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  1. The Frosty @WPCult
    The Frosty @WPCult Published |

    That is a really awesome idea for a plugin! I’m for sure going to grab this and give it a run!

  2. African Boy
    African Boy Published |

    If only the plugin created a UI element to allow easy insertion while posting so users wont have to remember the format of a template tag

  3. topcool
    topcool Published |

    nice plugin for designers.

  4. Roy Tanck
    Roy Tanck Published |

    Will it parse attributes too? things like [wp_tag_cloud number=”10″] to get ten tags? That would be great. And do the shortcodes work in text widgets too (which would effectively make them a sort of meta-widgets)? Love it btw, brilliant idea.

  5. Many
    Many Published |

    Short codes are way too cool. You made my day 😀 Thanks Justin !

  6. Adam W. Warner
    Adam W. Warner Published |

    Awesome plugin Justin, and great question Roy, I’m anxious to know the answer.

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  9. Ian Stewart
    Ian Stewart Published |

    This is a super-cool Sauron-style plugin (1 shortcode plugin to rule them all!), Justin. Does [the_author_email] use antispambot()?

  10. WordZine
    WordZine at |
  11. Chris Hajer
    Chris Hajer Published |

    Another awesome plugin Justin. I’ve always had trouble turning over a site to a client, where I used php in a post or page with the runPHP plugin, then they go to edit that post with the visual editor and it gets all messed up and stops working. I’ve written a few small plugins for myself and found a few others to replace a couple specific needs I had (wp_list_pages being one, to list child pages on a parent page) but this is really awesome. I am going to see if I can stop using the runPHP plugin altogether and just use this instead.

    Thanks very much.

  12. Danny
    Danny Published |

    I’ve just installed this plugin, no problems or anything. Really useful. Can’t wait for more shortcodes!

  13. Chris Hajer
    Chris Hajer Published |

    Please please please always keep it this way:

    > The goal was to adhere to the same rules as the WordPress template tags.

    This is exactly how I would expect it to work. If you decide to extend the plugin, please make sure that all the base functionality of the template tags goes unchanged. After years of getting used to passing parameters to template tags, I would hate to have to unlearn that to use this awesome plugin.

    Thanks again.

  14. Bryan Harley
    Bryan Harley Published |

    Great idea for a plugin Justin! If you could get this work with the_meta and custom fields, that would be amazingly awesome!!!

  15. Mijk
    Mijk Published |

    Last few days you are furfilling my plugin dreams! First cleaner gallery, widgets reloaded, widget-reset, then get-the-image (way cool), query posts and now this! I am almost exclusively using your plugins, there is no need for any else.

    You are making my world better every day, thank you so much!
    I am about to join exclusive hybrid theme club (at this moment I am just solving PayPal issue) and so at least a bit help you continue developing those amazing frameworks.

    Thank you, man!

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  17. Bryan Harley
    Bryan Harley Published |

    I’d love to have that functionality too. I think it would totally revolutionize the use of custom fields!!!

    Figure it out! You can do it! Heh heh.

  18. R.A. Ray
    R.A. Ray Published |

    Are there tags for comments that I’m just missing? Specifically, I’m needing comments_number().

  19. R.A. Ray
    R.A. Ray Published |

    Thanks man! Love the plugin so far.

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  25. Jack Elliot
    Jack Elliot Published |


  26. Chris TWiG Jelen
    Chris TWiG Jelen Published |

    This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks, a huge super big alot! hehe

  27. Nelrak
    Nelrak Published |

    thanks, this is very useful plugin for “lazier” like me, hehe…

  28. AK
    AK Published |

    Love the plugin! For the same reasons as people list above (letting clients edit pages without messing them up). Bravo Justin!

    Feature request: The ability to NEST template tags (or use variables). IE: If I want to show the pages that are in the same parent/child relationship in a particular thread, something like

    [wp_list pages [the_ID]]

    I know this can be done in PHP, but it would be oh so nice to be able to do it in Template Tag Shortcodes 😉

  29. Template Tag Shortcodes: WordPress Plugin – wpden
  30. glou
    glou Published |

    Thanks for this plugin Justin.
    Just one question : is there any way to use [the_title] with the ID parameter? As it can be done with [get_permalink id=244] to show the permalink of one post in another one.

  31. Jay Collier
    Jay Collier Published |

    This is super!

    One question. [wp_list_categories] returns list items, but no enclosing or

    Any suggestions of shortcodes my WYSIWYG editors could use to enclose the list.

    Like [ul] [/ul] ? 😉

  32. Controllable sidebar sections and shortcodes
  33. Lewis Litanzios
    Lewis Litanzios Published |

    Hi mate,

    Is there any way to filter [wp_list_categories]?

    For example I don’t need all category groups, and their sub categories. Just one group. If I could I would be using something like:

    … in my code.


  34. Demetrio
    Demetrio Published |

    is it possible to insert in the future the last posts written with the function of wordpress??



    5 posts recently

  35. John
    John Published |

    Ever since OZH Random Words plugin broke with 2.8, I am in desperate need of a random text plugin that works within posts.

    There is Random Text by Pants on Head which is compatible with 2.8 but it only displays via widget or template tags.

    Can I pay you to add shortcode functionality to Random Text by Pants on Head?http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/randomtext/

    Please email me. I really need it!

  36. John
    John Published |

    Oh, let me add, because it’s not clear in the instructions, the plug in adds random text via this template tag:

  37. ka81
    ka81 Published |


    Thanx for a plugin!!
    i’m using – [wp_tag_cloud] in post (publication)
    can smbd please tell how to asign a class for that code??
    i see the source is:
    Gillian Anderson
    David Duchovny
    Ken Camroux
    so, in style.CSS i put
    .tag-link {text-decoration:none; color:black;}
    .tag-link a {text-decoration:none; color:black;}
    but no result.

    please help.

  38. wordpress gallery shortcode update. </3 at.yamomzcrib.com
  39. @nomadone
    @nomadone Published |

    Nice one, would definitely come in handy.

    I’ve been trying to find the opposite type of thing however, need to learn how to turn a shortcode into a template tag.

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  41. Prabowo Murti
    Prabowo Murti Published |

    Hi Justin
    Thanks for creating such a great plugin. Unfortunately, I failed to add ‘tags’ shortcode.

    function tags_guwe_banget ($atts) {
    global $wpdb, $post;
    if (!empty($post->ID)){
    $tags = implode(“,”, $atts);
    wp_set_post_tags($post->ID, $tags, true);
    //wp_set_post_tags($post->ID, $atts[0], true);
    return ;
    add_shortcode(‘tags’, ‘tags_guwe_banget’);

    It works if the tag is only one single word such as php, wordpress, shortcode, or obama. But it fails when I write it this way.. [tags Barrack Obama, Michael Jackson]. It produces 4 different tags: barrack, obama, michael, and jackson. How do I make it right? Many thanks!

  42. swexican
    swexican Published |

    Hi there Justin,

    Thanks for a great plugin. Would it possible to add support for more bloginfo parameters? (http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/bloginfo). Right now it defaults to “show” but it would be nice to be able to get things like description, url, template_url and so on.

    Just an idea 🙂

    1. swexican
      swexican Published |

      Justin, forget what I wrote, I just found out it accepts all available parameters. My bad, remove the comment if you want 😉


  43. RJ
    RJ Published |

    This plugin is awesome! Whew thanks! ^_^

  44. micx51
    micx51 Published |

    Thanks, great plugin!

  45. Travis
    Travis Published |

    Love the plugin! I use it EVERY day!

    Would it be possible to add a shortcode used by another plugin?

    Right now I use your plugin to display recent posts more prominently within a post Example: http://bit.ly/ccKEQ1

    I would also like to add “related” posts using the “WordPress Related Posts” plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-23-related-posts-plugin/)

    I’m not a coder, but am comfortable adding code to a file. I don’t see a “subscribe to comments” option, so you can email me here: http://chiefscommand.com/about-chiefs-command/contact-chiefs-command/


  46. Chris
    Chris Published |

    Great plug-in!

    Just used it on a clients website and worked like a treat!

    nice work Justin

  47. Bill
    Bill Published |

    Would you consider adding support for more mundane template tags, like the_content, the_excerpt or the_post_thumbnail?

  48. Elena C
    Elena C Published |

    How can I show just subcategories under a certain category or subpages under a certain parent page? Even better if there is a way to list them with bullets or numbering.


  49. Adrian Hodge
    Adrian Hodge Published |

    Just found this, what a fabulous plugin for so many uses!

    Wonderful, simple and all you need. Thank you Justin.
    This one’s going ‘straight to the pool room’!

  50. nandakumar
    nandakumar Published |

    Great plug-in!

    nice work Justin

  51. Nick Wagner
    Nick Wagner Published |

    Hi Justin. Great plugin! I have a question about adding a shortcode. I have a plugin called WP Ecommerce. That plugin creates product pages and the products have categories. How can I create a shortcode that will list the categories from those pages? When I hover on a category, I see this:


    Thanks for your help.

  52. Leanne
    Leanne Published |

    I have been looking for something that can easily do this for a while actually…

    Tags and categories is such a basic nice way for visitors to navigate your website, but its always so small at the bottom of the page.

    Now I can add the tags and categories inside my recipes etc where I need them.

    Thank you


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