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  1. Wordpress UK » Hybrid WordPress Theme Framework
  2. Lyndi
    Lyndi Published |

    I have downloaded, it looks interesting. Will have a good look later this evening. Thanks for this.

  3. J Mehmett
    J Mehmett Published |

    Great work, Justin. I like the GPL idea.

    If I didn’t build-up a child theme for my unfinished new site, which I planned to be running on Options, I’d rethink about switching to Hybrid so I’d not need to add the drop-cap function and many other things in the functions.php page.

    Hybrid is using CSS frame works, so there is no browser compatibility hassle, too.

  4. gestroud
    gestroud Published |

    Nice work. The options theme was fantastic, but this new theme may very well be the pinnacle of your theme work.

  5. indojepang
    indojepang Published |

    My God.. i think i got the wrong address here.. Nice! 😀

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  7. Jehzeel Laurente
    Jehzeel Laurente Published |

    great and neat theme 😀 I’ll try this out in my other blogs 🙂

  8. Redesigning my site with the Hybrid WordPress theme
  9. bendz
    bendz Published |

    A usual, you’re the MAN!

  10. John James Jacoby
    John James Jacoby Published |

    Hey yo Justin! What versions of WP and bbPress are you using for this? I have been banging my head against WP2.7 and bbPress Alpha 2 for a few days now and cannot include WP functions in bbPress without losing the bbPress capabilities.

    Any pointers?

  11. John James Jacoby
    John James Jacoby Published |

    This may not be the right place to ask this since it’s obviously not meant for support…

    But… It appears you have cleanly integrated bbPress and WordPress together, logins and logouts and administration panels and the like, at least at the Hybrid site anyhow… Assuming you enjoy being on the bleeding edge of technology like I do, my guess is you’re using wp2.7 and bbp1.0a2. 😉

    I’m having some difficulty getting them to play nice together, and was wondering if you integrated your users tables or if you needed to pull any tricks to get everything running properly.

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  13. EinBauStrahler
    EinBauStrahler Published |

    Amazing theme. I say it as a wordpress theme developer myself :o)

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