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Do we need advanced starter themes?

Is there a place for advanced starter themes in WordPress? Or, should the focus be on simpler starters to help theme authors learn the basics?

Vision for the theme directory: Part 1

I’ve now been involved in some form or another with the theme review team at WordPress.org since late 2010. Some of that has been as an author, reviewer, and administrator. I’ve been a part of every aspect of the process. I’ve been frustrated as a theme author. I’ve been worried … Continue reading →

The theme review team's content creation discussion

The WordPress.org theme review team (TRT) has been in the WP news a lot lately, right? Despite various tall tales, urban legends, personal attacks, and flavorful language being bandied about, we’re all a group of regular ol’, standard-built humans trying to make sure WordPress users have really awesome stuff. Some … Continue reading →

I’m always excited when WordPress adds a new feature. The first thing I do is try to extend it in some way to do something even more awesome. It doesn’t even matter if I have a particular need for the feature. I’m like a kid in a toy shop, playing around with all the new stuff. I’ve always assumed other devs were the same way, but it has been made clear to me that’s not always the case.

The most awesomesauce WordPress theme business

I know what you’re thinking. OMG, not another long, boring list of “influential” people made by a theme author, wagging it while patting some buddies on the back. I’m not going to do that. Those lists are not unique, having little more to offer that the guy who wrote the … Continue reading →

At this point, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised how much hostility and disinformation can be spread by one or two people in the WordPress community. I’ve seen too much of it over the years to expect anything different. It probably shouldn’t surprise me that some people continue to give them an open platform to construct lies and twist truths. I expected better. I expect better.

Misconceptions about the Hybrid Core framework

Yesterday, WPMU DEV published an article on WordPress theme frameworks, calling it the ultimate guide to choosing one. I was happy to find that my own Hybrid Core Framework was listed among some great projects. It even garnered some nice scores in the rankings (overall score of 4/5 stars). It’s … Continue reading →

Custom post type standards

There has been some talk recently of setting some standards for custom post types in the WordPress community. Actually, this has been an ongoing discussion for a few years. I think I’ve made it clear that I’m a fan of this idea. So, I wanted to present my take on … Continue reading →

#3 Grabbing media like a boss

Why the Hybrid Media Grabber is an awesome tool for theme authors who want to do cool things with media.