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  1. New Wordpress Plugin: Series | theWPresser
  2. Missy
    Missy Published |

    Hi, Justin:

    Are you using this cool plugin on this blog? If so, which of the widgets on your sidebar has it.

    Also one of your sidebar widgets entitled “Must Read”, what plugin is that?

  3. Adam W. Warner
    Adam W. Warner Published |


    This is great, and a real boost especially for video producers using WP. The online video/WP community has been waiting for an easy way to display their series video posts!


  4. jay dedman
    jay dedman Published |

    when someone gets a working example public, I’d love to see how it looks.

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  6. Carl Hancock
    Carl Hancock Published |

    Looks like you have one upped Yoast who also just released a taxonomy plugin… but i’ll ask you the same thing I asked him.

    What about custom hierarchical taxonomies?

  7. Nancy Nally
    Nancy Nally Published |

    Justin, this sounds fabulous! I can’t wait to take it for a test drive!

    I just moved my site from Typepad to WordPress last week, using Hybrid News as the theme. One of the major things I do on the site involves trade show coverage twice a year, with of course a series of posts over the course of the event. This sounds perfect for being able to direct people to all of the coverage from the event.

  8. John Myrstad
    John Myrstad Published |

    What about custom hierarchical taxonomies?

    I guess this is question for WP devs and Matt. He is using taxonomy’s in his blog and Community Tags Plugin, and promised in his new years resolutions to; “make it easier to do an amazing photoblog with WP”.

    Hierarchical taxonomies would do just that 😉

  9. Carl Hancock
    Carl Hancock Published |

    So the hierarchical taxonomies aren’t possible right now, or at least without major work? Bummer. Would be so handy.

  10. Carl Hancock
    Carl Hancock Published |

    I completely missed the point of this plugin the first time, my mistake for scanning the article. It isn’t the same as the Yoast plugin. Downloading it now to check it out and play around with it.

  11. Dave
    Dave Published |

    Deleted by administrator. This comment added nothing to the discussion.

  12. Adam W. Warner
    Adam W. Warner Published |


    Does this only work with new posts? I have created a series, then edited five posts to include this series taxonomy tag, then activated the series list widget, but it’s showing no posts in this series.

    If this only works on new posts, do you know of any tricks I might try to apply these series taxonomy tags to pre-existing posts? I would imagine I won’t be the only one wanting to do this…

  13. Carl Hancock
    Carl Hancock Published |

    Same thing happened to me. I activated the plugin, added the series list post widget and then added an existing post to a series. The widget still says there are no posts but I edit the post and it has that series in the series write panel.

  14. Adam W. Warner
    Adam W. Warner Published |

    @ Carl,

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one, hopefully it will make troubleshooting easier. Also, I am running WP 2.8 Beta1, not svn.

  15. The Frosty @WPCult
    The Frosty @WPCult Published |

    This is exiting, I can’t wait to give it a whirl in 2.8. As a matter of fact I’ll grab a copy and play with it on my local server running 2.8 RC 1.

    Would love to see how it integrates into themes other than Hybrid.


  16. Adam W. Warner
    Adam W. Warner Published |

    @ Justin and Jay,

    I have now upgraded to WP 2.8-RC1 and it’s working exactly as advertised. Go here to see how I’m displaying the “Power of Video” series of posts on top of the right sidebar.

  17. jay dedman
    jay dedman Published |

    Thanks for the example Adam. I’m disappointed there aren’t thumbnails. Is that just how you enabled it, or thumbnails just aren’t in the cards?

    This Series plugin makes a lot of sense for people posting video, but without thumbnails…it’s definitely not as attractive.

  18. Adam W. Warner
    Adam W. Warner Published |

    No, unfortunately thumbnails aren’t included, but I know that Justin has included this in his Query Posts Widget plugin, so maybe, just maybe, that feature could make it into the Series plugin???

    …fingers crossed…:)

  19. jay dedman
    jay dedman Published |

    Sorry for the confusion Justin. Your plugin was posted to a Videoblogging group that obviously views the world through a different lens.

    When we read about a “Series” plugin, there was excitement that a videoblogger could post different “video series” on his sidebar. There’s a real need for this.

    But for this to work effectively, we’d need to be able to show the thumbnail for each video in the series. Adam pointed out the possible solution.

    Charles Iliya Krempeaux was building some cool plugins that did a lot of smart things with video, but he’s since dropped off: http://changelog.ca/project/VideoPress

    Anyway…your work is great. As videobloggers, we’re always asking people to allow the thumbnails to be exposed!

  20. Adam W. Warner
    Adam W. Warner Published |

    @ Justin,

    What Jay is referencing is the use case I had in mind when asking about including the get_the_image capability being included in the Series plugin. An example of usage (sort of) can be seen here. If you scroll down and look under the “Recent Videos” heading. This is being displayed by the Recent Videos plugin, one of the VideoPress plugins referenced above.

    The thought is that a video maker could create a Series using your plugin, and display the post thumbs in that series similarly to what is seen using the Recent Videos plugin.

  21. Adam W. Warner
    Adam W. Warner Published |

    Using the Query Posts Widget plugin sounds like a valid alternative. I’ll be sure and stay tuned for the custom taxonomies updates, then write up a specific example use case for video series output.

    Thanks Justin, you’re a true gentleman, and of course, a scholar!

  22. jay dedman
    jay dedman Published |

    Fair enough. You got to make things that are useful to you.

  23. Todd
    Todd Published |

    I know Yoast is developing a plugin for this as well. I am curious how the two compare. Unfortunately, I am going to be hanging back from upgrading any of my blogs to 2.8 until I know that the plugin kinks are worked out. I don’t feel like going through the dance of finding what works and what doesn’t.

  24. Sket på nettet den 11.06.09
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  25. Dave
    Dave Published |

    Would you consider including a migration tool for Darren Ethier’s Organize Series plugin at some point? I’m kind of over-committed to it (one series has 120 posts!) but would otherwise be eager to switch to a series plugin undergoing active maintenance and development.

    Thanks in any case for all your work.

  26. wordpress lovers
    wordpress lovers Published |

    This is just great I am going to install it.

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  29. Francois
    Francois Published |

    Wow !! This a a really nice plugin.
    Will definetly try it out.
    Not knowing about the existence of the taxonomy in Wordpress, I used complex process of linking posts with mostly tags and coding. Now it will be way easier with taxonomy (learned by your posts !!) and with that plugin.

    I’m sure gonna install it !

    Thanks a lot Justin.

  30. Rofikul Islam Shahin
    Rofikul Islam Shahin Published |

    Cool! Great news for the video+wordpres community! And thanx Adam for this wonderful his wonderful example.

  31. Mike Schinkel
    Mike Schinkel Published |

    @Justin: Can you add a screenshot of the widgets in use on the blog in addition to the screenshots you have of their admin usage? Just a thought…

  32. Robert Centor
    Robert Centor Published |

    Very nice plugin – very appropriate for my blog. No problem developing series, but cannot get the related post series to work. I probably do not understand the proper input – could someone provide a step by step instruction on that widget?
    Thanks in advance

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  34. Csaba
    Csaba Published |

    I just discovered your blog and must say it’s exciting. Tons of great WP stuff here. Bookmarked !! 😉

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  36. Shan
    Shan Published |

    I just installed the latest version of WP and will report back about the features of this plug-in. Great posts by the way.

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  39. Techblizz
    Techblizz Published |

    hi thanks for the information…nice plugin. I just discovered nice plugin for my blog. it is exciting.

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  41. Elpie
    Elpie Published |

    I haven’t tried your new plugin yet Justin but what would make it a “must have” for me is this…

    The new head meta for rel=”next” etc presumes that everyone has a date-based blog. In a series of articles the default rel links make sites less accessible to those who rely on that information for navigation.

    In a series of articles, the next article would be the next one in the series, which is not necessarily the next post on the next date. The link rel=”prev” would be to the previous article in the series. link rel=”start” would be the first article in a series.

    This is actually how those meta links are supposed to be used and how users reading a series would expect the rel links to be used. If your plugin included the ability to filter the default rel links so that series posts were returned in the header navigation this would be a huge benefit to the WordPress community.

  42. Keiy
    Keiy Published |

    I’m a new comer in using wordpress, but somehow I’ve already love it since it is supported by many useful plugins, and I think it is included your series plugin. I will use your plugin once I upgrade to Wordpress 2.8, and I will let you know about it.

    By the way I like the simplicity of your theme, and it has score 100 of 100 based on SEO Design analyzer by Raven-SEO-Tools.com.

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  44. Xorax
    Xorax Published |

    Really great job for the widgets!

    But When I see it, I wonder why you don’t factorize on the level above for create a “multi-series” plugin ?

    “series” is just another taxon(omy?). A plugin who manage the taxons(omies?) will be perfect. With your work, you just have to create an admin page for manage it, and replace and factorize some functions.

    Thanks !

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  46. S.K
    S.K Published |

    Can this plugin be used to create a periodical magazine with specific set of posts or articles appearing together as a weekly issue such that they can be accessed from a sidebar widget as issue no.1, 2 etc.


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  48. alvin
    alvin Published |

    hey justin, is it possible to build a navigation menu listing the taxonomies and its hierarchy?

  49. xxxevilgrinxxx
    xxxevilgrinxxx Published |

    thanks so much for this fantastic plugin!
    I had been using another – now defunct – plugin in the past and wasn’t sure how I would replace it, so huge thanks 😀

  50. Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe Published |

    sorry, but i treid to install it to my WP 2.8.1 and failed…then i read the readme.html and it worked!

  51. Chip Bennett
    Chip Bennett Published |

    Hey Justin,

    Just installed the Series plugin. I think I found a bug(?).

    The Series taxonomy page (admin interface) text indicates “Tags” rather than “Series”:

    Page title: “Tags”
    Section Headings: “Popular tags”, “Add New Tag”
    Form Headings: “Tag Name”, “Tag Slug”
    Form Submit: “Add Tag”

    Wasn’t sure whether I should comment this here, or on your Hybrid support forum (it’s not really a support question).

  52. 24 Inch Bar Stools
    24 Inch Bar Stools Published |

    Shortcodes it’s my favorite plugin for wordpress.
    Thank you for this useful list.

  53. Rajj
    Rajj Published |

    Thx for posting this plugin, i love to go through your posts and you really have nice hacks for wordpress. I am trying to use this plugin on blogger..As chip stated i also see the same bug
    The Series taxonomy page (admin interface) text indicates “Tags” rather than “Series”:

    Page title: “Tags”
    Section Headings: “Popular tags”, “Add New Tag”
    Form Headings: “Tag Name”, “Tag Slug”
    Form Submit: “Add Tag”

  54. Immobilienmakler
    Immobilienmakler Published |

    so, after reading a lot in this great blog, maybe i have to switch from joomla to wordpress…seems there are lot´s of cool plugins…wordpress looks for me more and more “en vogue”

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  56. Coafuri
    Coafuri Published |

    Thanks for sharing this useful plugin. I will wait for more in the future.

  57. new york shopping
    new york shopping Published |

    I think wordpress is really of value. I don’t like comparing wordpress and joomla. But, I love both to be honest.

  58. martina
    martina Published |

    thanks so much for this great tutorial and instruction, great for helping with my project. greetings from berlin. m.

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  60. disiniadaebook
    disiniadaebook Published |

    hi, justin nice blog. your wp plugins is great. thanks for share.

  61. concierge
    concierge Published |

    At the beginning i had doubt about wordpress and its flexibility but after 3 years of use, I am greatly satisfied. Joomla made me become mad sometimes. So, my choice is done.

  62. Hausbau
    Hausbau Published |

    Series seems to to a good job. I will also try this plugin in my next wordpress installation.

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  64. Geschenkideen
    Geschenkideen Published |

    Good post, thank you Justin. I will try to use series to make the grouping of my articles easier and more comfortable for my users!

  65. Stephanie Leary
    Stephanie Leary Published |

    Justin, this plugin is great. I ran into a tiny problem: my taxonomy archive kept returning a 404 error. I edited the plugin to flush the rewrite rules after creating the taxonomy, and everything worked as expected:

    function create_series_taxonomy() {
    	$structure = get_option( 'permalink_structure' );
    	if ( empty( $structure ) )
    		$args = array( 'hierarchical' => false, 'label' => __('Series', 'series'), 'query_var' => 'series', 'rewrite' => false );
    		$args = array( 'hierarchical' => false, 'label' => __('Series', 'series'), 'query_var' => 'series', 'rewrite' => array( 'slug' => 'series' ) );
    	register_taxonomy( 'series', 'post', $args );
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  68. RosemaryDesigns
    RosemaryDesigns Published |

    Are you supporting this plugin anymore? I use it and like it and notice it is not featured on your home page.

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  71. Todd Lohenry
    Todd Lohenry Published |

    Why did you stop development on this plugin? It’s the top rated series plugin for WordPress, but it hasn’t been tested with 3.x…

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  74. Megan Payne
    Megan Payne Published |

    How is this plugin different and/or better than Organize Series? I’m not sure which one to use.

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