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  1. Ian Stewart
    Ian Stewart Published |

    Very cool idea, not only cleaning up the gallery, but also preparing the links for Lightbox & friends. Smart thinking.

    And surprising that given the concern for standards the gallery code isn’t XHTML strict. Weird.

    plus, glad you like Theseus (and thankful it didn’t break in your test)! And Peaceful Rush is still one of the nicer WordPress themes.

  2. Matt
    Matt Published |

    For those following along at home, the XHTML for the gallery should be completely valid for the next release. It just slipped through our testing the first time around.

  3. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Thanx for your release, I downloaded it and tested it in my localhost, and everything looks great. I’m going to upload it on to my blog soon.

    I’m using “Options” theme in my local test server and it’s compatible, man. I’m very happy with this…

    Thank you anyway

  4. BoltClock
    BoltClock Published |

    I’m not gonna use the gallery feature yet, but I was taken slightly aback by the fact that the shortcode outputs invalid XHTML. It’ll probably be fixed in WordPress 2.5.1 or something, but then again, as you said your plugin does have some other nifty features 🙂

  5. Brandi Boyd
    Brandi Boyd Published |

    Quick question..say the gallery feature ends up with valid code soon and for simplicity’s sake I want to go back to using it when that happens… Will disabling the plugin later make it necessary to re-create existing galleries, or will they work with the standard gallery feature post-plugin?

    Thanks for the hard work and valid code.

  6. WordPress Modder
    WordPress Modder Published |

    Great solution, and nice to hear from Matt that the invalid code was just an oversight.

  7. mccormicky
    mccormicky Published |

    By the time I’ve recovered from upgrading 13 other websites plus my own and hunting down/testing out replacement plugins for plugins that bit the dust upon the release of 2.5 maybe 2.6 will be out.

  8. Dade Williams
    Dade Williams Published |

    it would be cool if you could place say a banner on your post and that said banner will be shown on each photo page but not the same banner every time a gallery is posted

  9. Kay Kastum
    Kay Kastum Published |

    Yeah. The new WP really is not helping much. It creates more problem than making things easier as what I have experienced…geez. I’ll try this one soon.

  10. justin
    justin Published |

    Thanks this is great, exactly what I was looking for!

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  12. bearacid
    bearacid Published |

    When i was reading your article, it was really awesome because it feeds my knowledge and it was so entertaining, by the way. hope you can make more article just like this. it helps me a lot. thanks and good luck. 🙂

  13. olovito
    olovito Published |

    Excellent work Justin, as always.
    I modified one thing: in order to limit each gallery to show only the specific pics uploaded for that post I changed the $a_rel to ‘lightbox[gallery-‘ . $post->ID . ‘]’. Otherwise Slimbox shows all uploaded gallery pics in every post that uses the gallery.

  14. Mimos blogg
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  15. theWizard
    theWizard Published |

    awesome plugin man, thanks alot. this is a lifesaver!

  16. Brad Mahaffey
    Brad Mahaffey Published |

    Great plugin, thanks so much!

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  19. Hetal Bhagat
    Hetal Bhagat Published |

    This plugin rocks!!! I was looking for something like this for the gallery. Tried it out on my localhost and would be uploading it soon to my blog. Thanks Justin.

  20. Doug
    Doug Published |

    I honestly did not know Wordpress had a gallery. Where’s the gallery? Also, is it possible to make this plugin turn all pictures in post to lightbox by default with captions.

  21. Dennis
    Dennis Published |


    I took your plugin as a base for mine. I added greybox, thickbox (the one standard in wp) and highslide support. And I use the exif info that wp 2.5 now stores in the metadata to ad to the boxes. Als I extract gps info and you can view the location of the pictures taken in a box to.

    You can see it live here: http://kruyt.org

    1. Razvan Neagu
      Razvan Neagu Published |

      Dennis, how did you manage the integration with Highslide. Someone else commented about the challenge on this and I am very interested in finding a solution.


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  23. Dennis
    Dennis Published |

    Hi Justin,

    What I mean with thickbox, is I auto load it in the plugin. no need to embed in my theme. And thickbox is already by default in WP2.5

    code for using the tb in wp:

    add_action('wp_head', 'thickbox_css');
    function thickbox_css() {
        $thickbox_csspath = get_bloginfo('wpurl')."/wp-includes/js/thickbox/thickbox.css";
        $thickboxscript = "\n";

    And here some code I use to put the exif info that wp 2.5 now reads from files in the title, so the ‘boxes’ can use it to. To display exif.

    // Get EXIF from WP and set in title
    $metadata = wp_get_attachment_metadata($id);
    $image_meta = $metadata[image_meta];
    //print_r ($metadata);
    if($image_meta[camera]) $title = ''.$image_meta[camera].' ';
    if($image_meta[focal_length]) $title .= '@ '.$image_meta[focal_length].' mm ';
    if($image_meta[shutter_speed]) $title .= '- ¹/'.(1/($image_meta[shutter_speed])).' sec';
    if($image_meta[aperture]) $title .= ', ƒ/'.$image_meta[aperture].'';
    if($image_meta[iso]) $title .= ', ISO '.$image_meta[iso].'';
    if($image_meta[created_timestamp]) $title .= ' on '.date('j F, Y',$image_meta[created_timestamp]).'';
  24. Matrich
    Matrich Published |

    Thanks so much for the plugin. I was so anxious about the Gallery feature in WP 2.5 however I was shocked when I saw the inline css in the page and it was breaking. I wondered what had happened because ever since I started developing using css, i hadn’t come across css code in the middle of a page.

    Anyway, it was great to hear from Matt that it was just an oversight but it will be out very soon with the next release. That will be so fantastic.

    Otherwise, I really like the gallery feature and most of the other features in WP 2.5.

  25. Andrew Mee
    Andrew Mee Published |

    Great work – the first plugin I’ve found which deals with the wp2.5 gallery the way I wanted to (by turfing it out entirely, and doing it better!) Seriously, excellent work!

    The only addition I made to this was adding the lines;

    $myCaption = ($attachment->post_excerpt == "") ? $attachment->post_content: $attachment->post_excerpt;
    if ($myCaption == ""){ $myCaption = $attachment->post_title; }

    That way it looks for the caption in first the caption, then the description field, and if it can’t find it in either, it uses the title. Not appropriate for everyone I’m sure, but for my usage I always want a caption and Picasa captions come out in description, not caption annoyingly enough.

  26. Mimos blogg
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  28. Perze Ababa
    Perze Ababa Published |

    Hi Justin. Thanks for creating this awesome plugin. Keep up the good work.

    BTW, here’s the lightview user defined variables that I used.

    $a_rel = "gallery[cleaner-gallery-$post->ID]";
    $a_class = "lightview";
  29. Matrich
    Matrich Published |

    Hi Justin,
    Yeah, I downloaded WP 2.5.1 to see if it was sorted out about the inline css but unfortunately, it is still there so I am using your wonderful plugin however I am sure it will be sorted out.

    But atleast we are sure it will be sorted out sooner than later.

  30. Shane
    Shane Published |

    I’ve got the plugin installed and activated, but the gallery isn’t showing up. I’m using the “Insert gallery into post” and it outputs the [gallery] tag. Am I doing something wrong?

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  33. Bertilo Wennergren
    Bertilo Wennergren Published |

    It seems that this plugin uses “dl” lists (definition lists) with “dt” elements (“definition term”), just like the default WP gallery code.

    I’ve read lots of criticism of the galler code, but as yet I haven’t seen anyone question the element choice. In what way is a gallery of images a definition list? In what way is an image in such a galler a definition term? And where are the definitions (the “dd” elements)?

    If were going for valid XHTML, shouldn’t we try to use elements according to their definitions too? Validators don’t catch such errros, but they are just as important as validation errors, perhaps even more important.

    “dl” lists are often (mis)used to get the typical layout that such lists usually get in browsers, but as far as I can tell, that’s not the reason for the choice of “dl” here. The CSS seems to override the typical “dl” presentation completely. So I’m really baffled? Why “dl”?? I must be missing something…

  34. Charles
    Charles Published |

    This is an awesome plugin. Thank you very much.

    Sorry to hijack this thread but…:
    @Dennis – I just checked your blog. I really like what you did with your lightbox images. I see the code you posted for the EXIF information. Which files do you insert that into? Thanks!

  35. Bertilo Wennergren
    Bertilo Wennergren Published |


    If you don’t like the element choice, you can always change it with your gallery shortcode.

    Yes, but 99.99% of all users won’t. And then we’ll have heaps of “dl” elements that are not definition lists at all. There goes our semantic web… The default choice should be a good one.

    Granted, we should probably use different elements, but what should those elements be? I don’t see any clearly logical elements for displaying galleries..

    If there is no element in XHTML with a meaning that fits, then we should use “div” and “span”. That’s what they are there for. XHTML is not a particularily rich markup language. But it doesn’t get any better if we misuse the XHTML elements that do have a clear meaning.

    Maybe the use of a definition list is perfect for this situation. The gallery (dl) has images (dt) and captions (dd). A list with terms and descriptions. Of course, this is using the word “term” a little looser than usual, but do terms have to be text? If we answer yes, then the markup is most definitely wrong. If we say no, then maybe it’s a good solution.

    I think a “dt” needs to be a term. That might be a symbol, and an image could be a symbol. In any case the corresponding “dd” element should be a definition of that term/symbol. A caption could perhaps be a definition of its image, sometimes, but not very often. I doubt very much that many actual galleries are of that kind. And a gallery without captions? Could that in any conceivable way be seen as a definition list? A definition list without definitions? I really don’t think that makes any sense.

    In my opinion the default should be changed to “div” instead of “dl”.

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  37. tartan - webdesign
    tartan - webdesign Published |

    hi there, good job, I started to use this plugin and it gives a lot, and of course it’s better that the standard gallery, also – because it creates valid code – I don’t know how other people but in my mind that always stands for quality.

    best regards from scotland


  38. Diseño Web
    Diseño Web Published |

    At the moment everything looks great, I keep testing on diverse browsers.

  39. Grant Palin
    Grant Palin Published |


    Curious about your meta code…did you add that to the plugin? I see the end result on your website, and would like to do something similar. Any suggestions?

  40. steffy
    steffy Published |

    this plug in rock, thank you VERY much, it helps me a lot
    thanx again

  41. Bertilo Wennergren
    Bertilo Wennergren Published |

    Justin Tadlock wrote:

    The word “definition” isn’t always accurate, even when talking about a definition list. W3 (article above) calls this both a definition and a “description.” Now, an image caption may not always be a definition, but it should always be a description. Otherwise, it’s not a caption at all. Of course, I’m being a bit picky with words.

    Maybe not too picky. That could be a way to justify the use of “dl” in the gallery code. But I’m a bit afraid that we’re getting close to redefining “dl”, “dt” and “dd” as “list (dl) of items (dt) with related text(s) (dd)”. That seems a bit too “unsemantic” too me, but I could be wrong.

    Would it then be OK to use “dl” with a single element as a general way of marking up images with captions? It’s not illogical for a list to have just one element, I guess… Actually I’ve long felt that XHTML lacks a good way to add a caption to an image. Could “dl”, “dd” and “dt” be it?

    But then again: If there are no captions (i.e. no descriptions), just a bunch of images (I think that will very often be the case), then it’s hard to justify the use of “dl”. But the gallery code uses “dl” for such galleries too…

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  44. Kei
    Kei Published |

    im choosing the thickbox option.
    however, it seem to break the site

    before applying the plugin

    after applying the plugin

    could you please help me check it out?

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  47. erwan
    erwan Published |

    ho great!

    thx a lot justin, that’s really the best photo plugin for WP!

    your plugin cleaned up my gallery just installing it, and I got exactly what I want: a valid xhtml gallery with lightbox!

  48. mxxx
    mxxx Published |

    nice plugin mate, works very well.

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  50. henri
    henri Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Nice plugin you made, I have a trivial question about the wp_postmeta table :

    I want to upgrade my previous thumbnails format to the 2.5.1 format but when I replace “thumb” by “thumbnail” and the file extension .tumbnail.jpg by the -150×150.jpg but it didn’t work, maybe you have an idea 😉

    Thanks a lot

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  52. philsblogging
    philsblogging Published |

    Thank you. The gallery wordpress comes with is quite unsatisfactory if you just want to customize it a bit. I am just afraid that further updates of Wordpress will allow customization sooner or later. Because the way it is now, just doesn’t live up to most expectations!

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  57. JazzPDX
    JazzPDX Published |

    Have you considered adding a “rows” property? I see this as another shortcoming of the Wordpress code. Here’s what I added to make it work (Starting at around line 120):

    	$image_counter = 0;
    	$rows = intval($attr['rows']);
    	$max_images = 1000000;
    	if ($rows != "") {
    		$max_images = $columns * $rows;
    	foreach ( $attachments as $id => $attachment ) {
    		if ($image_counter > $max_images) {
  58. Grant Palin
    Grant Palin Published |

    Regarding the metadata code provided by Dennis, I successfully added the snippet to the source of the plugin.

    I have it starting on line 128, directly following the line resembling if($title == '') $title = $attachment->post_title;. If you copy the code Dennis provided, you will need to clean it up a bit, due to WP creating curly quotes and the like.

    You can see the end result in this post on my site. It’s used in the bunch of images at the bottom. Just click the images to view the thickbox, the meta information is shown there.

  59. Leonaut.com
    Leonaut.com at |
  60. Philipp
    Philipp Published |

    Here is my modification to display the attachments’ (in most cases images) description!
    Add this above the line if($a_rel == true) $link = $a_img;

    		if ($attachment->post_excerpt) { 
    		$attachment_description = "· $attachment->post_content";

    and change this line too from $output .= "\t"; to…
    $output .= "\t";

    You can view this on my blog’s Tech Specs page: http://philsblogging.com/tech-specs/

  61. Philipp
    Philipp Published |

    dammit my html broken 😛
    here it is again:
    change this ….

    $output .= "\t";

    to that …

    $output .= "\t";

    remove the space between the < a so it triggers a html rendering!

  62. Philipp
    Philipp Published |

    ok never mind!

  63. JazzPDX
    JazzPDX Published |

    The “rows” property can be useful if you’re giving a preview of the gallery – maybe you give the user 6 images (2 rows of three columns) and a link to the full gallery, which may have 100 images – something that would take up too much space on the page where you’re previewing it.

    Of course, it’s not a useful property for the full gallery, since the code cuts the gallery short.

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  65. Dennis
    Dennis Published |

    Grant, here is mine version, with the added geo and exif support:
    http://kruyt.org/projects/wp-plugins/better-gallery but I need to clean it up, when I have some more time.

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  67. jocuri
    jocuri Published |

    Great work!

  68. jocuri
    jocuri Published |

    Keep up the good work! 10q

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  70. bile
    bile Published |

    It’d be nice if the number of attachments was less than 3 it would set the number of columns to that value automatically.

  71. vas
    vas Published |

    Hello Justin,

    thanks for the gallery plugin. I installed in my test site in the dir wordpress and it works fine. But I have a small doubbt. When I see the gallery post block in the main page, the first picture appears. and if i click the post it takes to the post page. Now if press a single image it goes to the full image rather than the intermdiate size where the original gallery plugin allowed users to post their comment. that provison is absent. is this intentional designed that way.
    but if click the gallery widget, it takes to the post and from their one is able to click the individual image and make comment.
    i just thought i should check up whether this is intended to be this way.

  72. vas
    vas Published |

    small correction. from the gallery widget it takes to the image we clicked. home page gallery stream also works that way. it is only the post block that does not give option to post comments under individual pics. thanks.

  73. vas
    vas Published |

    another issue that i came up is when i click a picture from the gallery stream or from the gallery widget it hows the picture. when it depicts it cuts the right portion which exceeds the standard width rather than resize it. could it be made to resize rather than crop the image in the right side. thanks.

  74. jandry
    jandry Published |

    Here are the lines to support lyteshow. Lyteshow is the Lytebox Slideshow option

    // Lyteshow (Lytebox slideshow)?
    $a_rel = “lyteshow[cleaner-gallery-$post->ID]”;
    $a_class = “lyteshow”;

  75. Pedro
    Pedro Published |

    Looking good! I was wondering if you are planning to have support for additional scripts? I am quite interested in seeing Highslide and Lightwindow (which are light-whatever scripts) support.


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  77. Markus
    Markus Published |


    Great Solution. Exactly what i needed! But i have one problem. I am not that professional dealing with css. If you look at my example () for integration a gallery into a wordpress 2.5 post you can see a big gap between the gallery and the post title. Can anybody help me?

    best regards markus

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  79. alex
    alex Published |

    Hi, I had a terrible time getting the code to work.
    Nothing I did seemed to take any effect.

    In your code, you have

    Obviously this is a hack, but it works. I am using Wordpress 2.5.1 running on php 5.2 or so.

    thank you in any case, hope this information is useful.

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  83. Pedro
    Pedro Published |

    The idea of this plug-in is fantastic. But I have one caveat though…

    Whilst testing it, I had a user on the phone which expressed how my website became slow all of a sudden. I did noticed the site was quite slow, particularly on pages where gravatars where being displayed. As soon as I turned the plug-in off there was a great performance improvement.

    I think this is down for the following reasons:

    1. My first test was with thickbox
    2. This is a presumption: I assume that since Justin had to replace the buil-tin gallery shortcode with his own *fixed* copy, this would slow things up considerably.
    3. I might need some optimisation in my site (cache, ‘compressed’ code and so on.

    I was wondering if since WP 2.6 authors claimed that the gallery xhtml issues would be fixed in this version, if the new versions of this plug-in would have a smaller footprint (as I reckon it would have less code to fix).


  84. Iwan
    Iwan Published |


    thanks for your plugin. i made a small enhancemant that would be nice if you include it into the next version. it adds the image description you set in wordpress to the lightbox image. it’s really simple, i just modified the following code on line 140:

    // the image description for the lightbox
    		$description = $attachment->post_content;
    	// If using Lightbox, set the link to the img URL
    	// Else, set the link to the attachment URL
    		if($a_rel == true) $link = $a_img;
    		elseif($a_class == true) $link = $a_img;
    		else $link = $att_page;
    		$output .= "\t";

    i only tested it with lightview but i suppose the syntax is the same for any other lightbox.

  85. Iwan
    Iwan Published |

    hmm strange,

    the blog just stripped away some code. i will try to explain the changing. first read the desciption:

    // the image description for the lightbox
    $description = $attachment->post_content;

    then add the description to the lightbox. in lightview you can seperate title and description by adding a “::” to the title attribute of the link tag.


    i hope this is readable in the blog.

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  87. George
    George Published |


    I find your plugin to be very useful. Still, I have a question. How can I make the vertical images appear first (eventually 4 columns on a row) and the horizontal images last (3 columns on a row), like on this post http://blog.icy.ro/2008/07/bike-trip-2-reloaded/ (I have manually inserted the images).

    I am looking forward for your answer.

    Best regards,

  88. korhan
    korhan Published |

    is there a way to exclude 1 or few images from the gallery?

  89. korhan
    korhan Published |

    one other thing, would it be possible to have the gallery view as in flashviewer. For example [simpleviewer] mode? That would be also great!

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  91. Rob
    Rob Published |

    Thanks for this plugin, its making my images look pretty.

    Im liking the features in Wordpress 2.6 but am very surprised they haven’t done anything about the gallery feature code…there must be a more graceful way of doing this?!

  92. nelsdrums
    nelsdrums Published |

    Thank you thank you thank you. I have no idea why there isn’t an option in WP to link your gallery thumbs to the actual images (rather than to the interim page). Your plugin was exactly what I was looking for! The big bonus is that you set it up to work with LightView. AWESOME GOODNESS.

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  94. CWFGameCast
    CWFGameCast Published |

    I installed your plugin and it works nicely. But, I tried to uncomment the lines to auto-load Thickbox and I receive a parse error. Not sure why. Here’s the exact error I receive: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/wargamin/public_html/wp-content/plugins/cleaner-gallery/cleaner-gallery.php on line 33

    I uncommented this code:
    // Auto load Thickbox (included with WP 2.5)?
    // wp_enqueue_script('thickbox');
    // add_action('wp_head', 'thickbox_css');

    So it now looks like:
    Auto load Thickbox (included with WP 2.5)?
    add_action('wp_head', 'thickbox_css');

    Any ideas? I can't use Lightbox because it doesn't work with my theme (a gigantic black area covers the top 1/4 of the page when I install and enable Lightbox to be auto-enabled) so I figure auto-loading Thickbox, which comes included with WP 2.5+, should work on my WP 2.6+ blog.

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  96. Donncha O Caoimh
    Donncha O Caoimh Published |

    I just noticed something missing from the shortcode function – the “order” attribute. I spent several minutes trying to figure out why my photos wouldn’t order properly. It even affects things when using the orderby attribute too.

    BTW – thanks for a neat plugin. Have sent various people your way when ask about it!

  97. Pete
    Pete Published |

    fixed it… css styling probs

    dl.col-3 {float:left; width:100px;}

  98. zampara
    zampara Published |

    Thanks for the gallery plugin, how to install that?

  99. Omar H
    Omar H Published |

    Thank you! This is perfect. You rock!

  100. ovidiu
    ovidiu Published |

    I would love to try this plugin with wpmu not simple wordpress but noticed your code has a hardcoded path:


    could that be changed possibly so it uses the current path of the file?

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  102. dayer
    dayer Published |

    I obtain many errors of this kind if I use this plugin:

    -> character “[” is not allowed in the value of attribute “rel”
    -> document type does not allow element “div” here; missing one of “button”, “map”, “object”, “ins”, “del”, “noscript” start-tag.


  103. Leo
    Leo Published |

    Man! Great! Works fine with Lightview! Thanks a lot!

  104. Heed
    Heed Published |

    Hey Justin,

    Great plugin! Just one question… I was wondering how I could add the ability to save the image using a “Save Image” link under or next to the description…

    If you have any idea or know where I can find this out it would be a great help!

    Thanks once again!

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  107. murtaza habib
    murtaza habib Published |

    nice plugin!


    how can i add this plugin to my .php file?

    i have a website which have 5 .html pages, one of the page is photo gallery. when i click the link small thumbnails are displayed. when i click any one thumbnail, my lightbox opens and shows picture coming from clearner wordpress plugin.

    i m struggling hard to do this, anyone there to help me… just provide me the exact script or file, i will upload it and use it

    thank you

  108. Brady J. Frey
    Brady J. Frey Published |

    Thank you very much for this! I’ve been hacking the hell out of media.php since the get go, I couldn’t find the plugs to make my own plugin, but this gave me the right direction:). I’m customizing it to use Fancy Zoom, though I’m starting to lean to the cleaner jquery version Fancy Box, and turning the (X)HTML into a much simpler, cleaner version I use:

    I’ve never understood why everything is such a hefty class/ID element, when you can just ID the containing tag (whether that’s a dl like in my case or your standard list), and then drill down your css from there, #mygallery dt, #mygallery li, etc. Regardless, this will let me get out of the excessive code hell. If you’d like the code when I’m done, I’m happy to send it your way:)

  109. ulfben
    ulfben Published |

    I added support for excluding specific images from the gallery, like so: [gallery exclude="1,2,3,4"]

    Fetch my updated version here. (changes made @ lines 125-129)

    Note: there’s no way (that I know) to actually get the attachment id in the WP admin. It is quite straightforward (but cumbersome) though: they’re numbered from the post ID and up. If post ID = 160, the first attachment (bottom-most on the upload page by default) will be 161 and so on.

  110. ovidiu
    ovidiu Published |

    hello, I was just curios about another pretty similar plugin: http://www.jarinteractive.com/weblog/2008/07/photojar/ do these 2 plugins do exactly the same? and if not could they be compatible?


  111. ovidiu
    ovidiu Published |

    thx. the other one states:

    * Dynamically resizes thumbnails – changes to image sizes apply retroactively
    * Allows custom image sizes (beyond “thumbnail” and “medium”)
    * Caches resized images
    * Integrates with LightBox, ThickBox, LightView, and many more javascript image viewers
    * Provides an [image] shortcode
    * Can change the default number of columns in a gallery

    So it seems very similar except for cleaning up the code 🙂 And it has a nice gui, just for your info… maybe you can incorporate some of those features as well, just a little inspiration.

    Oh and thanks for the nice plugin 🙂

  112. ulfben
    ulfben Published |

    I just found a reliable way to get the ID of an attachment (for use in the exclude-list): press the ‘Delete’-button of the attachment and then hover over the “Continue”-link – your browser status bar will display an URL with the ID in. 🙂

  113. vinay
    vinay Published |

    i want to add slimbox to chapter 16 image gallery plz help me out……………………

  114. Wordpress 2.5 Galerien mit Dkret3 1.9 - dieKretzschmars
  115. ulfben
    ulfben Published |

    I find myself never using the ‘image.php’ to view gallery images – relying instead on lightbox display and never leaving the post to view an image.

    If you’re like me you might want to display the image description (instead of the title) in the lightbox-window.Note that it will fall back to using titles if no description is available.

    A picture says more than a thousand words. 🙂

  116. ulfben
    ulfben Published |

    Right, no img-tag in comments. Here’s links to screenshots displaying what I’m on about.

    The point is that I never send visitors to ‘image.php’, so I want all information available from the post view of the gallery.

  117. Xt8
    Xt8 Published |

    Great plugin man 🙂

  118. dan
    dan Published |

    I tried to use this plugin, it worked but it took away the rows and columns and just put it in one line.

  119. vetweb
    vetweb Published |

    great plugin, this is awesome…. thank you

    *tryin’ to hack it and put it on my joomla site.. 😀

  120. Gallery viewing | SubSanity's Asylum
    Gallery viewing | SubSanity's Asylum at |
  121. Tx8
    Tx8 Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I tried to exclude a photo form the gallery but it doesn’t work for me [gallery exclude='3444'].
    The gallery display photo id #3444 along the others.

    I checked the php code but I can’t find any reference to this option.

    Any any ?

  122. Tx8
    Tx8 Published |


  123. All in One Gallery Plugin | All Nice Templates
  124. nrd
    nrd Published |

    Hello, do you know if it is possible do add Pager (page 1,2,3.. list) to bigger galleries? I saw something like this on one blog (AJAX style). Do you know plugin like this?

    Big thanx for cleaner.. Now i can see that “columns=x” really works..

  125. Merlin Silk
    Merlin Silk Published |

    Hi Justin,

    just installed wp 2.7 and now my galleries don’t seem to work any more – is there a compatibility issue with cleaner gallery plugin?


  126. sL1pknot
    sL1pknot Published |

    Thank you so much.

  127. ulfben
    ulfben Published |

    It seems to ignore sort-order when ordering by “Menu order” (default).

    Try uploading a bunch of pictures, and use [gallery order="DESC"] and [gallery order="ASC"] – it makes no difference. :/

  128. ulfben
    ulfben Published |

    The fix is easy, change:
    ‘orderby’ => ‘menu_order ID’,


    ‘orderby’ => ‘menu_order’,

    Caveat: not tested how that goes in WP 2.6.

  129. Andrew J Barnett » Blog Archive » Cleaner Gallery
  130. Phil
    Phil Published |

    It broke my WP 2.7 version. I now had to delete it, since the Gallery itself offers the option to directly link to the image file (And thus triggering the image floating thingy) anyway…

    This effect can be seen on my tech spec page: http://philsblogging.com/tech-specs/

    Thanks though!

  131. Photo Gallery
    Photo Gallery Published |

    GoodCleaner WordPress Gallery Plugin


    is there using with last version WP

  132. Hybrid Wordpress Theme Framework - Oceanic / 人生海海
  133. AS
    AS Published |

    After the use of the album can not be arranged, and his party will show a thumbnail.
    I am using the 2.7.

  134. Wayne
    Wayne Published |

    Hi I used this plug in without any problems on old version of WP. I have upgraded to 2.7 and instead of a photogrid in conjunction with lytebox, the images now run down the left hand side of the page. The pop up gallery still works fine, but its the look of a photogrid I wanted ie 3×3

    I’m not a programmer and basically use it “out of the box”, is there a way with 2.7 and cleaner gallery to get back to the photogrid of 3 column galleries please.

  135. Johan
    Johan Published |

    Hi Justin, Thanks for this great plugin. It was working pretty fine with 2.6 installation, and i was using featured content plugin as well on homepage. But now recently i upgraded to 2.7 version, and everything got messed up. im a newbie to the coding and stuff, have no idea what to do.

  136. WordPress Watch » Blog Archive » Justin Tadlock - WordPress Plugin and Theme Updates
  137. Nova
    Nova Published |

    My 2.7 cannot install “WordPress 2.6+ (0.5)” plugin:

    Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/home/myblog/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/cleaner-gallery/settings-admin.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/myblog/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/Cleaner WordPress Gallery Plugin 2.6/cleaner-gallery.php on line 54

    Just wonder am I doing anything wrong here?

    Anyway thanks Justin.

  138. Tom
    Tom Published |

    Justin, this is an awesome plugin. I spent a day trying to hack around the current one. I’m no WP expert but managed to get it to display just as list items, but I was dammed if I could get the alt or title tag to appear, there appears to be no documentation on it.

    This plugin works a treat and puts WP to shame that they didn’t include this out of the box.

    I’m off to snoop around in your code to see how the heck you’ve sorted it 🙂 😀

  139. MidnighToker
    MidnighToker Published |

    @Nova & @Justin Tadlock:

    The zip file does not contain a folder, just the files, so if like myself you just wget the zip file on the server and then extract it, you will find all the files littered in …./wp-content/plugins/ rather than …./wp-content/plugins/cleaner-gallery/

    This results in the problems Nova was having getting it installed, and also messy files when you unzip.

    Please could the zipfile contain a folder with the files inside of that, rather than just the files?

    -Thanks 🙂

  140. toe_head2001
    toe_head2001 Published |

    Can you add support for slimbox 2 also?

  141. My plugins are now hosted on the WordPress plugins repository
  142. Hisky
    Hisky Published |

    Everything worked fine with Lightbox…until i installed the latest update 0.5

    Before: Gallery was display as a 3 x 3 block.
    Now: The pictures are displayed in one row / one line downstairs 🙁

    Ill install the old version now…

  143. Hisky
    Hisky Published |

    Grrr. Cant find the old working version.

    Anyone can send me the version 0.4 via Mail!?

  144. Hisky
    Hisky Published |

    Deleted for wasting my time, space, and patience. Please don’t leave comments trying to argue something I’ve already made perfectly clear. It is rude, shows a lack of respect, and will not be tolerated on my personal blog.

  145. Hisky
    Hisky Published |

    Sorry Justin – all i wanted was the old data to see whats the bug.

    I found a solution:
    After the automatic update from 0.4 to 0.5 the CSS files hat not enough CHMOD rights.
    Thats why the layout was broke.
    After i set the folder zu CHMOD 755 everything works fine.

    Maybe i can help someone else with those few lines…or delete it if you want.
    You dont gave me the feeling to being not good enough to ask a question…

  146. Bernd Pörner
    Bernd Pörner Published |

    Dear Justin,

    I have a weird problem with your plugin and I suspect it has something to do with the theme i’m using (Cutline 1.1 on WordPress 2.7.1). When activating Cleaner Gallery, the gallery of a post isn’t displayed, although the respective HTML code is inserted into the post (for example: http://herr-poerner.de/2009/03/10/test/). When deactivating Cleaner Gallery, the gallery appears, but the WP standard gallery only.

    When using other themes, Cleaner Gallery works fine.

    Any ideas how to edit my theme’s files?


  147. Frank
    Frank Published |

    Any news about the exclude feature yet? WordPress doesn’t come up with something like this it seems?

  148. walking paper colophon action | walking paper
  149. Stace
    Stace Published |

    There was a post last May that included code to add a “row” property. Justin even mentioned that he might add that functionality. I now find that I need this feature but have been unable to successfully implement the code.

    Anyone else had any luck with this in v .6?

    Thanks for any suggestions or pointers.

  150. Stace
    Stace Published |

    Justin – My need for rows is similar to JazzPDX’s: I want to display a small number of images on a front page as a preview/link to larger gallery. If there were a way to specify the maximum number of images to display, that would work, too.

    Can you give me an example of the include/exclude argument you suggest?


  151. Stace
    Stace Published |

    Justin – Thanks for the reply. And, yes, rows as you’ve described them wouldn’t be my solution.
    But is there a max image parameter?
    The include/exclude image arguments only seem to work with specific image ids. I’m writing this in to a page template where, for layout reasons, only want to display 4 images, 2×2. Which 4 and the order isn’t important.


  152. WordPress Gallery Plugins | Blog Oh Blog
  153. Exploring the Power and Variety of Image Gallery WordPress Plugins « Lorelle on WordPress
  154. mccormicky
    mccormicky Published |

    You are the man! Thanks.

  155. 推荐十款 WordPress 相册插件 at 站趣-分享建站的乐趣
  156. Cirurgia Plastica
    Cirurgia Plastica Published |

    Thanx for your release, I downloaded it and tested it in my localhost, and everything looks great. I’m going to upload it on to my blog soon. i´m using arthemia theme and so far it seems great. Thanks for the plugin.

  157. Dan S.
    Dan S. Published |

    Justin, I’m having the same problem as Bernd, above, using a cutline-based theme on 2.7.1.

    With the plug-in enabled, galleries disappear, though the source code is there.

  158. Stace
    Stace Published |

    Justin – thanks very much for the reply.

    So, I find myself back at the beginning: how to display just one or a few images from a gallery on a front page.

    I’m using your Structure theme – great theme, by the way – and I know part of the excerpt function grabs a single image from the post for display. I haven’t looked at the code for that but is there some way to utilize some of that same function to achieve what I’m after?


  159. Stace
    Stace Published |

    I’ll follow up with the Trac suggestion – thanks for that.

    I appreciate that this might not be the best forum to discuss this stuff but can you suggest another location or point me in the right direction? I feel like I’ve combed the WP forums already, without success.


  160. Stace
    Stace Published |

    The numberposts argument of the get_children function is indeed that “max images” parameter that I was looking for.

    Not sure when v.06 is due but, in the short term, it’s easy enough to add this to the current version.

    Go to /plugins/cleaner-gallery/cleaner-gallery.php.

    Look for

    Add this line

    where 4 is the maximum number of images to be displayed. Remember to add the comma to the end of the line above.

    Hope this helps others.

  161. Stace
    Stace Published |

    Sorry, my code didn’t come out.

    Look for this:

    * Arguments for get_children()
    $children = array(

    And add this line at the end:

    'numberposts' => 4

  162. The best image gallery WordPress Plugins « Professional Free Wordpress Skins
  163. Cirurgia Plastica
    Cirurgia Plastica Published |

    Excelent plugin. I find your plugin to be very useful. Thanks

  164. Michelle
    Michelle Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Thank you so much for this plugin, it’s fantastic!!

    This might be off-topic, but you seemed like someone who might be able to help as my issue concerns the [gallery] short code. I would like to automatically insert id=”##” into the shortcode when my users insert a gallery using the Wordpress WYSIWYG editor. Do you know if there’s any way to do that?

    The reason I need it is because the Subscribe2 plugin I’m using doesn’t recognize which images are attached to a post if the ID isn’t inserted in the [gallery] shortcode. I’m trying to avoid making my users touch the HTML of any post.

    Thank you so much for any help or advice/direction you can give me!

    And THANK YOU for the cleaner gallery plugin, again and again! It rocks.


  165. Adam
    Adam Published |

    Wow, every time I come up with a wish list for Wordpress, I find that you’ve done it. I’m not overly generous with donations, but you’ll be getting one from me.

  166. Stace
    Stace Published |

    Justin – Wonderful! Thanks very much!

  167. Mark
    Mark Published |

    Hi Justin,

    The numberposts parameter is great but I’d like to suggest taking it one step further.

    Would it be possible to specify both how many images you want in your gallery (as it does now) and also how many thumbnails are displayed within your post?

    For example, you could have a gallery with 20 images that you want visitors to scroll through but only show the first 2 in your post. Showing all 20 thumbnails would just be overwhelming.

    Thanks for the hard work on this plugin.

  168. Nick Murray
    Nick Murray Published |

    Well, it’s over a year later, WP is at v 2.7.1 and the gallery function is still spitting out garbage! Thanks a lot Justin.

  169. Andreas
    Andreas Published |

    I wanted to use html tags in the caption, so i made this modification on line 357:
    $caption = ( $cleaner_gallery['caption_remove'] ) ? wp_specialchars( $attachment->post_excerpt, 1 ) : $attachment->post_excerpt;

  170. Andreas
    Andreas Published |

    I’m sorry, this is the right code:
    $caption = ( $cleaner_gallery['caption_link'] ) ? wp_specialchars( $attachment->post_excerpt, 1 ) : $attachment->post_excerpt;

  171. duard
    duard Published |

    It dont work in wp 2.7.1 … I can’t see any images in my gallery 🙁 !

  172. Mark
    Mark Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the reply.

    What numberposts does is limit the number of images shown both in the post and the gallery itself.

    What I’m suggesting (and it’s simply a suggestion, maybe a bad one) is to add a parameter to be able to limit how many images are shown in the post but still allow the gallery to display all images attached to that post. Does that make sense?

    For example, if you have 10 images you want to display via a lightbox gallery script but don’t want 10 thumbnails cluttering your post page, you are able to set the plugin to only show the first thumbnail as en entry point into the rest of your gallery.

  173. rlfinc
    rlfinc Published |

    Justin – wanted to thank and commend you on your efforts with your plugins and overall involvement in the wordpress community. Hoped I might trouble you for some clarifications on the readme.html document bundled into my freshly downloaded “cleaner” plugin.

    I am having an issuing determining how to bring images into my galleries. Finally found a little documentation on the original shortcode and was able to see where my shortcomings were. Reading over the comments above, I was lead to believe I couldn’t exclude certain images. But the readme docment, under the “How to use the plugin” subhead bullets out the exclude parameter as an option.

  174. rlfinc
    rlfinc Published |

    Thank you, the prompt response is greatly appreciated.

  175. zoe
    zoe Published |

    thank you. I had so much problems with all these gallerys, but these fits very good 🙂

  176. Stefan
    Stefan Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Mark’s feature request above from June 3, 2009 (“For example, if you have 10 images you want to display via a lightbox gallery script but don’t want 10 thumbnails cluttering your post page, you are able to set the plugin to only show the first thumbnail as en entry point into the rest of your gallery”) is *exactly* what I’m looking for. I’m amazed that none of the other scripts do this. I might want to post one or two photos from a trip but want a lightbox-type gallery to show all 50 photos, for example.

    You’d be VERY popular if you wrote such a script! 😉

  177. Kevin
    Kevin Published |

    First let me thank you for a great plugin. When I upgraded from .61 to .7 it messed up the gallery display so that the images only show one per line and the spacing between lines is really large so you must scroll to even see the next thumbnail. I went back and it goes back to 3 pictures per row and looks fine. I don’t know if there is a conflict with my css or possibly wordpress. I am using wordpress 2.6.5 and a custom written theme.

  178. skepticwebguy
    skepticwebguy Published |

    An excellent plugin Justin. I recently upgraded to Wordpress 2.8 and the default Thickbox gallery effect I was using no longer works. If there’s anything you can do to remedy it, I’d appreciate it.


  179. Hisky
    Hisky Published |

    Check if your cleaner gallery plugin got 755er CHMOD rights.
    Or deactivate it, delete it…and re-install it.

    That worked in my blog 🙂

  180. skepticwebguy
    skepticwebguy Published |

    I deactivated the plugin, deleted and re-installed it. I checked for 755 permission on the plugin folder. All good. Still, the Thickbox gallery effect won’t work. I don’t see the Thickbox.js showing up in the source code, which seems odd. Although — I can’t remember if it used to or not. I see the thickbox.css file in the source though.

    Here’s a page it used to work on:

  181. Lesestoff von 7. Mai 2009 bis 17. Juni 2009 | jorni.de
  182. skepticwebguy
    skepticwebguy Published |

    I still can’t get the thickbox option to work in wordpress 2.8. it worked in 2.7.1. I’ve tried deactivating all my plugins, and custom css — to no avail. Something is preventing the thickbox effect from working. is anyone else having this problem in 2.8? I may have to switch to a different solution for my wordpress galleries. Except, there isn’t a plugin out there that makes galleries so slick without requiring the blog author to do anything differently than they’d do without this plugin. The process for uploading images doesn’t change with this plugin like it does with nextgen or others. I like that. So, I really want to get it working again. Can anyone help?

  183. skepticwebguy
    skepticwebguy Published |

    I decided to try using a different supported lightbox-type script for the gallery. I downloaded and installed slimbox2, uploaded the javascript to my server, linked to it in the page , uploaded the css and images for slimbox2 and linked to the css in the page , selected “slimbox2” from the cleaner gallery plugin drop-down menu and saved settings. I then refreshed the page — and — the effect doesn’t work. I still get taken to the image at the full src path with no lightbox effect whatsoever. what gives!

  184. skepticwebguy
    skepticwebguy Published |

    hopefully this will shed some light on this subject. I uploaded the example slimbox2 page to my server (http://skepticblog.org/example.html) and using the paths to the js and css on my server. I tested it and it works perfectly! So, why doesn’t the effect work on the blog page?

  185. skepticwebguy
    skepticwebguy Published |

    problem solved! I was never successful at getting the Thickbox effect to work, but I was able to get the Slimbox2 effect to work because I could control where the slimbox2.js file appeared in my header (after the wp_head call which loads the jquery library). Turns out that jquery.js must be loaded BEFORE the slimbox2.js file, otherwise, slimbox2 doesn’t work.

  186. WordPress Gallery Plugins | DreamNest - Technology | Web | Net
  187. How I got started with WordPress – A Beginer’s Compendium | Hexameta
  188. Andurin’s Blog » WP: In Wort und Bild
  189. Juergen Schulze
    Juergen Schulze Published |

    does what I need
    Thank you

  190. Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Published |

    I was never successful at getting the Thickbox effect to work, but I was able to get the Slimbox2 effect to work because I could control where the slimbox2.js file appeared in my header (after the wp_head call which loads the jquery library).

  191. Wordpress Galeri Eklentileri 10 Adet (ing) - Google Fan Webmaster Forum
  192. Kishore
    Kishore Published |

    I want to display description and also possibly html in the description. Please help.

  193. Brad
    Brad Published |

    Hi Justin,

    For some reason, the function to remove the cleaner gallery css is no longer working on sites where it worked before. I’m wondering if the parameters of the remove_action function have changed in a Wordpress upgrade.

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    This is the line I used in my functions file:
    remove_action( ‘wp_head’, ‘cleaner_gallery_css’ );


  194. Kishore
    Kishore Published |

    I have enabled html in the title field and love it but the one issue I have is when I hover over the image it displays all the text and code in it. Is there a way to change that to say to display caption or some default text when u hover over the image?

  195. Kishore
    Kishore Published |

    or even if the html can be prevented from being shown when you hover over the image. that would work for me too.

  196. Julie
    Julie Published |

    Hi there !

    I’ve been reading the (numerous ^^) comments, and you’ve asked several times how could a row option be useful. Well, I’m putting a gallery shortcode in my sidebar, in a widget.
    This widget’s gonna display the pictures of a certain page. And I don’t want it to be huge, otherwise it’s gonna make my layout look pretty strange.

    A row option could help me select the number of pictures I want to display. And I don’t want to choose (include or exclude) which pictures I want to display, because the purpose of the widget is to show the latest pictures, and I can’t change the pictures to include or exclude everytime I’m uploading a new picture..

    I haven’t tried your plugin nor JazzPDX code yet but I’m highly interested in that row property !

    Not a very useful comment I know, but keep on the good job ! 😉

  197. Outta Bounds – One BIG WordPress Site: A Case Study
  198. 10 Perfect Plugins for Building a WordPress CMS | kevinleary.net
  199. Kevin
    Kevin Published |

    Thanks for this Justin,

    I find that everyone jumps right to using a plugin for Gallery management when there’s a robust gallery feature already included in the standard build. I managed to manipulate your code output a bit to remove the rows; allowing me to turn a WordPress Gallery into a cross fading JavaScript slideshow using the jQuery Cycle plugin. I hope the functionality of the Galleries within WordPress improves in the future to allow for better management (re-using images without the need to re-upload).

    I’ve recently included it in my 10 Perfect Plugins for Building a WordPress CMS blog post. Keep up the great work, and thanks!

  200. 4 tolle Wordpress Plugins
    4 tolle Wordpress Plugins at |
  201. SKunder
    SKunder Published |

    Is their a way to display the description on the thumbnail page beneath the caption?

  202. Lightbox Photo Gallery Display | KokPinLab.com
  203. quickfingers
    quickfingers Published |

    Thank you very much, very nice plugin. I will try it.

  204. kalista
    kalista Published |

    Again thx for your great work Justin, but the default thickbox gallery no longer works for me too, did i miss something for the setting?

  205. fabske
    fabske Published |

    I am using fancybox and the fancybox-gallery-integration-plugin, so your plugin isn’t much usefull for me, but here are some things, which would me make using your plugin:
    I would like to change the style of the gallery, e.g. the border of the gallery and the border of the pictures. Also the distances between the pictures and what would be really great: A integration of the shadow plugin, so that every picture in the gallery would have a little shadow! 🙂

  206. Benson
    Benson Published |

    Yeah cool plugin,

    but it works not for a rss feed?

    i am trying to modifie the “wp-includes/feed-rss2.php” file but i have no clue what i should do, i made several changes wiht out any result.

    can someone give me help please?

  207. Benson
    Benson Published |

    Ah ok i got it,

    in the function cleaner_gallery_shortcode is a if ( is_feed() ), the part where my problems are comming from.

  208. How to set up a Wordpress Blog | Lunarlog
  209. Digital Nomad
    Digital Nomad Published |

    Have been looking for a Wordpress Gallery and this plugin get lots of recommendation. I will give it a go. Thanks!

  210. Gallerie di Immagini in Wordpress: Ecco i migliori 10 plugin in circolazione | Blographik - Grafica, web design e risorse per blogger
  211. Bryan
    Bryan Published |

    Using this plugin, is there a way to LINK to your image gallery? Like “click here to access the gallery.” And once the link is clicked it opens up your lightbox gallery?

  212. Announcing (drum roll)… the all new PoetryProject.org | Bad Feather | We’re only getting badder
  213. Stoik
    Stoik Published |

    I will use this Plugin on WP2.8.4 and his wont work. I can Enable an disable this Plugin in Backend but cant find the Plugin in the Preferences.

    Th CSS from the Gallery will be load in but not the js.

  214. Fanatos
    Fanatos Published |

    Thanks! it still works with 2.8.4 version 🙂

  215. Galerie mit Lightbox in Wordpress » blumenstrasse
  216. dikrhaim
    dikrhaim Published |

    What happened with the exclude feature? I have v0.7 and I can’t find anything in the readme.html.

    I also tried to use it with exclude=”1,2,3″ but it doesn’t seem to work.


  217. 10个WordPress 相册插件 | 龙岩seo-专注龙岩网站建设|龙岩网站seo|龙岩网站优化|龙岩seo优化|闽西网
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  219. Cleaner WordPress Gallery Plugin « Educación Física en el IESO Nº 1
  220. Ralf Fuhrmann
    Ralf Fuhrmann Published |

    Hi !

    I updated to WP 2.8.5. After that the plugin doesn’t work.
    Are there any updates ?


  221. Asad
    Asad Published |


    thank you for this one. really good. I would like to display a number of picture for my gallery. right now he is showing like all pictures as thumbnails. i want for example him to display one or three thumbnails. that’s it. if he clicks on the thumbnail the whole gallery should be shown!

  222. version
    version Published |

    Thanks for making your plugin available – just wondering why your list of links to lightbox projects isn’t to the wordpress plugin versions? Since your plugin is for wordpress wouldn’t that make more sense?

  223. Dorataya | WordPress Asylum
    Dorataya | WordPress Asylum at |
  224. Eine Galerie mit WordPress erstellen – Gabis Wordpress-Templates
  225. rockport texas
    rockport texas Published |

    Nice plugin, I was thinking of writing something similar but i dont have the time right now 🙂 thanks!

  226. ScuffedShoes
    ScuffedShoes Published |

    Thanks so much for this plugin. The exclude parameter is something that’s been needed for a while, judging by all the WP Forum posts about it.
    One thing, the readme.html needs to be updated with the exclude shortcode usage. There’s no way of knowing about it except for your one post on this page.
    Any other shortcode unique to your plugin I should know about? Just asking.
    Thanks again.

  227. 15 wordpress plugins for galleries and slideshows | Web and designers | Complete resource platform for web designers and developers
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  237. holger
    holger Published |

    really great, what i’m looking for long time…
    the only thing i can not resolve:
    how to aligne left – the gallery???
    tried everything with additional html div’s…

  238. stimuli.ca » Blog Archive » Lightbox 2.9.0 plugin for Wordpress
  239. mybb
    mybb Published |

    Thanks for the hard work and valid code.

  240. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Ive iinstalled this plugin and cant find any read me. Also when insert/upload image then galler it looks no different. I hope you cant help.

  241. Justin
    Justin Published |

    Ok my bad I found the read me. But I dont see any option to exclude images or anything different in gallery. Im really hoping you can help!

  242. cesar
    cesar Published |

    Does anyone know of a wp plugin to clean up xtml validity errors in general, not just for galleries? I have some plugins, but I notice that all of them generate a lot of errors, and that mess up with my seo efforts. Help please!

  243. Gallery viewing « The Asylum
    Gallery viewing « The Asylum at |
  244. Ryan
    Ryan Published |

    Wonderful Plugin! almost solved all my issues with the default WP gallery/
    Found a bug, though:

    If a person enters a class name in the “alternate script” box which contains within the string the letters ‘id’ (as in highslide), then Cleaner Gallery substitutes the ID number of the page itself for the letters ‘id’. In other words you end up with something like ‘highsl235e’ in the html.

    Makes it hard to integrate the Highslide library :).

  245. mobi
    mobi Published |

    Thanks this good plugin help me to win lot of time in programmation
    good works thanks 🙂

  246. sur
    sur Published |

    Hi, is it possible to call the cleaner gallery from a template?
    Something like this:
    … but to show cleanerGallery.

    Thanks in advanced!
    the plugin is super!

    1. sur
      sur Published |


      echo do_shortcode('[gallery]');

      How can I call cleanerGallery from a template?


  247. March 2010 Meetup Q & A
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  248. John
    John Published |

    This didn’t work at first so I did a little debugging and there seems to be a conflict when using the 960.gs grid with this plugin. I disabled the 960 stylesheet and the gallery showed up fine. Anybody else experience this?

  249. John
    John Published |

    Figured it out. For those who have trouble using the 960.gs grid w/ this plugin, add these styles…

    .gallery .gallery-row { clear:both;display:block;height:auto;overflow:hidden;visibility:visible;width:auto; }
    1. THE-KIT
      THE-KIT Published |

      Had an issue, disabled the plug-in and knew something was up. Went back to this page, found your insight on the 960.gs.grid issue and now this plug-in is back up and running. Simply pleased to have found a solution.

  250. Giving credit where credit is due | 812studio
  251. Vernon
    Vernon Published |

    First off, thanks for the great plugin. Second, I’m having an issue with updating the Link URL to a video hosted on Vimeo. It will not keep any changes to that field at all. I set “image link” to blank, but still a no go. Any idea why this would not be working?


  252. Axel
    Axel Published |

    Hey. I have a problem with the plugin.

    When i users using IE clicks on a gallery image before the gallery is loaded, they get to a single attachement page (and the gallery naturally doesnt load)…

    Is there anyway to avoid this, and instead let the gallery load after the picture is clicked?

    Best regards Axel.

    Email deleted by the administrator. Please never leave your email open for the public to view. Doing so is an open invitation to spammers.

  253. Mike
    Mike Published |

    I have been trying to find a photo gallery plugin that allows me to add photos to a custom post type and on the post page not show the gallery images but instead have a button like “photo gallery” and when you click that button it opens a lightbox with all the gallery images. Is this possible?

  254. satanclaus
    satanclaus Published |

    is there a chance to get first image in middle size from the gallery?

  255. Razvan Neagu
    Razvan Neagu Published |

    Justin, I need to get integration with Highslide. Basically just set the gallery images to automatically (or optionally) have both ‘class’ and ‘rel’ set to ”highslide’.

    Any way to do this?

  256. Razvan Neagu
    Razvan Neagu Published |

    Justin – looks like you fixed the “id” issue that supposedly as a string part of “highslide” was creating a problem that someone else reported in this thread. From looking at your code I figured out how to tweak admin.php and gallery.php to add highslide from the admin panel. Set it to just add the rel=highslide and class=highslide, and it worked.

    Sweetness! Thanks for your plugin.

  257. Christiann
    Christiann Published |

    This is awesome! It’s exactly what I was looking for.

    I found one problem. The SRC of wp-includes/js/thickbox/tb-close.png was incorrect so the image is broken. I’m using WP 3.0.1.

    Anyway, thanks very much!

  258. Jon
    Jon Published |

    Hi there,

    I just tried to download the plugin and got a 404 error. Maybe you’re updating?

    I’m wondering if there is a way to control how Wp ‘crops’ or places an image that can be viewed in full by clicking. Wp seems to show the middle of the reduced image, and I would prefer to show the top of the image. (If that makes sense.)

    By the way, I’m using a Template. However, I believe Wp is controlling the size & placement of the images.

    I’m not sure if I can control this with CSS or it requires some PHP tweaking.

    Hope to install your plugin!



  259. Marvelforest » BEST PLUGINS – WordPress 3 – WordPress MU
  260. Devall Krem
    Devall Krem Published |

    I’m wondering if there is a way to control how Wp ‘crops’ or places an image that can be viewed in full by clicking. Wp seems to show the middle of the reduced image, and I would prefer to show the top of the image. (If that makes sense.)

  261. 워드프레스 프로그인 A~Z | Gini Kim Photography | Gini Kim Photography
  262. Johnny
    Johnny Published |


    Generally a great update. Please check your website contact email regarding a particular issue. I’d like to believe I’m wrong about it.

    Take care.

  263. Simple Wordpress Gallery › Wordpress Ranks
  264. Jigowatt Gallery for Wordpress › Wordpress Ranks
  265. LichtAnd
    LichtAnd Published |


    i´m using cleaner gallery on a html5 website and stumbled over the fact that rel=”lightbox” doesn t validate html5.

    Is there any chance for an update allowing to choose an html5-valid way of implementing lightbox like ‘class=”lightbox”‘ or using the ‘data-‘- attribute?



  266. Downgraf – Design weblog for designers » 15 wordpress plugins for galleries and slideshows
  267. keyuri
    keyuri Published |

    Thanks this is great, exactl

  268. Henry A
    Henry A Published |

    Glad I bump into your plugin Justin… I was searching for a plugin to showcase pictures on my site. I have one question though, does this plugin increase page views? For instance, will pictures in each photo album I upload be loaded on a different page or same page when someone clicks next?

  269. Adam
    Adam Published |

    I am using this plugin but I don’t want any text (captions or titles) to display when the mouse hovers over a thumbnail. How do I disable this pop up text?

  270. Biomechanism
    Biomechanism Published |

    I just want to add that this plugin is the closest to what I’ve been looking for. Now I can start uploading some photos, hope you keep the plugin updated Justin – since WordPress changes frequently. Thanks!

  271. Jidat
    Jidat Published |

    oke thanks justin… realy, i like very much 🙂

  272. Jack
    Jack Published |

    How can I make this plugin to be loaded only on post pages and not everywhere?

  273. matt
    matt Published |

    It’s hard to believe that this many years later, 3.31 still has the inline styling and it doesn’t look like it is getting fixed for 3.4. IMO, WordPress should never produce styles. That is what themes do.

  274. Christopher
    Christopher Published |

    Hi, I have a very important question:
    How is it possible, to add more sizes to a shown picture?
    You have on one picture for example:
    Sizes: 150 × 150 / 300 × 168 / 800 × 450

    When I install the plugin, I have only one size per picture.
    So how can I change this?!


  275. Cleave
    Cleave Published |

    Any chance that this might be updated to work with the new carousel that was just released in the Jetpack?

  276. The Plugins I Run | Pippins Plugins
    The Plugins I Run | Pippins Plugins at |
  277. Dillan Archer
    Dillan Archer Published |

    I have an “index” of sorts for different companies logos and I had them linked to their web site so that when you clicked on the logo picture it would send you tho their website, but for some reason now it just send it it the link of the picture not the site. I have all the link in the gallery. They just don’t send to the link.

  278. eldar ganiev
    eldar ganiev Published |

    is this plugin outdated?

  279. İlgisel Wordpress | Cleaner WordPress Gallery Plugin
  280. Armanison
    Armanison Published |

    First of all, this is a huge plugin, thanks.
    Second is it possible that this plugin conflicts with others
    JavaScript or jquery inside the theme ??

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  285. agon
    agon Published |

    hi there why i have in first row 3 fotos in second 3 colums than in 3rd and 4th just 2 fotos ???

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