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  1. Many
    Many Published |

    Well, I’m using your theme in most every site I run but I guess this is an opportunity to take a closer look at how it’s built and learn 2 or 3 things 🙂

    Thanks for always sharing.

  2. dinu
    dinu Published |

    oh ! another plugin !! so your plans for 2009 are going well !!

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  4. Funny
    Funny Published |

    Hi, thanks for the plugin!

    I have a question here, is it possible to display the breadcrumb-trai like:

    Site Name/ Cat level 1/ Cat level 2/ Cat level 3/ Post Name

    when the post link is?

    I’m using this plugin and I see it shows the category name even it’s not in the link structure.

    Here’s a post link of my site, please take a look and help me:


    Thank you

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  7. Hercules
    Hercules Published |

    thanks, great plugin.

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  10. Muhaimin
    Muhaimin Published |

    Thanks for sharing this handy plugin. May god bless you

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  12. Jason
    Jason Published |

    Fatal Error in the New Hybrid 0.5.1 with old school

    “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare breadcrumb_trail() (previously declared in “”/wordpress/wp-content/themes/hybrid/library/extensions/breadcrumb-trail.php:35) in “”/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/breadcrumb-trail/breadcrumb-trail.php on line 51”

    Worked on Hybrid 0.4.2.

  13. Jason
    Jason Published |

    Thanks for all the help…..I’ll work with it.

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  15. George Plumley
    George Plumley Published |

    Thanks for a great plug-in, Justin!!

    Funny was asking about showing the full breadcrumb of categories when you’re on a single post (currently it only shows the category to which the post belongs).

    Here’s what I did as a mod for // Single Posts

    Might be a better way, but I just took Justin’s PARENT coding from Category Pages section and inserted it BEFORE you output the post’s category (or else they won’t be in the right order)

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  20. Susan
    Susan Published |

    Thanks for a great plugin and all the work that goes into creating and maintaining it! Much appreciated.

  21. Ashutosh
    Ashutosh Published |

    This plug in don’t show or intact with one category at post of a specific category. Any Solution!!

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  24. David Beck
    David Beck Published |

    The plugin works great except for sites that use a static home page. The page that the blog is on is not displayed. It should be: Home / Blog Page / Category etc… but instead the blog page is missing from all bread crumbs.

  25. Oyunlar
    Oyunlar Published |

    It’s a navigational tool that outputs something like this: Browse: Home / Page / Sub-page.

    i cant find this

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  27. jacob
    jacob Published |

    Anyway to put that in short code so I can place it only on some pages? Reason being I have a menu set up for my main pages, but I have other pages I would like it on. Thanks, your blog is nice!

  28. Nikw
    Nikw Published |

    I’m new php and just wanted to know if it is possible to not show the parent pages in the breadcrumb trail? The parent pages in the main navigation of the site aren’t clickable and aren’t going to have any content on them so I don’t want them to be accessiblefrom anywhere on the site.



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  37. emma
    emma Published |

    Hello Justin

    First of all, thanks for a very helpful site and a very nice plugin.
    I was wondering if there is a way to show custom taxonomies in the breadcrumb trail as well? To use your movie database as an example;
    Home > Actors > Tom Hanks


  38. Diana
    Diana Published |

    Justin, I would like to know how to create (or at least how is called…) a dynamic menu, like the one in this site (http://romanceastral.ueuo.com/ – supress the link ok!).

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  40. Eduardo Oliveira
    Eduardo Oliveira Published |

    Your plugin is very nice, thanks for develop it! ^-^

  41. Tom
    Tom Published |

    it works! 🙂

    thank you very much

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  43. 1Energy1 Inc
    1Energy1 Inc Published |

    Breadcrumb Trail works perfect with latest WordPress, so compatibility info should be updated.

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  45. Den
    Den Published |

    Hi, there is a bug in the plugin. It pulls through pages which has been deleted (moved to trash). In my case the issue was this: I have custom post type “services” and when I’m on any of its pages the breadcrumb shows me “home > services > current page” instead of “home > current page” and “services” is a link to deleted normal page “services”. So I had to remove that page completely to get rid of it from the breadcrumb trail.
    Regards, Den

  46. Joshua Trent
    Joshua Trent Published |

    Hello! I bought Proxima theme from AlienWP but I didn’t realize there was no support 🙁 I’m hoping you can help, all I want is for post categories to show up in the breadcrumbs like I used to have before I switched themes. Like if you’re looking up Chocolate Cake, I want desserts to show up in the breadcrumbs too, I mean that’s what breadcrumbs are for right?? What can I do??? Thanks for any help!

  47. Aarik Evanson
    Aarik Evanson Published |


    The plugin is inserting “THIS NEW PAGE” into my breadcrumb trail when opening a Single Post. Could you tell me how to eliminate that?

    Take a look…



  48. Marty Rogers
    Marty Rogers Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Superb plugin – great job.

    Any idea how I can show the category when viewing a blog post rather than the date?



  49. Peter Sorensen
    Peter Sorensen Published |

    Great plugin, Justin! Thank you!

  50. Graham
    Graham Published |

    Hi Justin

    5 years on and this page is still active, well done bud! I’ve been using this plugin for ages and still do, and yet I’ve never thanked you so, THANK YOU!

  51. Scott Evans
    Scott Evans Published |

    Hi Justin, We have been using your plugin and recently rediscovered this page. It is a great plugin and would just like to say thanks!


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