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  1. Hyder
    Hyder Published |

    Justin, I have to agree with you on this one. I always loathed the stance that many theme authors took with selling themes under a 1 license, unlimited licenses, credit removal fee method.

    True, I do have a proprietary theme that I sell myself – but it comes with an unrestricted license i.e. one price, use wherever and how much ever you like. Though it is not GPL.

    All my other free themes are pretty much open to any kind of use, I do ask for donations. That hasn’t paid any bills though 😉

    I have a feeling I’m going to be changing a lot things in my business model in 2009.

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  3. Andrew
    Andrew Published |

    I also think that theme authors who want to make non GPL themes should be encouraging the use of, and contributing towards, the growth of Habari.

  4. Guillermo
    Guillermo Published |

    Wow, you are a brave man!
    I’m sure a lot of people will miss those great themes, an probably they will make you note it.
    But you seem very confident about your new creations, so go ahead!

  5. Miroslav Glavic
    Miroslav Glavic Published |

    I always hated the “credits on footer” removal fee. I personally prefer to pay for support than the actual theme. That is kind of a good way. Yes I can get support for free in the WP.org forums but it is always better to get help from the theme author him/herself.

    GPL is the way to go, at the end if someone wants a theme or a plugin, they will get it. We can all download movies/songs/etc…..but at the end a real fan will go buy the cd/dvd.

  6. John
    John Published |

    I totally support your stance and thoughts on GPL and Wordpress themes.

    One month ago I would have been concerned that you were going to discontinue the Options, Structure and Visionary themes, but having worked with Hybrid during that time I think that a flexible and powerful core theme like Hybrid coupled with various child themes is the way to go.

    And given that Hybrid can handle 3 and 4 column styles then I feel confident that I could just about replicate anything in these 3 themes using Hybrid and a child theme.

  7. Matt
    Matt Published |

    Looking forward to see what you come up with next.

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  10. Richard
    Richard Published |


    I recently switched from creating hand coded standards compliant and accessible Web sites to creating standards compliant and accessible WordPress applications.

    I’m dedicated to standards compliance and accessibility in the same way you are dedicated to GPL.

    I spent a lot of time over the last few months looking at hundreds of themes and checking validation on hundreds of WordPress sites that I found and liked. Very, very few were standards compliant and accessible. I stopped looking when I recently stumbled upon your site and immediately signed up with you for the $25. I also have no problem leaving your tag on the themes, you deserve the credit.

    I’m disappointed that you will be taking the 3 themes down but I’m sure you will soon have themes that are equal or better.

    It is always pleasure to do business with a person who respects and abides by their principles.

    Keep up the great work.

  11. Andy Beard
    Andy Beard Published |

    I am looking forward to seeing how this really plays out.

    As an example, Fam Fam Fam is licensed under Creative Commons 2.5

    Those icons play a huge role in many themes, and I don’t know of any exceptional quality alternatives.

  12. that girl again
    that girl again Published |

    @Andy: presumably the fanboys will claim that the use of the icons in any GPL theme means that they have ‘caught’ the GPL and are therefore no longer CC.

    I know the idea of relicensing other people’s content for them is nuts, but it’s basically the same as arguing that any html template automatically becomes GPL when converted to a WP theme, and I’ve seen a lot of people take that position.

  13. dinu
    dinu Published |

    Its not a bad move .. you will need to be brave, to take the road less traveled 🙂 good luck bro 🙂

  14. Lawrence Meckan
    Lawrence Meckan Published |


    Might I ask how you will protect your clientele through such consumer protections as warranties and refunds for your creative works when using the GPL as a contract licence between yourself and your clientele, if you plan to keep your template subscriptions running?

    The GPLv3 expressly states that if you offer such consumer protections you should not utilise the GPL as a contract licence for your creative work. The GPL v2 has varying stages of acceptance and denial around the globe when it comes into contact with consumer protection laws.

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  17. TJ @ Smartblogtips
    TJ @ Smartblogtips Published |

    Good news Justin. I think its gonna take some time for small time designers like me to get used to business model surrounding the GPL model.

    ThinkJayant (TJ)

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  19. Adria Richards, ButYoureAGirl.com


    I saw your Twitter on this and wanted to stop in to ThemeHybrid to see what was going on. Good for you! I became a member because I supported your vision. I could see that you put a good deal of time and thought into how you delivered and supported your themes. You themes were one of the first I encountered that offered options for individual pages (index, page, search, archive) and the amount of documentation was above and beyond most other theme designers who were focused on “things looking pretty”.

    I respect the how you have helped people in the forums too.

    Yesterday on my lifestream, I named two Wordpress designers I liked and you were one of them (the other was Brian Gardner and his Revolution themes).

    Keep up the vision and please allow me to say thank you!

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  23. Claudia Webb
    Claudia Webb Published |

    WordPress is really awesome it can be father of blog in future… 😉

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