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  1. Lauro
    Lauro Published |

    I have not thought the best way to use the links to my website, but when it said the bookmarking, remember to use a page with this name that is a copy (edited) of my favorites of Firefox. It has attracted many people …

  2. links for 2008-12-19 | Links | WereWP
    links for 2008-12-19 | Links | WereWP at |
  3. Thomas Clausen
    Thomas Clausen Published |

    Justin Wrote:

    The only thing I wish we could have is an RSS feed for our links and link categories. That would be awesome.

    I would love to see pingbancks on links.
    I use the blogroll, to memorize cool solutions and great articles, that somebody else writes.

  4. Thomas Clausen
    Thomas Clausen Published |

    I was thinking more the other way round, sending pingbacks to the sites we link to from the blogroll…

  5. Charley
    Charley Published |

    I don’t know if this is a good idea or not but for some time I have been thinking of using this as a way to show my appreciation for the themes and plugins that I use by linking to the authors site(s). I’m still new to all this, learning instead of earning. I thought I might title it something like, Builders of This Site or The Engines That Power This Site or something like that.

  6. Charley
    Charley Published |

    I’m glad you like it I’ve started to work on as this post motivated me, thanks. I’ve decided to name it Behind the Scenes. I thought that might get people to look, I hope so anyway.

  7. Free online gamer
    Free online gamer Published |

    You are right about the long lists of link on the sidebar of blogs – that is really bad user experience and gives the blog a spammy look. I think it would be a good idea to have just a few links which are really helpful. Another thing which I think gives the blog a very professional look is the TopCommenter plug-in. It helps to create a community faster by showing your visitors that you care about them.

  8. Hybrid-Leviathan User
    Hybrid-Leviathan User Published |

    How did you rename your Widgets to make them display “Cool WordPress Stuff, Must Read, Tutorials, and WordPress-o-Sphere” instead of “Bookmarks?” What specific code did you change, to what, and in which file(s)?

  9. Using WordPress bookmarks (links) to create a navigation menu
  10. Ricky Buchanan
    Ricky Buchanan Published |

    I’ve been thinking that my resources page on ATMac should be DB driven as it’s currently just headings and links with descriptions. It would fit perfectly within what the WP bookmarks section allows but I’d never thought of it! I’m still not sure exactly how it would be done, but this is the page: http://atmac.org/resources/links/

    It seems to fit what you’re suggesting is possible, at least 🙂

  11. Jacki
    Jacki Published |

    It beats me why Wordpress doesn’t just have a simple built-in way to add ONE link to the menu or sidebar saying “Links” or “Sponsors” or whatever that then leads to a page of links. So you don’t have a long list (or even a short one) in your sidebar which I’ve always found a bad idea. Instead you just have a standard title that leads to your list of links.

    Currently I have to do it all as a page/subpages and don’t use the Wordpress links/blogroll at all. In fact, I never have.

    But I like the idea I saw of using it for navigation. Don’t need to at the moment but a good thing to file away for future developments. Thanks!!

  12. Pierre K.
    Pierre K. Published |

    Hello Justin

    Do you have an idea on how to put tags on bookmarks ?

  13. killtheliterate
    killtheliterate Published |

    hey justin… how does one go about renaming the “bookmarks” widget…

  14. Wendy
    Wendy Published |

    Well, in my mind there are two ways to use links. One is to drive traffic to my older posts (like you mentioned). To do this, I’ve created link categories for each month of the year because many of my posts (crafting, parenting, recipes) tend to be seasonal. I use Better Blogroll (along with link images and description info) to create a rotating reminder of seasonally appropriate ideas, and all I have to do to keep it current is go into the widget and update the name of the month as the category. I’m really happy with this method as it automatically shows a picture with a hover-over description of the link.

    And the second use of links that I would love to utilize is to provide external resources (both affiliate and not affiliate) to my readers. The idea is that I’ve surfed the internet A LOT and have accumulated a ton of bookmarks of how-tos and inspiration for cooking, crafting, parenting, homeschooling, etc. And each one of these has multiple subcategories and sub-subcategories. This is the one that I’m having more of a problem with making a reality. I’d like to display these on easily navigable pages, possibly with thumbnails for the actual links. For example… Educational Resources would have the subcategories of Writing, Music, Science, Math, History, Art and then the Science subcategory would have further subcategories of Biology, Astronomy, Geology, Physics. But, wordpress doesn’t support hierarchies for link categories. And without the hierarchies, it would just be information overload. Also, there are so many of these bookmarks that I worry about the mess it would make of the links page on my admin panel. Finally, I have no idea how to actually go about displaying them (even if I was able to load all the hierarchies), which is what I googled to find you.

    I’m new enough to wordpress (still posting on blogger as I create the wordpress site) that every single thing I do has a huge learning curve. The wordpress forum has been less than awesome, so I thought I’d reach out to the blogs. I’ll definitely be poking around your site, starting with How to create an image gallery with bookmarks.

    Thanks so much.

  15. qoman
    qoman Published |

    Hello Justin

    Do you have an idea on how to put tags on bookmarks?


  16. RickMeasham
    RickMeasham Published |

    I have (hacked) the wp-links-opml.php file to output the links as RSS. It’s not very robust, but anyone that wants it is welcome to ask (via the contact page on the above URL).

    As for tracking, I’m using Google Analytics anyway, so I just use that to track external link clicks: http://www.google.com/support/googleanalytics/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=55527

    I’m rather sick of links/bookmarks being such second-class citizens, but I don’t really have enough time to participate in the development community in order to submit patches to WP 😀

    Rick Measham

  17. Viktor
    Viktor Published |

    I would love to use Wordpress Blogroll functionality as personal online bookmarking service. I am using 3 different computer and several browsers, so it would be nice to have just one service accessible from all machines and browsers.

    Right now I am using a special Page with the Blogroll display as RSS. But still it’s a bit of a hassle to add new bookmarks.

    Any ideas how to make saving new bookmarks quicker?

  18. Santi
    Santi Published |

    Hi mate, I need to use one simple link in pages/posts and very often change the url of the same link. I thought to use the left links section (or bookmarks section as you mentioned) to create the link, and after call a funtion inside the pages/posts to get the url of that link. So we will be able to change the url at the links section only one time and no go page per page changin the url of the link.

    Do you know any way to call the url of one specific link from the left links section using php or a shortcode?


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