Published |

    You may want to add a link to Forums at the top of your site.

  7. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Matt and co. coming up with a new solution for forums is on of the reason I decided to use bbPress. I do believe he said it would be built upon the bbPress framework or something like that, so it should be easy to keep upgrading as the developments come along.

    I will once the initial trial period is over. I haven’t quite finished working on the template and making sure everything is running well enough yet. Plus, I’m not sure if I’m going to use it for just theme support or other things. I figured most users would come to the forums through the Structure theme page anyway, at least for now (there’s a link on that page).

  8. purple
    purple Published |

    I want to integrate BBPress into Structure theme is that easy to do how would I do about it, I am a numpty

  9. echoca
    echoca Published |

    Can you add a forum link to the top nav of your site?? Even though I’m “sure” you’ll be changing this design soon…Get that donation button up to…I owe you a beer/scotch/juice box…

  10. George Manlangit
    George Manlangit Published |

    Justin, I had the same issue with permalinks before I saw the same solution with the ‘Options +MultiViews’. I’ve been having 404 errors and couldn’t figure it at first.

    I have a site in mind where I would integrate bbPress + WP-MU. It is still in the backburner but hopefully, I’ll get it up and running soon. So far, I like the lightweight-ness of bbPress. I’ve been playing with the templates. Since graphic design is not my forte, it takes me awhile to get it to work with my ‘wireframes’.

    So far, 9rules site is the most aesthetically designed bbPress I’ve seen so far. I just hope it will get some more developers to work on plugins and sort. It will be nice to just have it as a simple plugin for WP.

  11. Walt Ribeiro
    Walt Ribeiro Published |


    Love the way you integrated bbPress. I was wondering if you had bbPress on a separate Database, or if you installed it in the same Database as your WP site.

    Also, since we both use Godaddy – I’m having major issues with installing the bbPress forum. I’ve tried everything and contacted both parties with no answer (Godaddy and Wordpress/bbPress). Did you use Godaddy’s Metropolis (AKA Hosting Connection) or did you do it through the Wordpress Easy Install?

    Any tricks or trouble shooting that I should be aware of?

    I’m excited, and I really wanna get this set up.

    Great site!


  12. Walt Ribeiro
    Walt Ribeiro Published |

    Nevermind Justin. Figured it out! Messed around with it for 5 hours today only to find out it was a Database misspelling. go figure šŸ™‚

    I’ll keep coming back to this site. It rawks!


  13. AlexStivenson
    AlexStivenson Published |

    How you think, in our situation whis crisis its actual?

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