The most awesomesauce WordPress theme business

I know what you’re thinking. OMG, not another long, boring list of “influential” people made by a theme author, wagging it while patting some buddies on the back.

I’m not going to do that. Those lists are not unique, having little more to offer that the guy who wrote the same post last week.

Really. I wouldn’t try to deceive you.

This post is about theme businesses that are awesomesauce. And, I’m going to narrow it down to a list of one.

So, what is this single theme business that is more awesomesauce than all the other theme businesses?

Theme Hybrid

Screenshot of themes page

What makes Theme Hybrid such a badass theme business?

Because I said so. Boom!

Really, it’s because we have a vibrant community of users and developers, standards-based philosophy, focus on education, and cool shit. Theme Hybrid also happens to be one of the oldest- and longest-running theme businesses around. Also, there’s plugins and themes; both are 100% $free to download.