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  1. Jessi Hance
    Jessi Hance Published |

    A tutorial for WordPress 2.8, before it’s even out? Justin, you are one on-the-ball blogger! Thanks for sharing your know-how. I don’t know whether I’ll get all fancy with these cool taxonomy clouds, but I’m excited about custom taxonomies. WordPress just keeps getting better!

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  3. Andy Beard
    Andy Beard Published |

    Eventually the built in tag system for WordPress might have all the features available within Ultimate Tag Warrior

  4. marc andrew
    marc andrew Published |

    i read every single of your post sometimes i read it over and over again ..you really inspired many people here..wish you a good luck in everything you do..

  5. Kristian
    Kristian Published |

    Hi justin, great tutorial on the taxonomy posibilities.
    I do have 1 question.

    I went on and used yoast´s plugin to start with, because i wasnt sure on how to get the taxonomies displayed, but i can see that im gonna try out the tutorial you made for the movie database – i guess it would work great for recipes aswell.

    Is it possible to show ONLY the taxonomy used, instead of all the taxonomies?
    Look at http://www.kokkekniven.com/opskrifter/
    It shows both blogroll, categories and tags – and im not sure on how to proceed on this issue.

    Also – im using 4 taxonomies – Season, origin, type of meal and ingredients will be coming. How would i manage to make 4 templates, showing only 1 taxonomy on each page?

    Hope you can help.

    Best regards and thanks for great tutorials,

  6. kristian
    kristian Published |

    Justin – I actually deleted the plugin and followed your tutorial to the point, and i guess i have done all the right things, except the code above and its working great.

    Thank you so much for the help.

  7. Kristian
    Kristian Published |

    Justin – i came to think of something you might know of!

    On my site im using 4 taxonomies:
    Season, ingredients, origin and type of meal.

    Know im planning on making a “wikipedia” of fruits and vegestables?
    What would be best for me and the users?
    Using the existing ingredients tags, or make some new under the taxonomies fruits and vegestables?
    Do you know what I mean?

    Question number 2:

    Is there a way in options theme, that i could use the tabs function to display recipes?
    tab1: Recipe by origin, tab2: recipe by ingredients, or something like that using the taxonomy?

  8. Shane - Inspiring Your Success
    Shane - Inspiring Your Success Published |

    Hi Justin,
    Would it be possible to use these as navigation? For example, genre is the parent, which would be in the navigation bar, and as a drop down menu would be the different genres?

    Or can this not be done at this point?

  9. Edward de Leau
    Edward de Leau Published |

    I just wanted to let you know that i enjoy reading you blog, hmm that sounds like a spam entry but especially the taxonomies have so much potential that probably a fork of wordpress itself could be based on it.

    it has the potential to integrate a lot with a lot especially when objects (code) are linked to taxonomy terms.

    i was thinking myself of creating a crm system based on physical .vcf cards (there are some open source libs) using these concepts right around wordpress. “contact”, “household”, “address” etc…

  10. Edward de Leau
    Edward de Leau Published |

    while im typing… what I was thinking is that taxonomies are related or more or less the same within a specific domain as requirement types / traceability types. If you spend some time with e.g. Rational RequisitePro you see a pyramid unfold itself of requirement types. E.g. software teams start out with lists of “requirements” but only after a while start to categorize them in TYPES e.g. non functional requirements / use cases / release / actor and so on… and they all are related to each other. The funny thing is that those requirement types as an instance “a requirement” are then again coupled to other systems like a workflow system so that a specific requirement is then linked to a Request like a defect. which is again a type. traceability is then important here: you could find the chain up by constantly asking why, why, why. e.g “movie” : why do i buy the movie. “because i have hobby movies”. why do i have hobby movies. because i want to have fun etc… you could organize an otherwise chaotic household in some more structure by starting out letting them have “tags” (like a software team which simply has “requirement”) and slowly improve a household by organizing these tags in types. The next step is to link these things to other systems e.g “contact” is automatically coupled to a household crm system and “todo” to a todo application. Instantly. It would improve households. They can start out with simply a “blog” and the more content is going in there the more the need will rise to organize it thus improving it.

  11. David
    David Published |

    Justin is there way to show taxonomy as list instead of wp_tag_cloud?

  12. Knat
    Knat Published |

    Hi, thanks for all your great Wordpress guides.

    I’ve been reading your guides about Taxonomies quite a few times now.

    I have a movie site and i want taxonomies for Actors, Directors and Studio.

    This works fine so far, i can even get all actors to show using the tag_cloud.

    My biggest problem is that all my taxonomies (when clicked) end in 404 Not Found.

    Do i need to make some kind of template for the taxonomy ? or do i have to make a template for each term inside the taxonomy ? That would be a lot of templates if i had to do that for each actor.

    Can you please point me in the right direction.. i want to show all movies with that actor if the actors name is clicked.

    I’ve read all of your guides but still have not found the solution for this, so i guess there must be something i missed somewhere.


    Knat Simon

  13. Coafuri
    Coafuri Published |

    Good tip. I replace my plugin with your script. Very easy. Now i have only 24 Plugins.

  14. Connex Enviromental
    Connex Enviromental Published |

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  15. Scott
    Scott Published |

    I’m still trying to figure out how to make the taxonomy page show up. Could you give me any tips? Like if I had /actor/tom-hanks, I know how to do that. But what if I want a page called /actors that lists all actors?

  16. Scott
    Scott Published |

    Sorry, I retract my question. I should have read this more carefully: http://justintadlock.com/archives/2009/03/13/page-templates-the-untapped-potential-of-wordpress

    I’m not really good at following instructions. For other ADD people like myself, it’s just a page that you need to create, and assign that to a template taxonomy-actors.php or something. Then in that template you can do whatever you want with a Loop, static text, clouds, other tomfoolery, etc.

    If I create an /actors page, and I have /actor/tom-hanks… would it be useful to have an /actor (singular) page as well and that points to the same template? That way I could avoid some 404s. Or I guess it could be a rewrite rule to permanently force the /actors URL.

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  18. ehmud
    ehmud Published |

    I have a developing a educational courses database and using university name, country and subject as taxonomies. How can I show cloud of universities on a single page? I would also like to limit results with respect to universities in specific country and number of entries showing on the page.

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