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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    Great Justin. Do you sleep? I’m gonna test this thing out tonight. What you describe this plugin does accomplishes about 95% of what I’m looking for:

    If a custom field value thumbnail exists, fetch it.
    If a custom field value thumbnail doesn’t exist, fetch the first image embedded in the post body (use the size specified by Wordpress’ thumbnail setting).
    If neither a custom field value thumbnail exists nor an image in the post body, fetch the first photo attached to the post.

    This would sort of act like a post thumbnail manager. The second part might be the toughest. What do you think?

  2. Thad
    Thad Published |

    Hmmmmm…. I now realize this accomplishes 100% of what I’m after. Thanks Justin! Dinner is on me.

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  4. Ross
    Ross Published |

    I can’t tell you how useful this plug-in will be. Works an absolute charm.


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  7. steffy
    steffy Published |

    super plugin Justin, this is going to be VERY usefull

    by default in wordpress the thumbnails are named : nameand the size of the photo, like 2lw006_1-128×96.jpg for example. do you know if there is a way to have the size removed and replaced by thumbnail, to have the name like 2lw006_1-thumbnail.jpg.

    thank you very much


  8. Kolunchik
    Kolunchik Published |

    Thanks. Great plugin!

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  11. dave
    dave Published |

    I’ve been using the Post Thumbs plugin, but will try this put on a new site I’m doing soon.

  12. Rod
    Rod Published |

    I use on my site http://www.le-hiboo.com the plugin http://www.alakhnor.com/post-thumb/

    That do you have done.

  13. Jonathan
    Jonathan Published |

    Looks like a good way to make a sitemap for a photoblog.

  14. tricky
    tricky Published |

    it´d be nice if your plugin could also look for an imagen with a certain “alt”. That would enable you to select what picture you want for the thumbnailed view even if it´s not the first image on the post content and you aren´t wise enough to figure out the link for an uploaded file.

    Alt can be controlled via the image´s description.

  15. indi
    indi Published |

    I use Flickr for image hosting, as I think many people do. Is it possible to add another condition that looks for a Flickr image link and returns the Flickr thumbnail code? That’s a regular thing, if the image is 04958509.jpg then the thumbnail is 04958509_t.jpg or 04958509_s.jpg

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  17. Jeff Mackey
    Jeff Mackey Published |

    Awesome. Awesome. AWESOME.

    Thank You!

  18. Gaj
    Gaj Published |

    I’ve been trying to do this for a while and this is great.

    One question though Justing, How can I skip taking the first image from the post?


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  20. Gaj
    Gaj Published |

    I’ve been playing with the plug-in and have made it live on my site, it fantastic. My home page load nearly 10x as fast. however some images are not converted into thumbnails? any ideas?

    I’ll take this into the forum

  21. TheAnand
    TheAnand Published |

    I am looking for a way to include images in custom fields to show it to my RSS subscribers. Should I go for this or the other plugin custom-fields-for-feeds ? ? I used to use the visionary theme for my previous mag. and for this one I use the arthemia theme.

    P.S you need to have the comments subscriber plugin….yea, i am kinda lazy 😀

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  23. Steve
    Steve Published |

    I have implemented this plugin on a beta magazine site however, what i have noticed is that when I have 6 new articles appearing on the front page, each with their own 50×50 crop image, it seems that if I attempt to reuse an image from one post to another using the media gallery, it will not display the inline image from the post using the plugin here. It will only output the “no image” comment in the resulting code. Thoughts? If I insert a new image into the same post and resave, it pulls the image out fine, just can’t seem to reuse images.

  24. Adam
    Adam Published |

    Does this plugin need to be used within the context of “The Loop” or can it be used elsewhere as well?

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  28. Samuel
    Samuel Published |

    Hi Justin!

    I was using this plugin at my site and working fine, but after downloaded the plugin version for WP 2.6 (because I upgraded to WP 2.6), it stop working…

    Must I change something from previous version for the new to work?

  29. Film izle
    Film izle Published |

    Very thanks..

  30. Krillin
    Krillin Published |

    Awesome mate! We were making a video sharing website for japanese animes, I had wasted a lot of time to think a code for what your plugin does in 1 row!!! AWESOMEEEE!!!

  31. Krezz
    Krezz Published |

    Hi there!

    Is it possible to extract only the relative path (entire URL will do also) and the image name eg.:


    Best Regards Krezz

  32. Oliver
    Oliver Published |

    Since i update to Wordpress 2.6 Post Thumb from Alakhnor doesen´t work anymore and the Website from Alakhnor a infected with a trojan Virus since a few weeks.

    So i used the get image plugin…it works like a charm, thank you for this!
    The only problem that i have is that only every second image would be displayed?

    Have i done something wrong?

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  34. InTheWeeds
    InTheWeeds Published |

    My users hotlink to their image hosts (flickr, Picasa, zoomr etc) using those sites “embed URI” html in the posts…

    How do I get the thumbnail to show up for those posts? I’ve tried specifying a custom field key of ‘thumbnail’ and a value of ‘http://URItoIMG’ but no joy, as it’s not an attachment to the post…

    The embed img code displays fine in the single post view, as expected, it’s just parsing HTML, but I would also like to be able to display a thumb of this image (CSS “resize” of main hotlinked image).

    Any ideas?

  35. InTheWeeds
    InTheWeeds Published |


    Forgot to mention that this is a WPMU 2.6. site!

    The thumbnails work fine (minor css size ignore going on) on the sub-blogs, but I guess the path doesn’t isn’t resolved if I display the post on another subblog. I’m not quite sure why as the the link (to the external site) is the same…

  36. Blake Middleton
    Blake Middleton Published |

    Is there a way to use this for pages and the wp_list_pages template tag?

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  38. Brooks Van Norman
    Brooks Van Norman Published |

    I tried making changes to the image site in the plug-in editor for the file, but i still not seeing the Thumbnail size that I want. Looks like i’m stuck at the ‘medium’ setting? Any ideas to help me?

  39. Brooks Van Norman
    Brooks Van Norman Published |

    I tried making changes to the image size in the plug-in editor for the file, but i am still not seeing the Thumbnail size that I want. Looks like i’m stuck at the ‘medium’ setting? Any ideas to help me?

  40. Sarah Lewis
    Sarah Lewis Published |

    Thanks for making this available! It was exactly what I needed.

  41. Raúl
    Raúl Published |

    Not exist related post thumbnail?

  42. Chad
    Chad Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Would you know how to write a conditional statement for this?

    I would prefer that if there was no image in the post, for nothing to show, instead of an empty anchor tag.

    Thanks for any help, and thanks for a great plugin!

  43. Morten Brunbjerg Bech
    Morten Brunbjerg Bech Published |

    WP ought to implement this in a future release and make get_the_image an official template tag.

    This was exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot for an awesome plugin.

  44. SidianMSJones
    SidianMSJones Published |

    Hey awesome plugin. But I’m afraid after plugging it into my blog I am getting no effect.
    Reading through your extensive notes here I find myself very confused as to how to go about getting this to function.
    Later in your post you mention that you’d be happy to help implement the plugin. I followed the link to find a link to an entirely different site with a signup process that didn’t seem to want to let me sign up.
    I’m very computer and internet savvy but could really use a few pointers for getting your great plugin to work.

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  46. SidianMSJones
    SidianMSJones Published |

    Still trying very earnestly to get this plugin rolling.

  47. SidianMSJones
    SidianMSJones Published |

    Is there any way I could get anyone to help me find this kind of section:

    In the Revolution Music 1.0 theme?
    If I could do that I may be able to figure the rest out my self.

  48. SidianMSJones
    SidianMSJones Published |

    Sorry I meant to post this…

    -div class=”entry”-
    -?php the_excerpt(); ?-

  49. Mr. Quoter
    Mr. Quoter Published |

    Is it possible to get the MEDIUM SIZE of the image? How to do this? get the MEDIUM SIZE that I mean.


  50. bigboy23
    bigboy23 Published |

    Hi, could somebody give me a helping hand? I downloaded the plugin, installed it but I dont know how to customize it… all I want is for the plugin to pick up the first photo from the post and use the photo for the IMAGE Custom Field to generate the front page thumbnail. Can somebody tell what I need to change in the plugin? So that each time when I write a new post and upload a new image the plugin to pick up the image and use it as thumbnail for the front page carousel. I use the Mimbo Pro theme, has a magazine look, and adds images to a carousel and thumbnails to the front page but at the moment I have to add the link of the image at every new post in the IMAGE CUSTOM FIELD, would be great if I can use this plugin so that the CUSTOM FIELD picks up automatically the first photo from the post.
    thank you

    1. danielle Muir
      danielle Muir Published |

      hey did you figure out how to get images onto the home page like in the demo of the theme?

      If so im struggling to manage it myself. Any help would be much appreciated!

  51. Josh
    Josh Published |

    Exactly what I was after: a plugin that uses key fields to define a thumbnail and original size picture. Great, simple plugin.

  52. Roman
    Roman Published |

    I would welcome if this plugin make thumbnails of videos like the Post Thumb Revisited plugin here , which is not supported anymore for WP 2.6+.

  53. John James Jacoby
    John James Jacoby Published |


    Very much appreciated Justin.

  54. csleh
    csleh Published |

    Is there a way to grab an image from a gallery? I can’t get this plugin to work for me; the posts have plenty of images but using the wordpress gallery. The random image does work — only that plugin grabs images from any post in a category not a specific post.

  55. csleh
    csleh Published |

    oops I see the forums now. Will post there. Sorry for the clutter!

  56. Jamie Thompson
    Jamie Thompson Published |

    Thanks a bunch for this. It works a treat. I just had one of those moments where you realise “oh, wordpress can’t do that” … but it seems that with encouragement it can. So thanks 🙂

  57. CG
    CG Published |

    very useful plugin.

  58. CG
    CG Published |

    Could you add a functionality so that the plugin can choose a defined image by way of it’s order. At the moment it takes the 1st image in a post’s gallery, how about an option to take the 2nd, or 3rd image?… e.g.

    this would take the 3rd image

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  61. Chris Happens
    Chris Happens Published |

    Your plug in is so great. Thanks a lot.
    I also made my theme to use your plug in. Very easy and nice 🙂

  62. Sunny
    Sunny Published |

    The third part, tells the script that if there are no images found at that point, to display the image found at “/wp-content/my-image.jpg.”

    —- How do you enable this system? What’s the code?

  63. Newsjunk
    Newsjunk Published |

    The plugin fails to hide the caption id when the image is on top of the post. What can we do about?

  64. rafy
    rafy Published |

    After searching for about a week for what i need i found this page and it sound like it-s just the thing for me.
    One small snag : it does not work.
    I’m betting on this feature : “If there is no custom field used, the script looks for the first image attached to your post. If there is one, then it grabs that image and uses it.”

    As u can see here: http://www.adirafail.ro/demo/junior/wp/?page_id=24 – on the right i only get some names and i definetly have pictures.
    I used the code like this (if i put echo in cide it shows an empty blank page):

    Deleted by admin. Please properly format code when posting for a WordPress comments area.

    Can you please help me?
    Thank you

  65. rafy
    rafy Published |

    the code i used

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  67. vinh
    vinh Published |

    All of my categories are rss feed from another site that i manage. It works fine but the thumbnail images are not auto-created from the rss feed. I can view the images when i am in the post, but not the preview. Is there a way, plugins, scripts, etc. that can do this? Much appreciate.

    my site: vinhx76.com


  68. Ashish
    Ashish Published |

    First of all, thanks for the wonderful plugin. This is being immensely useful in a new site I am developing. I just wanted your advice on a couple of queer behaviours I noticed.
    1. The custom field “product_image”contains an image that I want thumbnailed in its excerpt. However, I observed that instead of taking only the image from the custom field, the plugin takes the first image that was uploaded for the post – whether custom field or in the main content area.
    2. I get only the full-size image if I use get_the_image_link(array(‘product_image’),’thumbnail’)
    but get the thumbnail if I use get_the_image_link(array(‘product_image_thumb’),’thumbnail’)
    However I don’t find any documentation about this anywhere. I am completely puzzled….
    What is it that I am doing incorrectly?
    Any inputs will be appreciated.

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  70. Paul Raven
    Paul Raven Published |

    This plugin is a lifesaver – you’re a star, man! Thanks a bunch! 😀

  71. Alexey Vidanov
    Alexey Vidanov Published |

    Thank you very much for your plugin! It does exactly what I need.
    I have only changed it a little and one another function get_the_image_src it gives me the possiblity to have more control on output and use it also in posts.

  72. Jim Skamarakas
    Jim Skamarakas Published |

    Great plugin, it replaced what I was trying to do in scripts and hit a wall on.

    Problem – made a new post today, selected an existing image from the media gallery and completed the post. The image shows in the post correctly, but on the excerpt where I am using get_the_image_link I get the default image.

    If I load a new picture, or in this case, reload the prior picture, it is seen as a new image attached to the post and your script catches in fine.

    But when adding existing pictures, the issue occurs. This is a common practice because while I use images for every post, writing about a company or product where I just grab a logo or stock image, I would have to reload it for it to be detected properly.

    Hope this helps and once again thanks. I was trying to do this in a long nested if and could not getting it working right, and this is a simplier apporach.

  73. Tommy
    Tommy Published |

    Perfect! Just what I was looking for! Thank you! 😀

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  75. slee
    slee Published |

    excellent plugin i was just making this as a page template for myself when i came accross this.

  76. blogngeblog - belajar ngeblog di sini tempatnya

    nice plugin, but I have to learn more before use it and apply it on my blog

  77. vetweb
    vetweb Published |

    useful plugin, thanks.
    How to make a thumbnail image on the post, which the url source of the image looks like:

    http://mydomain.com/image/thumbnail.php?url=http://otherdomain.com/images/image.jpg ?

    this method great to be used on affiliate site, whereas we don’t need to store the image.

    any suggestion?

  78. get_the_image_link
    get_the_image_link Published |

    This plugin is a lifesaver – you’re a star, man! Thanks a bunch!

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  81. dave
    dave Published |

    so i’m reading this enormous thread and see that you point at least a dozen times to a support forum that has NO clear support thread for this plugin!!

    could you please provide a direct link to ANY material that will assist in usage without requiring users to go through a registration and join process just to find some simple text?

    there would appear to be roughly 10+ comments asking the same question, “i want to pull the first image and stick it into a field for this magazine layout” etc – but not one is answered, just endless links to support forums that have NO clear path to the answer! and registration required? must join a club? i’m at a loss…

  82. dave
    dave Published |

    i hear you – and thank you for offering such an incredible free plugin and free themes – but what i ‘m talking about is the basic need for documentation, like a link to ‘documentation’ or a readme, or the ‘answer in the forum’ – asking people to click through and register for something is tedious, and for what? do you *need* to collect user data to support free themes? that’s the inference…registering for premium support totally makes sense, you make money doing that, but free access to forum postings offering free support for a free plugin requires registration? just doesn’t make sense to me…it would be like if apple pointed to support docs and then you realized that you had to create an account at apple.com just to read them for free – that’s the nytimes.com model of 4 years ago, and it’s why sites like bugmenot.com exist!

  83. dave
    dave Published |

    i hear you on the wp comments threads for support – most are insane and impossible to follow! and yes, the documentation makes sense to me, and i understand the theme templates and calls, it’s just all a little unclear above where you repeatedly steer people to support forums as if there will be answer at the link when in fact it’s a top level link to a registration service – perhaps a more suitable reply would be “the documentation is on this page, if it doesn’t make sense then you can pay to join the support forum for more advanced support on the plugin or themes i offer” – sometimes crystal clear helps!

  84. John Lessnau
    John Lessnau Published |

    *** Wordpress users need to know that this is a plugin for high level wordpress users. It is not your average upload and use it plugin. The creator of an new template I just purchased recommended using this plugin which brought me here.

    I installed it and looked for some step by step instructions or settings or a readme file and was completely lost, I visited your forums as suggested, realized it was paid support and decided I’d delete the plug in and continue to do my thumbnails manually and then boom the plug in started working automatically putting thumbnails in my preview posts. Fortunately, my template has some of the needed code pre-integrated so there was nothing for me to do.

    I begrudge you nothing for expecting to make a few dollars off of your hard work but you really should make it clear at the top of this post that the plugin is for expert users and you offer paid support for non-experts. It really is a nice plugin if you can figure out how to get it working but newbie wordpress users should be forewarned.

  85. stef
    stef Published |

    Hi Justin,
    This is a great plugins.
    Is this plugins compatible with wordpress 2.7?

  86. Hankphone
    Hankphone Published |

    Hi, great tutorial.

    Is it possible to change the thumbnail dimensions to 130×90?

  87. Hankphone
    Hankphone Published |

    Oops, I must have been blind. I found it in the stylesheet.

    If anyone else has the same questions just edit the themes stylesheet for .custom_image


  88. Elody
    Elody Published |

    Thx for this plugin, really efficient in my case because I want to avoid the use of custom fields, but I’d like to use the “LARGE” size image available in Wordpress 2.7 by default and not the medium …. I replaced “medium” with “large” everywhere in get-the-image.php, but nothing appear …. Is there anything else to do to make it work ?


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  90. Victoria Clare
    Victoria Clare Published |

    Lovely plugin and I think your documentation is spot-on.

    My only minor hiccup was that I was all excited about the new wordpress automatic plugin installer, so didn’t immediately see the very helpful readme file tucked away in the zip file.

    Many thanks for a great plugin: much appreciated.

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  92. Dave
    Dave Published |

    Is there any way to just output the image ref without “<img src…” – so I can just extract the “http://image location / name” ?


  93. Mojo
    Mojo Published |

    I’m using the latest version of Get The Image and pasted in

    into the theme in the right place, right before the_excerpt. But I’m getting the following error:

    The function has been deprecated. You need to update your template file calls to get_the_image().

    I’m seeing this on some other sites too. Any insight?

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  95. Galatasaray
    Galatasaray Published |

    I wanna get only the image URL. Continue to use the old version… 🙁

  96. Alistair Barnett
    Alistair Barnett Published |


    Deleted by admin.

    That may be the problem.

  97. Mike
    Mike Published |

    I tried this plugin, and it works fine but why don’t people just use their own custom fields?? If you’re relying on the three images Wordpress generates anyways, I see no need to have some plugin allow me to simply call them semantic names. Not to mention you seem a “tad” overzealous about the whole deal.


  98. cubus
    cubus Published |

    Hello Justin,

    I wanted to use this plugin on one of my client’s site. The problem is that all images that are used in the posts are embedded via the Nextgen Gallery plugin. I used it to that plugin to centralize all the images / slideshow. In the latest versions of the plugin you can just pick a picture from you slideshows to embed in your post just like you would doing with the default wordpress gallery.

    Now, unfortunately your plugin doesn’t recognize the images ‘attached’ to a post via de Nextgen gallery. I don’t know exactly how your plugin finds the image in the blogpost but I saw in the source code that Nextgen embeds the images on a different way then the wordpress gallery (it uses a shortcode [singlepic])

    If you now feel challenged to also make your plugin compatible with images embedded via the Nextgen Gallery.. I want stop you doing so 😉 It would even make me smile.



  99. Blog Shot
    Blog Shot Published |

    I’ve seen a lot of chatter on the blogs and on getacoder about this plugin. I must download it. Thanks for your efforts.

  100. paz
    paz Published |

    This plug-in is just great!
    Thx Justin!

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  102. MissAnn
    MissAnn Published |

    Wow!!!! This is what I’ve been looking for in years 🙂 hehe…

    Thanks a lot for this!!!

  103. Pangeran
    Pangeran Published |

    Hi, Justin.
    I am wondering if you submit this plugin to wordpress plugin directory.
    Because I use the old version of this plugin and I know about this update ONLY because I subscribeb to your feed via email.
    In the plugin page itself, it doesn’t have any notification to update the old plugin.
    In my opinion it would be good if this plugin have that auto update feature like all other plugin, just incase if I missed out one of your emails later on.

    Nice work!
    Keep it up.

  104. Pangeran
    Pangeran Published |

    I start using wordpress at version 2.3++ something around that.
    If I not mistaken, the auto update feature exist at the nearest time when I’m start using wordpress.

    What I mean by “auto update” is something like the notification in the plugin page and also the link to download, install and reactivate the plugin from wordpress interface without the need to download it from plugin homepage or wordpress repo and manually upload it to our hosting with the ftp.

    I once submitting my theme at wordpress, they emailed me after 2~3 days after the submit. They email whether me they reject or accept your application.
    Most of time they reject, because they don’t like sponsors link. 🙁
    That’s theme, and I just never yet creating any plugin to submit there…

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  107. A. Scott McCauley
    A. Scott McCauley Published |

    Hey Justin,
    You do awesome work!

    2 quick things though:
    It’s really awesome that there is a link to the post, but a link to the image would also be extremely beneficial, as it would be picked up by shutter-reloaded, lightbox and such.

    After installing the latest version (0.4) The readme file completely took over my site and I had to remove it. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but I had to delete the plugin completely just to login to the dashboard.

  108. Not A Niche
    Not A Niche Published |

    Funny, I was just looking for that feature for the image link, like Scott just asked for.

    @Justin, I can understand your frustration with WordPress Plugin Directory, I doubt that they will let you on there, since your Plugin is linking to your Theme Club and support is only for people in your Exclusive Theme Club. We had the same problem, we created a Plugin, which is beneficial for the WordPress community, but since it is not GPL conform we cannot be on there. Like yours.

    Oh, and don’t expect to get an answer, we didn’t even get a notification when they threw us out of the repository.

    Last thing, I always wondered why you never have a favicon on your blog. You have such a quality blog and great posts, it would be beneficial if everybody could recognize your blog among other open tabs immediately. A little branding cannot harm 🙂

    Great Plugin!

  109. Jual Backlink
    Jual Backlink Published |

    I love the plugin, I would try to adding into my blog.
    It must be more attracting.

    Thanks Justin, Good luck.

  110. Ben
    Ben Published |

    I was just about to sit down and write a similar function for myself. I’m glad I found this first, it’s exactly what I was looking for!


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  112. Deryk Wenaus
    Deryk Wenaus Published |

    hi Justin, this is a great plugin. I installed it on a WPMU site with tonnes of images and it worked incredibly well. I have a suggestion to make it even better. On posts with many images, sometimes the author re-arranges the order of the photos or replaces photos, then it is difficult to manage the thumbnail produced. I know you can enter in the key of thumbnail and value of the url, but it is a bit of work to track down the correct url for the thumbnail. my suggestion is to add a panel in the post admin that shows all the images attached to that post (and even use the image scan to see if there are others in the post content) then allow the user to click which one should be the thumbnail.

    is using the image scan resource intensive? if I disabled all the other parts of the plugin and just used the image scan (which totally rocks by the way!) will it slow down the site when looking at a page with 10-20 thumbnails.

    thanks again for your excellent plugin.

  113. Dev
    Dev Published |

    This is really wonderful plugin, But dont know how I can use it for WPMU ??

  114. bob
    bob Published |

    Get-the-image for WPMU usability would be amazing!

    What I need to accomplish is getting Get-the-image working with this List-all-recent-posts plugin:

    This grabs all recent posts site wide and displays them – but it doesn’t grab images. If somehow the could be added in the source for list-all-recent-posts and achieve the effect of grabbing recent posts site wide with the get the image functionality it would solve all my problems!

    Some please look at the code and help….

    Thanks! 🙂

    @Deryk Wenaus – do you check this site? Can you email me?

    Some parts of this comment have been removed by the site administrator.

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  117. Theme Update: Pemuda 2.0 | Tech Interview Question Papers
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  119. Patty Gale
    Patty Gale Published |

    After having a heck of a time trying to get thumbnails to work in WP 2.7 (which they are automatically supposed to do and do not), I finally came across your plugin.

    I’m not a php expert by any mean, but can get my way around a little with good instructions.

    Your instructions on the code and how to add it to the php file were very detailed.

    I just wanted to say a big “THANK YOU!” It works! I’m using a magazine style theme and could not get thumbnails to auto-resize.

    Your plugin did the trick.

  120. Action Movies
    Action Movies Published |

    Great plugin. Lucky that I use WordPress 🙂

  121. Michael Oeser
    Michael Oeser Published |

    This Plugin makes a bloggers life so much easier. Many thanx for that.

    I just wonder if it wouldn´t be a good idea to enhance it in a way that it is able to produce thumbnails or even larger images of a size that can be defined. Such as 150px wide and 50px high without killing the aspect ratio. I guess Timthumb can do this but it doesn´t work so automatic.

    Any plans into this direction?

  122. Ajay
    Ajay Published |

    Dear Justin,

    I need your help, I am using your get the image plugin with wordpress 2.7 version, and my blog was running on root, it was working fine, today i move my blog to sub directory, and your plugin stop to work and images are not displaying. its showing old path under image location. Even i updates the images path in each post. With post all images are displaying. How to solve this issue?

  123. How to Install and Set Up WP-Vybe 1.0 : Development
  124. That Guy
    That Guy Published |

    This is a really really great plugin. But I have a question about what I can do to use this is in my category template with multiple posts. Basically, I want to use the attachment function to grab one medium image and three thumbnail images from every post to display on the category page as a sorta lead-in to each post. All was working really well until this happened, check it http://fmu.fireintheattic.net/topics/projects is showing different images than those in the post, should be 1,2,3,4 but it is showing 16,15,14,13. Some kind of reverse order. Any help would be great, Thanks all.

  125. Ajay
    Ajay Published |

    This comment’s text has been removed by the site administrator. Please don’t double post your comment. And please, follow the directions on how to get plugin support.

  126. That Guy
    That Guy Published |


    Removed by administrator. I would never advocate editing any plugin file.

    Basically I uploaded two many images while creating a post. I didn’t intend on using all 16 images, just kinda lazy use of the uploader. Anyway, It cycles through all images in the gallery and for me, it posted the last images uploaded even though they weren’t in the post.

    Hope that works. Justin, thanks again for this great plugin!

  127. That Guy
    That Guy Published |

    And…. Sorry Justin for multiple posts but

    I just noticed all the gallery options available in the uploader. Going to play with display order some more. Ajay, try this out as well.

  128. Ajay
    Ajay Published |

    I am using Version: 0.2 and I dont know where is ASC, I could not find.
    As well as this problem starts when I moved my blog root to subdirectory.
    I don’t know why get the image plugin showing old images path. but for hyperlink it shows correct.

  129. My plugins are now hosted on the WordPress plugins repository
  130. Cats
    Cats Published |

    Sie sagen:
    1) It looks for the custom field image(s) you specify.
    2) If none exist, it looks for the first image attached to the post (which would be the first you upload with the media uploader).
    3) If set, it’ll check for a default image.
    ‘order_of_image’ => 1

    Wie kann ich für Anzeige letzte Photo aus Post automatisch machen?
    In eine Post sind verschiedene Zahl Photos.
    P.S. Ich benutzte Custom Fields Plugin für Ännerkennung wichtiges für Annoncen Photo. Fast immer muss es nicht Erste Photo sein. In Guzel-Theme eine Extra-Index Umgebung gibts, so genannte “features.php” (hier es klappt nicht) und etwas unten normlale Annonsen zu verschiedene Posts aus 4 Category (hier arbeitet mit Information aus Custom Field).

  131. laurence
    laurence Published |


    I use atahualpa theme with WP2.7.
    don’t know where to put .
    i just want to have thumbmail in my archive pages.
    not fluente in php or any code, ( and so in english, I’m french…:)
    any help ?

    thanks by advance

  132. Antony Kitson
    Antony Kitson Published |

    I am upgrading the website form WP2.5 to WP2.7 I am doing a little test of my template first and I am having a problem with the get the image plugin.

    I am getting this error:

    The function has been deprecated. You need to update your template file calls to

    This is my php code:

    Any help to get this working on WP2.7 will be much appreciated!



    Part of this comment has been deleted because of improper posting of code. Also, please follow the rules posted for this plugin about asking support questions.

  133. How to Install and Set Up the WP-Jazz Premium WordPress Theme : WP-Jazz - Premium Wordpress Theme from Solostream
  134. How to Use Images/Photos With WP-Jazz and WordPress 2.7 : WP-Jazz - Premium Wordpress Theme from Solostream
  135. Maura McDonnell
    Maura McDonnell Published |

    Hi, I want to thank you for such a great plugin. I had been working out for ages on how to make another plugin thumbnail excerpt create valid xHTML code, however, I am not a php expert and just could not figure out how to change it. So hours and hours of searching and fixing etc, I came across your original custom field thumbnail and then this solution. So as it worked a dream and created valid xHTML I was so appreciative = big thanks

  136. |X-Crap|
    |X-Crap| Published |

    I’ve just installed and put it working with custom css class. Really great plugin, probably the best i’ve used to make things automated. Very nice work, congrats 🙂 You have pratically everything covered for automatic thumbs 🙂

  137. “Get the Image Link”: A sojourn into WordPress Plugin development | Turing Tarpit
  138. Alec
    Alec Published |

    This comment’s text has been deleted by the administrator.

  139. Episode 15 - Query Posts Plugin | WordPulse
  140. baron
    baron Published |

    Works great, thank you

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  145. Luca Realdi
    Luca Realdi Published |

    Great plugin!
    A small suggestion in get_the_image.php after $classes[] = $image_class;:
    $classes = array_unique($classes);

  146. Jens
    Jens Published |

    Justin Nice plugin! 🙂

    I already use a couple of plugins……

    With the beginning of problems, but this WordPress 2.5 + is very useful to me.

    Very good work ..

    Thank you very much

  147. Jauhari
    Jauhari Published |

    Do you have change logs? different between each version justin?

  148. How to Add Post Thumbnails to Your Posts : WP-Clear
  149. san
    san Published |

    HI, Justin can you tell how this site is using the gallery.. is this a custom gallery??

  150. Kjetil Flekkoy
    Kjetil Flekkoy Published |

    Maybe I’m a bit slow – and maybe this is a long-looked-for solution. Have I understood it correctly, that this plugin will generate thumbnails as shown eg. here: http://www.dolcevita.no/liguria/

    It generates a thumbnail from the first image in the post (in our case always placed below the “more” tag) and displays it on the blog’s post page (in our case. eg. the Liguria page). It is triggered by a plugin + a piece of code inserted in the appropriate templates.
    The big question: Will Get the image do the job?
    The smaller question: Is it even possible to make the thumbnail link automatically to the post it’s picked from?
    (The plugin I’ve used so far – Post-thumb revisited – is no longer updated, so we really need a replacement)
    Thanks a lot
    Kjetil Flekkoy

  151. sibolr
    sibolr Published |

    hi i currently use version 0.2 and when i try to upgrade it to your new version. The default image no longer shows.. any help?

  152. Rozy
    Rozy Published |

    nice plugin dude
    i’ll try

  153. tonestar
    tonestar Published |

    I don’t seem to be able to get the custom fields to work??
    MY issue I’m showing a post in three different spots:

    Featured on Homepage with a Medium sized image
    Full Post with Large sized image
    Side Bar – sub featured with Thumbnail sized image.

    I have set up 2 custom fields:
    medium_img (to link to the image to use here /2009/04/image_name.jpg)
    large_img (to link to the image to use here /2009/04/image_name.jpg)

    thumbnail just picks up default if this is used – ie first attached image.

    The 2 custom fields don’t work they just show the post title in and image block as a link?? Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

    If I leave everything as thumbnail in the array it picks up the first image and shows that everywhere at the three different sizes but I really want to be able to show different images in each instance if required.


  154. Retrieve a Post’s First Image and Resize it with TimThumb | SpiderMarket
  155. Bloginstall
    Bloginstall Published |

    Just started using the plugin with some minor changes on http://www.realestatetoday.co.il with a custom theme that we created specially for this local real estate news site. This plugin really made and hour of tweaking into minutes!

    Thank You!

  156. Bloginstall
    Bloginstall Published |

    @tonestar – I had the same problem when renaming the keys, not sure why. Since I am displaying only one image you can just rename the default keys inside the plugin code if you line. You will find the following code at the top of the plugin :

    ‘custom_key’ => array( ‘Thumbnail’, ‘thumbnail’ ),

  157. tonestar
    tonestar Published |

    @Bloginstall in the end I just left it as default – again I only use on image so I attach it but don’t insert it into the post and then have three sizes that I can display it at 🙂

  158. Andrew Owen
    Andrew Owen Published |

    Great plugin, exactly what I was looking for.

    One thing though. Am I right in that it only works with images uploaded into Wordpress and not images hosted elsewhere, like Flickr?

  159. bisnis internet
    bisnis internet Published |

    I use this plugin and i like it, thanks for that.

  160. Alex
    Alex Published |

    Hi, great plugin, but I think it may have a bug: when an image from the media library is used twice anywhere on the site, that image’s thumbnail does not display in the post preview.

  161. Jonas
    Jonas Published |


    Wonderful plugin, thanks. I have a problem though: When trying to display the thumbnail size image (set to 130px X 110px in Wordpress) I get images with the dimensions 269px × 114px. I have no clue where 269X114 comes from.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks a lot!

  162. Get the Image - A WordPress Tutorial | Item-9 Consulting
  163. How to Install and Set Up WP-Chatter : WP-Chatter
  164. How to Add Post Thumbnails to Your Posts : WP-Chatter
  165. Sriraj
    Sriraj Published |

    I have not installed the plugin on my site but I get all that you’ve described. First image uploaded into the post as thumbnail and stuff…May be my theme too has it by default.
    But Justin, you look like Bear Grylls (Man Vs Wild show on Discovery Channel).
    I love the work Bear Grylls does and love the work you do too.. Keep going

  166. sam
    sam Published |

    thanxs for removing the bug and helping us find a simple solution for the resizing stuff

  167. Kjetil
    Kjetil Published |

    Hi again
    This plugin is great!
    I I’ve understood correctly, I can just insert this code: into a template (eg above and the plugin automatically generates a thumbnail from the post’s first image – which is displayed on the blog page. Simple and easy.
    The most tricky part seems to be reading the ReadMe file well enough (well enough to set the ‘image-scan’ in the plugin file to ‘true’).

    Sorry if this became a mini-tutorial :o) – I’m just happy to find an easy way to replace Alakhnor’s “Post-Thumb” plugin which is not developed (and has kept me from upgrading WP) beyond v2.5.1. It even links the thumb to the post!
    And it looks like all I have to do is to replace the Post-Thumb code with the Get image code in my templates.

    Just one question:
    If I’ve understood things right, the plugin really doesn’t generate any thumbnail but displays the original image in miniature? If so, it is really important to make that image as light-weighted as possible.
    Thanks a lot,

  168. Derek
    Derek Published |

    Good work Justin!

    It would be a nice feature if it were possible to resize the image, not rely on predetermined sizes like Thumbnail.

    Just a thought. Very smooth nonetheless.

  169. Kilwag
    Kilwag Published |

    Great plugin, thanks.

    I was using the “Post Image” plugin, but it stopped working with new uploads when I migrated to MU. As of this comment, your plugin works fine in Wordpress MU 2.7.1, although I haven’t tested any of the options, just the simple “get_the_image();”

  170. How we moved from CollegePublisher to WordPress « The Maine Campus
  171. Tony Bullard
    Tony Bullard Published |

    In the readme it says “You might want to make the script grab the second attached image to a post. You can do that with this code: ”

    What if I want it to pull ALL photos from a post?

  172. How to Install and Set Up WP-Prolific : WP-Prolific
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  174. How to Add Images for Your Featured Articles : WP-Clear
  175. Karen
    Karen Published |

    I’m using a new solostream WP-clear template for my site and added your plugin to make sure all the images transfer over but still can’t get the thumbnails to work? Where the images should be an error message comes up. I’m still using 2.3 about to updated to 2.8 could this be the reason? Thanks!

  176. Karen
    Karen Published |

    AH! Sorry, just saw the part about need 2.5 or higher. Will upgrade and try again. Thanks for providing this plugin for nubies like me, it’s key!

  177. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Hello Justin,

    First of all, thanks for this Plugins. This is a BIG time saver for me as I am using it extensively in my 3 blogs.

    This plug-in does not work with wp 2.8. I have also updated this plugin to 0.3.3 but no go. Pls. check and help.

    Many thanks.

  178. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Thanks for your advise. I will remember this for sure. I will go to support forums now.

  179. Derek
    Derek Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I realized that not too long after I posted.

    In the end, I figured out a script on my own (though, I might add, it lacks the wide range of your plugin.)


  180. masya
    masya Published |

    Hi there,

    I have tried the examples above but it’s not working.

    the former code looks like the code below

    Which code should I use in order to see the image in 0.3.3 image

  181. masya
    masya Published |

    sorry some part was not displayed

  182. masya
    masya Published |

    Sorry – I read readme more carefully – everything works fine – thanks!

  183. Karen
    Karen Published |

    I love this plug in, thank you so much! I’m only having one problem with it for my WP Clear solostream theme. The thumbnails are all working great but the featured image from the glider is bleeding into the right column when you click into the actual post. Any feedback would be greatly appreciate. I’m using WP 2.8 and downloaded your latest version.

  184. Make a Digital Statement with WordPress | Download | Waihoblog.com
  185. Dana Pianowski Photography : That Wordpress Guy
  186. Gogi
    Gogi Published |


    Great Plug-In! Excellent Job!
    Just one question, I looked through Support Forum but couldn’t find the answer and I didn’t felt comfortable opening a new thread.

    Is there a way to link the image with URL which is in another custom field?

    Thanx again

  187. Michael
    Michael Published |


    I appreciate your plugin very much and use it in nearly every template. I now want to include related posts to my single.php, and I found a nice leightweight snippet to do that here (the third one).

    Now I struggle with implementing the thumbnails to the related posts: If i replace line 19 with echo get_the_image_link(array(‘Thumbnail’,’My Thumbnail’),’thumbnail’); only the thumbnail for the first related post is displayed, the others aren’t.

    Any clue what I did wrong?


  188. Annual Redesign Time | Randa Clay Design
  189. Get The Image WordPress Plugin | Squico
  190. david
    david Published |

    Did something change from before that would cause your plugin to stop working? I had it working, then upgraded, and now it’s not working. Was I supposed to change something?

  191. david
    david Published |

    Ah! I figured it out. The ‘image_scan’ => false, was changed back to False after the upgrade. Once I set it to True, all was well.

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  193. mocean emanuel cristian
    mocean emanuel cristian Published |

    I am using a free host and I am a little concerned about this plugin’s CPU efficiency ?
    Does it cache the images or convert them again each time they are displayed ?

    Thank you

  194. mocean emanuel cristian
    mocean emanuel cristian Published |

    maybe I sounded a little ungratefull 🙂 this is a great plugin to get for free , I didn’t mean to sound like that . My moth talked without me 🙂 I also meant resizing , not converting . Am I right assuming that no caching means resizing each time ?

  195. kevin
    kevin Published |

    hey justin, any idea why some pictures resized to a smaller size appear a bit blured whereas some are just fine ?

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  202. trustin
    trustin Published |


    The scrip work perfect but regarding pictures with IE, i have an awful blue border.
    How can I disable this ?

    Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

  203. trustin
    trustin Published |

    oops sorry I found, i just needed to modify le “img” class in the css theme.

  204. David
    David Published |

    Hi Justin. The default image (third parameter) is not loading. I have looked into the code and made some tweaks, but it doesn’t work. Is it because of my wordpress version? (I use 2.8.2).
    Sorry for making here my question, I have checked the support forum you are suggesting, but I can’t find anything related to this, it seems to be only for paid members…

  205. David
    David Published |

    One more thing, the class of the image is “thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail “. Is it normal?

  206. scysys
    scysys Published |

    Thanks for that Plugin. This is abolute Perfect 🙂 You can see it in Action on my Site

  207. Tom
    Tom Published |

    Going to give this a whirl however I don’t think it will solve a repeating client issue which is that they just don’t understand the process of copying in a image URL and putting it in the custom field.

    What is needed is a robust and easy to use custom field upload image plugin.

  208. Roger One
    Roger One Published |

    hello I try to replace my own function nothing display. I also tried many different settings but nothing works.

  209. MissK
    MissK Published |


    sorry for causing troubles, but it looks like there is a small problem with the last release (0.3.3)

    Located in the loop, the following line is only working once.

    The first excerpt is displayed with the picture, but not the others.
    Sorry for posting, the forum is not accessible.

    Kind regards

  210. VectorsOnFire.com
    VectorsOnFire.com Published |

    Wow thanks for such a great plugin! Exactly what i was looking for. Works perfectly, I have implemented at http://www.vectorsonfire.com (sidebar) for recent posts.

  211. miniml press wordpress theme by siiimple | siiimple
  212. Johnny
    Johnny Published |

    Hey Justin,

    Question: why don’t the images resize proportionally?

    Here’s what i mean: http://adidas-talk.com/apparel/kzk-neighborhood/

  213. Johnny
    Johnny Published |
  214. Fraser
    Fraser Published |

    Just wanted to drop this by. I tried a couple of plugins because I was wanting something to work fast. This is just perfect. You are a legend for creating it.

    Thanks alot

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  221. Spong
    Spong Published |

    Hi, right now i have your plugin working by grabbing an image that has been attached to the post. Is there some easy way so i can add an image only as a preview for the index page which is not shown in the post itself?

  222. Kjetil
    Kjetil Published |

    This looks great. I just have one problem, to figure out which code to use to pull an preexisting image from the post:
    I want to display a thumb in the post list and only the full image inside the post. I’ve tried several ways. But the closest I get is, when opening the post, there is both a thumb and the full image. Funny thing.
    It would be great to know if this is possible and even better to know how.
    Thanks a lot,

  223. db
    db Published |

    Looks a lot like Get Post Image from Andrew Grant way back ,2007. Nice Try Justin

  224. How to Install and Set Up WP-MediaMag : Glenn Tremain
  225. CG
    CG Published |

    I got someone to make a mod for me on this plugin so that one can link to the image as well… would you (Justin) like to see the code with an option to include it in this plugin? I find it very useful.

  226. Bill
    Bill Published |

    Hi, is it possible to use this plugin in conjunction with get_posts, that is outside the loop? I have tried setup_postdata and this does not help. Thanks.

  227. Mastering Image Uploads/Inserts with Solostream Themes
  228. isabela rodrigues
    isabela rodrigues Published |

    When i try use your plugin with phantom theme, my site disappear . It’s very weird , do you know about this?

  229. How to Add Images for Your Featured Articles : Mẹo vặt gia đình
  230. Jan Zikmund
    Jan Zikmund Published |

    Hi, I absolutely love your module, but now I used it on one site and it seems, like some of the images aren’t working. Could you please have a look at http://www.nodes.dk/blog ? You can see, that for the top article “Nyt Facebook initiativ fra Mikkel Kessler” from 1. october it is not working, even the image is in the article the same as in others. Thanks a lot..

  231. How to Install and Set Up WP-Genius : WP-Genius
  232. Aurelian
    Aurelian Published |

    This is a great plugin, but i want to ask you for a feature. Can you code it so it accepts a thumbnail script la timthumb or phpthumb?

    That’s because mostly of the crop feature, this way you can have fixed size picture.

    Thank you.

  233. Cathy Tibbles
    Cathy Tibbles Published |

    I love this plugin – I’ve used it in numerous custom themes.

    This time on my site, I have it called 3 times in the home page, exactly the same way every time, but the 2nd time isn’t working… I wonder if i found a bug? I have NO clue why it isn’t working. In the 1st block of code it only works if the image is attached, NOT addedfrom the media library or another URL. ? Possibloy something wrong with my call?

  234. Cathy Tibbles
    Cathy Tibbles Published |

    Ack. Sorry – you have no html tags allowed?

    Here’s the url to the code: http://wordpress.pastebin.com/m791ee06a

    thank you.

  235. Robbo
    Robbo Published |

    Fantastic plugin – can anyone tell me please what do I need to put in my css file to get rid of the blue box around the image.

    I’ve tried:

    {border-style: none;


  236. the_post_image() in WordPress 2.9 | WordPress Philippines
  237. WP-Genius Nasıl Kurulur? : AcikogretimX.com
  238. tops-post.com
    tops-post.com Published |

    This is great. plugin

    I’ve been trying to do this for a while

    Thanks 🙂

  239. Roberto
    Roberto Published |

    Deleted for wasting Justin’s time.

  240. Trends Updates
    Trends Updates Published |

    Very nice plugin. I used on my blog, Its working pretty fine.

  241. Free Templates Resource » Blog Archive » Hijriah
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  244. majron sakera
    majron sakera Published |

    does this plugin can show the image? or picture?

  245. How to Install and Set Up WP-Genius : 软件测试资料下载
  246. iLucato
    iLucato Published |

    Great Plug-in, thanks for sharing! I didn’t have time to read all posts, but I’ll try to see if somebody got the same issue. I noticed that when I use in the article some image that is not from my media files, the “Get The Image” doesn’t get to generate the thumbnail. I mean, if I use in the article/post an image from an link/external url, it doesn’t generate the thumbnail and just shows my “default-thumbnail.gif”.

    Does anybody know if is there any way to get to generate the thumbnail when using images from external link/URL?

    Thanks in advance.

  247. padma
    padma Published |

    With get_the_post plugin I am getting only default thumbnail to all post.
    ( get_the_image(array(‘post_id’ => get_the_ID()) I didn’t get post wise thumbnail.
    What Should I have to do for getting ID wise thumbnails?

  248. Royal Bouquet Florist
    Royal Bouquet Florist Published |

    I’m glad I found your site. I’ve been looking for some cool wp plugins to help me with some formatting issues. Thanks for sharing.

  249. tbh_rob
    tbh_rob Published |

    Can this plugin be modified simply, so that does the following:

    – looks for all the subpages of the current page
    – gets the first attachment image from those pages,
    – posts a list of links to those pages, each with an image.

    So if I am on the instruments page, it can look at all the subpages, get the first image attachment of that page (or from a custom field if thats easier) and write a list out using that image as a thumbnail. This is so the user can see a menu of subpages, with an image.

    – Bass
    – Guitar
    – Drums

    I can figure out how to get_attachments of a page, but not from a subpage.


    1. Paul
      Paul Published |

      I’m doing it right now on my site. Very simple. Its using Justins awesome plugin (which I use in almost every theme I develop) and a slick query I’ve discovered.

      First set the current page as the parent… ID; ?>

      Then query for all the pages that have this page as a parent…

      Then use Justin’s awesome plugin…

      Then end the while…

      The query is the key….

      1. Paul
        Paul Published |

        Let me try again… ignored my code…

        php $parent = $post->ID;

        then query..

                         while (have_posts()) : the_post();

        then get the image….


        then end while..

  250. Roberto
    Roberto Published |

    Deleted for wasting Justin’s time.

  251. tbh_rob
    tbh_rob Published |

    Thanks very much… I’m having trouble implementing your code, are you able to send me a copy of the .php file via email attachment?

    I am putting this code into the main links page of my website, to list subpages.

  252. Roberto
    Roberto Published |

    Deleted for wasting Justin’s time.

  253. Roberto
    Roberto Published |

    Deleted for wasting Justin’s time.

  254. tbh_rob
    tbh_rob Published |

    Thanks very much! I look forward to formatting the results!

    I’ve tried many plugins that just dont do what this code does!

    Everything is working excellently!

    Is there a way that if the subpage has no image attachments, I can choose a default image to display instead?

    Thanks a lot!

  255. Roberto
    Roberto Published |

    Deleted for wasting Justin’s time.

  256. roberto
    roberto Published |

    Deleted for wasting Justin’s time.

  257. Roberto
    Roberto Published |

    Deleted for wasting Justin’s time.

  258. iLucato
    iLucato Published |

    Great Plug-in, thanks for sharing! I didn’t have time to read all posts, but I’ll try to see if somebody got the same issue. I noticed that when I use in the article some image that is not from my media files, the “Get The Image” doesn’t get to generate the thumbnail. I mean, if I use in the article/post an image from an link/external url, it doesn’t generate the thumbnail and just shows my “default-thumbnail.gif”.

    Does anybody know if is there any way to get to generate the thumbnail when using images from external link/URL?

    Thanks in advance.

  259. Joe
    Joe Published |

    I just installed “Get the image” plugin on my blog and I activated it. Am i to do something else because I have images in all of my posts but yet I go to the main home page of the blog and their still isn’t any thumbnail images. What am I missing?

  260. Greg
    Greg Published |


    I have a question.
    Can the script scan for more than one image and output more than one image?

    I need two images from the posts so I can make them shuffle/fade with jQuery.


  261. Genius WordPress Premium Theme | V.i.T.v.N.nEt™
  262. Mastering Image Uploads/Inserts with Solostream Themes « Temas e Dicas para Wordpress
  263. James Taylor
    James Taylor Published |

    Hi Justin,
    Like a lot of Wordpress users it seems, I was searching how to display the first image of each post on my home page when I came across this page. After closer inspection of my functions.php it appears that the Get The Image plug-in is already built into my Wordpress theme’s functions. I’m using Monochrome Pro.
    However, after much tweaking and tearing out of hair I still can’t get those first images to show. Maybe you’re the man to tell me where I’m going wrong.

  264. Ben
    Ben Published |

    Is there a way to use this with the WP-PostRatings plugin where you would insert:

    To pull the highest rated? He’s got variables that you can add into a template such as: %POST_EXCERPT% but would one know how to create something such as: %POST_THUMB% that could work with your plugin to put into the post rating script to pull a thumb for let’s say my header to display the highest rated post of the day with a thumb?

  265. Breigh
    Breigh Published |

    Hi Justin! I love your plugin and have been using it for quite some time with my blog (using theme wp-vybe from Solostream).

    When I upgraded the plugin recently, it seems to have removed all previous thumbnails. So the blogs I’ve uploaded SINCE upgrading the plugin are fine, but all previous thumbnails that were created are gone.

    I’m not sure if others have already posted about this, if they have I’m sorry. I didn’t read through all of the comments, there are just far too many hehe Please help!

  266. Breigh
    Breigh Published |

    Hey sorry Justin I found the problem on the support forums for my theme here:

    Thought you might want to publish it here in the comments in case any others from solostream visit!

    Thanks again, keep up the good work! 🙂

  267. Mastering Image Uploads/Inserts with Solostream Themes | Solostream
  268. » WordPress: Best of 2009 and Trends of 2010 | The Pink Crow
  269. R`Man
    R`Man Published |

    I m having a problem. Plugin is not able set src attribute path correctly..

  270. Jeannie Johnston
    Jeannie Johnston Published |

    Fatal Error

    Hi. I am receiving this error message when I attempt to use the plugin (it has happened on 2 different hosting services).

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_theme_support() in /home/pgnew/public_html/wp-content/plugins/get-the-image/get-the-image.php on line 29

    Any suggestions??

    Many thanks.

  271. cem
    cem Published |

    I activated this plugin in wp 2.9 but in my homepage i can see normal size photos, and not thumbs ? i inserted code to the theme , what i need to do?

  272. Warhammer39999.com: Now with Pictures! | Warhammer 39,999
  273. Member Master
    Member Master Published |

    Fails to activate on WP 2.8.6

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_theme_support() in /home/sdimmick/enlightenedmillionairecode.com/wp-content/plugins/get-the-image/get-the-image.php on line 29

  274. WP-plugins those I use | [simply] : Wit
    WP-plugins those I use | [simply] : Wit at |
  275. Martin
    Martin Published |

    Great plugin!
    Just a quick question – couldnt find the answer in the support forums or on this comments thread – I need to just extract the path to the image – how can I do that?


  276. aspect ratio
    aspect ratio Published |


    I don’t mind paying for support if I know there is an answer … I am a bit loathed to stump up if there isn’t.

    Is there an answer in the forums on how to preserve images’ aspect ratio?

    Or does one just have to upload a dedicated image as a custom field, or something?

    Probably worth adding to the readme.


  277. How to Install and Set Up WP-Launch : WordPressテスト
  278. iLucato
    iLucato Published |

    Does anybody know if is there any way to get to generate the thumbnail when using images from external link/URL?

    Thanks in advance.

  279. andy
    andy Published |

    I enhanced this function to general thumnail for external source (URL linked image).
    Basically, function read image and create thumnail and store on WP web server.
    But, I have a problem of system perfomance. It slow down overall wordpress.

  280. Jarga
    Jarga Published |

    Hi Justin

    I use your very nice Get The Image WordPress Plugin. Please, how can I send each of images in my RSS feed ?

    Thanks for your help

  281. How to Install and Set Up WP-Launch : WP-Launch Premium WordPress Theme
  282. Max
    Max Published |

    Hi Justin, I use your plugin, as suggested from solostream, where i bought the WP theme and works great! Only a question maybe obvious… I want to enhance thumbs in my RSS FEED (feedburner) account. Can I add them with your GTI or do I have to install another plugin to do that? Maybe like “Thumbnail For Exerpts”… or what else… I ask you ’cause I’m afraid that another plugin can go in conflict with yours… that of course I want to keep working. THX

  283. Paolo Vacirca
    Paolo Vacirca Published |

    I’ve downloaded the plugin “Get The Image” which does almost all I need. It takes the specified thump picture if it finds it, and if not, it looks in the post for other pictures. It also grabs the excerpt text from the excerpt field. This is where I have a problem… I want it to grab the text before the more tag.

    Is this possible?

    Summary: I want Get The Image (or any pluigin like it) to grab the specified thumbs picture, or any picture it can find in the post. And then I want to have the text that comes before the more tag to be displayed – NOT the text from the excerpt field.

  284. johnbillion
    johnbillion Published |

    Justin, I thought you might like to know that I’ve just added support for Get The Image to my Feed Thumbnails plugin.


  285. Improving Wordpress Search | Martin Lucas
  286. Notes from Day Two of WordCamp Ireland | Steve Flinter
  287. How to Add Post Thumbnails to Your Posts : atthaitown
  288. How to Add Images for Your Featured Articles : Slenderday.com Blogs
  289. Smash Free Premium Quality WordPress Theme Release | Smashing Updates
  290. fb
    fb Published |

    The best Plugin by far that Justin has made, but if you want more cool coding this is plugin is built into his framework Theme Hyrbid, go and check it out I am sure you will not look back…

  291. rohin
    rohin Published |

    Justin I love your plugin , great job at automation but I’ve experimented for a while with your plugin and the pictures just seem to be squished and not clean in aspect ratio when compared to the same dimensions given to the timthumb script.

    Any ideas of how to improve this ?

    Many Thanks !

  292. ArtLung : Using tags: “Drawings”; How I use WordPress get_the_image() ~ 27 Mar 2010
  293. Marty Martin
    Marty Martin Published |

    Will it grab the_post_thumbnail if in use?

  294. Arshad
    Arshad Published |

    Thank you so much for this plugin but i just wanna change the size of the thumbnail and i couldn’t do it

    Can you please help me Justin?

  295. Dewo
    Dewo Published |

    well, it’s embarrassing, this plugin didn’t work in my blog.
    I use old wp 2.8.6, should I upgrade to the new one to be able to use this plugin?

    sorry for the noobs question.


  296. Dewo
    Dewo Published |

    Just upgraded my wp and this plugin works great, oh finally my problem fixed.

    thanks Justin.

  297. Ugur Eskici
    Ugur Eskici Published |

    Thanks for making this available, It was exactly what i needed.

  298. Steve
    Steve Published |

    Regarding my previous comment… I realized that the plugin pulls the first image uploaded — I just had to delete it from the media library and upload again. Hope this helps others who may experience this issue.

    1. Greg Lam
      Greg Lam Published |


      Thanks, that solved the issue for me. I couldn’t figure out why it was pulling the old image from the post even though I put a new image in the post. Once I deleted the images that used to be in the post from the libray, my problem was fixed.

  299. Kant
    Kant Published |

    Hi, I want to align my thumb on the center of the post (before More tag). Only solution I found is the in the index.php Is there any other solution?

  300. Edwin
    Edwin Published |

    Is there a posibility to make this plugin show two thumbnails in stead of one?
    I need to show two foto’s. A before and after photo.

    aligning can be accomplished through css. Just wrap the code of get-the-image in a div and center it.
    And you should place the get-the-image code above the_content or the_excerpt code line

  301. Sam Brit
    Sam Brit Published |

    how do i get this to work? where do i put the codes, please help

  302. anmari
    anmari Published |

    Dear Justin,

    Thanks for the plugin. In the code defaults setup, you have allowed for a default image. This is great for having a placeholder image waiting for the images to be uploaded (eg: for my friend’s interior designer portfolio – she has a long lead time before starting a project to when final images can be taken).

    It would be great if next time you do an update, this could be configurable so it does not get overwritten when an update goes through.


  303. anmari
    anmari Published |

    Me again – Hmm reading the above did not sound good – too demanding and not nearly appreciate enough, and I really do appreciate your plugins! I just wanted to flag the thought – perhaps I’ll do the code and send it your way sometime?

  304. Integrating Your WordPress Blog with Ingeniux CMS : High on Web
  305. Steve
    Steve Published |

    Thanks for the download, i will test this on one of my other blogs, will save and share.

  306. Time to summarize plugins in QuantMinds | QuantMinds.com
  307. Philip
    Philip Published |

    Justin, this is very useful indeed!

    What would also be useful (if you take requests!) would be a plugin that does basically exactly what this plugin does, but then instead of having to call , the plugin would instead go back through all the posts and simply set the returned image as the “featured image” (using 3.0 terminology) for each particular post.

    Correct me if you think I’m wrong, but wouldn’t doing it this way also allow the user to use the default wordpress functions like “the_post_thumbnail()”, which would prevent them from having to change existing code. They could basically just update their entire site in one fell swoop as if they’d been using featured images all along.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    1. Emily
      Emily Published |

      That is EXACTLY what I want too… haven’t found a plugin that does that yet. Seems like Get the Image would be the closest thing… but not quite there yet.

  308. Martin
    Martin Published |

    Excellent work! Thanks for the clear documentation, as well — that’s a real bonus.

  309. Nardiansyah
    Nardiansyah Published |

    Is it true all that we have to do is Install this ? then everything will be running automatically.

  310. Get The Image – WordPress Plugin | Jay Collier
  311. mitch
    mitch Published |

    I noticed when i upgraded to the latest version it’s not resizing the images to thumbnail size in every instance. Most of the time i’m using the custom field for post_image. I had to revert to a previous version.

  312. Get-the-Image, TimThumb, and Wordpress 3.0 Blog Networks
  313. Display custom field content on home page - DesignersTalk
  314. Giuseppe
    Giuseppe Published |

    we want to use your plugin but our portal take post and image from oue other blog. Is it possible to take image from feed (like post thumb revisited) ad work with super cache?

    thank you and sorry form my english

  315. 12 Wordpress Plugins I Can’t Live Without | Daily Window
  316. Patrick Nelson
    Patrick Nelson Published |

    How does it know where each custom field goes. I understand what it does, but don’t understand how it grabs several custom field and put the pics in the right place.

  317. enson
    enson Published |

    Hey Justin,

    'default_image' => 'http://www.phumpe.com/wp-content/uploads/default.png' => true,

    can I set like this to activate the default image if within the post there is no image found?

  318. Ernie Smith
    Ernie Smith Published |

    Hey, you should make it possible/easy to extract the URL of the images in the next version. Here’s why (it’s a really good reason):

    With the Facebook Like function and the new version of Digg coming out, it would be helpful for this plugin to be able to automatically extract your images of choice, so you would be able to cleanly and neatly put them in the and functions. That way, the plugin does all the work for you and your fans get nice looking images when they link to your page on Facebook and the like.

    I seem to remember slightly reworking the plugin to do this, but now I can't remember what I did. Just a thought.

  319. Ernie Smith
    Ernie Smith Published |

    Whoops, flubbed that slightly… I meant:

    This would make the plugin even more useful.

  320. Ernie Smith
    Ernie Smith Published |

    Actually, I figured it out:

    Do that, and you’ll have pretty images for readers sharing stories on Facebook.

  321. Benjamin
    Benjamin Published |

    Awesome plugin, it is just what I was looking for.

    However an upgrade maybe useful. I am currently using [WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages] to pull in posts from all the blogs on my WP 3.0.1 multi-site install.

    Get the image does not display images for posts pulled from other blogs on the main site, only the posts created on the main show images.

    I’m not a php whiz, but I am sure this would be a quick upgrade for someone of your talent.

    thanks for listening

  322. Kathy
    Kathy Published |

    Thank you Justin for this kick-ass plugin. I am experiencing some very strange behavior. First, perhaps I am misinterpreting what image_scan intends to do, but I see no difference between ‘image_scan’=>’true’ and ‘image_scan’=>’false’ when I insert get_the_image() into my loop I am getting images returned (on posts that do not have a featured image), regardless of which parameter i pass.

    secondly, but related to that, the plugin seems to return the same image for posts that have no image set as featured, attached, nor in the content. It is like it finds the image and then doesn’t flush it for the next post in the loop. Then if a later post has a different image in the content that image is still usurped as a thumbnail.

    you can see it here:

    nothing is found in the 1st post, so no image as it should be. An image is found in post 2 and post 3, so thumbnail is produced. No image is in post 4 and yet it continues to show the thumbnail from post 3.

  323. Kathy
    Kathy Published |

    gosh i wish i could delete my previous post. get_the_image was just pulling stuff from the custom field ‘thumbnail’ like it is supposed to do.

    thank you again for the plugin.

  324. Theme para WP Sugoi | Codigo Geek
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  325. Greyhat
    Greyhat Published |

    Many thanks for your work on such a great little plugin. Meets my needs exactly.

  326. Gumz
    Gumz Published |

    it is just what I was looking… Thnx a lot for the plugin…

  327. Focus on the Lesson Plan | English Advantage Test Blog
  328. Dennis "KeepMyHome" Marshall
    Dennis "KeepMyHome" Marshall Published |

    Thanks man. I had to put my site on hold because I didnt; know how to do the thumbnails

  329. dgv
    dgv Published |

    Hello, great plugin. Is there a way to show post description, because all I have is image and no post description.

  330. Martin
    Martin Published |

    I absolutley love this plugin, i have been using it for about 18months in its most basic form of simply putting a thumbnail up on blog page, now i decided to give it some more work to do, integrating it with Coda Slider was seamless and works perfectly.

    I had one hiccup (expected more) which took around 10 seconds to sort out, what hapened was my posts that i used to add the image to frontpage Coda Slider was overiding the default thumbs on blog page, so i just added “attachment’ => ‘false'” into the get the image function. job done!

  331. zander
    zander Published |

    Thanks for an indespensible plugin. I use it as standard on every site I make.

    I have a question: ca I sue this to diplay ALL the images from a post in a list?

  332. Michael
    Michael Published |

    Am desperate to get this to work, but I’m fairly new to wordpress. I use the “external videos” plugin, which creates a custom field of “thumbnail_url” , I need to set my featured image from these image links, please could you help out ? I will make a small donation if you can. 🙂 I’m also using the mystique theme if that helps any ?

  333. Troy Templeman
    Troy Templeman Published |

    Hi Justin, I just want to thank you for great plugin and the great contribution you have made to the WordPress community. It’s unfortunate that a few people don’t share that appreciation. Keep up the great work!

  334. Jeff
    Jeff Published |

    Hello Justin, I have a problem with your plugin.

    I installed and configure it correctly, I am using the code in the index.php file:

     'custom-image', 'image_scan' => true, 'size' => 'medium', 'width' => '120', 'height' => '120', 'default_image' => 'http://www.mysite.it/default-cn.jpg' ) ); ?>

    The problem is that sometimes, it doesn’t show any thumbnail (first image attached at post) or the default image that I set.
    I don’t understand what is the problem.

    For example: on the first page of my Blog, it show only 2 thumbnails on 10 posts; on the 4rd page of the Blog, it works well and show all the thumbnails.

    1 Page: http://www.cellularinotizie.com

    4 Page: http://www.cellularinotizie.com/page/4/

    In other posts, also if there is the image attached in the article, it doesn’t show any image on the Homepage.
    Can you help me to resolve this strange issue?

    Thank you,
    congratulations for this nice plugin

  335. irwanbee
    irwanbee Published |

    Thanks for this great plugins.
    My fav feature is “custom_key_save”
    this is my longest wait,.. and finally ends here.

    great works!

  336. irwanbee
    irwanbee Published |

    ups,. sorry,..
    i mean “meta_key_save”


  337. Adam Capriola
    Adam Capriola Published |

    One of the best plugins ever. For sure.

    One “bug” I’ve come across (not sure if it’s really a bug or not):

    I have get the image placed in 2 spots on my site: within my content div and sidebar div.

    I’ve assigned different classes to the images via ‘image_class’, content-thumb and sidebar-thumb.

    If the same post appears in both my content div and sidebar div on the same page, the image in the sidebar is assigned the class “content-thumb” and not “sidebar-thumb” like it should (and how the rest of the sidebar images are).

    If I turn the cache off for the sidebar thumbs, they are assigned their proper class. So everything is merry.

    I’m not sure if this is the way the cache feature is supposed to work, in that the class is copied as well, but it might be something to look into.

  338. Arcángel
    Arcángel Published |

    Hi, I installed the “get-the-image” plugin and work perfect… but, always a but, when I open a category, found that theres a duplicate of the image. Would you help me solve that? Thanks for your time, your answer and sorry about my english.

  339. Arcángel
    Arcángel Published |

    Sorry… I will repeat my message due to a lack of information I detected. Thanks again.

    Hi, I installed the “get-the-image” plugin and work perfect… but, always a but, when I open a category, found that theres a duplicate of the image. Would you help me solve that? Thanks for your time, your answer and sorry about my english.

    I´m working with wp 3.0.3 and don´t know a bit about php, but will understand your guidance.

  340. Ricky Mindanao
    Ricky Mindanao Published |

    is there anyway you can just do an include for the script then add a tag for the IMG like say CropRatio= ?

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  343. WordPress Plugin Parade 2011 – #1 » Zitterkopf
  344. tr-bilgi
    tr-bilgi Published |

    thank you for plugin. It was exactly what I needed.

  345. Alex
    Alex Published |

    Hi, thanks for this awesome plugin but i’ve got a strange issue,

    i’m using the snippet multiple times to show multiple thumbnails from custom fields, the script works but the thumbnails that the script grab it’s always the same

    this is the code that i’m using


    what’s wrong ?

  346. Kees
    Kees Published |

    Hello Justin,

    I am using the GIMB (google image) plugin to let users put pictures in their post, it looks like this:

    But when I go to my frontpage with on there post avatars (featured images) it doesnt display the image.
    It only does when I manually choice the add feature image button and do it via that.
    Why doesnt it fetches the picture? Using the WP way is to difficult for my users.

    Because I cant post anything on your forum, this reaction …



  347. Philip
    Philip Published |

    Justin, I have a question about part of your plugin. This line of code:

    get_children( array( 'post_parent' => $args['post_id'], 'post_status' => 'inherit', 'post_type' => 'attachment', 'post_mime_type' => 'image', 'order' => 'ASC', 'orderby' => 'menu_order ID' ) );

    You specify order as ‘menu_order ID’. I’m confused as what menu_order means when it comes to attachments. I don’t see any place where you can set it from within the WordPress admin.


  348. Rahul
    Rahul Published |

    Hmmmmm…. I now realize this accomplishes 100% of what I’m after. Thanks Justin!

  349. Aamsur
    Aamsur Published |

    ohh my god…………… its works excelent!!!! i dont know what happened on my wordpress, it can’t create an image-thumbnail. with this plugin, it will auto get an image which have on my post… really goooodd….. thanks very muchhh !

  350. Melissa
    Melissa Published |

    Hi – I’m using this great plugin with a theme from solostream, and it’s been cool. Except it started to display the wrong thumbnail no matter how many times I re-selected it. So I had to delete all my images – delete them again from the image folder via ftp – then I de-activated the plugin.

    I re-activated it and re-placed the images. Nothing! Then I complete deleted the plugin and reuploaded it. All I get is an image placeholder. Any tips here?

  351. joel
    joel Published |

    hi there, im really bad at php only stared a week or two ago.

    im using this bit of code

    array( 'Thumbnail', 'thumbnail' ), 'size' => 'full' ) ); ?>

    but i need the size or the images to be resized 160px by 160px

    im assuming id write something where it says “full” but i have no idea what to write. please help. im only a beginner

  352. tina
    tina Published |

    Am wondering where l can get the code from readme.html

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  355. Handphone Terbaru » Blog Archive » How to Adding Thumbnail Images in Digital Statement Themes
  356. ice
    ice Published |

    This is plugin automatic show your images file that you upload by thumnail.
    It’s very fantastic plugin , thanks a lot ^^!

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  359. Get Post Image WordPress Plugin | Vinicius Massuchetto
  360. Macholino
    Macholino Published |

    thank you for plugin. It was what I needed.

  361. Political Insights | Test Site
    Political Insights | Test Site at |
  362. Allen
    Allen Published |

    If there is no images to grab, How do you configure the default image ?

  363. Tom
    Tom Published |

    Hello Justin! I hope I can achieve what I want with this plugin. The problem what I’m facing now is that I can’t see options for it. I’m using the most up to date Wordpress on PHP5. Is there a conflict with the new Wordpress?

  364. Install and Set-Up Guide | FUMUA
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  366. WordPress Plugin Parade 2011 – #1 » Mister Hirnfurz
  367. Ryan O'Meara
    Ryan O'Meara Published |

    Well, it’s only taken me about 4 years of getting frustrated and messing around with magazine themes to finally find this plugin. I reckon I’ve spent about 1,000 hours doing things that this plugin does in seconds. Thanks!

  368. Sebastiaan
    Sebastiaan Published |

    Hi, is it also possible to let the plugin choose a pic from a folder storage of pictures? i mean that it will not need any picture added specifically to the post, but instead choose a random or selected picture from this set folder, searched or fetched based on keyword for example, or simply random pick?

    this possible? im looking for this plugin for some of my many posts submitted by various writers who i dont want to bother with adding pics but some system that adds them automatically. anyone please?


  369. Random Joe
    Random Joe Published |

    Hello Greenshady!

    From programmer to programmer I wanted to thank you for the get the image plug in! You are the man! Very simple and love it!! 🙂

    Your “readme.html” helped a great deal in using the correct code in getting the image to show on all posts on my front page @ http://techblog.codeobsessed.com

    …if you scroll all the way down you will see that your light weight plug in has retrieved the image from each post that I called from the loop in my current new index theme.

    Are you currently working on any new plug ins or developing this one any further?

    By the way, I as looking at your “get-the-image.php” file and I appreciate all your comments explaining each line of code!

    Again, thanks for constructing an awesome simple useful tool that I have not found anywhere else….

  370. Adding OG Tags in Wordpress « The Markos Giannopoulos Blog
  371. Dustin
    Dustin Published |

    Thank you so much for this amazing plugin. It just saved me a ton of time after I screwed part of my site up.

  372. Ar4es
    Ar4es Published |

    Thanks a lot for this plugin! It’s so useful and simple, just brilliant.

  373. Redimensionar as opções de imagem automáticamente | Reviltec
  374. DANNY
    DANNY Published |

    Hey Justin,

    Quick question. Right now “alt” produces the title of the post. I want to make it so that it calls “Main Image”. How do I do that?

  375. 28 Essential WordPress Plugins | JonLoomer.com
  376. Richard Fendelman
    Richard Fendelman Published |

    I just started to make a WP site with WP-ClearVideo. I added the ‘Get The Image’ plug and it worked great except for one page that did not work at all. Then, I was having other troubles with the Theme, so I deactivated all the plugins to see if that was a cause.
    My problem: When I re-activated ‘Get The Image’, it does not show up any more in my previous nor in my new posts. Any ideas how I can make it show up again? I deleted it and reinstalled…nothing.
    Thanks in advance.

  377. Mark
    Mark Published |

    I use Pagelines and NextGengallery :
    I am having an issue with thumbs not loading in a carousel

    I have set featured images in each post linking into the specific image in nextgen
    when I make a carousel using a category there are no thumbnails ( if I make a carousel with a nextgen gallery there is)

    Will your plug-in grab the image from nextgen (via the singlepic shortcode) or the featured image in a post and make a thumbnail?

  378. Jeanene
    Jeanene Published |

    I’m wondering about the buttons that come up on the bottom of lightbox images… I see FB and Twitter buttons, but I’d love a Pinterest button there too. I’m using Get the Image on a theme called UDesign which runs PrettyPhoto.

    I’m trying to figure out:
    1. Are the buttons part of Get the Image or something else?
    2. If so, is there a way I can add a Pinterest button?


  379. max
    max Published |

    Great Plugin!
    I’d like to resize the image with squared cropping , i have old post with images in the content and it takes so long time to edit one by one.
    I’d like to edit the script to have squared images in the home and not all with different size like now.
    Can anyone help me?

    bye max

  380. Dani
    Dani Published |

    I tried to use it but it’s not working for me.

    As far as I get from everything it’s supposed to work and if there’s no other image except the image in the post it’s supposed to extract it from the post and set is as a featured image? Is that correct?

    If yes, why it’s not working?

    Justin? HELP 😀

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  384. nisha
    nisha Published |


    I’m using Get the Image on my website . It was working well previously but as i moved to my website from http to https it stopped working . Please replay if there is any soultion.Thanks in advance.


  385. nisha
    nisha Published |


    I fixed it :). Just chnaged

    $atts = wp_kses_hair( $image_html, array( ‘http’ ) );


    $atts = wp_kses_hair( $image_html, array( ‘https’ ) );

    Its done :).

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  389. mit
    mit Published |

    But what if i embedded an external image into my post, how will this plugin fetch the thumbnail. At the moment some themes it fetches the big image i embed in the post and not the thumbnail.any help would be appreciated
    thank you

  390. Agen Glutera
    Agen Glutera Published |

    Thanks a lot for this good info 🙂

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  395. Christopher
    Christopher Published |

    Justin, We’re using the WP-Davinci theme, by Solostream, that utilizes “Get The Image” plugin. After an update, everything is crashing. Can I get access to an older version, to work with our current theme? (Solostream hasn’t launched a new theme.)


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  400. Divij
    Divij Published |

    Hi Guys,

    The plugin just stopped working for me. Can anyone help? Are there any changes recently?

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