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  1. Jylan Wynne
    Jylan Wynne Published |

    It looks very nice. I love your design style, its very simple and clean. Also the red works very well IMO.

  2. Adrian | Rubiqube
    Adrian | Rubiqube Published |

    I probably would have tweaked some of the details a bit more, but then again, I imagine you were in a hurry to get the new design out. Overall: a really clean design, with focus on the content.

    Here’s how effective your new design is: when I read your first post about PC, I went to the site and even though I’m definitely in the target, the clutter prevented me from subscribing. Now: clear content, read the post about 24 and I instantly subscribed!

    Guees this is what design is all about! 😉

  3. CircleReader
    CircleReader Published |

    Very cool indeed! An amazing transformation, especially in such a short time.

    I agree that it could use a less “bloggish” magazine-style format, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing your continuing changes and your descriptions of them here!

  4. Craig
    Craig Published |

    Can’t wait to see it released on Theme Hybrid (wink)

  5. dinu
    dinu Published |

    making me believe move in the hybrid theme 🙂
    will start using it when wp 2.7 is out.

  6. Ian
    Ian Published |

    I have to say i never saw the old layout, but i really like the new design its eye catching , without being to overpowering..

    I wish you all the best for the new venture there..

  7. Peter
    Peter Published |

    Nicely looking template.
    Clean, not to many colours, overal its eye catching.

    It could be a strange comment, but your rss icon got my immediate attention :p
    I just hope you wont get any ugly banner in the advertise spot on top.

    Kind regards

  8. Carmi
    Carmi Published |

    I admire your development and design philosophy: simple, quick, clean. In this day and age, this is what businesses need. As I consider options for the domain for my own business – presence for a freelance writing, editor and analyst business – you’ve given me immense food for thought.

  9. mary cuevas
    mary cuevas Published |

    hi justin,
    i’m interested.:) check out my blog and see if you think my posts would be a good fit for you. i blog about books, movies, pop culture, politics.:) my most recent movie review is for “australia.” plan to see “milk” this weekend.:)

  10. Emperor
    Emperor Published |

    Looks nice, I’ll be keeping an eye on your site to see how it comes along.

    Justin, have you ever thought of using Intensedebate on you blog? I started using it a few weeks ago and really like it.

  11. Emperor
    Emperor Published |

    Thinking about it now maybe I should have waited for WP 2.7 before trying Intense Debate. What got me more motivated was the fact that automatic bought them out so I would expect some sort of integration to take place.

  12. çeneli kırıcı
    çeneli kırıcı Published |

    Great looking theme. Can’t wait to start playing with all the functionality you have managed to pack into it. Well done!

  13. Janet C. Sette
    Janet C. Sette Published |

    Nice theme. Clean style with a cool appearance. I will used for myself. Jaja. Thanks a lot

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