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  1. Leanne King
    Leanne King Published |

    Wow, this theme is great! You have also done so much work with your documentation it is amazing 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  2. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Leanne King
    Thanks. The documentation isn’t nearly complete either. There’s so much left to add to it. I’ll just have to do a little bit more each day.

  3. Noah H.
    Noah H. Published |

    Can’t wait to give this thing a closer look! Thanks Justin!

  4. Neil MacLean
    Neil MacLean Published |

    Justin, this is a great theme. Thank you. You will need to set an area aside to show off all the customizations people make. I think it’s going to be one of WP’s most popular.

  5. Sharon Hurley Hall
    Sharon Hurley Hall Published |

    Fantastic. Can’t wait to install it. Thanks, Justin. 🙂

  6. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Noah H.
    No problem. It needs to be looked at thoroughly. I’m sure there are plenty of kinks that need to be worked out of the system.

    Neil MacLean
    I’ve already thought of that. With the available custom stylesheets, users can do a lot of customizing on their own without touching the core files.

    That’s actually my goal for this project — completely take the user away from editing any core files. It’ll be a while before I get there, with many updates along the way, but I do want to make it to that point.

    Sharon Hurley Hall
    Please try it out and come back and report all the bugs at the support forums, so we can make the theme even better.

  7. ant560
    ant560 Published |

    Great Work Justin – Your work is getting extraordinary day by day. No doubt it is the “Super Theme” for Wordpress & amazingly FREE. Keep up the good work.

  8. ririzarry
    ririzarry Published |

    Impressive work, Justin! Very clean, very flexible and I love the addition of breadcrumb navigation.

    And is it just me or is Options a bit more “responsive” than Structure? I’ve wondered how all the conditional statements needed to make all of this work might impact site loading. But in running through Options a bit this morning, it does seem quicker.

    Also, I’d like to second Neil MacLean’s suggestion for an Options showcase. I expect a lot of very cool sites built on it.

    Finally, thank you for sharing Options with us!

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  10. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Thanks. I only hope to continue improving this theme.

    Luckily, PHP is a very fast language, but I did clean up some of the code for this theme. I made a few functions out of code that was being used over and over. The next few updates will have some improvements on this too.

    I think a lot of the load time is going to be up to the user. If, they decide to use every tabbed home section available and the features gallery, then it could definitely slow down things.

    I almost took away one or two of the five home layout sections because I was worried that users would totally abuse it by using too much of the heavier stuff.

    The showcase will definitely be put up when I see some new designs rolling in.

  11. skarld
    skarld Published |

    Congratulations on your new theme release. It is truly state-of-the-art WordPress theme design. Thank you for adding it to wpthemez and linking to it on this page. Structure is far and away the number one theme on my site, but now it will have a challenger. Thank you for “getting it”.

  12. Mblogger
    Mblogger Published |

    Really Great WP Theme out! Thank you so much Justin! Well done!

  13. Iva
    Iva Published |

    I never thought I’d see images from my own neighbourhod as the first post on one of your theme demos :s

    I love the slideshow feature, though.

  14. brainsolid
    brainsolid Published |

    Oh. My. God.
    You are genius, Justin.

  15. IonGking
    IonGking Published |

    Congrats Justin a great theme. i have a problem with the Featureds Gallery . i put it like in the demo but don’t show me any images .. only text somebody can help :p Sorry 4 my bad english

  16. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Let’s see if I can top my last theme’s numbers.

    Thanks. I’ll be adding a Structure port sometime in the future if you ever want to switch over.

    Honestly, I just liked the image. It really stood out and fit in perfectly with the theme. Plus, I figured somebody’s always blaming the U.S. for something (they’re probably right in doing so). 🙂

    Thanks. You’re not the first person to tell me that either. 🙂

    Please ask all your support questions over at the support forums.

    The problem you’re having is that you haven’t given an image URL to the Value of a custom field Key named “Feature Full” or “Feature Image.”

  17. DeFries
    DeFries Published |

    Stunningly beautiful! You’ve done it again. I can’t believe how customizable this theme already is and from I gather is even more going to be. I’ll just have to find a space to put this awesome theme.

  18. Christine
    Christine Published |

    Justin Just sent you a donation 🙂


  19. Dennis
    Dennis Published |

    You’ve done a amazing job again Justin! Gonna try this theme out for sure and will give some feedback.

  20. Cody Redmon
    Cody Redmon Published |

    Fantastic template, Justin! Simple, clean….powerful. ‘Stumbled’ it for sure.

  21. PremiumWP
    PremiumWP Published |

    Absolutely brilliant! This theme is definitely going to create quite a stir. Well done Justin.

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  24. http://mavinefes.com/blog/options-wordpress-temasi/

    Thanks Justin good theme

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  28. het
    het Published |

    Thanks for releasing. You’ve done it again. I think options is even far better than any released wordpress premium themes on the web.

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  30. amalik
    amalik Published |

    Excellent Justin!
    Great work, as usual!

  31. Jeffro2pt0
    Jeffro2pt0 Published |

    Sorry, but I have to ask this tough question. Is Brian Gardners Revolution Pro theme inspiration to you, or lack of creativity? Sure, you may have added that flashy thingy in the content and all that jazz, but are you trying to prove that you can have a theme that is as wicked as the ones produced by Brian Gardner but without having to pay a hefty fee?

  32. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    The theme will definitely come with more customizations in future releases. Let me know when you find a home for it. 🙂

    Thanks. It’s much appreciated.

    I could definitely do with some feedback on what needs improvement and such. It would help in the development of the theme in the future.

    Thanks for the Stumble.

    I think it’s already causing a bit of a stir. See comment #30.

    Thanks. I only hope I can continue improving upon it, cutting out useless code, and pushing the system.

    Thanks, but there are some themes I consider a bit better. I’m still working to top theme though.

    I’m just developing WordPress themes and giving back to the WordPress community.

  33. brainsolid
    brainsolid Published |

    Oh. As I can see, you forget to add style for [blocquote] tag in options css

  34. EarnBlogger
    EarnBlogger Published |

    Justin, again you did it! Great theme, beyond my imagination! This is far better than the popular premium themes. Thanks a lot.

  35. brainsolid
    brainsolid Published |

    And something wrong with search page, if there is no posts that becoming your request.

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  37. Josh Braun
    Josh Braun Published |

    Thanks so much! I’ve got my installation up and running and it works splendidly. Found only one minor glitch, which I’ll post in the forum.

  38. Haobam
    Haobam Published |

    Really love you new magazine WP theme, I guess I’ll update my site to your new theme. Thanks for making it public

  39. ket
    ket Published |

    Hi, Haobam

    Nice site! Will you share us how to get slide show and youtube video on the home page to work?

  40. rebecca
    rebecca Published |

    awesome! thank you for sharing it! it’s EXACTLY what i’ve been looking for.

  41. ket
    ket Published |

    Sorry, I misunderstood Haobam for Josh Braun.

  42. Josh Braun
    Josh Braun Published |

    Hey Ket,

    Thanks! Your question is probably best reserved for Justin’s troubleshooting forum. Suffice to say here that there is documentation availableon his site. If you have more questions after looking at the “manual,” post to the forum and I’ll share more about what I’ve done on my site.

  43. Options » Freeminders
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  44. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Thanks for mentioning the blockquote. It’ll be updated sometime during the beta run. Version 1.0.1 fixed the search page problem.

    Thanks. I’m glad you like it.

    Thanks for the compliments. I’ll look into the glitch.

    Thanks. Let me know when/if you update your site.

    I do want to point out that while I’m somewhat promoting this as a magazine theme, there are plenty of options and more that will be added to promote this theme as a “catch-all” type of theme, something you can use on any type of site run by WordPress.

    Stop by the forums if you’re having trouble.

  45. josh
    josh Published |

    how do i change the “options theme; what wordpress themes should look like” to say my blog title?

    btw, amazing theme! i don’t know how the super theme could outdo this, but it’s amazing

  46. m
    m Published |

    very nice.

  47. wideaperture
    wideaperture Published |

    josh, the “Options Theme” title is an image file. Go into styles/dark/images and replace header-dark.gif with your own image file (of the same proportions and title) giving the name of your blog. Also, better to ask this sort of thing in the forum . Also, take a look at the manual.

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  50. km
    km Published |

    Amazing Themes !!!

    Totally wipe out wordpress premium themes.

  51. Nitin
    Nitin Published |

    Incredible.. I’ve just got all what I wanted.. Thanks a lot Justin.. This will surely take Wordpress to new heights..

    With lods of hard work, I customized Structure and made it quite equivalent to Options, but getting all this in one pack is really pleasing.

    Keep it up and good luck 🙂
    Will like to contribute in this work in future..

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  58. roger
    roger Published |

    Thanks for a great theme! I Noticed you visited today 🙂 It’s hard to make it unique though apart from changing the header there’s nothing you have to customize 🙂

  59. aehm2k5
    aehm2k5 Published |

    nice work men 🙂
    but it doesnt work with wordtube plugin, nextgen gallery

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  62. brainsolid
    brainsolid Published |

    Justin, can you tell (when it will be fixed) what files I must update to fix the search page problem? Becouse I Do some changes and translations in your theme and it will be very inconveniently to update ALL files.

  63. Paulo Polzonoff Jr
    Paulo Polzonoff Jr Published |


    This is just THE BEST. I can translate the theme to Portuguese, if you want.


  64. Marie Yuzuki
    Marie Yuzuki Published |

    Hello, I am a Japanese User.
    I like your theme ‘Options’ very much.
    This is the best I’ve ever seen.
    Thank you very much.

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  66. mizzloco
    mizzloco Published |

    wow………………………… nice

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  68. Nerdice | paulo polzonoff jr
    Nerdice | paulo polzonoff jr at |
  69. Jane
    Jane Published |

    So beautiful, but unfortunately also too complicated for those of us who are not coding experts. It needs its own instruction manual, because even with the support boards, there’s just too much that a user has to do to optimize this theme.

    Justin, one of the things I would like with your designs is the ability to easily change the header, without the use of photoshop.

    In any case, you make me wish I wasn’t just a writer but a coding expert. This theme is so rich and elegant, but one needs advanced knowledge.

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  71. Serkan
    Serkan Published |

    Amazing work! I am currently translating this theme into Turkish and creating new .mo and .po files, which I will send you by tomorrow or so. Thanks, thanks, thanks…

  72. Serkan
    Serkan Published |

    A problem with the light style Options theme:

    In Options Theme Settings, we have to define Categories by the name of Category Slugs. However, Category titles/tabs in my homepage read as Category Slug names instead of Category names. If I use Category names, then PHPs does not work correctly. For example, when I use Category names in Category boxes in Options Theme Settings, then my homepage lists only Category names in tabs, but not the excerpts on the side.

  73. viettut
    viettut Published |

    Wow, That’s Great!!!
    I Will Translate into Vietnamese when I Have Time 🙂

  74. Rori
    Rori Published |

    Downloaded, I cannot wait for the weekend so I can test drive this gem!

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  77. VietNam-Blogger
    VietNam-Blogger Published |

    Can you conver this Template to Blogger Template ?

  78. Carol
    Carol Published |

    Could you give me a tip on the layout you use in the demo? What a wonderful theme! Thanks so much.

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  80. astrothug
    astrothug Published |

    hi great site great theme…

    I have started to tweak it a bit, not sure were I will go with it, but I have to say its been fun..here is my site.

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  85. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Wow. I’m way behind on catching up with comments. First, I’d like to say thanks to everyone that’s taken the time to stop by.

    Stop by the forums. There are plenty of helpful advice topics over there.


    I’m sure there’ll still be premium themes. Some of them might have to rethink their current strategies. Maybe it’ll keep them developing new things, being innovative, which helps the WordPress community in return.

    Please do contribute. Plus, look out for some Structure updates in the near future. I’ll definitely be updating its ease of use.

    Thanks for using the theme. I did stop by and enjoyed your site.

    I’ll check those plugins out as soon as I get a chance and see what I can do about them.

    The theme is still in beta and many files will continually be updated over time. I will try to keep up with the changes, especially after the official release.

    Instead of translating within the theme files, you should just create the proper .mo and .po files. The theme was set up to handle this for this very reason — the goal is to keep users away from ever opening the theme files othe than stylesheets.

    Paulo Polzonoff Jr
    I’d love to add the Portugues translation.

    Marie Yuzuki
    Thanks for using the theme. Your stylesheet modifications are still some of the best I’ve seen.

    Using themes like this definitely require a bit of work on the user’s side because a site can never look great by just putting a template over it. The biggest thing you have to do is learn how to use custom fields, which doesn’t have that high of a learning curve.

    You definitely don’t need PhotoShop to change the header, but if you want it personalized, it’s just something that the user will have to take care of with any theme.

    Thanks. Someone has already sent me the Turkish translation, which is now available for download. You can definitely contribute though by making sure everything’s in order since I don’t read Turkish. 🙂

    I’d love to add Vietnamese to the now growing list of translations. Just contact me if you want to do it.

    Thanks. Let me know how it goes.

    No, it’s not meant to be converted to Blogger.

    I’m constantly changing up the layout on the demo, so I don’t know which layout you’re referring to. Just stop by the forums, and we’ll help you set it up any way you like.

    Just test anything and everything out until you find something that suits you. That’s half the fun anyway!

  86. RedMoze
    RedMoze Published |

    It’s a very nice wp theme!

  87. Options Theme på norsk
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  88. ctutt
    ctutt Published |

    Are the forums down? I’ve been getting 404 not found for days now.

  89. Roland
    Roland Published |

    This theme is really great and it kept me away from sleep last night, which is a GOOD sign in this case ;-).
    On my “sideblog” , I changed the frontend and apart from a new CSS and a german translation, all went well and was fun.
    Thx for this great piece of work.

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  95. jared
    jared Published |


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  98. cripo
    cripo Published |


    probably your the “best” web-designer!

    this theme is nice nice nice nice x10000!!

    thank’s a lot for this professional work 🙂

  99. monkeynuts
    monkeynuts Published |

    What a great theme. Many thanks for this and keep up the good work.

  100. filipe
    filipe Published |

    These theme is very wonderful. But i’m french and i don’t speak fluently english. Please, can you translate these theme in french and translate your tutorial ? You are the best, please do it. Thank you very much.

  101. Bob Marconi
    Bob Marconi Published |

    I love this style of theme!

    But how would I ever get enough content to fill a news/magazine style??

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  103. alex
    alex Published |

    Without a doubt the best WordPress theme I have ever seen! Great job!

  104. Hning
    Hning Published |

    Justin, your option theme is very2 awesome!
    Wondering why your talent offer in a free basis like this…

  105. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Thanks. 🙂

    The forums are working. Clear your browser’s cache or cookies. Maybe that’ll help.

    Very cool design. I’ve already bookmarked it for my showcase.

    Thanks. I suppose I should salute you also. 🙂

    I’m sure I’m not the “best” designer, but I try. Thanks for the compliments.

    Feel free to use the theme and be looking out for updates.

    I hope to have a French translation up at some point. Since I speak very little French myself, it would be nearly impossible for me to translate the tutorial though.

    Bob Marconi
    Thanks. As I’ve said many times, this isn’t just a news/magazine theme. You can use the theme for any type of blog you want.

    Thank you. And thanks for using the Structure theme. I have big plans for it too.

    One of the great things about offering free content is that I get a lot of offers for custom design jobs. So, it promotes my design business.

  106. Robert
    Robert Published |

    I love this theme! It is by far the best one I have come across. I did modify the .css and the associated images to create my own. Check it out at http://www.officeliveteam.com .



  107. African Boy
    African Boy Published |

    Damn you for releasing this theme late and making me pay $79 for a magazine style looking theme. Though I tried Structure, but that theme seemd better. This is awesome. The theme I used @ http://shapealife.org

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  109. Wayne
    Wayne Published |

    This is the best Wordpress template I have ever seen. Well done.

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  113. Lisa
    Lisa Published |

    Love IT!!!!!!! Amazing. Thanks very much. When I get the time to download and install, I will send you a link to the site I am planning on using this for. First of many, I hope!

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  116. Fran
    Fran Published |

    Thank you so much for this awesome theme!!!

    I noticed a bug in Internet Explorer 6: the last word or symbol of a list is sometimes doubled in the following line (see this picture ), but I can’t see it in the html! How can we fix this bug?


  117. Fran
    Fran Published |

    sorry, here is the picture: IE bug.

  118. Joakim Kristiansen
    Joakim Kristiansen Published |

    Wow Justin, you have done a GREAT work this time too!

    I have translated the .po and .mo files into my language but I see that not every word stands in these files so something have to be done directly in the files.. E.g the Sidebar Tabs.. How can I translate them?

    And again, a very nice theme! Thanks 🙂

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  126. argon
    argon Published |

    Great work, great theme… but somehow the color of the links doesnt seem to match with the background

  127. uwe
    uwe Published |

    Great theme,

    I want to show it like the way it is in your Live Demo. Can you please tell me your configurations?
    Many thanx!


  128. m
    m Published |

    Wow, this is really nice. I use one of your other themes right now but am considering a slightly different look. I think Options is just what I was looking for!

  129. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Great work on the modifications.

    African Boy
    Well, stick around. There’ll be plenty more options to go with in the future.


    Send that link over whenever you get it up and running. I’d love to see how you’re using it.

    There are still some bugs that need to be worked out because the theme is a beta release. You can always post problems you find in the forums.

    Joakim Kristiansen
    I’m working on getting things better with the translation files. Right now, some things, such as the tabs, rely heavily on being in English. This is something I’m working around for the next release though.

    You can always change the link colors if you prefer another color.

    Check out the forum topic default settings. Of course, I change things around sometimes to mix things up a bit.

    Thanks. I’m thinking of releasing a Structure theme style in a future release, so if you like that type of layout, you’ll be able to easily change.

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  135. pitircik
    pitircik Published |

    Great Theme!
    Great Job!

    Thank you so much Justin!

  136. Dr. Syed
    Dr. Syed Published |

    Wonderful theme there Justin.
    I appreciate your work and kindness in releasing it for Free.
    I am using it on my blog and it has changed the way wordpress blogs functioned.
    Thanks so much

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  140. VietNam-Blogger.com
    VietNam-Blogger.com Published |

    Nice Template
    Can you conver this template to WP template ?

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  143. Techie Zone
    Techie Zone Published |

    Justin, You are the man.
    After I downloaded the Structure theme I almost for got your site. I happened to visit it today and found this excellent Option theme. Thanks for your kindness in releasing this theme for free. I am grateful to you.

  144. Ron
    Ron Published |

    Hi, liked the theme and tried it on my local server (easyPHP). However, I get an error towards the bottom as ‘Call to undefined function: wp_reset_query()in d:\program files\easyphp1-8\www\wordpress\wp-content\themes\options\includes\feature.php on line 51’ Cud someone please help me understand what it is and how to solve the issue?

  145. Justin Tadlock
    Justin Tadlock Published |

    Thanks. Let me know if you decide to use it.

    Dr. Syed
    You’re welcome. Just wait until the official release comes out. You won’t be disappointed.

    This is a WP template.

    You should never forget about my site. 🙂

    Keep updated by subscribing to the feed for new releases of the theme. It’ll be updated very soon.

    Please ask support questions on the forums.

    However, for your problem, make sure you’ve got WordPress 2.3 or above as mentioned in the requirements at the top of the page.

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  147. stevenwt
    stevenwt Published |

    Hello, I have a question about the options theme – I have installed it properly – http://www.highlysensitivearts.com – but I would like to have the `comments`-option, at the end of my post, and not at the beginning, right under the title.

    This way, I believe more people will comment on the post – how is this possible?

    Or even the possibility to add the `comment` option in the beginning of the post (under the title), and at the end of the post.

    That would really be great,
    can someone help me out?


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  149. olov
    olov Published |

    I’m thinking of using your great looking Options Theme on my site, and I had a go at translating it to Swedish. I have problems with the translation of the optional tabs in the sidebar (Latest, Popular, Archives etc). They seems to be hard coded somewear, and I can’t find them. Any ideas?


  150. I’m a Justin Tadlock wordpress theme fan
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  156. Robert
    Robert Published |

    I did a German translation (Options Theme, deutsche Übersetzung) of Options. Feel free to grab your copy!

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    Hey there,
    AMAZING theme mister!

    This is one of the best Wordpress themes I have seen in a VERY long time!


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    The best Theme for WP “Options WordPress Theme” of the year 2008.

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    Is there a trick I’m missing to downloading this? When I try I’m taken to a 404 page not found. It looks like an absolutely fantastic theme and I’d love to try it out!

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    This theme seams to break Wordpress 2.5, works again when I revert to default theme.

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    i m getting this error when i try to activate plugin.
    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

  186. An error at popularity contest plugin

    i m getting an error message when i try to activate the populartiy contest plugin .

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    where is the problem ?

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    Currently getting an error when trying to download the theme.

    Warning: main(../../../wp-config.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/g/r/e/greenshady/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-download_monitor/download.php on line 2
    Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required '../../../wp-config.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/content/g/r/e/greenshady/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-download_monitor/download.php on line 2
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    Martin Espericueta Published |


    “unless you’ve purchased Credit Removal (email me for details on removing credits”

    Can you send me those details please?

  197. Joseph
    Joseph Published |

    Love this theme…I dont really use it for all its worth to tell you the truth, i just it pretty much just as a basic blog setup like every other theme…But i love the dark colors and the setup in the way that i use it (using it on a test site at the moment)…

    Some questions though….

    1 – Is there anyway to add the category or atleast just the tags of the posts on the main index page…I am just using the full post feature and i noticed it includes the more link but does not includes the actual category in which the post is posted in or the tags…It does in the single post view but i would also like to include them on the main pages, search pages, archive pages…Reason being, viewers may click a tag on the index pag they are interested in, but they wont be able to do that if its not there…the post may not interest them enough to go deeper but they may see that tag and go for it…

    2 – Is there anyway to change the location of your copyright info…If its even allowed…I am of course keeping it, no doubt about that, but i would like to position it differently to flow a lil better possibly…just an idea

    3 – Is there anyway you could help me include a 728 x 90 or whatever it is adsense banner to the right of the sites logo? I know how to resize my header image and how to position it but im not quite sure how to position an adsense banner to the right of it…I am willing to ditch the RSS links up there to insert a banner for advertising..

    4 – Is there any way NOT to include pages in the navigation…I will have a lot of pages, and i do not want all of them displayed within the navigation…I will be including links to them on my sidebar cause i want to avoid a cluttered nav bar.

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    Wow, its a impressive Theme. So complexe! We love it. But is there an way to display theTrackbacklink of an Article?

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  203. yosax
    yosax Published |

    Hi, Justin…
    I want to know, can I make some improvement to your themes? I will add more categories since your tabbed category only limited to 8. I need more tabbed categories for one of my site.
    I’m waiting your reply. Thank you.

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    ideal version for this, as photo galleries are now supposed to be a standard feature. As well, the Options theme, by Justin Tadlock also seemed like a good choice, as it too has a pretty slick featured

  207. TiMo
    TiMo Published |

    I think you have a bug in the latest download. When I set the theme to “Light”, and changed the sidebar placement to “Left”, and the sidebar is still displaying on the right side. Could you please check? Thanks.

  208. Daniel Rizzo
    Daniel Rizzo Published |

    Is there this theme for portuguese language? I think it´s the best theme I´ve ever seen but my english is not so good.
    Thanks Tadlock

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    Very nice theme, I think this theme is suitable for sports blogs. I will try to use to my sport blogs http://www.madnessfans.com

    Thanks for share

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    Hi there! I love your theme, and using it on my site. But i have a question…

    Will you make it whit 2 sidebars anytime soon? I´m that kind of a person who like´s 3 cols at least… =)

    And another question… Are you gonna make more colorstyles? Or maby a linkpage to people that make some layouts that thay shared?
    Sorry for my bad english…

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    i never imagine how it could be fantastic and fully function

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    Thanks for the theme. Its awesome!

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    Great Theme. Thank you so much Justin! Well done!

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    Post List Tabs pull down the side bar to the bottom level of the home section.

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    Thanks for this theme, I look forward to using it!

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    beautiful creation, thanks a lot friends i will put this theme on my site

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    thanxs for the theme. hope everything related to transaltion get sorted soon

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    Thanks this is the best Freely available theme.
    Really the best one. Great work.

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    I will try this one too.. Thank you very much for this theme.

    SAP Database

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    Thank you

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    Teşekkürler Perfect

  264. sittro
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    Hi, the theme is great but please help me.

    I cannot set the following to work:
    1. I cannot show a thumbnail image (that is set in the Thumbnail custom field) on the Recent Posts widget on the sidebar. Note that I link a thumbnail from other web site.

    2. How to show thumbnails gallery as you do in your demo page?

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    Many thanks for such powerful yet flexible wordpress theme.
    This theme have a great potential in future wordpress themes arena. I can guarantee that 🙂

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    Just spotted the “Bookmark”, what is it for? I selected on the tap, but nothing show!

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    Excellent Justin! Great work, as usual!

  281. Welcome To Hiriautatpa
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    WWECRAZE Published |

    Can anyone plz help me how to add the adsense codes at the start of the blog posts in case of the Options Theme. I tried tweaking the single.php file but without any effect. Can u plz help me Justin?

  283. greven
    greven Published |

    Hey mate, nice theme. 🙂 I like it a lot. I’m using other theme for wordpress. K2 and made a templated based on that. But I like the post preview on the front page a lot, it’s that a pluging? I would like to impletement it on my template. 🙂 Thanks.

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    this is realy great theme thanks for it

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    could you tell me what slideshow that is you have running in the home page of your theme

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    Am trying to use the options theme but its not working for me
    ive tried it on two of my sites but all i get is only the text
    no graphics.

    Justin please advise.

    the theme works for what im trying to achieve.


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    nice theme.. i wanna try use it, thx..

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    Thanks for this theme!!!


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    Choice Content Published |

    Seriously excellent WP theme!

    Thanks so much for providing this Justin. I will be putting this one to good use.

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    thank so max… that ‘s great theme… so why u share this theme u can get the more knowledge …. be okay everything!

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    verr nice. I will try it.

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    Anja Published |

    Hi there, anyone know how to edit the text “Home” in the Home-tab? I have to translate it since I’m building a Danish site. I’ve been through alle the files in the Options theme – can’t find it anywhere… Thanks =)Anja

  318. Anja
    Anja Published |

    Oops, sorry, it’s not a tab, it’s just first link in the main navigation. You know.

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    Anonymous Published |

    Check the forum – There is a danish translation there 🙂
    Options forum

  325. Renan
    Renan Published |

    Please, I installed WP 2.6 and my Options Theme is for WP 2.5. And by this, my feature galery and my feature images don’t show more.
    I saw that yout made a version of Options Theme for WP 2.6, but I had costumized my Options Theme, and gived me very work to do this. I want know if have how I upgrade my Options Theme without losing my costumization? Or I have to make a downgrade in my WP?


    Ps.: I’m from Brazil, and I don’t speak english very good. =D

  326. Ervin Ter
    Ervin Ter Published |

    I am using it on my blog. I like it so much. Thanks a lot.

  327. Luca
    Luca Published |

    My best congratulations! Not only for the theme (simply perfect!) but for the quality of the support and documentation!


  328. Emo resimleri
    Emo resimleri Published |

    I am using it on my blog. I like it so much. Thanks a lot.

  329. bb
    bb Published |

    You do the best job.
    It’s brilliant!

  330. Anja
    Anja Published |

    Forget about my previous post – I just discovered .po files. Yeay, brilliant! Now I can translate everything!

    Has anyone figured out why the post list tab on the front page doesn’t display thumbnails from posts with imported images, f.eks. from a Google webalbum with goldengate? I looked at the php in get-the-image.php and post-list-tabs.php but I aint that sharp when it comes to php. Can’t fix it myself…

  331. Natesh
    Natesh Published |

    i’ve been looking around a lot to find a good theme that fits what i need. I must say, i’m very impressed with this one.

    Thanks a lot.


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  333. Jules
    Jules Published |

    Hi Justin should I ever bump into you in a pub there’s a lot of pints waiting for you! Fantastic work!

    I’m having problems with 404.php it’s just displaying code / text.
    try it

    the page shows

    Also if for the options homepage how would I display a different title for the homepage and one for all other posts?
    something like this?

    Hope you find sometime to get some sleep in between all your work,

    Huge thanks


  334. marco
    marco Published |

    these themes are beautiful

  335. fleego
    fleego Published |

    cool theme going to be using it soon.

  336. Geek Samrat
    Geek Samrat Published |

    The theme is very good. But I need some changes. Please can you help me. please.

    1) For the post experts I just need the header. No content is required. How can I do that. But an image has to be shown.
    2) The images for the posts on the home page should be alternate left and right.
    3) How can i add a three column footer for it?

  337. RC Mishra
    RC Mishra Published |

    Hi, everything is fine with the CSS except that the pictures and text are not well formatted inside the post.

    Becoz, if the same post is viewd in another theme, everything is well, while in options the picture border touches the letters in paragraph.

    Please get some time to resolve this issue.


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  339. mehmet ali
    mehmet ali Published |

    thanks good theme

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  341. nemo
    nemo Published |

    HI, i have a problem installing the theme. I downloaded it and extracted it to my themes folder, and i only have one options in there, but when i upload and install with wordpress it only shows letters with no theme or graphics in it. I didnt change anything, i just extracted, and put it in my themes folder and uploaded it to wordpress, and when I turn it on it doesnt do anything. Please help as soon as you can, I am really interested in the theme and it looks like it is one of the best ones around for what I’m trying to do. Thanks for making it free and thanks in advance.

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  345. brandon
    brandon Published |

    Love the new theme, just put it in place (with some modifications of course) and can’t wait to get enough content on my blog to start using the feature gallery and other options.

    Great work as usual on the themes. Keep it up!

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  349. Lemarr
    Lemarr Published |

    I am your classic newbie. I need help in finding the area of my website to write the html code for the Features Galley and the Smooth Gallery for my website. Like I said, I am a newbie. I love your Option Theme, especially the Features Gallery …. makes my site look cool. Thank you.

  350. ovidiu
    ovidiu Published |

    hey Justin,

    have a closer look at this: http://wangenweb.com/wordpreciousss/ it could be really great used in conjunction with this theme. It takes the user even further away from PHP files 🙂

    Otherwise thx for the great theme.

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  352. Kosol
    Kosol Published |

    The great theme, and I got it for my blog. Thank you.

  353. nemo
    nemo Published |

    I tried but it looks like its down for now….. I’ll try uploading it again, maybe that does something

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  357. Ron
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    Well done Justin!

    I am using Structure on 3 different sites and I like this theme even better. Hopefully my content will do your work justice.
    Thanks for another awesome theme.

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    Amazing…. Just… !!!!

  362. Nora
    Nora Published |

    the best !!

  363. garry
    garry Published |

    A great theme which I will most certianly try out on one of my blogs.

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    Thanks very great.

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    Going to give this theme a closer look and then share the location with my site visitors as i feel this an great theme.

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  373. kashif mushtaq
    kashif mushtaq Published |

    great customization, option theme rocks

  374. adeel
    adeel Published |

    yes this is great theme available have lots of customization.

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  376. iman
    iman Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Is this theme not compatible with chrome? because it seems there is a bug in the post page when i use chrome. Do email me back to get the link for better understanding to what i mean. I don’t want my comment to be post as spam thus i am not posting the error here.

    Hear from you soon.

  377. iman
    iman Published |

    hi justin, well check this out. the footer stuck in the middle of the page. is it a css page error. ? try and click any other post in my blog. it only occurs in blogs post, everything else in the site is fine.

    Links : http://imandirect.com/blog/?p=146 or any other blog POST.

    Help me out please!~

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    7 Way To Make Money Published |

    Thanks for the fantastic theme make available for wordpress users!

  382. Tarra
    Tarra Published |

    Dear Justin,

    There is one thing that I want to say..


    As the tagline says, I agree that every WP templates should be like this! I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s sure a great theme. Thanks a lot for making this theme.. and providing it for free.

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  385. North Cyprus Holiday
    North Cyprus Holiday Published |

    Your web site is really nice if we think the others
    I think you had worked about that web site, hardly.
    Like I see. Thank you for information tht i get.

  386. julio
    julio Published |

    MUy buen theme ,habría que probarlo pero pinta perfecto.

  387. zampara
    zampara Published |

    That’s my favorite!

  388. oyun
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    Flickr streams and video sections make this the most customizable theme in our list.

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    thanks man. nice themes

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    Great works!

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    Thanks a lot Justin..
    wish you all the best in business and life…


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    As the tagline says, I agree that every WP templates should be like this! I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s sure a great theme. Thanks a lot for making this theme.. and providing it for free.

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    wow what a superb theme mate, really liked it.
    Its a great theme for my new upcoming site.
    Thanks for this.

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    […] Options The generic title is a huge understatement with regard to the number of features and options that are easily changeable on this theme. Included are three different stylesheets, each with a different color scheme, and five ‘sections’ on the main home page which are based on the specific post’s author, tags and categories. Tag clouds, Flickr streams and video sections make this the most customizable theme in our list. […]

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  409. Russ
    Russ Published |


    I love your Options theme and I am running it on a WPMu site. Just one problem I’m having is when I set the blog to display latest posts on the front page, I get the ‘Sorry, no posts matched your criteria’ message. I switched to another theme and the posts show up. I’m running WPMu 1.5.5 and WP 2.5.1. Is there a way to fix this?

    Thanks a lot.

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  412. clawid
    clawid Published |

    I will use this this template in my new website.. I like this one.. 😀

    Anime Source | Anime Information

  413. Deryk Wenaus
    Deryk Wenaus Published |

    hey, just a heads up, your wonderful theme breaks a little bit in wp 2.7 beta 1. The only thing that seems wrong is that the right sidebar shows up below the main blog content. great theme. thanks.

  414. mister-arebos
    mister-arebos Published |

    look great. thanks for your effort.

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    Very Nice Theme.Thank you Justin.

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    very nice theme, i’ll try use it someday…

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    I like It,Thaks.

  422. verdinand
    verdinand Published |

    what happen with index.php?
    why it only contains “?

  423. verdinand
    verdinand Published |

    Then, what should I do if I want to edit index.php?
    Do you any other page to replace index.php?
    Thanks Justin for your reply.
    You are such generous person, Justin.

  424. Droople
    Droople Published |

    The download link is broken, well it doesn’t work from this end.

    Thank you

  425. hyip
    hyip Published |

    Great Work Justin – Your work is getting extraordinary day by day. Perhaps i will need need this “options Theme” for one of my projects…thank you No doubt it is the “Super Theme” for Wordpress & amazingly FREE. Keep up the good work.

  426. Domobran88
    Domobran88 Published |

    This theme is excellent, but I cannot install it. Every time when I upload that theme on my server, it shows me in wordpress Dashboard-Presentation (…) thumbnail of it, and when I want to activate theme it show me this:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_style() in /usr/export/www/hosting/uzados/wordpress/wp-content/themes/options/library/settings/theme-settings.php on line 21

    What to do???
    Trpimir Gudar, Vinkovci, Croatia

    Sorry on bad English!

  427. Andri Irawan
    Andri Irawan Published |

    Thanks, Justin. Nice Theme.

  428. Tina Jones
    Tina Jones Published |

    Wow, Brilliant theme, i hv been using so many themes on my blogs, but this one suits perfectly for my blogs. Thanks Justin for putting up such quality work.

  429. Micheal
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    Great theme, and most of all its free to use, thank you so much justin.

  430. Clay
    Clay Published |

    My comment is being edited because I didn’t read directions from the site the theme is located on.

  431. Omar
    Omar Published |

    Thanks a lot, Justin.

    The documentation is A++

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    Hey thats perfect. but how can ı design it for Blogger?

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    i just installed but look like not fit on my wordpress 2.6 so what the compactible version for wordpress? any suggestion

  435. WhatNewsToday
    WhatNewsToday Published |

    nice theme.. but i am difficult to make a home link.. can you help me?

  436. Rocking Guy
    Rocking Guy Published |


    Very nice theme. But i m not able to download.

    Can u give me download link.

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  438. Francesca
    Francesca Published |

    Hey Justin! I see that your theme is no longer available on themehybrid. I’ve seen several sites I admire using it. Would you be able to make it available privately? I am currently using WP 2.7. If so, please email me with a price. Thanks for doing such great work.



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    This is one of the better looking blog themes I have seen. Great Job!

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    Its the best and funtional template in wordpress, thanks.

  441. Russian Londoner
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    It’s a shame this theme’s no longer available. I’d love to download it and use it but I can’t find the place where I can now download it from.

  442. Infinite
    Infinite Published |

    man oh man what happened to this theme??? why isnt it available anymore????

  443. sriraj
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    So sad that the best magazine wp theme is no longer available.
    Please make it available Justin !!

  444. Alessio
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    I really need this amazing theme!!!! where can I download it?!?

  445. Ernie
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    Can anyone please send me a link to where I can download this Theme?

    Please hit me back!



    Email address deleted by the administrator.

  446. Cirurgia Plastica
    Cirurgia Plastica Published |

    The options theme is fantastic. It’s a pity that the options theme is no longer available for download. I´m using it in my blog, even though its no longer supported

  447. David
    David Published |

    People that are asking for options theme you all should turn over to Hybrid, this theme in my opinion builds upon options well coded backend and from what I understand is completely written from the ground up… Child themes are still possible and It also comes with hooks, which options lacked, this is what makes Hybrid stand above the rest. And to boot, better coded and supported than most of the premium themes on the market, stop looking for options and jump on board the Hybrid train, you will not look back with all the diversity and customizations that it comes with out of the box..

    Go get it now http://themehybrid.com/

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    Technogati Published |

    No longer.Not find on hybrid.com

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    manken resimleri Published |

    always on the lookout for good themes for WordPress. Options looks like a good one. The theme’s creator, Justin, has some good stuff on his site if you are a WordPress

  450. Emlak
    Emlak Published |

    Are these themes compatible to w3?

  451. traveler
    traveler Published |

    “It is no longer available for download?” Can i use the 1.3 from the archive?

  452. seks
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  453. sikis
    sikis Published |

    good works

  454. Maxwell (MaxTheITpro)
    Maxwell (MaxTheITpro) Published |

    Wow!! I just saw this theme over at Ron Paul’s website: http://www.RonPaul.com
    I’m grabbing it for myself now.
    Way to go dude.

  455. vale001
    vale001 Published |

    Thanks for this wonderful Theme.
    I think, i change in the next time my theme and replace it with yours
    really good work

  456. Eddee
    Eddee Published |

    I’ve downloaded the theme, but there are no templates, or the folders you describe in the beginning of the tutorial. How can I get the complete download? Thanks

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    From what I read so far and the screen shots. Seems like a great template but it’s too bad it’s discontinued now. Any change you’ll update it and release it?

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    Fantastic template! Simple, clean….powerful

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    Hi Justin where is the download link when I landed to the page it says the theme is been discontinued. It is no longer available for download can you re upload it because I do like the design & it’s a style that I am looking for

  464. funda
    funda Published |

    Please helpppp 🙁

    Please help. I would like to list the categories and tags in two columns. How can I do? What Should I include code in category.php and tag.php file?

    two columns example


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    Wow – pretty cool theme. Thanx…

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    Darkhunter139 Published |

    The archive themes dont work anymore is there anywhere I can still get this?

  475. David3210
    David3210 Published |

    I am trilled with this, this not a new one any more, but I still like it and am using it right now, btw always nice to find very cool themes! (not that easy to find one for me personally)

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  477. Alex
    Alex Published |

    @Darkhunter139 : “This theme has been discontinued. It is no longer available for download.” I thinks it’s pretty clear 😀

  478. Susan
    Susan Published |

    One of the original best wordpress themes introduced. 🙂

  479. andri
    andri Published |

    … the download link, can i get it? i wanna try this nice theme.

  480. Dennis
    Dennis Published |

    Hi Justin! Thank you for your great WP theme and the free download 🙂 Best regards and merry christmas!

  481. Neptun
    Neptun Published |

    Is there a language file (.po .mo) in the theme? Or advises how change language?

  482. brainsolid
    brainsolid Published |

    Hi, Justin!

    I know, that you not support Options anymore, but i really like this theme. Can i download last version somehow?

  483. sesli
    sesli Published |

    Why? I know, that you not support Options anymore, but i really like this theme. Can i download last version somehow?

  484. Thomas
    Thomas Published |

    Hi Justin,

    this theme is really great. is it possible to get it or to download the last version. I hope so much.. perhaps it is possible to contact me via email. thx & best tom
    “great work”

  485. Micko
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    well, thank you so much for this theme Justin.

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    It’s a shame this theme’s no longer available. I’d love to download it and use it but I can’t find the place where I can now download it from.

  488. Dan Romanchik
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    I’m not so sure that this would be a great choice for a new website. I’ve been asked to troubleshoot a website that’s using this theme with WP 3.3.1, and there are some issues.

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