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  1. Noah H.
    Noah H. Published |

    1) Should the layout look different for the home, single post, and archive pages? – I think they should be different (at least the Home and post pages should), but keep same kind design and feel.

    2) Should you have different sidebars for these pages? – Yes, but keep them fairly close to the same.

    3) Where should the header go, below the main navigation or above? – If it a graphic nav bar it should go below the header. If just a text nav bar above the header.

    4) I’m partial to fixed-width designs, but some people prefer fluid-width. – I agree with you, fixed width is best in this case. I think 1024 pixels across is best these days(although it probably will be 1280 in the future due to widescreens).

    5) Color schemes are not big deal to me ’cause it easy to change the colors in the CSS. But I would say try not to use too many colors, about three (not counting a white background).

    That’s just my 2 cents.

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  3. Dennis
    Dennis Published |

    1) I definitely want to see a distinction between home single post and archive pages. Not only by the usage of colouring but also icons.

    2) The sidebars also has to be different in my opinion. Some pages maybe don’t even need a sidebar. I always want to see related content in a sidebar.

    3) I prefer the header above the navigation. But if we use a dropdown menu with transparancy it can also go below.

    4) The partial width option is also something I like.

    5) Great you added the color scheme sites, wasn’t familiar with those. After taking a quick look on colourlovers.com I found Panaroma Ostunose & SOE

    I would also use the three-column grid but with a little bit of flexibility. In other words, behind the scenes it is three columns but fore the naked eye it can sometimes be just two. A feature for instance needs both content columns. But headlines or other content needs just one column.

  4. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Noah H.
    In #3, what do you mean by graphic navigation bar, like with rounded corners or overlapping tabs?

    The 1024px screen resolution is pretty common, but we have to keep in mind that a lot of users have a sidebar in their browsers (bookmarks and such). I usually try to keep it under 980px. I definitely see 1280px screens making up a big portion of the average user in the next few years.

    Do you have any favorite colors even though you know how to change them in CSS?

    I’m not sure how well a distinction of colors and icons on different parts of the site would play out.

    I think I’ll definitely add a no sidebar option with this theme. I’ve gotten a lot of requests to remove sidebars for certain pages with my other themes.

    I really like those color schemes, especially Panorama Ostunese. I’ve bookmarked them for when we vote on color schemes.

    That’s what I meant by three columns. The sidebar equals one column, while everything else fits into the two-column section. But, there’s always the possibility of adding things side-by-side in that section (like my Structure theme).

    Thanks for your input guys.

  5. Noah H.
    Noah H. Published |

    I mean anything that’s not just hyperlinked text.

    I know what you mean and it’s for that very reason I don’t ever use sidebars on a XGA (1024). One thing that’s kinda interesting is to put all the ads on the far right, so in a SVGA/WVGA (800px)or even a XGA with a sidebar, the only thing that can’t be seen without scrolling is the ads. Not so good for someone trying to make money off ads, but still a good way to use all 1024px and keep it so that viewed without lots scrolling.

    I’ll look into the color combos and comment back.

  6. Bryan
    Bryan Published |

    I’d definitely like to see a rounded design!

    I’ve also always wanted to pull off the “featured post” area that ABC News has: http://abcnews.go.com/. The featured story, with a top headlines section right next to it. Although instead of their scrolling arrows, maybe we can go with tabs.

  7. echoca
    echoca Published |

    Here is another color picker. Link. Lots of options.

  8. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Noah H.
    Thanks for the feedback Noah. Definitely come back with some colors.

    I like the ABC News featured post area. It’s a nice break from the norm. We could also just make the top headlines area to the right the tabs (by clicking on the list, it scrolls the article).

    I like the pastel options of the color the most.

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  10. Noah H.
    Noah H. Published |

    A feature I thought of that would be nice to see is the little badges you often see that let you share stuff of other websites like Facebook, del.icio.us, digg, etc. at the bottom of posts.

  11. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    I think that’s called the Share This plugin. It’ll definitely be supported because so many users are using it nowadays.

  12. SinDe
    SinDe Published |

    I love the “features” section in most of your designs, but I would like to see that area a little larger (longer) for a few more lines of text… maybe a paragraph or two more. I just feel that “feature” should get a little more exposure, hopefully creating more appeal for first time readers.
    Thanks for the opportunity to put in my 2 cents.

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