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  1. Valentin
    Valentin Published |

    Very good job!
    Thank you for this plugin very nice and easy to use!

    1. Kreativ Theme
      Kreativ Theme Published |

      Thsi plugin seems to be very similat to Pippin’s Restrict plugin which is paid …

      Since you plugin is free, I’ll definitely try it. Thanks 🙂

  2. Larry Someone
    Larry Someone Published |

    This is perfect! It’s much simpler to use than the other solutions out there right now. Thank you so much for putting the time to make this =D


  3. Jason
    Jason Published |

    I just installed this plug in and when I go to activate it, I am getting a fatal error message. Any thoughts on how to fix?

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  5. The Frosty
    The Frosty Published |

    Exiting, will have to get a site to run this for a demo!!

  6. Cody Redmon
    Cody Redmon Published |

    As always, you hit it out of the park, Tadlock. Nice work man. I’ve found gaps in other simply plugins as well, glad to finally have a solid tool in place.

    One thought that occurred to me is that the plug-in seems quite close to being able to handle “premium memberships”, or those that require a monthly/yearly fee or access to certain content. Is this something you have considered for future builds?

    Again, killer work man..you keep puttin’ it out.

  7. Cody Redmon
    Cody Redmon Published |

    …other **similar** plugins…
    …fee **for** access…

    Damn typos!

  8. Joen
    Joen Published |

    I am really looking forward to this plugin, it sounds like it really fills a few holes in Wordpress. Awesome initiative, and consider me a future user.

    I wanted to note one thing though, before you spend too much time on the role management. Perhaps this is a non-issue, but the other day I managed to listen through a podcast interview with Mark Jaquith on the future of Wordpress (link: http://www2.webmasterradio.fm/press-this/2009/09/01/future-of-wordpress/). He mentioned that fewer than 5 percent use the user roles as they are implemented now, and that:

    * he wants to rework (or refactor, I think the term is) that entire system
    * eventually merge WPMU with WP

    So in my ears that’s certainly not a reason not to build your plugin, but it’s good to keep in mind while building it.

  9. Monica
    Monica Published |

    Nice plugin you got there! I will try using this one on one of my blogs. I think this one’s the thing that would really help me. I just bookmarked your blog also, hoping for more useful stuff and updates soon. Keep them posting!

  10. CG
    CG Published |

    Content Permissions: Adds a meta box on your write post/page editor that allows you to restrict content to specific roles.

    i use custom fields outside my post content editor and with your plugin my custom fields aren’t able to be restricted. any chance in having the whole loop restricted and not just the content…

  11. Cristian
    Cristian Published |

    Good job, good work, good god you do like giving stuff for free! 🙂

    This is great stuff you have done here! I actually have a project down the line were I’ll need to integrate amember with WP and the private blog functionality is perfect!

    Not sure how to contribute, but I’ll write a small post about your Members plugin.

    Can’t wait to see how this will develop!

  12. Alexandre P
    Alexandre P Published |

    hi !

    I’m looking for a plugin that allows me to restrict each of my authors to post only in a specific category, does it make it possible?
    For instance, author A needs to only post in Category 1. Author B needs to only post in Category 2. Author C can post in category A and 2.


    Thank you,


  13. Anibal
    Anibal Published |

    its good ! is it possible to enable o disable permission to manage widgets ?

  14. Members: WordPress Plugin by Justin Tadlock
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  16. Abu Aufa
    Abu Aufa Published |

    Great plugin..!! Thanks..

  17. rgregory
    rgregory Published |

    @Justin and Cody Redmon – I want to add the disclaimer that I hope you never start charging more than our club fees for you work, but perhaps this could be something that someone could do for a fee. It would seem sensible that if you wanted to exclusively make money with a plugin that you might have to pay for the solution. GPL of course!

  18. Don Spark
    Don Spark Published |

    Congratulations and thanks. I need this. I’m installed this on a multi-user site immediately.

    minor point:
    Your readme is excellent and concise. I installed the plugin through WP > Plugins > Add New. I do not see the read me available linked from this article or in WP. It’s easy to download and unpack or navigate to the plugin by ftp. But, probably, you want to streamline access to the read me in the interest of streamlining.

    1. Anita De Bauch
      Anita De Bauch Published |

      I can’t find the readme anywhere! Can you provide a link? x

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  20. Julian
    Julian Published |

    Great plugin. I tried to use in my blog…. but after activation .. not works fine because some conflict problems with other plugins 🙁 . I hate wp plugin conflicts!

  21. CG
    CG Published |

    custom fields are associated with a particular post… now if that post was to be excluded from certain groups, i’d also want the custom fields associated with that post excluded as well

  22. Pete
    Pete Published |

    couldn’t we have the option?

  23. Pete
    Pete Published |

    what I want compared to what you want re custom fields being hidden… have an option tick box?

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  25. Julian
    Julian Published |

    Thanks Justin. Can you add an custom individual page for Register in this plugin ?

  26. Jan Egbert
    Jan Egbert Published |

    When can I start translating this WordPress E X T E N S I O N?

    Thanks Justin! This extension is clean, fresh, intelligent, etc. I love it, just like I love Theme Hybrid Framework and all your plugins. You tend to make exactly what I need when I need it. It’s kind of scary…

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  28. JimHadfield
    JimHadfield Published |

    I guess by the comments you are seeing that you have come upon a much needed plug-in. Having come from a PN background, I truly missed a great user management system. I am looking forward to using “members” and your future development of it. Congratulations on a job well done.

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  30. CG
    CG Published |

    “Besides, it’s not the post that is restricted. It’s the post content that is.”

    What’s the advantage in just restricting the write panel’s content and nothing else associated with the post compared to including custom fields that are WITHIN the loop. I see nowadays as WP is being used as a CMS posts are using custom fields more and more as a way to make it easier for users to submit their content in a more structured way… so in that sense it makes sense to me to include the whole loop as what should be restricted, not just the content.

    What does everyone else think about this?

  31. Jan Egbert
    Jan Egbert Published |

    @ CG :

    I think you could do this with the template tags available in the Members plugin. So both methods are possible. Even better!

  32. Jan Egbert
    Jan Egbert Published |

    Just Tadlock – I translated the plugin. How do i get the translation to work? I put it in the members folder, didn’t work. I put it in a new folder called languages. Didn’t work.

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  35. Wes Linda
    Wes Linda Published |

    Great tool. Well written and very functional. Wondering if there is a thought on adding the ability to provide multiple groups for users. Perhaps primary & secondary. Would be a really neat option.

    The main reason we’re looking at it, is based on our desire to group users and send emails to those groups, but some site members could be members of multiple groups.

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  37. Wes Linda
    Wes Linda Published |

    Justin – Thanks for the quick reply. Understand your point, just have a specific need and like to work within the realm of plugins so that updates / upgrades can go as smoothly as possible. Never know the answer to a question till we ask. Thanks again.

  38. Kiran
    Kiran Published |

    Nice plugin,
    Though it needs extra features on widget
    – a link to “Register”,
    – a link to “Logout” after logging in
    – a link to go to “Profile” after logging in (Same way as AJAX Login Widget++ does)

    I like this plugin better,
    though I will wait till the next updates to use it.


  39. Jack
    Jack Published |

    The best thing about MovableType is that they have user profiles, favoriting(recommending) and following functionality built-in.

    Wordpress has plugins for each of these components but those do not work together. Please extend the functionality of your plugin so that wordpress could become a social blogging application.


  40. Andrei Gheorghiu
    Andrei Gheorghiu Published |

    I need to hide from user of certain roles posts and pages other than their own in the edit posts and edit pages admin areas.

    I would like to and I think it’s possible to do this by simply adding them a “capability” which in this case would actually be a restriction.
    After searching a bit i found a plugin that did just that, but it applies this to all user levels except admin. So I changed the code a bit.

    This is about as far as I could go (I’m not much of a programmer – I’m a DIY-er as you gracefully previously described my kind):

    add_filter('parse_query', 'parse_query_own_only' );
    function parse_query_own_only( $wp_query ) {
        global $current_user;
        if ((esc_url( $_SERVER[ 'REQUEST_URI' ], '/wp-admin/edit.php' ) !== false) || (esc_url( $_SERVER[ 'REQUEST_URI' ], '/wp-admin/edit-pages.php' ) !== false)) {
    	if has_cap('manage_own_only') {
                $wp_query->set( 'author', $current_user->id );

    The code above is inspired and derived from http://code.mincus.com/41/manage-your-posts-only-in-wordpress/ plugin created by mincus code.

  41. Andrei Gheorghiu
    Andrei Gheorghiu Published |

    There is an error in my code above: the esc_url needs to be replacesd with strpos in both instances.
    The code from my previous comment hides posts and pages of other authors throughout the entire site, not just in wp-admin/edit.php and wp-admin/edit-pages.php.

    Sorry for messing up.

  42. Rich Staats
    Rich Staats Published |

    Hey Justin, great work man. I was messing around and noticed that the content permissions replaces content with “you do not have permission…” but still displays the title. Is there a way to completely remove the entire post (title, post content, etc) from the loop when unregistered viewers are viewing the site. As if the post never existed?

    Thanks a bunch.


  43. Rich Staats
    Rich Staats Published |

    by theme customization were you referring to adding a conditional with one of your template tags, like:

    //run the loop allowing all content

  44. designOdyssey
    designOdyssey Published |

    This is awesome. I was looking through Role Scoper, Capabilities Manager, and Role Manager to get what I wanted. Not sure Members yet has all I wanted from Role Scoper, but it’s headed there.

    What’s great is that I’m trying to keep the number of plugin authors I rely on to a minimum. Helps with learning code, debugging, etc. Given that I’m using Hybrid, I’m pretty sure, your plugins will be compatible for some time. That’s very reassuring.

    Thanks again.

  45. designOdyssey
    designOdyssey Published |

    I’m looking to use something like Flutter or More Fields to create custom write panels for authors. I’d like to restrict which write panel they see using something like Members. Is this functionality present now or even planned? Been looking at Role Scoper and Post Control CMS as alternative means.

  46. CG
    CG Published |

    “Rich Staats — Yes, that’s definitely something that’s feasible with this plugin. It’ll require a little theme editing, but it’s possible.”

    Isn’t that what I was saying?

  47. CG
    CG Published |

    Whatever… I suspect there’s a lot of users out there that’d like to see more than just the ‘content’ hidden. Maybe something more like this…

  48. CG
    CG Published |

    Sorry, I was just trying to help out designOdyssey, and the other link was to show to you what I’d like with respect to managing content on a per role basis… they were both on topic but if you don’t want urls that’s fine.

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  50. yehoshanah
    yehoshanah Published |

    Thank you Justin. Several plugin name “Role manager” plugin to customize roles but it creator seems to have stopped development and updates. Could I replace “role manager” plugin with “members” plugin? Can I transfer data from “role manager” to “members” plugin?

  51. slee
    slee Published |

    Hi Justin great plugin i wonder if it would be easy/possible to integrate this with a payment module? i am working on a charity website that needs a members area where people pay a small donation to see the member’s content. your plugin seems like an ideal solution as i want to help keep their costs down.

  52. Pete
    Pete Published |

    “pay a small donation to see the member’s content”
    There’s a plugin available that allows ‘pay per view’… but modesty forbids me from putting the url here 🙂

    In any case it’d be a nice feature

  53. Tibor
    Tibor Published |

    Haven’t found the time to try things out yet, but this looks like VERY helpfull plugin. Could it also be used to give a certain role the restriction to only post in certain categories?

    Thanks in advance!

  54. rZr
    rZr Published |

    And again I have been posting on older pages, third try now ;). I am using this plugin now for some importship plugin (from the fabrication side). Where every importer in various countries can keep their own info up to date. Also their dealers can keep their info up to date.

    So this plugin really comes to handy, though some work is still neccesarry for my tasks ;).

    One being able to have users set an country (dropdown, or map even) when registering their account.
    Two, being able to have users request dealer or import status/role, so they are able to update their information.

    Would really like have an brainrush session with you regarding some functionality.

  55. chad
    chad Published |

    Thank God that you have made this plugin! It rocks and the development is exactly what I have been looking for. Other plugins have been to convoluted for me, but this is perfect!

    Quick question: how easy is it to have the pages/posts that are “restricted” to disappear from wp_list_pages etc. ? Possibly have that as a component option so they are automatically hidden and unhidden based on login?

    Thanks again for your development!

  56. Pancake
    Pancake Published |

    thanks a lot for the plugin, that’s exactly what I wanted to have, and i also pretty sure that your plugins will be compatible for more time than others.. That’s very important for me!

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  58. Panagiotis
    Panagiotis Published |

    Justin thanks a lot for the plugin. I have activated the “Private Blog” component. Although the documentation said that: “Note that feeds are not currently blocked with this component, but it’s likely they will be later with an introduction of a feeds component.” I notice that feeds aren’t available either by a feedreader (I am using FreadReader3 which shows the message “Error adding feed:;No RSS URLs found!” ), or using a browser. Not that when deactivate the plugin feeds are available on the same address. I don’t want to have my feed public but is this the plugin’s expected behavior?
    Thanks in advance.

  59. Andy Macaulay-Brook
    Andy Macaulay-Brook Published |

    I need to implement some kind of paid subscription before Christmas – have you got as far as documenting how components can/should be added? I’ll have a look at the source, but if you have a preferred way of doing them please do get in touch. A.

  60. Jauhari
    Jauhari Published |

    I will use it, thanks justin to create this wonderful plugin

  61. Panagiotis
    Panagiotis Published |

    I’m also wondering if file attachments will be protected in the future versions of the plugin.

  62. Pete
    Pete Published |

    I’d like to see all of role scoopers features but in a much user friendly interface

  63. Kate Mag
    Kate Mag Published |

    Thanks for the plugin, Justin. This is what i need for my client’s project.

  64. TK Pandey
    TK Pandey Published |

    Custom fields are associated with a particular post… now if that post was to be excluded from certain groups, i’d also want the custom fields associated with that post excluded as well. You have done a good job, keep going..

  65. Rick Reddel
    Rick Reddel Published |

    So far, I think this plug-in will be very useful for my website. While my site is still under construction, I have noticed when I use your plug-in, my entire site requires a login in order to access it. What am I doing wrong?

  66. Mark
    Mark Published |

    I was looking for a plugin that would allow me to remove the publish_posts capability from the Author role. It installed easily in a snap and worked like a charm. Thanks so much for your excellent work!

  67. deakaz
    deakaz Published |

    great, I will try this out. I love wordpress plugins!

  68. Donna
    Donna Published |

    Love this plugin! Works great and I will use it in an upcoming site. The one thing I am not sure how to handle though is to have the members-only menu options only show up if the member is logged in. Right now everyone sees all the menu options and if they are not authorized to view the page, they get the appropriate error but it would be nicer if they did not even see the option.

    This would be a useful enhancement to the plugin.

  69. Ali
    Ali Published |

    Thank you SO MUCH for this plugin! I’ve been searching high and low for a members solution as I plan on creating a site with premium content.

  70. diederik
    diederik Published |

    thanks a lot for this (free) and efficient plugin: making private pages is easy now.

    I do have 1 question: I made a detail page (not private), called ‘pagina’, which can be updated by one user only (with his specific role).
    So I create a capability ‘edit_pagina_page’, it doesn’t work.
    Only when I select also capability ‘edit_other_pages’, it works, but ofcourse that makes all the pages editable.

    Do you have any suggestions..?

    thank you very much,

  71. Álvaro Degives-Más
    Álvaro Degives-Más Published |

    About PayPal support – i.e. for paid membership / subscription options – it looks like Aaron Campbell has developed something quite impressive that might just be the type of solution the Members plugin needs: a PayPal framework application.

    Would be great if Aaron could provide some help in making the two plugins play nice together!

  72. diederik
    diederik Published |


    there is a usefull and simple screencast/tutorial howto use the members plugin to create a ‘private page’:

    1. aldrin
      aldrin Published |

      This a great plugin, but very powerful!!!

      I added a role and than started adding Capabilities, when I hit save that page that says I don’t have enough permission pop up and I’m logged in as an administrator.

      Could you please give me a hint on how to fix this. Now I can not see the “role” tab to change the roles. When I try making changes it says “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”

      Please help!!!

  73. Edward Kelley
    Edward Kelley Published |

    I am really surprised that someone has not come up with a plugin/hack that allows a wordpress blog to use extended user fields, themed login, profile & registration pages in one plugin. There are so many plugins out there that do one part or another but nothing seems to allow for a complete, integrated user management system.

    I don’t care for the layout and design of the wordpress login, profile or registration pages. I want to add fields to the wordpress user meta data and use themed login, profile & registration pages to manage them. I want to suppress the wordpress hidden fields in the profile and registration pages so that the user never sees them.

    Is there anything out there that does all this in one neat little plugin?

  74. Todd
    Todd Published |

    Great plugin, Justin!

    Just wondering if you know of a way to restrict by role, which pages a user can post to? I’m creating a site where there will be three users, each will have a specific page they post to, but I want each to only see their specific posts and respective page in the backend.

    Any thoughts?

  75. Mike
    Mike Published |

    We are attempting to use members for restricting access to pages based on roles, but, it appears that only the admins can gain access to the restricted pages regardless of the roles on the page. For instance, we restrict a page to the role ‘super’. A user with the role of ‘super’ is unable to access that page, only the users with ‘admin’ can access the page. Any thoughts?

  76. Jim
    Jim Published |

    We’d love to have the ability to be able to break out “delete users” into “delete editors,” “delete custom roles,” “delete admins,” etc.

    We want to give someone CMS access to the WP back-end and the ability to create/edit/delete roles with the exception of admins.

  77. Chris
    Chris Published |

    Hey Justin!! Great job and thanks for this plugin!! I used to use the Role Manager Plugin but, it seemed like many of the features didn’t work anymore with the newer versions of Wordpress. This makes everything setting up a Wordpress CMS site a lot easier. It seems like this plugin and the PODS plugin are on the cutting edge of making Wordpress a ‘legimate’ and big boy worthy CMS.

    Thanks again!!!

  78. Chad
    Chad Published |

    Does this functionality exist now? I’m pretty sure my theme is rock solid.

  79. Ronaye
    Ronaye Published |

    Plug-in works nicely, though one question … I’m trying to modify the code for the login form in “edit plugins”. The changes are saved but don’t show in my web browser. In WordPress I have “inactive” next to the /members/functions.php file name. How do I get that one activated so that it takes note of the changes I made?


  80. Keith
    Keith Published |

    1. I am trying to set the capabilities for contributors to only view their own post. Right now it list all the post from all users.

    2. I got lucky and guess how to create a pending Capability by adding the word “pending” to publish_posts. I added publish_posts_pending and it worked. Now all post are goes to pending status for review. However, how do I create other capabilities if I don’t know the code for it?

    3. How do I remove all the other links in the navigation? I unchecked “read” capability, but it still shows Comments, Settings, and Contact which are other plugins I use. Is there a way to remove them so contributors don’t click them.?

    Thank you for your help!

  81. GT
    GT Published |

    Hey there,

    The plugin is pretty impressive – but in my implementation it forced everybody who navigated to my site to log in: effectively it was not possible to have a public site. (As admin I was utterly unaware of this; I only found out about it through investigating a dramatic drop in readership).

    It may be that there was some sort of unlpeasant interaction between the plugin and some other plugins, or it may be that I mal-parameterised Members – whichever it is, I thought folks ought to be made aware (so this is not a criticism of the plugin per se: it is more a ‘heads up: there might be issues”).

    For now I’ve had to delete it; I will more thoroughly investigate what went on this week.



  82. Karmic Koala KO
    Karmic Koala KO at |
  83. Rich Staats
    Rich Staats Published |

    Hey Justin, thanks for this. I am using the:
    if ( function_exists( ‘current_user_has_role’ ) && current_user_has_role( ‘editor’ ) )
    to show content and was unsure of the best way to include more than one role in this. I have not been successful thus far.

    Thank you.


  84. gegewan
    gegewan Published |

    good job, i like ur plugin

  85. Sara L. Martin
    Sara L. Martin Published |

    I’d like to be able to edit the message displayed when someone tries to access restricted content and/or redirect to a login page.

  86. Ronak
    Ronak Published |

    Thanks very much i have downloaded this plugin and i will be using this for my new web site. thanks a lot

  87. Rik
    Rik Published |

    Hi, Great plugin! But there is one major issue that I’m having with it.

    I want my editor to have the add_users and edit_users (maybe even delete_users) role, but only for people below their role.
    If these roles are set, the editor can edit or even delete the Administrator.
    If only the edit_users role is set, the editor can still delete users (including admin).

    Is there a way around this to enable him to edit/delete below editor roles only?

  88. Rob Blatt
    Rob Blatt Published |

    After reading all the comments mentioning it, I don’t think you understand what people are asking for when inquire about restricting the custom fields for certain roles.

    What people (and I) are asking for is the ability to restrict what roles can access and change custom fields, no one is asking that the custom fields only be able to fuction in certain ways.

    For instance: as the administrator of a site, if I give someone the ability to create and edit posts, but those posts have to be approved by an editor first, I can do that. Let’s also say that editor adds some custom fields to every post. What I want to be able to do is prevent someone from editing/submitting custom fields.

  89. Ian
    Ian Published |


    Thank you very much for your plug-in and all of your hard work! I am having one serious issue with the plugin that I wanted to bring to your attention and I am wondering if anyone else has encountered it.

    This issue is in relation to the ‘New Role’ function. I have created a ‘Blog Manager’ role, which I have provided with all the capabilities of an Author but with additional capabilities as well. For some reason this new role does not show up in the ‘Post Author’ drop-down menu when I write a new post. This problem means that the Blog Manager cannot add new posts under his own name – he can only write a new post if he selects the name of another user (admin, author, or contributor) as the author instead.

  90. Tom Hermans
    Tom Hermans Published |


    congratulations, this plugin seems to fit my needs exactly..


  91. Marc
    Marc Published |


    I’m missing the function to edit the role name. 😉


  92. Josh
    Josh Published |

    Great work Justin. I’ll actually be using these features as selling points to a few of my more hands on clients. Do you do any custom work?

  93. Greg
    Greg Published |

    Hello, this seems like a really great and useful plugin. I don’t see a way to logout on the Login widget and am just wondering if I’m missing something?


  94. Private WordPress Beiträge für geloggte User zeigen – bueltge.de [by:ltge.de]
  95. Roni
    Roni Published |

    Can you apply the plugin to all visitors?

  96. A new WordPress Members Plug-in blows away its predecessors | Inchoo
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  98. cliotine
    cliotine Published |

    Thank you so much Justin ! I had a problem with the ‘unfiltered_html’ option for the author profile. It’s solved !

  99. Nate Woods
    Nate Woods Published |

    I cannot thank you enough, this is seriously an amazing plugin, and opens so much more potential with WP. Thank you so much.



  100. Jason
    Jason Published |

    You mention the capability of this plugin to use shortcodes, but I can’t find ANYWHERE any examples of which shortcodes can be used, or if any custom ones can be defined, and where…

    Some light on this issue, please?

  101. Rias Pengantin
    Rias Pengantin Published |

    Wow…it works like a charm.
    Thanks Justin, you are the best.

  102. Mode enfant
    Mode enfant Published |

    Great job done here!
    Is this plugin also compatible with WP 2.9?
    I know it’s just been released, but I’d prefer to know before I upgrade 🙂

  103. TIMIT
    TIMIT Published |

    Hi Justin

    Maybe you see a solution how I have to set up “Members”.

    The Users should be able to write posts.
    The Admin will approve the posts.
    The User should be able to delete and modify the published posts.
    Until now, there is no problem.

    Modified posts should not be automatically published. Modifications should be approved again by the administrator.
    Is that possible to set up?

    Thanks for your help!

  104. Chris
    Chris Published |

    This is pretty much exactly what I need at the moment, but I have one question. Is this playing nice with WordPress 2.9 or will an update be necessary? Thanks in advance!

  105. Clyde
    Clyde Published |


    First you do great work, it is greatly appreciated. I have a couple of ideas for ‘Members’ that would make it better.

    1) Allow for a customizable restriction notification, preferably for each roll. For example I modified the source so that visitors who were not logged in would see:

    Sorry, you must be a registered user and/or Staff to view this content.

    Already a member? CLICK HERE to log in.
    Need to register? CLICK HERE to do so.

    As on our site we don’t want to simply tell people that they don’t have rights to view it, we want to encourage them to register and log in.

  106. Daniel
    Daniel Published |

    If you could take what you have now for this plugin, add in the registration and profile display of custom user info features of CIMY user extra (http://www.marcocimmino.net/cimy-wordpress-plugins/cimy-user-extra-fields/), maybe sprinkle a little alkivia style public profile/member list, and then top it all off by adding a CSV import/export feature for members and their extra data, you would have one hell of a plugin here. I basically had to just piece together all of these plugins (plus some extra custom code) for a membership site, and NO ONE has put all of these things together yet. Even the paid “membership” plugins do not have the vital extra member info features.


  107. Members: WordPress Plugin « Andreas Mauf
  108. Martin Rusteberg
    Martin Rusteberg Published |

    this plugin is a true contender to the ones available commercially, except for the missing payment functionality which i understand you didn’t include here.

    in your screenshot ‘Content Permissions Component’ your dashboard shows custom post types, did you realize these yourself or with the help of a plugin?

  109. Aaron Reimann
    Aaron Reimann Published |

    Has anyone had the problem of this plugin doing nothing? I have it enabled, am at version 2.9.1, I have “Shortcodes” and “Template Tags” enabled, and put this code in a post:

    [is_user_logged_in]This content is only shown to logged-in users.[/is_user_logged_in]

    The text that should show never shows up, logged in, or not logged in.

    Can anyone help?

    Please email me (email removed), or post here.

    thanks for your help

  110. Ashley
    Ashley Published |

    First let me say thank you… great work on this plugin. The only question that I have is this.

    Is there a way to set up a logout function? If so how do I do it? All help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again,

  111. Andrie
    Andrie Published |

    Great plugin. It would be great if there is a way to change the user level.
    Do you know why when a plugin sets its menu permission to 7, only user level of 7 and 10 can see it, but not any user level of 7 and above?

  112. Glamping girl
    Glamping girl Published |

    nice plug in. too bad you can’t change the message that shows to non-members to encourage them to sign up. Seems like a big gaping opportunity to convert potential subscribers.

    Or am I missing something here??

  113. the_guv
    the_guv Published |

    there are plugins and then there are remarkable plugins.

    this, Justin, is ruddy remarkable.

    big cheers, am having fun playing with it, and look forward to being able to really test it.

    re. Paypal integration, I’m sure that’s a big thing for many folks.

    for now, I’m playing also with “Are Paypal”, combining the two to produce a system. I’ll probably blog about that .. I’ll certainly let you know.

    Thank you.

  114. the_guv
    the_guv Published |

    PS .. your documentation is second to none, which is just as well 😛

  115. Introducing The Devel Plugin - Ptah Dunbar - Web Craftsman, WordPress hacker and Entrepreneur.
  116. mo adrian
    mo adrian Published |

    I have question!
    if i have this member plugin, i created a group and user.
    the user can see his pages !, in the page it have media file (img, doc).
    i need to have the direct link to the files not to work!
    i meen http://www.xxxx.com/wp-contact/uploads/20/10/anyfile.jpg
    can it be done??
    i am sorry about my poor english!
    thank you

  117. Trisha
    Trisha Published |

    Awesome plugin for sure!! Praises for making it freely available. I’m working on a client site that is to have two membership areas. One, an area with content, another with access to one page with wholesale pricing…

    I wondered if anyone here might know how to assign the user role at registration? Maybe with separate forms, or one form with check boxes or a pulldown to choose a role?

    Been looking around, I dont see any plugins so maybe its not an easy thing to do.

    If all else fails, I can put the membership with content on a subdomain and make that entire install private. Just wondering if anyone knows of an easier way.

    Thanks, appreciating this plugin a ton!!!

  118. John Ruiz
    John Ruiz Published |


    Thanks for this plugin! I’m interested in using your members plugin in order to have finer-grained control over who can see which posts. At the same time, I’d like to use this plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/rpx/) to allow my users to be authtenticated with our Google Apps for our domain.

    How easy or difficult do you think it might be to integrate your plugin with the JanRain plugin I linked above?

    Thanks in advance!!

  119. Changing Roles’ Capabilities | WordPress as CMS
  120. Renato
    Renato Published |

    After creating five different roles on my 2.9.1 Wordpress installation and properly defining exclusive authorization to only a few of these roles on some pages, I realized that the plugin is not properly blocking access from the unauthorized roles.

    It seems to be working well on blocking users that are not logged-in. However, it does not seems to be selectively blocking roles.

  121. Debbie
    Debbie Published |

    This is great – just what I needed for my client to post restricted reports to his own clients.

    I’d like to hide the menu items for the pages that are only viewable to logged-in users, if that makes sense. Is there a way to do that?

  122. Making WORDPRESS better- user role selection at registration
  123. Karrine
    Karrine Published |


    Where can i find instructions for using the template tags ?

    My suggestion – a way to also block SIDEbar content by user ? so if the page is blocked the side bar will not appear.

  124. israeli-articles
    israeli-articles Published |

    well. i have looked and looked and this is the first plugin
    that works on 2.91 and where i could let users edit their
    own publish posts.

    i have checked it then uploaded it to a live site..
    it works gr8.. any was that could change if its already working correctly ?

  125. Changing roles’ capabilities | sillybean.net
  126. jimmy
    jimmy Published |


    I am using this plugin and one thing I am looking at is to make a particular post restricted which upon clicking should redirect to the login page. The site is totally restricted now and how can i make it selective to a post.

  127. Coen Naninck
    Coen Naninck Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Just letting you know that in WordPress 3.0 Alpha the ‘Content Permissions’ panel doesn’t show up in the Pages and Posts admin. I check the Screen Options tab at the top to see if it was available there, but it isn’t (either).

    I DO see the ‘New Role’ admin page in the ‘Users’ section once I add that permission in one of the default roles on my site. And the (rest of the) plug-in IS working properly – that is I can see the various admin sections and can edit them. I just don’t see the ‘Content Permissions’ panel.

    I am thinking it may be related to the new architecture of the WordPress and WordPress MU merge in 3.0, but since you made the plug-in within WordPress’ own functions framework (as opposed to using custom code outside of the WordPress core), I am thinking it should really work.

    Then again maybe too much things have changed because of the merge and other plug-ins may suffer from the same fate.

    For now I will switch back to 2.8.6 as the PageMash plug-in also doesn’t work in 3.0 (2.9.1 neither).

    Note: If there is no notification of your reply in this comment section on your site, can you please email me your response? Thanks so much in advance.


  128. mortega
    mortega Published |

    Hello, I have a question: I’ve installed the plugin, seems to be working ok. I have however, created a new role (Student) whereby students will only be able to access areas created for them. I gave the permissions however, when I login to test as a student, I get the following error message: Hey, you’re not allowed in here. This occurs even when I’m simply trying to goto my profile.

    Any ideas? What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you.

  129. Creating roles | sillybean.net
    Creating roles | sillybean.net at |
  130. Wordpress 2.9 and ACLs » Karl Katzke | PHP, Puppies, and other Geekery
  131. Aldrin
    Aldrin Published |

    This is one of the best plugins I have ever encountered, Thank you!

    I have a small problem, when I activated this plugin, any current users would go straight to the login page. How could I modify this plugin so that it does not load the login page when you type the domain name.

    Does anyone how to fix this?

    Thanks, love the plugin!

  132. NotAlame
    NotAlame Published |

    I’m finnaly using this beautiful plugin!
    But, how can I show the author role on my theme?

  133. WordPress Plugins that Extend CMS Functionality : Wordpress Arena
  134. Ashutosh Bijoor
    Ashutosh Bijoor Published |

    [is_user_logged_in] shortcode bug fix:
    Line number 75 in components/shortcodes.php:
    if ( !is_feed() || !is_user_logged_in() )
    should be replaced by:
    if ( !is_feed() && !is_user_logged_in() )

    1. Ashutosh Bijoor
      Ashutosh Bijoor Published |

      Another suggested change in [is_user_logged_in] shortcode:

      Line number 79:
      return $content;
      Replace by:
      return do_shortcode($content);

      This will allow the content to have shortcodes

      Suggest similar changes to other shortcodes too.

  135. dubxenon
    dubxenon Published |

    Hi. I´m from Brazil and you done a good job to this plugin. But I have a problem, because I need add a new capability to user editors, to have been acess to functions of other plugins thats installed in my blog – wp-easy-upload. For the plugin nextgen gallery, a rules already add in a capability editors. So I would like add wp-easy-upload functions to user editors. Do you can help me? Thank you.

  136. Os Melhores Artigos Fevereiro 25 through Março 3 | Sérgio Designtrends
  137. Links for 2010-03-07 [del.icio.us] « Viet Photoshop Online
  138. Toeic
    Toeic Published |

    Thanks for the useful plugin. I will leave a good review.

  139. shawn
    shawn Published |

    Using members 1.1

    I was going through my server logs today so that I could clean up all the issues, and found the following:

    `Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$hook in /wp-content/plugins/members/components.php on line 90
    Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$hook in /wp-content/plugins/members/components.php on line 90
    Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$hook in /wp-content/plugins/members/components.php on line 90
    Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$active_components in /wp-content/plugins/members/components.php on line 131
    Notice: Undefined index: content_permissions in /wp-content/plugins/members/components.php on line 134
    Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$hook in /wp-content/plugins/members/components.php on line 90
    Notice: Undefined index: shortcodes in /wp-content/plugins/members/components.php on line 134
    Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$hook in /wp-content/plugins/members/components.php on line 90
    Notice: Undefined index: template_tags in /wp-content/plugins/members/components.php on line 134
    Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$hook in /wp-content/plugins/members/components.php on line 90
    Notice: Undefined index: private_blog in /wp-content/plugins/members/components.php on line 134
    Notice: Undefined index: widgets in /wp-content/plugins/members/components.php on line 134 `

    Is there a fix for this upcoming?

  140. WordPress Plugins that Extend CMS Functionality | Web SEO Rank
  141. Miriam de Paula
    Miriam de Paula Published |

    Hello Justin.

    I need to notice you, that I made the Members plugin translation to Brazilian Portuguese.

    It’s available at http://www.tecsite.com.br/noticias/wordpress-plugin-members-em-portugues/

    Best Regards,

    Miriam de Paula

  142. Scott
    Scott Published |

    Awesome plugin – love it so far! I was wondering one thing – is there a way to give a specific capability to a specific user? I would have hoped that capabilities could be customized on the edit-user page for a given user, but don’t see anything there.

    In other news, are you still planning on expanding development of this plugin or are you working on bigger and better things now? Just curious if there are things to which we should be looking forward.



  143. Menu Management for WordPress | BloggingPro
  144. Gabriel
    Gabriel Published |

    Is there a way to only let a user see one plugin instead of all? HOw can I allow a user to have access to only one plugin settings?

    Thanks I appreciate your help

  145. What I’m Reading (weekly) | tj mapes
  146. Gravity Forms review | BloggingPro
    Gravity Forms review | BloggingPro at |
  147. Richard
    Richard Published |

    Hey Dude…

    I love the plugin, just one question…

    Is it possible to create a role that allows access to certain pages, posts, but also hides the dashboard completely?

  148. Emin
    Emin Published |

    Is there any way to display seperate widgets (WP’s own or selfcoded) only for users?

    And I don’t like the fact, that I have to pay to ask a question and get support for a free plugin.

  149. nass
    nass Published |

    While being extremely thankful for the wonderful plugin, I’ve a dumb question 😛

    I also can’t seem to be able to find how to change the “Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.” part.. help?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  150. Hovalot
    Hovalot Published |

    The Only problem i can see it i cant grant user the ability to control widgets..
    thats a great ability when using wordpress to build a client’s website

  151. Ryan
    Ryan Published |

    hi Justin,

    i really love your plugin… but i have one question.. just one..

    is there a way that a post that is restricted can be hidden completely?
    unlike replacing it with a “sorry you dont have permission..”


    1. BrenFM
      BrenFM Published |

      Try looking in the readme.html included with the plugin, it’s all in there.

  152. Wordpress Plug-ins I’ve Learned to Appreciate : : That Cloud Looks Like A Rabbit
  153. Marcelo
    Marcelo Published |

    Excellent plugin, just what I needed.

    One problem though. I need my editors to be able to change the roles of some subscribers. But when I grant them the edit_users permission, they are able even to change my admin password!

    About support Justin I recommend you to open a forum on this site and let users help other users. It would make your job easier since you have to use your time to create and improve your creations instead of replying to the same questions over and over again.

  154. Custom post types in WordPress
    Custom post types in WordPress at |
  155. Petrus
    Petrus Published |

    Excellent plugin. I need to be able to grant some of my users access to the Dashboard and Site Stats (WordPress.com Stats) but don’t know what the code is that I need to add new capabilities for the specific role.

  156. Jim
    Jim Published |

    A great enhancement would be if you would limit the pages displayed in the page menu and/or pages widget based on the pages allowed for that role of the user logged in.

  157. wordpress plugins
    wordpress plugins at |
  158. Ryan
    Ryan Published |

    Awesome plugin! Just tried this now and it works a treat.

    Thanks very much for the good work 🙂

  159. Peksimet Zhosckan
    Peksimet Zhosckan Published |

    this plug-in is exactly what I am searching for.I want to use it in my personal blog.But there is a problem . I use blogger.So I want to ask is there a way to use your wp plugin , in my blogger hosted blog?

    For example can I add from the widgets section or is there any other way to use it for me?

    Best Regards

  160. Den
    Den Published |

    Excellent job! The decision is one that I like! Pretty yet functionally done …

  161. Les Proctor
    Les Proctor Published |

    Justin, I love your framework, and am learning skeleton so I can create child themes and turn any website into a wordpress website!

    I have a little challenge though and wanted to ask you for your advice.

    I need to create custom content by member groups, so what would be the best approach? To (1) create a unique new member role or to (2) use shortcodes? There are currently only 4 unique member groups. Ideally I’d like to write this information to one page, e.g., Investors > Financial Reports (Custom Financial Reports for Group 1, 2, 3, & 4) which would display conditioned upon their authentication.

    Is this possible?

  162. Les Proctor
    Les Proctor Published |

    Ok nevermind. Yes it’s possible. I added a role, e.g. group_1, and then a special capability, e.g. read_group1, and then used the access capability shortcode:

    [access capability=”read_group1″]

    Great stuff, thank you Justin! And Happy Birthday!

  163. The Best WordPress Admin Plug-ins | Devlounge
  164. colin
    colin Published |

    I want to use the Members plug-in to allow 30 different ‘roles’ to be allowed to edit one page each and not any of the other 29 pages. I want to allow any visitor to the site to see what is on any of the 30 pages. Is this possible with this plug-in? If so can anyone give me a clue as to how to accomplish it? I have spent several hours this afternoon trying.



  165. David McGuffin
    David McGuffin Published |

    I was wondering if there was anyway to project uploaded files that are linked to from a protected “page”, such as a PDF file? Currently if I have a page that is protected using this plug-in that links to a PDF file that I don’t want “non-members” to see, if they copy the link to the pdf file, they can still view it if not logged in.

  166. Bill
    Bill Published |

    I think this might help you do the trick… as that will always be a proverbial issue, unless you do something more to protect it…. search on Google for “secureDL” … it’s one of the only scripts I’ve personally found that does S3 amazon protection *as well as* protecting the links/urls on your own server.

    Anyways, was reading thru all these comments on this plugin and then got to that last one on the ‘url’ protection situation.

    just delete this comment if you don’t want it…

  167. illimar
    illimar Published |

    Hey, nice plugin!

    Any chance for this to become compatible with Wordpress 3 and support custom post types?

  168. almyers
    almyers Published |

    Yeah, I’m curious as well to know if this will work with WP 3.0. Nice work!

  169. metaboy
    metaboy Published |

    Has anyone used this plugin on a shared User Table site?

  170. Patrick
    Patrick Published |

    I loaded the plugin onto my site today and it is a pretty cool bit of work. The one thing is, the login mechanism doesn’t work right. It could be the 3.0 thing, I am not sure. Would LOVE it if you tweaked this to work with the new WP. One of the best plugins I have seen up there.

  171. Tom Hermans
    Tom Hermans Published |


    this is a pretty awesome plugin.

    I’m using it in collaboration with podscms and the Pods UI, and that can bring pretty spectacular results.. still working on it though 😉


  172. NotAlame
    NotAlame Published |

    How about a points system? I can help for the php but I don’t understand exactly how wp’s db works…
    I mean, for exemple, everytime a user add a post or a comment, it gives him some points.

  173. Jason
    Jason Published |

    I might have found a bug. If I create a role called “apple” and assign a user to that role, then create another role called “apple pie” and go back to the users list, then it will show that user under both roles. I guess the user is associated with “apple” and then when wordpress does the count then it puts them in both…. how can this be fixed?

  174. greenhost
    greenhost Published |

    great plug in. i use it in one site perfect. but i install it in an other one ( same WP version, same server) and nothing happens.
    i mean does not add anything in menu that will let me edit the rolles.

    yes i had dissable all the plug and still nothing happen. any idea why?

  175. greenhost
    greenhost Published |

    your work is fine. i had forgot to clean the cache. now is working. thanks

  176. Eytan Ginosar
    Eytan Ginosar Published |

    Dear Justin,
    I’m using your Members Plugin in my website (WP 3 Hebrew).
    I found that next to the ‘Role’ groups I have no check box so I can’t delete unused roles.
    I was using the WP3 Beta version and I thought that this bug will manage after updating to WP 3.
    I’ve checked my authorizations as Super Admin and made sure that all the boxes are checked yet I still can not delete roles.
    I hope you can advise me regarding this problem.

  177. List of WOW Plugins | Michael Kimb Jones - Michael Kimb Jones
  178. Just a few of the links fron WordCamp UK 2010 on Manchesterphilipoakley.org | philipoakley.org
  179. WordCamp UK 2010: "Great Plugins (WOW Plugins?)" by Michael Kimb Jones | Wordpress How To's | Customizations | Tips | Themes | Plugins | Hosting | Books
  180. Menu Management for WordPress — ForSite Media
  181. mauro
    mauro Published |

    Hi Justin, thanks for the great plugin, very cool and work well. I’ve just a problem few days ago, I’ve moved a wp website from a subfolder to the main root, I’ve copy the database updating all urls now I’ve two database one with the old urls and one with updated urls. With old urls everything go well with the old url I take an erro “too many redirects” into the homepage. I’ve checked permalinks but there is no rewriting and I cannot access to the panel of the root domain. I think I’m missing something I cannot figure out, If you have any idea please tell me. Thank you very much!

  182. How Do I Allow Members to Create Events?
  183. הובלות
    הובלות Published |

    I like it .
    What about RTL for the plugin ?
    Are you considring it in the future ?

  184. Wills Bithrey
    Wills Bithrey Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Firstly thanks for a great WordPress resource site, your articles are clear, thorough and really helping me learn the system, so thanks :).

    Secondly, i’m following this guide of yours http://justintadlock.com/archives/2010/04/29/custom-post-types-in-wordpress to make my own custom post types, and you mention this plugin for managing capabilities. I’m using WordPress 3.0.1, do you know if there will be an issue with using your plugin with 3.0.1 or is there now a different way I should approach this ?

    Many Thanks,

  185. 13 Free Plugins to Transform Your WordPress-Based Site « บล๊อกไอ่คุณอาร์ม
  186. Eivind F S
    Eivind F S Published |

    Thanks for a great plugin, Justin.

    I’m noticing that in my role editor, there are many listings that seem totally strange. I’m using Magic Fields extensively and each of the write panels in it show up as its own role. But there seems to be many roles left over from write panels that used to exist at some point, but which are now gone. Is there an easy and reliable way to clean up reduntant role listings from the database?

    Eivind F S
    Portapd UK LTD

  187. Sander Butterman
    Sander Butterman Published |

    Nice but now people always have to login?? I want to still have public posts without logging on. Only private members can login to see restricted posts. Am i doing something wrong? 🙁

  188. Russell
    Russell Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks again for making this plug-in, its been very useful for my site. The only thing I’d like to be able to do is change the default “sorry you do not have permission” message a visitor gets when not logged in. I found the txt inside of the members-en_EN.po file and members.pot so I changed it there but it didn’t seem to make a difference. Is there a file I’m missing where I need to make this change?

  189. Plugin Roundup — WP Austin
    Plugin Roundup — WP Austin at |
  190. Ovidiu
    Ovidiu Published |

    any updates on the horizon? the plugin page says compatible up to 2.8.4

  191. johhnychen
    johhnychen Published |

    just fantastic,i love u justin!

  192. Ole
    Ole Published |

    “Wordpress has plugins for each of these components but those do not work together. Please extend the functionality of your plugin so that wordpress could become a social blogging application”

    I too would like to see this happen.

    – profile page (custom page maybe?)
    – Som list widget to show a seclectoin of user based on role.
    – Profile pictures.
    – a status field perhaps?
    – Simple registrationform for new non-admin-users

  193. mary
    mary Published |


    Thanks for this plugin. I really like what it does and how easy it is to configure.

    I do have one question (of course) : Chad, Debbie, Ryan and Jim all requested a feature/change I am also looking for, which is to have the option to completely hide the pages and articles from the people who are not allowed to see their content on the front end. So instead of the “sorry” message, those pages and articles would be completely invisible to them.

    Justin said to Chad this should be easy to set up with a good theme. And BrenFM said it was all the the readme file.

    I checked the readme file and I didn’t see anything regarding that specific feature. I do see a section about API for developers, but since I am not one, I don’t really understand. If anyone has tips on how to make some changes for this to work, I would love to hear them.


    1. Tuscanytrace
      Tuscanytrace Published |

      This is also my question, and exactly why I came to this post. I’ve tried several other plugins that either don’t work, or return a 404 page. That’s not what I need. I need something that won’t show the links to the pages unless the user is logged in.

  194. Justin W
    Justin W Published |

    Hi Justin,
    Great plugin! is it possibel to add more users to the “current_user_has_role()” template tag,

    currently I can only work out how to add a singular user type ie “editor”

    I’d really appreciate your, or anyone else’s help with this. For some reason on some of my page templates the standard meta box isn’t working.


  195. Jason
    Jason Published |

    Hi! Thanks for this!

    I have 200+ pages! I want to quick assign, say 10 pages, to USER1.
    This USER1 will be able to see all the content but only EDIT the pages assigned to him (author=user1)

    What I cannot find, is a quick way to assign the pages… i.e. drag an drop!! Is this possible with Members? thanks again…!

    If not…maybe if can be an idea for next release! 🙂

  196. Diane
    Diane Published |

    Just a quick question (I hope). I’ve just started using this plugin and so far, so good. I have one issue….

    On a page that I have set up for “admin” and “practitioner” to be able to view. When I view as neither of those (just a general site viewer) I’m not able to see most of the page, but I am able to see the content in the right sidebar (I’m using headway theme). So, I tried using the “access” shortcode and that worked fine for one role. Can this be set up for two roles as something like

    [access role="practitioners"]|[access role="admin"]


    [access role="practitioners"|"admin"]

    I did try these two methods without success so I’m hoping someone else might have an idea.
    Thanks for your help in advance.

  197. Lisa
    Lisa Published |

    I build websitew for people and don’t want them to have access to my Gravity Forms license key or Campaign Monitor API. Your plug-in allows me to assign them an “Editor” role and exclude that from their visibility. AWESOME – great job!

    However, by not allowing them access to the Users Role area (otherwise, they can grant themselves Admin access) it seems to also remove their ability to see the plug-ins area on the dashboard to update their plug-ins. Is their a way to allow that and still restrict User Role access?

    Thanks for building such a powerful tool!


  198. Diane
    Diane Published |

    I’m not sure if this site is monitored or not.

    For those who might have the same question as myself in the future. Here is what I did to get around the problem.

    [access role=”practitioners”]

    [access role=”admin”]


    I had to duplicate the code, but I was able to get the desired results.

    Great plugin! Works great and meets our needs. Thanks!

  199. Wordpress plugins for an effective CMS - Dan Beland
  200. Antonio
    Antonio Published |

    Any ideas on getting ‘read only’ access to the post contents after I click edit?

  201. 10 Perfect Plugins for Building a WordPress CMS | kevinleary.net
  202. serge
    serge Published |

    Grate job, Justin. Just what’s needed. Ready to upgrade? Send me an E-mail so that I can send you back version 0.1.2 with a couple of filters and two antonyms for access and is user logged in shortcodes. (Saw your notes within the code source )
    Thank-you man. My first widget I’ve with your tutorial.

  203. paul Williams
    paul Williams Published |

    Sorry if this sound silly, but how do users join on the front end, i see the login plugin?

  204. Ja Bu
    Ja Bu Published |

    This is a very nice plugin. Thanks a lot Justin.

    Is someone aware of a German translation of that plugin?

    I like the plugin a lot and would like to use it on a German page. I tried it and it works as expected, but, of course, gives English output (for example “Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.”).

    If no German translation is available I would start doing one myself. The only problem is: I have never done that before. Is it simply a matter of creating a members-de_DE.po file where I put the German translations into each of the msgstr lines?



  205. Neil
    Neil Published |

    Hey Justin – I’m that guy who can’t see your bloody posts in the GF forums. Thought this could be of use to you and your fellows here:

    //create custom user role at registration
    ##  example link: http://example.com/wp-login.php?action=register&role=my_role
    function show_role_field(){  ?>     
            <input id="role" type="hidden" tabindex="20" size="25" value= ""  name="role"/>
    add_action('user_register', 'register_role');
    function register_role($user_id, $password="", $meta=array()) {
       $userdata = array();
       $userdata['ID'] = $user_id;
       $userdata['role'] = strtolower($_POST['role']);
    }//end custom user role
    //create a redirection after registration
    add_action('init', 'redirect_registered');
    function redirect_registered (){
        $redirect_location = 'index.php';
        wp_redirect( $redirect_location );

    That redirection part was a pain to figure out. Anyway, I have it redirect to the home page after registration and send a variable through the headers. ie:

    $redirect_location = 'index.php?new_user';

    and then on the home page I simply add a line of text if the variable is set to let them know to check their email.

  206. Wordpress Plesk Application Package | Northeast Web Design of Connecticut
  207. A new WordPress Members Plugin blows away its predecessors | Idealthought
  208. Michael Brinson
    Michael Brinson Published |

    I absolutely LOVE your plugin Justin. Really there is just no comparison with any other plugin. I was using role scoper before I happened upon Members.
    I find Members easier to use and I’m able to better control what is viewable in the Admin back end based on different roles and capabilities.

    I know you have big plans to continue to expand the plugin… I will be contributing toward that effort as soon as I am able. I’m sure you’ve heard that before but I do hope to be able to contribute very soon.

    Thanks again!

  209. Eduardo Larequi
    Eduardo Larequi Published |

    I’ve translated Members plugin to spanish. You can download a ZIP file which includes the .PO and .MO files from my blog, La Bitácora del Tigre.

    Thank you very much, Justin, for this excellent plugin.

  210. Web2Web
    Web2Web Published |

    Grate job, Justin. Just what’s needed, a pay per view feature would be great. Could this be possible with this plugin?

  211. Frank
    Frank Published |

    Hi there,
    Been using the plugin for ages, and suddenly with the latest update in WP, it stopped working – any idea what’s going on?

  212. Frank
    Frank Published |


    This just in: For others running into this same issue; the problem does not lie with the plugin but actually with a bug in WP 3.0.5:

    (From WP Dev Blog)

    We done goofed. One of the security fixes for WordPress 3.0.5 was overzealous. It fixed the issue, but it also stripped advanced HTML (on display, not save, thankfully) from comments by people with the unfiltered_html capability. It’s sort of a rare bug — doesn’t apply to multisite installs, and not many people know that Editors and Administrators on single WP installs can use images etc in comments, so we don’t think it warrants another release. People have WordPress 3.0 fatigue already. And 3.1 is so close I can taste it (takes like pork BBQ, natch). But it is still annoying.

    As Nacin mentioned, a hotfix for this issue went into Akismet 2.5.3. Akismet is very popular, and just happened to be planning an update today. We figured that would be an easy way to fix the issue for some WordPress users today. The Akismet team at Automattic was kind enough to oblige.

    But this wasn’t the first non-critical-but-sort-of-annoying bug in WordPress, and it won’t be the last. So I created a plugin: Hotfix. It fixes the 3.0.5 bug, but I intend for it to fix selected future bugs as well. If we can get this installed on a bunch of sites, it could be a very handy way to push fixes out to people faster than we can with WordPress core releases.


  213. Setting Up the Roles & Permissions Addon
  214. Glenn
    Glenn Published |

    Any thoughts about adding BuddyPress compatibility for Content Control?

    It would mean processing the BP URIs like /members which are apparently not generated in the same way as WordPress and so are not seen by plugins not specifically coded to look for them.

  215. Duncan
    Duncan Published |

    Amazing! Thanks Justin this works like a dream, you’re one clever chap!

  216. wyrfel
    wyrfel Published |

    Hei Justin, you still here? Haven’t commented in a while. 😉

    It’s such great work…as opposed to many many many (if not every) of the paid membership plugins out there you did everything right. I love how this thing integrates with Wordpress.

    And thanks for releasing it under GPL, too…i’m gonna start hacking on it.

    The main questions i’m having at the moment is:

    1) Are you still developing/supporting this?

    2) Did you have plans and/or start development on a taxonomy restrictions component?

  217. chuck scott
    chuck scott Published |

    Hi Justin – I think I found a bug in Members 01.1 and not sure if is related to post above about WordPress 3.05 issue ..??..

    i have a site that is running MultiSite Network WordPress v3.05 and i enabled Members as network-activated thinking i would use the roles and permissions across other blogs in the network …

    but then when i try to access a post that is limited to subscribers (or any other role like contributors, editors, admins) i get the following error ->

    Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in /home/stjoseph/public_html/wp-content/plugins/advanced-excerpt/advanced-excerpt.php on line 146

    so i tried deactivating plugin at network level and then activated at a site level, set the roles, and applied restrict and still got array wrong datatype errors …

    will upgrade to WordPress 3.1 later today and see if that resolves things hence to be continued … cs

  218. chuck scott
    chuck scott Published |

    Justin – turns out the bug is not your plugin but the Advance Excerpts Version 3.1 plugin … i should have read the error code better – i got flustered as i was just focused on making post limit to role or not and had success previously in testing but i digress …

    turns out that if i put Advance Excerpt in the site and activate it at site level = no problem … but if i activate at network level then surf to sites, everything is broken … including links like author archives …

    so i went back and tested your Members Plugin both at site level only activation and then back at network activation and voila – all works as it used to …

    what is even more encouraging and fyi to others … if i have a post limited to members, then deactivate the plugin, the post becomes public but does not break with any error codes … if i then go back and enable the plugin at site level or network activation, all previous roles are honored again (as if the plugin was never de-activated)…

    anyhow, sorry for false alarm and kudos again to great plugin and as always, appreciate the ThemeHybrid love :>) cs

  219. Angelia
    Angelia Published |

    I see you’re working on a major upgrade of the plugin … yay!

    I thought that might make this a good time to mention a little problem I’ve just come across, and perhaps my brain is just completely fried right now, but, can’t seem to find a solution for.

    I’ve added specific capabilities for all of my custom post types, but, as I do a lot of copy and paste of my previously written code, I accidentally forgot to update the name of one of the capabilities, and ended up with one delete_products instead of delete_workshops in my custom capabilities function file … as well, I copied it into the actual add new capabilities text field in the site admin for adding new capabilities to a role. I, of course, went into my functions file and made the correction, but, can’t for the life of me figure out where to go in the database to correct the text field entry.

    Assuming I’m not the only one who might perhaps mistype the name of an added capability, would it be possible to include the ability to rename a custom created capability or give some direction as to how to go about correcting this sort of thing should it happen?

    Super big thank you for all of your hard work on this code!

  220. Angelia
    Angelia Published |

    Alright, I found it in the database … didn’t realize that it was being stored as an array in the wp_user_roles … so, I was able to manually update the table, but, would still love to see some less painful way of accomplishing this 😉

  221. Angelia
    Angelia Published |

    Never mind that fix … I just received the “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” error after updating that option value in the database … officially locked out of admin … yay. 🙁

  222. David Gwyer
    David Gwyer Published |

    Great Plugin Justin. Just curious about the new features you have planned in the major upgrade?

  223. Condicioner
    Condicioner Published |

    Thanks Justin, I love the private blog option of the plugin.

  224. Pete
    Pete Published |

    The “private blog option” WOULD BE great, if it would protect everything, including the RSS-Feeds. You should write your plugin-description: “Forces all users to log into the site before viewing it. It will always redirect users to the login page. Note that this component does not block public access to your feeds. to your feature-list. I had to download, install and read it until I can say: Nothing for me – I wanna have a PRIVATE blog, not just a partially private blog.
    If you plan to protect also the RSS-Feeds I will give it a try again.

  225. WordPress Plugins I Always Use - Monday By Noon
  226. How to Allow Administrators to Edit Users in a WordPress Network « I Blog
  227. Mark
    Mark Published |

    I have a situation where I only want certain people to access/edit certain parts of the WordPress site. Is there a plugin out there that accomplishes this function?

    Thanks a lot.

  228. JN estudi
    JN estudi Published |

    First of all thank U for an amacing plugin that cappacites to manage a lot of different users and roles! It’s great! I have two things to say. One bug and a suggestion.

    1.- The plugin works fine but seems that the content permissions in a post don’t still always. I have some posts with content permissions and when pass one or two days it lose their permissions… Why??

    2.- A suggestion for the next version: add Content Permissions to bulk edit options! So we’ll able to change the permissions to a large group f posts instead to do it one by one.

    Thank U again!

  229. Trudi
    Trudi Published |

    Stunning work!

    Is there any way possible to limit member access to a time frame, via an add-on script solution of some sort?

    I wouldn’t know whether there is a serverside/PHP/FTP script that might help combine your plugin to achieve this for me 🙂

    Access time frame, for example:

    Today i.e. April 3 2011 +30 days/1week/1month/etc?

    I’m planning a project where I need to “move along” the members ever so gently (time frame per post, etc.)… or cancel their access if they become inactive over a period. That’s how training goes – always starts with best of intentions and then the drop out rate starts climbing.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

  230. AriK
    AriK Published |

    Hi, Justin. This plugin looks very promising. Can’t wait for the next release!

    We have a customized membership database for our association integrated to our WordPress site and it will (soon) be able to change users WP role according to his/her membership status. So, we’re going to rely on native WP capabilities going forward.

    I was wondering what would be the easiest way to implement (with current Members plugin 0.11 capabilities) the functionality, where non-members would be able to see only excerpt from (selected) articles and a note that “rest of the article can be read only if you’re a member of association”. And, members would be able to see the whole article with a gentle note that “this is a members only article” – just to remind them about the value of their membership 😉

    Should I start experimenting with a custom template and Members plugin template tag current_user_has_role()?


  231. Tom
    Tom Published |

    Just wanted to thank you.

    I’m an experienced programmer not looking to reinvent the wheel, so when I customised my first WordPress site, I assumed something would already exist that duplicated LiveJournal’s “friends list” feature without excessive effort.

    I tried Role Scoper (too complex), Capability Manager (no content management) and now this, which pretty much works out of the box for all my new posts. I just need to add the OpenIDs of my LJ friends to a new “Friend” role, which is a simple task.

    The one thing I have found that is lacking is an explanation of how content restriction ties into the WordPress post system, since I presume it’s not using the Private/Protected/Public classification that WP uses by default.

    I will need to work this out to convert posts that are currently “Protected” to a restricted status under your plug-in.

  232. Tom
    Tom Published |

    Never mind – worked it out. Just deleted the post_password from my “Protected” posts after adding the appropriate “_role” meta_key and meta_value to the post metadata.


  233. Kyle
    Kyle Published |

    Thanks! Just what I needed.

  234. Mohib
    Mohib Published |

    Great plugin, but the tags I find are not quite what is needed. The Content Permissions module makes it very easy to set the roles a user must have in order to see the content, but then the Template Tags don’t let you simply compare what roles are needed to what roles the user has. Instead the role needed is hard coded into current_user_has_role() which makes it less than useful.

    For example I’m making a photo blog and need to control access to the images which are not in the blog content but using a third party library that I call to display the image in various resolutions and sizes down to thumbnails, so I need to use tags to control the rendering, but it’s impossible with the available tags to change the security, post by post.

    What would be very nice would be to simply set the roles needed to view the post using the Content Permissions in the post itself, and then wrap calls to the rendering with a tag called something along the lines of does_current_user_have_required_role() which would see if the current user has one of the valid roles to read the content.

    This way nothing is hard coded and instead post security is controlled completely from the regular Wordpress editing UI and can be changed as needed, post by post.

  235. User capability of create page/new page | WordPress Stack Exchange Monitor
  236. Mark
    Mark Published |

    I’m building a baseball league site where I will will have 5 league directors updating content within their specific league. I want to restrict their editing capability to just their content area ONLY. Would the Members plugi-in accomplish this or would you recommend a plugin such as Role Scoper?? All of the sit’e scontent will be publicly viewable.

    Thank you!

  237. Big Sea Web Design and Development: Top Five Plugins for Using WordPress as a CMS
  238. Members Plugin Tricks | Unrelated Media
  239. Mark
    Mark Published |

    i have a members only section. inside all pages are set correctly and working properly for restricted access to registered users. one page inside this members only section is not working. it is a page using the “wordpress users” plugin. i want a list of my users listed on this page, but only available to registered users. Currently the page lists all my users and after the last user, gives the disclaimer “Sorry, but you do not have permission to view this content.”

    Is there a way to correct this?


  240. Neil
    Neil Published |

    Just a better explaination for the post I made above for a little customization on signing people up using the members plugin:

    Modifying the Registration

  241. Morgan
    Morgan Published |

    I’m not absolutely certain, but I don’t think your plugin is future-proofed, Justin.

    I’m running a CentOS 5.5 virtual machine with PHP 5.3.6 and MySQL 5.5.13. I think what breaks is related to the has_role() function.

  242. Aaron
    Aaron Published |

    Please disregard my last two comments.

  243. Fanatic
    Fanatic Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Not sure if this has been addressed but seeing that it’s been mentioned already, how do we go by inserting the Logout link in the widget once the user is logged in?

    Also, under the Content permissions of the pages, in the Custom error message field, is it normal that if I try inserting html code that it outputs the code as is and not actually apply the html code?

    ex: “… click here to Register…” it actually outputs the code and not the action of the code.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated and thank you for this great plugin.

  244. Sheya
    Sheya Published |

    Great plugin. Just one issue. I added a new role titled Editor Plus. I gave that role the capabilities to add/delete and edit users. This created tow issues.

    A) This user can now delete and edit etc ALL users including Administrators
    B) This user can now create a new user set them as Administrators. Which means This user can create another account for themselves set themselves as Administrators and have all capabilities.

    Would be much better if non-administrators can only manage roles or users with same or lower capabilities.

    Unless I’m doing something wrong.

  245. Vanessa
    Vanessa Published |

    Hi Justin, great plugin! Thankyou!

    I was wondering if it’s possible to redirect logged in users of a particular role to a page after login? If so, how could I do this?

    Right now it goes straight to the Dashboard, and I would rather have users redirected to an appropriate page based on their role instead. Thanks!

  246. Improve Photos - Hand crafted design by SicanStudios
  247. Bobby Samai
    Bobby Samai Published |

    When’s the version 0.3 coming out? I’m getting a timeout error on your plugin now when I click “Roles” from the wp-admin menu, yet I can click “Add new role” without any errors.

  248. Meta_caps and Post_Types | | IF IT IS CREATIVEIF IT IS CREATIVE
  249. 13 Free Plugins to Transform Your WordPress-Based Site | E-SEOPRO
  250. Denis
    Denis Published |

    Thanks so much! Great job!

  251. Derek Hughes
    Derek Hughes Published |

    Great plugin, really easy to use – almost perfect. The only problem I can see is that once logged in it does not provide the user with a link to log out of the web site. This would make the plugin perfect.

  252. Kaiser
    Kaiser Published |


    In the members_get_role_capabilities() function, you add

    foreach ( $role->capabilities as $cap => $grant )
    $capabilities[$cap] = $cap;

    which makes one thing impossible: Adding a capability without granting access to it. I’m currently writing a plugin for CPTs. This plugin maps the post_type capabilities (added via capabitility_type & map_meta_caps) to the roles if their built in equivalent exists in the role object. for e.g.: ‘edit_posts’ => ‘edit_books. If I now check if the ability is granted, I get a wrong result, because you check if it exists instead of “if ( $grant )”.

    I hope you can change this. Thanks!

  253. Greg
    Greg Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I love the plugin but when I activate it my Gravity Forms “Forms” link in the Admin simply disappears. The forms still work on the site but I cannot access any of the Gravity Forms admin screens. When I follow the link in a form submission email to its location in WordPress (Gravity Forms “Entries”) I get a “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

    Any suggestions?

  254. Greg
    Greg Published |


    I just found the answer to my own question. Gravity Forms creates 15 new capabilities. I had to go to Users/Roles and click on Administrators, then check the boxes for all 15 capabilities and hit save. Then everything worked perfectly!

    Thanks for the great plugin.

  255. Ricardo
    Ricardo Published |

    Am I safe to assume that this plugin won’t let me to set permissions on all blogs on a multisite network but only on individual blogs?


  256. suhail
    suhail Published |

    Hope u doing fine.. here is a need which i wanna discuss to u coz may u help me in it or may b ur this plugin will work for it… guide me plz..
    infact i have a page on my website where we provide audio online lectures.. i wanna have a login pw area on that page .. so someone can register for that online class.. also i wanna know that my student is online or offline at the class time…
    so plz guide me that ur this plugin will work or if u know about any other plugin for this … i will wait for ur reply dear….

  257. galihfirm
    galihfirm Published |

    How do I get the post permission?
    so I can mark the post, which post is enable to open and disable to open.

    please give me some advice to solve this.

  258. The Top 100 WordPress Plugins For Your Site
  259. Alex
    Alex Published |

    This work on last version wp?

  260. Arturex
    Arturex Published |

    do this plugin can show the avatar of the member in the widget member list??

  261. Erica
    Erica Published |

    You totally saved me with this plugin! I spent days and many posts on the BBPress forum trying to find a way to make a forum visible to only certain level users who are logged in. Tried other user role management plugins but they would not work in conjunction with BBPress. Found yours and was finally able to do what my client asked and make the site live. I just donated. THANK YOU!

  262. Nicole
    Nicole Published |

    Thank you so much for this plugin, it has helped me a load. Im new to wordpress and still trying to get my footing. I have got this up and running and I have added a client “role” with the restrictions I require…now how do i create a place for my clients to register?

  263. Top 100 Wordpress Plugin For Your Wordpress Blog
  264. yudi eko
    yudi eko Published |


    nice plugin

    could you explain me..what different between DELETE USER and REMOVE USER role?

    by the way..I need to make a new role user can create, edit & delete a new user except admin..could you help me?

    thanks in advance

  265. Dani SetiyawanTop 100 Plugin Wordpress Terbaik 2012 Dani Setiyawan
  266. Hideki
    Hideki Published |

    Thanks, Justin. You really solved my problems with membership management on my site. “Role Management” and the ability to protect content based on each individual role was really what I was looking for. Things you can’t find on any paid plugin. Thanks again, dude.

  267. Art
    Art Published |

    Hi Justin – Great plugin!

    One question though. My client whom I have designed a website for, wants to grant access to his SEO person to fiddle around with the All In One SEO Pack settings every day to hopefully accomplish her mission.

    Since I use your plugin on a few other sites, I thought it would be a good option here. But I don’t know how to only include All In One SEO Pack as part of the permitted plugin, since it is not listed on the “ROLES” page.

    I tried adding “all_in_one_seo” thinking this will resolve the issue, but didn’t work.

    Any suggestions?


    1. Kate
      Kate Published |

      You can create an admin2 role who can access plugins, pages, posts, tags, categories but not users etc. Under capabilities or capacities…or whatever it is called.

  268. cheech
    cheech Published |

    This plugin used to restrict private information from public view… I’ve only added checkmarks beside certain users. But recently the pages that were supposed to be for certain users have become public and can be accessed without logging in..

  269. WordPress Hidden Gems: Private Status | Stephanie Leary
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  271. Kevin
    Kevin Published |

    Hello Justin,

    Your plugin works fine, but how can users log out once they are logged in?

  272. Lista top 100 wordpress dodataka | X-Te.Me - Tehnologija - IT Portal
  273. Alex
    Alex Published |


    I’m trying to set the plug in up so contributors can suggest changes to posts, but are not be able to publish their changes. I.e. so their changes are set as ‘pending review’ and an editor must confirm that the changes are ok.

    Any suggestions to make this happen? (Please!!!!)



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  278. Every Tutorials | Tutorials about… everything
  279. The 100 Top WordPress Plugin Untuk Situs Anda | BOXMOO
  280. Kate
    Kate Published |

    I am happy to have plugins I can trust! Thank you very much. I have come to read your work and download plugins after having bad experiences with a ton of badly coded themes and plugins. I am a front-end designer and can’t really tell until it implodes. So thanks for all you do!

    I am sure this info is somewhere, probably obvious, but can anyone point me to it? The fields are not fitting inside my sidebar in the site mentioned above and I feel nervous hacking the css–even if I could find it! Usually I can…

  281. Kate
    Kate Published |

    well, I just took it off as I had someone coming to look at the site but suffice it to say, the sidebar is not wide enough to hold it and I would like to find that css or % or however it molds to the sidebar container…

  282. 100 WordPress pluginova za vaš sajt | Tehnologija.me
  283. cowboy
    cowboy Published |

    nice plug in! it would exactly what i am looking for if it was able to redirect the non members to a selected post. that would be cool.

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  288. Andrea Stannah
    Andrea Stannah Published |

    Trying to set up a private area but can’t seem to get this to work at all, have a user test_customer who is role Customer and user Test_public who is role Subscriber. The Page “Trade Shop” is checked as accessible to Customer role but not Subscriber role but when I log in as test_Public (Subscriber role) I can see the “Trade Shop” page – no error message. What am I doing wrong?

  289. Pixeljobber
    Pixeljobber Published |

    Hi Justin. THX for this Plug-In! Great Work. I have one simple Question. All capabilities “thick” together are less than 84. On the overview i see Admin (all thicks active) has 84 capabilities. Any Idea what these are…? Thank for your Feedback and keep going on creating AMAZING Stuff… Greets and Beats Pixeljobber

  290. Ron Richardson
    Ron Richardson Published |

    Regarding Gravity Forms… any way to restrict a user to only access one form. I want a forms admin to be able to only see the activities for one form.


  291. Rob
    Rob Published |


    how can I change the size of the bars where you fill in your username and password in the login form widget? They are now too long and are in front of an picture.


  292. Masud
    Masud Published |

    My Client install this plugins but when I set the Role for “Editor” users Capabilities edit media (edit all pages/posts and can delete) but when I logged in as Editor The edit option does not appear. Only I can delete and view published media/pages/Posts. Is there any solution? Can anyone help me?

    1. jessica
      jessica Published |

      I’m having the same problem as Masud. The plug-in used to allow users to edit posts, but now it does not.

  293. How To Take Care of Your Thousands of Precious Photos | Everyday Technology
  294. Renu
    Renu Published |

    Hello Justin

    I am using Members Plugin to manage roles for the users. But i want the users to be able to edit and delete a Custom Post Type that i have created using a WCK Post Creator Plugin.

    Can you pl guide me how to assign edit/delete role for a specific Post type only.


  295. Custom post types in WordPress – Julian John Portfolio
  296. Leasa
    Leasa Published |

    Hi! great plugin, but I am having a small problem. There is no where for the user to logout! I have disabled the “display toolbar” for these users because they are clients. I want them only to see the gallery of their photos. Doing this gets rid of the upper right option to logout. help?

  297. Grietje Goedkoop
    Grietje Goedkoop Published |

    I have 3 access levels. The first is public.
    When I click to open a blog article on a single page, links to restricted content are shown. Same with search.

    I would like to show only links to articles that are accessible to the particular group.

    How do I do that?

  298. Emma
    Emma Published |

    Is there a way to create a role for a guest?

  299. How to Make WordPress Easier for Your Clients | Web Design Library
  300. Ejuemplo | Adepyme
    Ejuemplo | Adepyme at |
  301. BillH
    BillH Published |

    Hi Justin.

    I think this is a good plugin and was one of this type I evaluated for my new site to provide a restricted area for logged-in users only.

    I will not be using it though, as it has drawbacks. It was originated over four years ago and is still at version zero point something. Documentation still says ‘I’ll provide more documentation later.’ but it has not appeared. It has not been updated for 9 months. It’s not validated on the current version of Wordpress and I get the feeling that this project might have slipped off your back burner. You said in Feb 2011 that you were working on a major upgrade….

    You say it ‘was created to make WordPress a more powerful CMS’. If so, I would have to say you haven’t quite managed that. One of the essentials for any CMS is to manage its users and this plugin just doesn’t go far enough on that front. OK, you have the roles and capabilities bit nailed down (not something I would really be making a lot of use of though), but your user management interface is a little lacking in my view.

    Firstly, one of the recurring themes in this comment section is the lack of a logout facility, and your rather glib reply to one of those posters was that Wordpress already has a log out function. I take it you are referring to the username link on the dashboard. The site I am developing and which I suspect is like many thousands of others, will keep users (logged in or not) as far away from the dashboard as possible. It will just confuse them as it has absolutely nothing in common with the website they are engaging with. It needs a logout button on the widget. Can’t be too hard, surely.

    Secondly, something which has also already been mentioned in other posts here but not really responded to – there are no registration or profile update processes available. How are users supposed to get registered in order to log in? OK, the Admin can register them all, but why put that burden on him/her? I consider these two functions to come under the ‘powerful CMS’ heading. Site Admin approval of new users registering themselves, then allowing them to change their password etc are pretty common functions among plugins of this type, and because yours does not have them, plus the lack of the log out facility, it’s off my shortlist I’m afraid. You might say that even if you provided a profile update facility, the WP log out facility would be available on that screen. Not acceptable in my view.

    My site is not a blog (it’s pretty-much a non-interactive information-providing site). Logged-in users get to see the whole site including a small restricted area, and non-registered and non-logged in users get to see all the non-restricted parts. All the content is supplied by me. I don’t want any of these users seeing the dashboard if humanly possible. It’s my website and I do not want Wordpressy things intruding – the user doesn’t want or need to know (or care) that Wordpress even exists. Pretty straightforward and a common enough approach I’d have thought for you to consider providing the functionality in this otherwise nice plugin.

    If it had logout and custom profile update buttons I might reconsider it as self-registration isn’t a showstopper, but the other two are.

  302. Matt
    Matt Published |


    I posted this here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/restrict-access-to-posts-page

    But I figured I might as well put it here, as well.

    I’m looking for a way to block all content on the Posts page, including any post title or photos.

    I think the best option would be something that redirected certain roles to other pages. So, if someone didn’t have the correct permissions and they tried to access my Posts page, they would be redirected to another page that I setup with some message explaining that they don’t have the correct permissions.

    P.S. That is a feature I’d be willing to pay something for. I was going to pay to register for your support site, but I just honestly can’t justify the registration fee if the feature cannot be made, since that’s the only reason I currently want support. 🙂

  303. Kevin B
    Kevin B Published |

    I had a problem with a user not being able to insert an image into the post via the media library.

    The only role option that would allow the user to insert an image into the post was manage_options, but manage_options also now allows that user access to the settings menu which is wrong.

    Any ideas?

  304. Kevin B
    Kevin B Published |

    OK, Seems I had a plugin Jetpack only for admins that was preventing editor level and all other levels from accessing the media library.

  305. oda nicola
    oda nicola Published |

    Hi there, i did install the plugin and it’s successfully installed on my site. When i give a role to any authors, the role is they (authors) cannot access dashboard page, i try to log in as an author but i am still able to access to the dashboard page. How to let the authors or other users (except Administrator) are not able to access dashboard. They just only can access the front end of my site. Thanks a lot.

  306. Some of My Favorite Plugins for WordPress
  307. Antoinette
    Antoinette Published |

    Great Plugin.

    But I want to use it voor registering visitors, not contributors. But I can’t seem to get rid of the access to the dashboard and the top menu. Is there a way?


  308. Joe Polk
    Joe Polk Published |


    I’m just curious. If I put this plugin in place, how can I be sure that the content that I place on the “members only” pages cannot be indexed by search engines and found by someone that is not a member.


  309. Alejandro
    Alejandro Published |

    I had a problem with a user not being able to insert an image into the post via the media library.

    It only work with certain roles, but it fails when it shouldn’t with others.

    Any ideas?

  310. mastrobutti
    mastrobutti Published |

    Thank you so much for your work. Only a question: I need to create a role with the permission of view but not modify users profile. Is it possible?

    Best regards

  311. El Top 100 de los Plugins de WordPress para su Sitio | Eduarea's Blog
  312. Brooke
    Brooke Published |

    Justin –

    Your Members plugin is wonderful! So so so much simpler to set up and use – than most others with so much extra ‘baggage’!

    My Members are wanting to be able to use RSS feeds from their private forums . . . but not allow non-members to view them . . .

    Can this be done — somehow — through / with / in addition to / the Members plugin?

    Seems that I can either turn RSS on or off — but I can’t seem to figure out how to make them work for members who ‘should be allowed to view’.

    If I’ve missed an answer to this already — I can’t apologize enough.

    I have been looking for several weeks (yes, I’m still a ‘newbie’) . . . but I cannot seem to find a way to do this . . . without potentially paying another service – and they want to use their own ‘membership’ stuff. 🙁

    Any help / advice / point-me-somewhere-near-the-right-direction would be appreciated more than I know how to say.

    Thanks in advance –


  313. Вопрос-ответ. Полезные и удобные плагины для WordPress — выбор отдела разработки | Теплица Социальных Технологий (ТеСТ) | Краудсорсинг, технол
  314. The Top 100 WordPress Plugins For Your Site | HumanART
  315. Is there a way (plugin?) to restrict a user to being able to edit just one page? | CL-UAT
  316. The Top 100 WordPress Plugins For Your Site | Bucur Blog
  317. Advance Custom post types in WordPress - Resource
  318. Top Five Plugins for Using WordPress as a CMS

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