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  1. Tim Nash
    Tim Nash Published |

    I find it hard to answer posts like this,I agree YM is not quite there yet and I think the day people say their product is there is the day you stop buying the product.

    However that said people want to buy a working product and I think YM is now at that stage, I have seen some pretty impressive YM sites to back that up. What is great is that while not an open source project we still have a community, those who engage with us are dictating YM future which is really cool and it has become so much more then a simple membership plugin with features that people wanted (asked for) which are unique to it alone because we hopefully listen to our customers.

    Anyway enough ranting about how good I think YM is the point I was making closed source or open its about a two way engagement if we don’t engage with the customer, they get a bad experience, if the customer doesn’t engage with us then really not much we can do and nothing moves forward your plugin fails to develop. Though we always like thanks we can deal with negative comments and it’s the only way things improve the worst thing for us is no feedback or “is not quite there” comments with no prior warning no one wins unless they happen to be a programmer who wants to write their own plugin.

    I wish you luck and I hope you continue to use YM the latest version is not bug free but we can only carry on moving it forward with the community telling us the direction and that is everyone not just those buying dev licenses even your good self if you chose to engage 😉

    Good luck with your own endeavours I hope they prove fruitful.

    p.s Your still on the Christmas card list 🙂

    1. Bruce
      Bruce Published |

      I really would NOT recommend Your Members to anyone. They have failed to get their interface with Zombaio working and after several months I have given up hope. Tim Nash seems to be the only person left as the other two developers appear to have left, the customer support forum has been closed for weeks and his idea of customer service is interesting to say the least.

    2. dominobet
      dominobet Published |

      thanks you

  2. Tim Nash
    Tim Nash Published |

    It wasn’t negative just a bit of a bolt out of the blue, and we would love feedback good, bad downright ugly 🙂
    I guess it sort of caught me off guard and a bit defensive mainly because we are so keen on the idea community rules that in many ways YM has much more of a community feel then most open source projects which are dominated by one or two peoples ideas. GPL projects tend to need a strong leader particularly when you can take it so many directions. We have the advantage that in many ways we need to do the opposite keep stum and listen to what the community wants after all the customers are “normally” right 😀

  3. groovy
    groovy Published |

    May I suggest WP-Sentry by Pete Holiday. I’ve used this plugin extensivly and it’s very easy to use and has low overheads on the system. Currently, the plugin is not overbloated meaning it’s a good foundation for further development.

  4. GE
    GE Published |

    I just made one:

    Supports free teasers – good for SEO and “findability” of you site. Has 4 levels of memberships: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
    Supports any Wordpress theme and can be used for already existing sites as well as new ones.
    Simple and fast…

    Let me know if you’ll have a chance to test it.


  5. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |

    I’m good in PHP/WP coding, but not comfortable with payment systems. However, and I think your ideal Membership plugin for WP is not available.

    I’ve seen a plugin called WP User Manager but it does need hooks and is dependent to other plugins. The first time I discovered it was when Small Potato published How to Use Wordpress as a Membership Directory.

  6. David Laing
    David Laing Published |

    Have you tried http://wp-member.com/ ?

    Subscriptions & protected content with payments via Paypal.

  7. Josh Anderson
    Josh Anderson Published |

    We like you have been looking for a decent plugin… but have not found the one we need on the market.

    My decision was to develop one our selves which we plan on releasing free to publishers in our network next week.

    There is however a catch…

    One of the things that people do not realize is that a full featured and reliable ecommerce system with built in affiliate program and all the bells and whistles that can be integrated into any site is not only hard to come by but difficult to develop…

    And I am not talking about a paypal support only ecommerce solution. We have developed our own platform over the years which now supports three ecommerce publishing and affiliate networks. We have integrated PayPal, Authorize.net, and 2checkout offering every payment strategy under the sun.

    Since our platform has been in use for a couple years now by thousands of publishers in each of our networks and since it is beyond stable and now a solid enterprise solution we decided the best thing for us to do was to release a simple post api to send data where it needs to go after the payment is processed, the affiliate referrals tracked, and the client logged into our system.

    For this reason we added the ability to post to up to 5 urls for each transaction so that a person running a site can use our platform to handle their back end ecommerce and affiliate management and then post to scripts like Wordpress, vBulletin, SMF, Ning etc so that they can easily turn one transaction into a series of automated account creations at their various periferal account holding systems.

    This week we are working on the wordpress membership plugin. It will work with our Post API out of the box… plug it into your blog and our system will post to it, create accounts, post to it and delete or suspend or reactivate accounts etc.

    My hopes are to release this plugin opensource so that people can mod it beyond our first version to go beyond the out of the box.

    Having funded and managed the development of 4 entreprise level ecommerce platforms I can say that is the most challenging part and I think with a base opensource WP membership plugin that it is better to have people focus on making it do the things they want and just plugging it into a solid tested and robust ecommerce platform.

    I was actually hoping that YM would not be so locked down when I saw their “developers license” but seeing the registration requirement was a deal killer for me.

    So we decided to start developing our own and then see what our clients can do with it when we make it open.

    Josh Anderson

  8. wp-Member
    wp-Member Published |

    Hey David, thanks for the mention.
    At the minute we are having a 25% off sale.

    I’ve created a 25% off discount coupon for users of justintadlock.com, the code is: justintadlock

    wp-Member is designed to fit closely to wordpress allowing the site owner to install their usual plugins ect. We feel that too many membership systems try to be too specific. wp-Member creates a membership platform that can be generally used for every sites needs.

    After all, it is the number 1 result on google.com for “Best Membership Plugin”.

    Thanks again for the mention.

  9. IndieLab
    IndieLab Published |

    @Josh Anderson,

    Any update on your release date?

  10. MemberWing
    MemberWing Published |

    We are working to include automated payment processing via Paypal to MemberWing.
    It is actually already working we just need to add nice admin interface to generate Paypal buttons and let admins to setup prices for different levels of memberships.
    I’ll update people on our list once update is ready.
    Our main points:
    – Simplicity and speed.
    – Support for the latest version Wordpress.
    – Best possible SEO features.
    – Keep it free for all.

    Latest working version:


  11. Brenton
    Brenton Published |

    You might also be interested in a Wordpress plugin (Suma) which was purpose built from the ground-up to be a Membership and Billing system for a Wordpress blog.

    This plugin arose out of necessity when I was building a paid-subscription newsletter/website with Wordpress. I needed a solution to take care of the content access, membership and recurring billing aspects. My first approach was to combine several different existing plugins, but this wasn’t successful. Its simply too integrated a problem to be solved by separate plugins. Then I tried some of the more generic solutions, but I felt they also were not giving a good fit and made the website look a little rough around the edges and clunky. So I designed and built the plugin I was looking for.

    The Suma plugin integrates with PayPal for payment processing but offers visitors the ability to pay using either PayPal or a Credit Card. I got some inspiration from the PostLevels plugin and a few others, but there is actually much more to it when you’re building a commercial payment system. For instance, to be Visa PCI compliant (i.e. to be able to receive credit card payments online) the solution must be using the https protocol when transmitting cc numbers, plus CVV numbers can’t be logged anywhere in the system. Also if you are going to charge users money to access your website, you should have a legal agreement in place defining appropriate use of the site which they consented to during the registration process. These were some challenges that the plugin needed to accomplish (and does). Its aspects like these that really separate a rough combination of scripts from a commercial grade solution/product which is what I believe I created by incorporating many practical matters that I learned from building previous e-commerce websites.

    Suma is definitely not for every situation though. It doesn’t, for instance, do donations or one-off payments; its purpose built specifically for for making paid-content newsletter sites using Wordpress. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you can find more details at http://sumaplugin.com.


  12. Ben Ward
    Ben Ward Published |

    Hello All,
    We at Synergy Software Group, have just built a new WordPress Membership plugin. It’s not yet Publicly Released, however we are currently giving away free one-site licenses! You can find it at http://www.wp-membership.com/dev-preview/

    Ben Ward
    Lead Developer
    Synergy Software Group, LLC

  13. John
    John Published |

    Hi Justin,

    You might check out the latest membership plugin Wishlist Member (http://member.wpwishlist.com) which appears to be very good, but once again at a premium price.

    I don’t think that you will be able to find a good membership plugin that is “completely GPL and open to everyone”.


  14. Gleb Esman
    Gleb Esman Published |

    Ok, we did it. MemberWing 2.0 released.

    I just added fully automatic Paypal payment integration Paypal IPN features to MemberWing.
    I think this is only Membership Plugin for wordpress that support automatic subscription/cancellation payment features and multiple level of membership – at ZERO cost!

    Just get it.


  15. Scott
    Scott Published |

    I just need a simple membership plugin that will allow visitors and registered user (850 as of now) to be able to view the home page but when they click on any link they will be redirected to the login page.

    Any suggestions anyone?

  16. Tom
    Tom Published |

    I have been researching WP membership plugins for several days now, and this one looks the cleanest…at least for my needs. http://member.wpwishlist.com/

  17. Jason
    Jason Published |

    So what solution did you end up using on themehybrid.com?

  18. Matthew Sherborne
    Matthew Sherborne Published |

    Wishlist member looks like a good option for an inexpensive membership script. I’ve used Amember coupled with their Wordpress plugin and incremental content plugin with great results. Amember has a built in affiliate program and different membership levels along with content protection.

  19. Stu McLaren
    Stu McLaren Published |

    John and Tim – thanks for the mention of our membership plugin (WishList Member).

    We certainly paid attention to what has been said here and about two months ago added the functionality to create a membership level and assign anyone who belongs to that level a different “role” within WordPress.

    Here is a quick screen shot:

    You can see how this feature and all the others work by taking a look at our videos which are all available for free on the WishList Member main site.

    All the best.


  20. Ciprian
    Ciprian Published |


    Does anybody know of any plugin that lets users buy credits?
    If the users can transfer credits from one to another that would be even better:).

    Thank you

  21. Nice one
    Nice one Published |

    Deleted by the administrator.

  22. Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson Published |

    This is a great thread on membership plugins, I hope it continues. I have been asked by one of my clients to audit of a handful of these plugins to determine which one may be best for an internal network they need set up, and the start of that audit led me here. If they allow it, I’ll be happy to share the white paper here.

    As noted, many of the premium membership plugins are not free but I think that’s to be expected. Many of these push the boundaries of development and are more than a few hacks and lines of code. I have no issue paying for decent plugins and have purchased many over the years. Dozens on behalf of clients and few for my myself.

  23. Anirudh K Mahant
    Anirudh K Mahant Published |

    Deleted by the administrator.

  24. Anirudh K Mahant
    Anirudh K Mahant Published |

    Thanks Justin for letting me know…

  25. Anmari
    Anmari Published |

    Hi Justin – a possibly useful thread you have going – I am also reviewing different options – which is taking much longer than I wanted it to! You mentioned amember above. I have been working with the trial edition and have come to the conclusion that it does not integrate that well in 2.7 – expiries don’t seem to flow through to change wordpress user roles and it is not logging users in/out of wp (it does create them).

    I have searched and logged over at amember and meanwhile and looking for a plan B….

    and so far have found what you have noted above. May give “Your members” a try…

    Fyi (or others) my notes so far which I am slowly adding to as I learn more. http://webdesign.anmari.com/membership-plugins-review/

    Brandon – would love to see your whitepaper it that’s possible!!

  26. Mike Pastore
    Mike Pastore Published |

    So with all of these different membership plugins, what would be the best one to select? Some range from $28-$199. I just want to make sure I get the best bang for the buck. Any unbiased opinions.

  27. Paul Coughlin
    Paul Coughlin Published |

    Hi Mike,

    I did my own research, and looked at non-wordpress solutions, and also wordpress solutions. I chose wpwishlist.

    The best one for you would probably depend partly on how you wanted to use it – different solutions are better suited to different types of membership sites. For me, I wanted popular payment integration, such as paypal and 1shoppingcart, also aweber integration for sequential emails, the ability to schedule content – i.e monthly modules, and the ability to show free snippets of content, with the meat of the content being protected. I also wanted it to automatically stop access if payment was stopped. WPWishlist does all of this and more. I wanted it to work straight out of the box – no messing about. I can speak from personal experience, their support is brilliant, and the plugin is high quality.

    I’m not surer that qualifies as unbiased though – it’s a biased choice based on my own needs!

    Affiliate link below 🙂



  28. Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson Published |

    Anmari, I was engaged to do an audit of a few Wordpress membership apps but the client decided instead to just go with wpwishlist. It offers everything they needed and some stuff they’ll grow into. I’ll be working at setting this up over the next couple of weeks and will share my pros and cons here.

  29. Jason
    Jason Published |

    I also decided to go with wpwishlist for the same reason as Brandon (its got everything my client needs and they will grow into the others). I’ve only been using it for a few weeks but I’ll also post if I have any major gripes with it.

  30. Prom Mafia
    Prom Mafia Published |

    I’m looking for a membership plugin for my site that will allow users to log in and have access to a members only page and forums in addition to the rest of the site. What plugin did you end up using? How do you like it?

  31. Raghu
    Raghu Published |

    I never thought of membership plugin until I saw Yaro’s Membership Site launch. Paying $900 to learn how to use wordpress as membership site is out of my reach. So, I spent last 24 hours searching for a free/premium plugin that will integrate with existing wordpress blog and provide full access to registered members and teasers to non-members. Also, I’m planning to provide forum (bbPress) access to members only.

    Wishlist Member Plugin seems to be the way to go. Other plugins are cheap, but either we have to pay for the support or had not so good reviews. I’m still exploring all possible options. I’m not sure if WLMP will able to control forum access.

  32. Stu McLaren
    Stu McLaren Published |

    @Raghu – My name is Stu McLaren and I’m one of the cocreators of the WishList Member plugin that’s been mentioned several times here. To answer your question, yes you can integrate a forum with WishList Member.

    Many of our customers have done this with both SimplePress and bbPress. The way it’s done is by putting the forum within a protected page. That way the only people who would be able to access it are those who belong to your membership.

    Make sense?

    We are working on an add-on for SimplePress that will allow you to protect certain parts of a forum (so you could have some threads open to the general public and others protected just for members). However for now, you can still do it by protecting the whole forum.

    Hopefully that helps.

    Take care.


  33. Joia
    Joia Published |

    I am happy that I found this blog… may be I can find here the solution to my situation.
    I have been looking for a simple membership plugin for a blog that I am creating right now.
    I need your honest and expert advice please.

    These are my needs:
    -My blog is about art, education, online lessons.
    -My blog is in Portuguese language.
    -I just need, one area for free but private content (for videos) for everyone.
    -One “block” or paid area for basic pastel lessons, One for advanced pastel lessons, and One more for a step-by-step, do it yourself lessons.
    -I think that a trial access will be fine for me but not extremely necessary.
    -In total (for now) I need 4 independent paid content areas or “blocks”. They are not interconnected to each other.
    -My visitors are normally very young students or mid-age, senior students, all of them not really familiar with technologies, which means that the access to private areas, payments, fill in forms, content etc, has to be very strait forward.
    -I want people to register or/and login and immediately be re-directed to the welcome page of the selected “block” they subscribed to, where all the information of that block will be described and properly linked, without having to go to a “dashboard page”, very confusing for them…
    -All of the content areas must be one time payment allowing content access for specific period of time.
    -Payment options (this is a nightmare for me…) : paypal (10% of the visitors), bank transfer (90% of them). I can read your mind…Why? Don’t ask me why, that is the way it works here…. No open mind to online payments!

    So after few weeks looking around the only thing I know is that there are many options around, some of them look excellent but expensive with too many features that I will never use and I don’t know what to do.
    I really need your expertise…Please help to decide for the option that better fits my needs!

  34. The Frosty @WPCult
    The Frosty @WPCult Published |

    Hmm, so much going on it hard to choose..

  35. Raghu
    Raghu Published |


    Most of my readers are going to pay through bank transfers, very few will pay via Paypapl. I got WishList Member plugin. Reason being the control it offers with lot of other features.

    My membership site is not online yet, but I’m testing the plugin to see if thats what I would like to go with. I’m still within 30 days return period. But, mostly I will go with the same.

    You you don’t want to spend $97 then you can use general wordpress member plugin and do the work ( registration, expiration) manually.

  36. Whoopi In The Middle » Blog Archive » WP Membership add-ons to check out
  37. DashLaunch » Blog Archive » WordPress Membership Site
  38. byron
    byron Published |

    Hi Justin,

    If you don’t mind sharing, what did you wind up going with? I’m looking for a membership plugin as I attempt to expand my Plugin to a Free & Pro + Support version model.

    Also, I’ve been struggling with the whole GPL concept and how you can build a Plugin business on top of WordPress and the GPL. I see that happening in the theme business (Hybrid, et al). I wonder how the plugins mentioned here deal with that, since most of them are not free. Are the GPL (my understanding is that if your plugin uses any part of the WordPress library, it has to be)? And if so, do people normally not redistribute them, even though it is perfectly within their rights? By the sounds of it, some of the plugins mentioned here are not GPL, so I’m wondering if they are avoiding the WordPress API.

    I want to be a good WordPress citizen, since the community has provided me with so much free benefit (including yourself 😉 ), but earning a fair living from my work will certainly maintain my long-term interest.

    I really wish that WordPress had a means of doing an App Store like Apple’s iPhone. It has proven to be a huge success for Apple and its developer community, and has tons of developers excited about building awesome stuff. I don’t know how it would change the WP community, but it might not be an evil thing to give developers/theme builders an easy, legitimate way to monetize their products. I haven’t quite figured out how to approach it in the WP context.

    Any way, sorry for the rabbit trail…I’d love to know what membership plugin you settled on if you don’t mind sharing. And is it GPL – just out of curiosity?

    Best regards,

  39. Gleb Esman
    Gleb Esman Published |

    Hi Justin,
    thanks for being so professional in your replies. Highly appreciated.

    Are you on twitter?

    Gleb Esman

  40. byron
    byron Published |

    Ah…never mind Justin, I found your great little post on selectively displaying content via shortcodes where you reference using Your Members.

    In my digging around the internet looking for membership plugin info (a task which I pity any poor fool who undertakes), I’ve noticed that this whole GPL thing is generating a lot of nastiness in blogs. I’m sorry I even brought it up in my last post. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born with all the knowledge that would ever exist in the world, so sometimes I blissfully waltz into cobra nests, and man that appears to be an ugly one. This is me tip-toeing back out hoping nobody heard me utter those three letters…

    Thanks again for the great info.


  41. Donna
    Donna Published |

    Just discovered this blog recently — love it!

    I am on the search for a good membership plugin and have it narrowed down to wp-wishlist and YourMember. With wp-wishlist, you cannot add extra fields to the user profile (I don’t know if YourMember supports this — still looking for the answer). Do you know if you can use wp-wishlist in conjunction with something like the register-plus plugin so I can add the extra fields I need to the user profile?

    If anyone knows the answer to this, I’d appreciate it.

  42. Mikey Leung
    Mikey Leung Published |

    Donna, I’d suggest that you can use Wishlist Member with Register Plus — it’s all a bit clunky and you’ll need some coding to customise the registration screen, but if you’re comfortable with that there should be no reason you can’t implement the added necessary fields.

    I’m very close to deciding on Your Members vs. Wishlist, and the big deciding factor is the amount of time I need to manage/customise the various plugins, themes required.

    I’m learning towards Your Members because of the simpler, plainer integration with BBpress, which is explained a bit on the Your Members website. I also like the fact that BBpress is from the creators of Wordpress, uses the same back end, and can offer forums that are hidden for members only. The only strike against Your Member I can see so far is that the developer community is smaller and the forums less active — right now you seem pretty dependent on the developers for support and their support docs are a bit thin at the moment. It’s cheaper, but you’ll probably be having to figure out a lot of things yourself.

    I’d suggest that Wishlist Member is probably easier if you don’t have much coding/themeing experience as an ‘out of the box’ solution. Plus with Simplepress you can still achieve the forum functionality which is usually a given for membership sites nowadays. But the thing is, Simplepress seems not that simple, compared to BBpress. BBpress has less features but because it’s new one would expect that.

    Because I love the clean look of Wordpress and BBpress seems like it will be employing some of the same functionality, I’m thinking simple is good here. That means that Your Member is the likely choice for me.

    Hope this helps others decide!

    Justin — thanks for this post, it’s really one of the best I’ve read on the topic so far.

  43. Donna
    Donna Published |

    Thanks Mikey! I appreciate your very helpful response. I am also leaning towards YourMember since it seems to have all the features I need including download protection.

  44. Jonathan
    Jonathan Published |

    Has someone come across a plugin that allows access to different products independantly? If I have 4 different subscriptions that have to be booked separately and don’t include each other, it starts getting difficult.

    I can’t just use different membership levels because then the higher level would include all contents of the lower.

    However, if someone books 2 separate subscriptions, they should be able to access them on the same login.

    We have been using amember for a while but I’d like to switch because something simple would be enough.

  45. Jonathan
    Jonathan Published |

    BTW, I still find it a great idea to create a solution that is open to everyone within the community. I have no problem paying for software, but creating something open is still a great idea. I don’t have the necessary coding skills myself though, that’s why I started looking into paid options.

  46. Rotimi
    Rotimi Published |

    Hi, I’m also researching membership plugins. I need one that I can integrate with Authorize.net.

    Any advice is very welcome. Thanks!

  47. Alex
    Alex Published |

    I have the same problem of Donna. I want to use wp-wishlist, and I need to add extra fields to the user profile. They told me that probably I can use wp-wishlist in conjunction with the register-plus plugin so I can add the extra fields. Someone can help me in this integration. I’m not a developer and I’m a wordpress niewbie. Thanks

  48. Joia
    Joia Published |

    Still looking for the right script or plugin…
    I have tryied Amember.
    I thought I could use it on a regular site and on my wordpress blog…but is too much technical for me…Nevertheless I think is an excelent script if you know something about php, and have time to figure out many stuff not explained anywhere.
    I got whishlist for a wp blog… easy to install, out of the box…looks very good!
    I have found Membersmart Pro, which have a very good support, at least all my emails are anwered in few hours…Anyone can give an opinion about this one
    Thanks in advance

  49. Bill Vick
    Bill Vick Published |

    I’m glad I’m not alone in struggling with selecting the right membership program. I’m almost ready to commit to Wishlist but am still thrashing around trying to understand how to integrate a way to offer my own affiliate program as part of membership. I don’t have a clue as to what product or service is the best to use and like others here I’d like to support GPL where possible.

    It’s been a great journey of exploration and if anybody has advice on how to make all of this come together (membership, aWeber, paypal and an affiliate program) I’d love to hear about it. I’m be offering a service, not a product, so it may be a different solution.

  50. Jonathan
    Jonathan Published |

    Bill, it sounds like aMember could be right for you. It has an option of automatically enrolling customers as affiliates, or you can select them manually. I find the whole process very straight forward.

    Justin, sorry about misusing your original post for discussing something else… I’d love to hear if there was a GPL membership plugin that does what it needs to do.


  51. Bill Vick
    Bill Vick Published |

    Thanks for the follow up Jonathan and the welcome Justin. After more research than I planned on I’ve decided on using aMember. It looks pretty seamless in the way it can work with WP and aWeber – plus I’ve found a developer/wizard who can install everything and get it working for me.

    There seems to be a pretty good developers community as well with plugins and support. 🙂

    I appreciate the feedback and the forum. Thanks.

  52. Derek
    Derek Published |

    Hi guys this has been really useful and I’ve read carefully but have not yet found what I am looking for. Still have not yet decided which plugin to use, but I have a need that I need some advice on.
    If I wanted each membership level to have different posting rights, would that be supported by any of the plugins mentioned? So I limit each level in respect of how many times thay can post, whether they can use html, whether they can include pics, videos and so on…
    Please help?

  53. Scott
    Scott Published |

    Found this plugin s2Member and wanted to share it. Will be testing it as soon I get some time.

  54. Scott
    Scott Published |
    1. papayamilkshake
      papayamilkshake Published |

      Tried s2Member plugin. It’s great and works well for my website, http://wordpresshandyman.net. It has 4 levels of membership from bronze to platinum (which you can change the level names to suit your need).

      It’s integrated with PayPal and frees you up from tracking when the member expires his/her subscription. This is done by providing a unique ID from PayPal to each individual member.

      It works for the IPN (Instant Payment Notifications) and PDT / Auto-Return Integration of PayPal. Quite easy to configure actually after you understand the entire workflow of the payment process. 🙂

      I’ve detailed the steps to use the plugin here (http://wordpresshandyman.net/858/creating-a-robust-membership-website-using-s2member-plugin/). Hope its useful to you if you are going to use it 🙂

      Btw, forgot to mention the most important thing, its FREE!

      1. papayamilkshake
        papayamilkshake Published |

        Also forgot to add on that you can restrict content by post, page, tag, category and URI.

        I never really tried integrating with BuddyPress but will try it out when I start my forum running 😀

  55. Fernando Veloso
    Fernando Veloso Published |

    Great post!!!

    I will test drive WPWishList next weeks. Seems to be perfect for what i need:

    Month 1: Video course
    Month 2: Bonuses Ebooks + new videos
    Month 3: New Ebooks + new videos
    Month 3 to Month 12: New Ebooks + new videos

    Just hope it protects my videos (hosted in same domain) and ebooks, scripts etc etc

    Any review on content protection on WP Wishlist?

  56. YanXerip
    YanXerip Published |

    Nice 4 post.. i have triead all this plugin.. Greats man

  57. Ed
    Ed Published |

    Justin, what olution did you decide to go with for ThemeHybrid.com in the end?

    1. Arie Putranto
      Arie Putranto Published |

      I believe Justin is using Your Members, AFAIC, as I signed up on theme hybrid (but sorry, haven’t upgrade my membership yet .. 🙂 )

  58. Bloke
    Bloke Published |

    Hi there,

    I’m wondering if someone could point me in the right direction, I, like many others, am having trouble picking the right membership solution.

    Here’s what I’m looking for:

    Incremental content, so a group of posts are available to a certain membership level over the course of a month. For example, article 1 can be viewed in the first week of membership, article 2 can be viewed in the second week etc.

    The ability to upgrade to higher levels to view more content.

    Automatic recurring monthly payments from my members.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  59. Mark
    Mark Published |

    Excellent thread, glad I stumbled across it!

    I’ve also been hunting down a paid membership plugin for WordPress and have tested a few but none of them seem to do what I need them to do.

    All I need is for someone to use the standard WP registration form (expanded using Register-Plus or similar) and when they click on submit are pushed to PayPal for a one-off payment. Once this is done, they come back to the site. It’s event-driven so effectively the user is registering for the event, but at the same time, becoming a member on the site with access to commenting and other features.

    The nearest I got to this was using PayPal API Subscriptions, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it a one-off payment rather than a recurring one.

    I was also very close with Suma, but could not get it to integrate with Register Plus (this would have been my perfect solution as it was integrated with the site and staged – which goes a long way toward usability).

    Just wondering if anyone had a suggestion from their experience which package would be best suited?


    1. Violet
      Violet Published |

      Hey Mark,

      Did you ever find a solution for your event registration with integration to your website? I need something similar (however I will need future event registration possible, but if you have a solution, it’s a start!)

  60. Net Success
    Net Success Published |

    I also am looking for this type of plugin, its very hard to get started running a membership site from wordpress.

  61. Wordpress Membership Plugins: My experience with "Your Members" so far | The Multimedia Traveller
  62. Ravi Jayagopal
    Ravi Jayagopal Published |


    Wow, you seem to have elicited some great responses!

    With your permission, I would like to add my membership plugin for wordpress to the mix: http://DigitalAccessPass.com (DAP).

    If you wish to compare DAP’s features with some of the leading products, take a look at DigitalAccessPass.com/showdown.php .

    Appreciate the opportunity.


    – Ravi Jayagopal
    Founder & Developer, DAP

  63. Arie Putranto
    Arie Putranto Published |

    It’s 2010 and there are still no GPL plugin in this realm available.
    Maybe I’ll give it a try … while I’m developing my new WP site which needs membership system

    1. MK Safi
      MK Safi Published |


      I’m replying more than a year later, but I just wanted to point out that there are interesting GPL membership plugins for WordPress now, like s2Member and WPMU DEV Membership. I’ve looked hard at the various membership plugins, and I really like WPMU DEV Membership. They even have Membership lite, which is totally free — you can get it from WordPress.org.

      Tomorrow (or the day after) I’ll publish the updated content that I’ve been working on. I compare all the available membership plugins and compare them one-to-one for every feature. So, check that out.

      Thanks a lot,


  64. Steven May
    Steven May Published |

    Don’t bother with Suma. It’s a waste of time and money. I’ve had good success with WP-member as it’s a much more professional plugin

  65. Kevin
    Kevin Published |

    Kudos! I spent 3 hours this morning installing and testing membership solutions before finding this one. Exactly what I needed. I love the simplicity, and I hope you keep it that way. Thanks.

  66. s2Member Pro – New Release « Graphic Gobbler
  67. s2Member Pro – New Release « PriMoThemes.com
  68. Brian Clifton
    Brian Clifton Published |

    I have tried in vain to use Suma. It *looks* like a decent product with an impressive feature list, but getting it to work was just too damn difficult.

    Essentially there is no user-community around the product, and documentation is thin on the ground – particularly for working examples.

    Therefore, the only way to get help is to contact the developer (Brenton Camac) directly. Clearly he is a one-man band and cannot cope, so requests simply go unanswered.

    I tried for many months to get the product to work (issues with our PHP installation) and even persevered with customisation, but to no avail. I finally gave up bashing my head against a brick wall and I am in the process of evaluating WishList Member…


    1. Brenton
      Brenton Published |

      @Brian, your assertion that messages go unanswered is untrue. The HelpDesk for Suma can be accessed by anyone (whether a licensee or evaluator) at helpdesk.sumaplugin.com. All messages are replied to and the average initial response time is less than 2 hours!

      Also, as the creator of Suma I have chosen to work with a few clients closely than many clients from a distance. Although that business model doesn’t scale, I do find it rewarding and my clients appreciate the expert involvement. I’ll leave the mass market to other plugins.

  69. Glenn
    Glenn Published |

    I find it interesting that this thread from 2008 is still getting pimped daily via twitter.

    The good news is the Tim’s stood up to his promise made in the first reply and today’s Your Members (now v1.7) has matured into a full fledged, professional membership plugin. Tim and Sean will both still argue that it’s still “not there”, simply because they are perfectionists, there is *always* one more feature to add, or one more improvement to make, but what we now have is something that’s been imitated many times over (and a couple of times, directly ripped off), often by people charging significantly more. Sadly, few of them live up to our levels of support or customer interaction.

  70. phani
    phani Published |

    I heard of a plugin where in all your blog commenters will be added to your mailing list…you may try that 🙂

  71. Jason Curby
    Jason Curby Published |

    I’ve also had success with WP-member, but after reading these comments am keen to try some of the other ones mentioned.

  72. will Barker
    will Barker Published |

    Did you come to a conclusion / build anything Justin?

    We have been trying to evaluate these plugins. Its obviously a complicated thing to achieve and sites requirements vary. We haven’t really been able to find something that matches what we need.

    1. Multiple Subscription packages
    2. Protect content by post type
    3. Allow Posts to be purchased as a one off for non-subscribers.
    4. Good simple intuitive UI, bug free administration.

    We have tried Your members, and a combination of membership & pay per view plugins by http://premium.wpmudev.org/ – so far it just doesn’t do what they claimed pre sale. frustrating.

    I really really want to use restricted content pro, but it doesn’t do one off purchases of subscription protected content.

    I evaluated MemberWing. It looks like it might be a good product, but getting past the UI was difficult. Might have to come back to it if nothing else works.


  73. will Barker
    will Barker Published |

    Just to follow up on that. We went with Restrict Content Pro by Pippins Plugins and used his Easy Digital Downloads to manage one off purchases. This worked excellently. The plugins work well, are easy to configure with a nice simple back end. Pippin was v helpful with support. Recommended.


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