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  1. David@VineSites
    David@VineSites Published |

    I am happy to see Gravatars becoming common. They usually add a lot to posts in my opinion, a greater sense of style and community. Looking forward to sprucing my up. Thanks.

  2. K
    K Published |

    I thought at first those were WAVATARS plugin, the avatar icons looks similar.

  3. Mandy
    Mandy Published |

    I love Gravatars. Thanks for the info!

  4. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |

    Thanx Justin, your idea thought many more techniques related to how to modify comments and gravatars.

    I thought there is no possible way to create a special avatar for the trackbacks and pingbacks… Loll…

  5. Daddy
    Daddy Published |

    Please write me and tell me more about home gravatars, Daddy

  6. Catsandbeer.com
    Catsandbeer.com Published |

    Justin, do you know if there’s a different function to query gravatar.com to see if the email address has an associated gravatar? I’d probably end up checking that boolean and then just using a single 80×80 image for all non-gravatar people – to me this would improve page response – for instance, I have one article that has 400+ comments and loading/generating all those avatars could take a while.

    Also, what happens if gravatar.com is temporarily down? Does the page just hang?

    One way that I’m modifying your code is to link up every gravatar – if the commenter didn’t submit a url, then I make its url gravatar.com – I figure if this would be the best practice as it would provide each curious clicker the chance to get their own gravatar which would in time lead to more commenters having personalized gravatars

  7. Hans Hilmi
    Hans Hilmi Published |

    It’s really nice For Comments Field…

  8. Doing more with gravatars: Part 2: Using gravatars for an author's bio
  9. Jonah Dempcy
    Jonah Dempcy Published |

    Good post! I made a gravatar after reading this. Thanks!

  10. HornyMelon
    HornyMelon Published |

    Right over my head. My comments section looks nothing like what you have written above, I used a single line of code I found in a forum post to turn them on but have no clue what I need to change to get the above working.

    Here’s the code……

    	if(function_exists('get_avatar')) :
    		echo '';
    		echo get_avatar( get_comment_author_email(), '80', 'wavatar' );
    		echo '';
    	elseif(function_exists('gravatar')) :
    		echo '';
    	endif; ?>
    		<a class="time" href="#comment-" title="">
    		<?php edit_comment_link(''.__('[Edit]','options').'',' ','');
    		if ($comment->comment_approved == '0') :
    			echo ''; _e('Your comment is awaiting moderation.','options'); echo '';
    			endif; ?>
  11. HornyMelon
    HornyMelon Published |

    doh! What Just happened?

  12. Doing more with gravatars: Authors template page
  13. Opeyemi Awoyemi
    Opeyemi Awoyemi Published |

    Fine job there. I want to learn how to design wordpress themes. Can I get a complete tutorial out there.

  14. roger  
    roger   Published |

    hi justing

    trying to add gravatars to my index page http://redseasound.com/demo in a ‘simple’ 😉 way but cant get the url to work <a href=”” />

    any ideas?

  15. roger  
    roger   Published |

    damn always i forget about code last time it was backticks and i put forward ticks now what have i done wrong?

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  20. Kate Mag
    Kate Mag Published |

    Justin, is that compatible with WordPress 2.7 comments?

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  22. subcorpus
    subcorpus Published |

    lets see if i can pull this off on my blog …
    very informative article …
    thanks for sharing …

  23. Daniel Rome b&b
    Daniel Rome b&b Published |

    Gravatars add a bit of color to a non-sofisticate blog.

  24. Jeux de Mario Gratuit
    Jeux de Mario Gratuit Published |

    Thanks for this guide, let’s read part 2 now 😉

  25. andri
    andri Published |

    how to display gravatar for author inside every post?

  26. renggap
    renggap Published |

    hi Justin,
    is there any methods to use my own avatar gallery that displayed in comments? just like the monster face picture.

  27. Josh Blake
    Josh Blake Published |

    Had some issues getting this to work properly at first but now it looks great 🙂

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