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  1. wideaperture
    wideaperture Published |

    I agree with your reasoning here. I love what the Options theme did for my site, but as a beta adopter many of the modifications I made were to the files, and it was labor intensive enough that I haven’t been able to find the time yet to upgrade to the current version.

    I’ve also been taking some web-related courses and have become interested in doing some of my own designs. For the reasons you point out, the child theme may be the better way to go than continuing to mod the Options theme.

    A final point is that the beta version of Options—I don’t know enough about the current versions to comment on them—required users to dig into the code a bit to make any significant modifications. I, for one, learned a hell of a lot in the process. And there was the catch. As soon as I began to learn and started to figure out what I was looking at, I wanted more room to tinker, not less—and where I’d once seen only the power of the options you provided, I soon began to consider the theme’s framework to be both enabling and constraining at once.

  2. Pangeran
    Pangeran Published |

    But, if the child theme comes with “recommended settings” you don’t need to account the style for other settings. Explain to the user that this child theme were meant to use for this settings.

  3. Bryan
    Bryan Published |

    I’m very much looking forward to your foray into child themes. Indeed, I stuck with Structure instead of moving to Options because of the fact that there WERE just too many options!

  4. A Cowboy's Wife
    A Cowboy's Wife Published |

    I can totally understand what you’re saying but I LOVE the theme and appreciate all the work & effort you put into and into helping answer all the questions associated with it!

  5. Hning
    Hning Published |

    Justin, I thought Ian opinion is correct. I have a similar opinion. Too many option isn’t good. Perhaps, the basic inspiration is correct, people are easier to design the looks of their site. But, it won’t fulfill their desire at all.

    Finally, Custom, custom, and custom. That’s what they want, because they are looking something different than others.

    But, personally i appreciate your work. That was great, absolutely great. Anw, what do you think about the looks of Empire Online? In my opinion, awesome. A truly Magazine layout 🙂

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    I apologise for my poor English.
    Justin, your Options Theme is the best appearance to WordPress which was supposed to see the chance, even though I am leading the blog very intensively for the over half year. I will be using Yours Options Theme and I modified to my needs enough long for, he will be free for taking down together with novelties. Unfortunately, Justin, I won’t be with You (and i will change prime theme), if anything to Options Theme is in frames of the payment – the best appearance you created which so far, should be free, in all its varieties. Thats true – if You insert paid elements into Options, you lose many users, include me and a lot of persons which I recommended your theme.


  7. Zeta Sagittarii
    Zeta Sagittarii Published |

    Now that’s where you lost me, Justin; right after reading your reply to midv. He may not be a major in English, and I happen to find your strong reply totally inadequate especially coming from an ESL teacher in South Korea, right?

    See, you seem to put little price on the users of your themes – or their opinion, for that matter – although their embrace of your ideas and innitiative is what got you in the spotlight in the first place. Funny, ’cause I’m (soon “was”) incidentally one of them. And I’ll be clear on this point: it’s not the money or how you’re making it off of your theme(s), it’s the attitude I think I dislike.

    Bad sign for business, if I may say…

    PS. Sorry, I actually got an account on Theme Hybrid, but I don’t have the credentials at hand right now to login in.

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    Of course I am backing paid appearances of the type up with “Child”, however I am not backing paid cores up – Options Theme. I am reliable, that paid “Childs” will do you good and they will give a little bit of money into the wallet. I hope that main Options Theme every now and then will also be improved, I hope that you won’t deal with only creating paid themes. I think, that Yours Options Theme is the best free theme to WordPress and I hope that he will be improved and still free.
    As for options – I think that their large amounts are a virtue. Large amounts of the option and a possibility of placing everything in the appearance are a great virtue for me. For example, there should be an option like “SHOW” or “NOT SHOW” in post.

    My English isn’t perfect, I don’t live in an English-speaking country and I didn’t learn English at school 🙂

  9. SIlouan Thompson
    SIlouan Thompson Published |

    Widaperture wrote:

    the beta version of Options—I don’t know enough about the current versions to comment on them—required users to dig into the code a bit to make any significant modifications. I, for one, learned a hell of a lot in the process.

    I agree. I never used PHP till I started fooling with WordPress and themes. Well-commented code helped me figure it out right quickly.

    A theme with a zillion control-panel options not only makes it harder to modify the code to suit — seems to me it also opens the floodgates for every single user to ask for more features and customizations. (Glad I don’t have to support them!)

  10. Tibor
    Tibor Published |

    I totally agree with you that child themes are the way to go. I recently discovered the Zen Theme for Drupal and loved the Sandbox-like approach.

    It comes with a layout.css that’s really well documented (with comments in the different sections), and an ’empty’ stylesheet where all CSS id’s and classes are coded, but not yet styled. So you only have to style those to your likes.

    Not as easy as checking some theme prefs in a webform, but very flexible.

  11. Hning
    Hning Published |

    Oh… sorry justin 🙂 The link should be Empire Online.

  12. Carmi
    Carmi Published |

    Amen. All too often, we seem to forget the Keep it Simple rule in the rush to upgrade to the latest and greatest tech doodad. This entry serves as an important reminder than great blogs strip away the superfluous and allow both the blogger and his/her visitors to focus on the conversation at hand.

    Well said.

  13. jmcd
    jmcd Published |

    Call me johnny-come-lately. After a lengthy search of hundreds of themes, yours was the only one that came close to what I had in mind for my web site and saves me beaucoup coding work so many months ago I installed 1.0.1 Beta of the Options Theme and started setting up its options and my site.

    Due to a major move I have just now come back to that project and find that you have advanced your design significantly. First of all I don’t fully understand the relationship between justintadlock.com and themehybrid.com. Despite that, I like your work so I signed up as a paid member on themehybrid.com and would like to upgrade my site before going further. I assume the Shadow child theme will be the same as the Options Dark theme I have now. How do you suggest I proceed? Do I wipe out my theme directory structure and start from scratch with version 1.3 or overwrite?

  14. jmcd
    jmcd Published |

    Thanks for the quick reply. I’m off and running.

  15. Matt Wardman
    Matt Wardman Published |

    I think that there is a middle market for people who want the flexibility that Options gives without having to write code.

    It does constrain ultimate flexibility, because there is such a range of things to think about – but if ultimate flexibility is what you are after, perhaps start from somewhere else.

    For me, I love the flexibility that allows me switch my featured post section of my politics site for a video feed for two months of the year when a lot of videos are being released again, and then just switch it back.

    Horses for courses, and I like the Options horse.

    I think that perhaps it means a little time playing up front before committing to a particular theme.

    I think that was more or less what you said when you started.

  16. Mike
    Mike Published |

    Count me in with the users who love Options, particularly the early version, because of all the, well, options. However, similar to the first commenter, I haven’t been able to upgrade because of all the work I had to do to the code itself. Since I’m not much for documenting workflow, I’m not sure I’ll be able to carry over my changes to a new version. Then again, the theme works so well that I don’t see needing to replace it for quite a while. Well done, Justin!

  17. Michal
    Michal Published |

    Justin, you have a great website. Many nice tutorials here mate, thanks

  18. Mireille
    Mireille Published |

    Well I know this post is old but I just want to say I love this theme.

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  20. Alessio
    Alessio Published |

    Why is Option Theme no more available on themehybrid.com?
    I love that theme!!! I need to find it!!!!
    Where can I download it?

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