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  1. Thomas
    Thomas Published |

    In my opinion, you can never include THAT very plugin, a certain user wants to have. Lets say, you could include 5 popular plugins, but the user that doesn’t want to touch code certainly wants to have another one included, because there are just sooo many plugins available. So I would vote for better documented plugins (even for more advanced users ;-))!

  2. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |

    Okay, since there are loads of plugins over there and many of them do the same work in my personal view, the average WP user would not need more 5 – 10 plugins, excluding the default Akismet and Hello Dolly. Depending on each person’s needs these plugins may vary.

    I’d like to include my theme some of those plugins which I see would be the most used and most popular across Made in WordPress websites. I’d choose those plugins by each of popularity, usage or functionality or all.

    Here are my top list plugins those I can remember:

    1. WP PageNavi
    2. WP Post Ratings
    3. Get the Image WP Plugin
    4. Popularity Contest
    5. FlickRSS
    6. Simple Recent Comments

    The above is not listed by any order, and for sure, there are lots of good plugins but I use these for several projects and they are awesome.

    As I mentioned above, most needed plugins should be added into the theme code. However, I cannot see the necessity to support more than a maximum of 10 plugins or this will force the server to load more than expected by checking every if(function_exists('plugin_function')){ .... }

  3. Stu McLaren
    Stu McLaren Published |


    Depending on your theme design, one of the plugins I like is the “Featured Content Gallery”.


    Now most of the time it takes some “tweaking” to get it how you like but if you setup the basic dimensions I think it would be an awesome addition.

    The other plugin I would consider is “Tabber”. Again, this is only going to be relevant if it fits with your design but would be nice it were were easy for people.


    After all this discussion about the perfect theme, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing your next creation 🙂

    Take care.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous Published |

    I’d like to see theme support for WP-Print, although the work-around for this is create a print style sheet, which I’ve been meaning to do for the themes of yours I’m using. However, to have the plugin built in would be really cool.

  5. Tim Nash
    Tim Nash Published |

    As a plugin author I tend to find the biggest problems come from compatibility issues with other plugins and the new generation of “premium themes” where the authors are in many ways blurring the line between a theme and a plugin, I would rather see themes supporting widgets and then keep their code minimal enough that users can easily modify the template as per the plugin developers instructions.

    If we can get back to a theme being a presentational piece, even if this means themes coming with companion plugin, then it will be easier for plugin developers to write generic functions and instructions to allow any plugin to be used within a theme.

  6. John James Jacoby
    John James Jacoby Published |

    I get what you’re saying, and it makes sense. In my opinion the only thing that Wordpress doesn’t inherently offer that could use a good solid place on every page is a breadcrumb.

    I really like Breadcrumb NavXT. Seems to do everything the way a good breadcrumb should.

  7. If you were a WordPress theme developer: Feature
  8. EmmaB
    EmmaB Published |

    I would love to see support for a related entries plugin. I always have difficulty getting Wasabis to work but R. Marshs plugin is divine.

  9. Wayne Luke
    Wayne Luke Published |

    I may be old fashioned but I still like a good breadcrumb navigation at the top. Category lists and tags are nice but a breadcrumb is like street signs and should really be included in all sites so you can easily get back to a category without relying on the browser’s back button.

    There are several plugins that build breadcrumbs and they are fairly similar so it would be the designers choice.

    Also if you include plugin support in your theme include the actual plugins or at least URLs to find them so that people do not have to hunt for them. Creating a plugin directory and having the code in that directory with installation instructions is probably easiest.

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