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  1. tsquez
    tsquez Published |

    Very interesting post, I think what I would like to see is maybe an option to turn on social bookmarking. First thought I think that WP needs to have its own social booking marking tool automatically built in. Then this option would be great on an option page

  2. hd-J
    hd-J Published |

    Personnally I would add a few fields to turn on/off some useful plugins that I always use when setting up a website.
    Some of them will be included in the next WordPress update so it won’t be useful anymore, but until then a field to add “related articles” to the bottom of the posts, another one for social bookmarking (as Tsquez said) and another one for SEO options maybe.
    But definitely social bookmarking!

    By the way I like your If you were a WordPress theme developer series, keep doing it all the posts are useful!

  3. Pangeran | PANGERAN.ORG
    Pangeran | PANGERAN.ORG Published |

    I’m still learning to put an option page for themes.
    Don’t understand very clearly when reading the codex.
    And, need to learn how the database functioning with the php functions.

    The easiest is to edit the theme template, but what if we want to distribute it to non-tech savvy user? That’s the point…

    I would like to add an option to show what links/categories to be shown in the navigation menu.

    To add some field to the wp_footer and wp_head function for easy javascript implementation such as google analytics.

    And also, this option page maybe used to change certain parts in the theme where the use of widgets is not suitable… (Such as top banner ads?)

  4. Bizhack
    Bizhack Published |

    Just off the top of my head:

    1) Header image url (plus perhaps 3 options for default sizes to indicate to people that they really need to think about the dimensions on a page) – its a style issue but a title is content too 🙂

    2) Perhaps the ability to specify footers for posts, whether it be copyright notices, subscription reminders, social bookmarking links etc. Don’t know how easy that is because most of the above might be in HTML?

    3) The ability to hide or display tags or categories on posts themselves. If tags are used for things like determining which articles are to be featured, then visitors really don’t need to know.

    4) Inline advertising option. Enter google adsense code (or whatever) into the box and decide where the advert will be placed in each post, with perhaps a random setting where it alternates? I never quite worked out how to do that normally.

    5) A notes section for the admin, which can be saved. When I follow your excellent instructions and modify my themes, I tend to do scary things like deleting and replacing code. If I could copy and paste large segments that I’ve deleted (or I am about to delete) I can always restore them at a later date by checking my notes. Likewise if I add new code, it’s always good to have some form of page where I have a list of the changes I made should I ever need to implement them again. I could even bung in my help forums user name and password for future reference? I currently try and do this in notepad but why leave wordpress? Perhaps that’s a wordpress undertaking rather than a theme issue.

    All of the above might be completely ludicrous, but I love the approach you are taking and thought I’d at least give it a shot.

    All the best

  5. EmmaB
    EmmaB Published |

    I would love to know how to create a themes option to automatically put in feed urls so that the user doesn’t have to muck around in the code

  6. Jonathan
    Jonathan Published |

    I would like to see the ability to get the IDs, delayed (by date) posting, full comment control (incl., custom gravatars, post order, etc.), also a more robust way of adding graphic files instead of custom fields (yes, it works well but tell that to grandma) with text boxes already set for “feature” “thumbs” and “search” images attached to post.

    Also would love to see a full editor with a separate “viewpane” of the content edited for a post/page. I’m old school when the mosaic browser was hot!

  7. Lane
    Lane Published |


    Thanks for the themes.

    I would love to see a theme that has an opt in box at the top right hand corner incorporatd in it. (I still haven’t figured out how to put the code in the text box. That’s tomorrow project. I hope it doesn’t take all day!)I would also like it to be adjustable, in other words how many line open, ie, Name:, Email address:, Phone number:, URL etc…



  8. The slippery slope dilemma: How much control should users have?
  9. Charlie
    Charlie Published |

    I’d love to see theme options to specify which categories appear in top level navigation. I might have some fifty categories in a website, but only want ten of them to appear in the menu. Currently this requires either handcoding the wp-list-categories or using a plugin.

  10. teeveTheof
    teeveTheof Published |

    Да, похоже что в действительности – так оно и есть. P.S. Сайт, кстати, у вас прикольно сверстан

  11. Liz
    Liz Published |

    It will definitely be easy if WP will have it’s very own social bookmarking tools but overtime I wouldn’t be effective anymore. If you happened to use social marker for your social bookmarking, you’ll notice that there are actually sites on the list that are already non functional.

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