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  1. Michael Castilla
    Michael Castilla Published |

    Seems like a sweet plugin, Justin! Definitely gonna have to try it out. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |

    Hmmm… Awesome, this makes blogging easier. Thanks for your time of writing this!

  3. Dan Butcher
    Dan Butcher Published |

    Great idea! Does the plugin permanently write the code into the post, or does the [permalink] shortcode stay and get processed on the fly when a post is displayed? I’m asking because I’ve seen some plugins that do similar things, but if the plugin is ever disabled, the user is stuck with shortcode in their posts.

  4. david
    david Published |

    This is an interesting idea, but I’m not sure how much utility it has. As far as I understand, WordPress has automatic 301 forwarding in cases where a post permalink has changed since it was originally published.

    I suppose this might have SEO utility, but I don’t understand enough about either forwarding or SEO to be able to say.

  5. Nihar
    Nihar Published |


    Great idea and great plugin.

    I should admin that you should be a good coder because you got the plugin in just 15 mnts 🙂

  6. Nihar
    Nihar Published |

    Adding one more line. just now checked the plugin code. it is really simple and easy to implement. but the difference between you and me is you got the idea to create the plugin 🙂

  7. press
    press Published |

    Pretty useful – no more broken links due to changed permalink structure/domain

  8. konsty
    konsty Published |

    Actually I like the idea.
    But how should I get a post ID?
    only using phpMyAdmin?

  9. Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin Published |

    I sure hope this helps Justin. I have been having some permalink problems with one of my blogs. I changed the structure to custom and then added /%title%/ which works for my pages, but not my blog posts. I am going to download this plugin and see if I can get it corrected.

  10. Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin Published |

    I ended up figuring out my problem on my own, but in case anyone has this problem and reads this. You need to change the custom permalink to /%postname%/ and this will work for all posts, pages, and forum permalinks.

  11. Owen
    Owen Published |

    I’m new into blogging and I’m actually looking for instruction on how to activate permalink. I’m quite confuse ‘coz I’m just a novice blogger.

    I wonder how what you mean by “links are protected with this method”, has this something to do with SEO? or just keeping the link structure intact?

    “What happens if you ever decide to change your domain name but want to keep the same posts? Well, your links are protected with this method.”

    Appreciate your response.


  12. Jim
    Jim Published |

    I keep having a related problem with Permalinks. I try to use Custom to make a /%postname%/ with no success. It keeps asking to edit .htaccess. Any suggestions?

  13. Jeff
    Jeff Published |

    I was using your plugin and it was working and now it is not for some reason. I am using the latest version of wordpress is this plugin compatible?

  14. Nicholas
    Nicholas Published |

    What I would like, and surprisingly have never found, is a javascript type popup link in admin that would list all my posts and pages with their respective ids and allow me to insert them into the post with the click of a mouse. That way I wouldn’t have to go hunt down the page id# to then insert it into my posts. I like to link between posts a lot and haven’t found a quick easy way to list my posts. I guess I’ll get used to it though

  15. canon
    canon Published |

    Thanks, it is a great plugin and working fine

  16. PJ
    PJ Published |

    Thanks, I too believe that this should be a fundamental feature of wordpress. I appreciate you taking the time to help those of us who only know a few html tags, but need the features. I downloaded and installed as per your instructions easily, and added the following to the HTML page: [permalink href=”100″]Name of Post[/permalink] link, where 100 is the post number. It all worked a treat and I recommend others try it too.

  17. Wisam Al-Rawi
    Wisam Al-Rawi Published |

    Works like a charm and I just upgraded to WordPress 2.8
    I have a disease page and in the list of differential diagnosis, I have diseases that looks similar to the disease in the current page. I am now linking to the pages of those diseases using your plug-in.

    For those who don’t know how to get the Page ID. Just go to pages under your Admin panel. Hover your cursor on the name of the page and in the status bar you will see your blog url plus some code at the end.

    so here the Page ID is 713. Hope that help some folks out there.

  18. David Kramer
    David Kramer Published |

    I’ve never written a plugin before, or even looked at the source. Looking at yours, I see it’s not that hard. I was going to ask for a feature, but I figured out how to add it myself. Maybe you can add it to yours.

    I wanted the ability to specify a target (like _blank) to open up the link in another tab/window. Most of the links on my website do that, so the post doesn’t go away. So I added “‘target’ => false,” to the extract call and “if($target) $link .= ‘ target=”‘ . $target . ‘”‘;” after the title handling.

    I had thoughts of being clevererer and trying to find a way to handle arbitrary attributes to add to the href link, but it’s 2:30am, and I have a cubicle to bang my head against tomorrow morning.

  19. Albert K.
    Albert K. Published |

    pretty useful at the beginning, but later we get so used to it that we can type the entire “code” without any effort lol

  20. Kim Flournoy
    Kim Flournoy Published |

    Is there an easy way to link to an anchor on a page with one of these permalink short tags? Something like [permalink href=”6″#news] ?

  21. Joe
    Joe Published |

    Thanks man, this is just what I needed. Great, simple plugin that works like it’s advertised.

  22. Joseph Earl
    Joseph Earl Published |

    Great plugin!
    Thanks a lot for this saved me a lot of time when moving a lot of content from a dev server to production

  23. Michael E
    Michael E Published |

    Tried to install this plugin and was told by Wordpress:
    Unpacking the package.

    Incompatible archive PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

    What to do?

  24. MJEG
    MJEG Published |

    Just installed it. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks.

  25. Brian Abella
    Brian Abella Published |

    i installed it in 3.05 and i got a php error . please help . thank you !

  26. MisterE2002
    MisterE2002 Published |

    I have the same question as “Kim Flournoy”, i like to use “named anchors”.
    For example i have one page with the next code:
    [permalink href=”352#TIPS”]link to second page”[/permalink]
    But this does not work.

    The plugin does not receive the “#tips” part (with the “get_permalink” function, so i can’t change the code.
    Any thoughts Justin?

    Thanks! 🙂

  27. saranya
    saranya Published |

    Nice plugin. great work

  28. Mario
    Mario Published |

    Can I Link to Tag instead of linking to Post ?

  29. Function Reference/the permalink « WordPress Codex – WEB LOG

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