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  1. Kevin
    Kevin Published |

    Just the kind of thing I am looking for, but would be nice if it had the WYSIWYG editor on it for people that don’t know HTML.

  2. Jeremy
    Jeremy Published |

    Another great plugin of yours, congrats!

    Just a quick question: can we include php code in the snippet? From your post, I’d say no, so if that’s the case do you have another plugin up your sleeves to help me do that? 🙂

  3. Patrick Daly
    Patrick Daly Published |

    Very nice. It’s a great improvement to helping novice users figure out how to update their sidebar for a particular page. For some reason they don’t quite grasp `if(is_page(‘about’))` 😉

  4. Bryan Harley
    Bryan Harley Published |

    Excellent job! Does this also have a template tag we can use? Or is it Widget only?

  5. andri
    andri Published |

    Thanks for the recommended plugin… i like to try it 🙂

  6. Markus
    Markus Published |

    nice plugin 🙂 it works perfect

  7. Jake
    Jake Published |

    This looks to be a very useful plugin. Having the ability to control widget presentation from the post editor motivates me to provide more dynamic content in the sidebar because of the convenience factor. I’ll have to make it a point to integrate this into my site.

  8. Robert
    Robert Published |

    This is a very useful plugin especially when used on a magazine style site. I haven’t looked at it yet but one question popped into my mind: if you put the Snippets widget into more than one widget area, would it be possible to choose in the post meta box which snippet widget should display the content?

  9. Olivier
    Olivier Published |

    Very clever. For my clients who are “editors” of a website and who cannot see the widget area… You save my life 😉 Gonna use it right now !

  10. Aqasha Khan
    Aqasha Khan Published |

    the plugin looks cool. can we set a default snippet that appear in every post? or we need to customize it one by one in every post.

  11. lewis
    lewis Published |

    Great idea. thanx for sharing the information. I will surely going to use this.

  12. Mark
    Mark Published |

    Sweet! I have been having issues with my video configuration on my blog. This should solve my problem much easier then I was trying to do it. Thanks mate!

  13. Charley
    Charley Published |


    Thanks for sharing this plugin. Great Idea. Having a problem with the Excerpt header covering the snippit box…tried deactivating it and then reactivating it but that didn’t help. I have the latest install of WP and plugins. Could be a another plugin conflicting with it. Any suggestions?

  14. Rob Cooper
    Rob Cooper Published |

    Nice, very nice. The applications for this plugin are endless. Just what I needed

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  16. Ike
    Ike Published |

    @Justin —

    Again, sir, you are a genius. I have run across an application where this was the exact functionality I needed, and you have provided exactly the solution.

    @Kevin —

    For the time being, just use the regular visual editor to generate the code, then cut the HTML version and paste it into the Snippet box.

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  18. Dave Smith
    Dave Smith Published |

    My question is the same as Robert above. Since we can now have widgets in more places than just the sidebar is it possible to have more than one snippet widget with different content in each. Ex. One Snippet in the sidebar widget, one in the Footer widget and different content in each based on the field that is populated in the post editor?

    This would be as you say “Going Wild” with this plugin. BTW, fantastic plugin and it isn’t just for the newbie. Sometimes we don’t want spend time (or have time) to do it with code. This plugin greatly simplifies unique content for each post.

    Thanks so much for a fantastic and useful plugin.

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  20. Dax Davis
    Dax Davis Published |

    I’m in the same boat as @Dave Smith and @Robert above. This Plugin is exactly what I wished I had for a previous project. And I’m now about to create a large CMS site where this would be invaluable. BUT, they have multiple content areas per page.

    I dropped the widget into more than one widget area and went to the edit screen expecting to see more that one post meta box (or one with sub fields for each widget). It would be invaluable to be able to have this functionality. I would think you would do what you have now but add a container for each that has the default title as the header to help differentiate (and/or the widget area title with default title).

    Any chance of this happening?


  21. Lån
    Lån Published |

    Hi Justin! Like Jeremy, It would certainly be great if this will support PHP. I am one of those who use Exec-PHP and it doesn’t seem to be updated that much, although it works fine on WP 2.8+ versions. (At least that’s what I see when I look at it directly from searching through the plugin search panel on my WP.) Would be great if we get options, one that is newer and freshly maintained, on this type of plugin (that execute PHP code) especially when it seems another major version of WP is coming out soon. Cheers! 🙂

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  24. Robert
    Robert Published |

    @Dave Smith, @Dax Davis, I have made some mods to the Snippets widget to allow selecting a position if the widget has been used more than once in sidebars. I have sent the code to Justin so he can review it and include it in the next plugin release if he thinks it’s OK.

  25. Josh
    Josh Published |

    Great plugin and concept. This plugin will definitely come in handy. Thanks!

  26. shawn
    shawn Published |

    Is there any possible way to include the wp gallery button within the snippet admin box? that way instead of having to paste in code, the user could select an image from the gallery and link that to another page, lightbox, external link etc.. Or they could select a video and have it embedded, same with audio etc..?

    I was even thinking for those that use the kaltura video system, we could even have the kaltura browse/upload button there like we do in posts?

    Could even link it to a shopping cart image like a book for sale that relates to the article

    Man the ideas are endless….

    +1 for php_exec(with permissions), and also multi-snippets

    oh…does it work with wpmu?

    1. Robert
      Robert Published |

      Yes it works with WPMu. Just install it as a regular plugin.

  27. beautyrest black
    beautyrest black Published |

    This is a great, simple plugin. As a general newbie I wasn’t even aware that this could be done manually. And frankly, I’d much rather use this plugin than mess around with the code. As others have mentioned, this would be great to be able to use in more than one place on the page. -James

  28. Dax Davis
    Dax Davis Published |

    @Robert, thanks a lot! I appreciate that. Hopefully he will like it!

  29. Reinar Svendsen
    Reinar Svendsen Published |

    You’ve done it again Justin. Very handy feature indeed.

    Merry Christmas y’all

  30. Thomas Clausen
    Thomas Clausen Published |

    I too am very exited about this.It just makes things a bit more easy (and cool).Like many of the others above, I would love to use snippets in more than one place on a post.

    Thanks for the great work Justin.

  31. Adam Silver
    Adam Silver Published |

    That sounds really useful! I have a few articles lined up which I would like to include videos in so I’ll experiment with this widget. Might make a nice custom image gallery too.

  32. Blogger Den
    Blogger Den Published |

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  33. aurora
    aurora Published |

    is this plugin is available for wordpress 2.9? I’m using that version of wordpress right now…

  34. Matt
    Matt Published |

    Great plug in. Thanks!

  35. saad
    saad Published |

    thanks for sharing, i’ll give it a try, my theme always gets messed up when i install some plugins hope this one will work fine. :\

  36. Chang Tana
    Chang Tana Published |

    Man. This plugin rock… Thanks

  37. komicwords
    komicwords Published |

    really nice plugin I should give a try to my own site, thanks for the share

  38. paul
    paul Published |


    Great plugin!
    Maybe you know how to fix this : I have added a shortcode to a text widget, which displays some content in a widgetized area.
    But the content div genereated by the shortcode appears before the widget div:

    instead of

    Your plugin places the content correctly inside the widget div, so maybe you can tell me how to achieve the same effect?

  39. Forbrugslaan
    Forbrugslaan Published |

    Great Plugin !
    Very usefull, thank you for sharing it.

  40. Web templates
    Web templates Published |

    wow, great discovery! I always looked for something like that. +1 for you Justin, thank you very much!

  41. nagradne igre
    nagradne igre Published |

    Nice plugin Justin. Thank you very much!

    greetings, nagradne igre

  42. Dave Thackeray
    Dave Thackeray Published |

    You don’t need to be told this, Justin, but you’re a mastermind. This is fantastic.

    A quick question: how could I style the header of this widget differently to the headers used for other widgets in my single post sidebar?


  43. Mike M.
    Mike M. Published |

    Thanks for the plugin JUSTIN!

  44. batu permata
    batu permata Published |

    Another amazing plugins from wordpress ..
    I suppose it is the best wordpress than others,,,
    interesting article from you,,
    and of course, also written by a professional person like you,,

  45. MostlyBlog
    MostlyBlog Published |

    good plugin i will try this on my blog thanks for sharing

  46. Vikas Rathi
    Vikas Rathi Published |

    You rock man. I am new to your blog. Thank you so much for sharing such a nice plugin. Keep it up.

  47. N_S
    N_S Published |

    This is an awesome plugin Justin, well done for your hard work.

    Is it possible to get multiple snippet post settings for one single post, i.e 3, to insert a google map, videos and extra info?

    Will it be included in future updates or can you help me modify the codes please, I’ll pay a fee.

    My email and twitter is attached here.


  48. Tom
    Tom Published |

    Been looking for something like this all day. Got it working on one of my blog. Thanks for the plugin work perfectly.

  49. SFGolfer
    SFGolfer Published |

    For what it’s worth, there is a slight mistake in the spelling (two ‘ss’) when viewing the list of plugins.

    It appears as: My Snippetss

  50. Michael Groeneweg
    Michael Groeneweg Published |

    Hi there,

    First of all: Awesome plugin! Was looking for this for quite some time 🙂
    The only thing I can’t figure out is the way the text/html appears on my website.

    There is no margin or padding at all. The text just appears right next to the start of the widget ( to the border to the left). Is there any way I can add a padding to this plugin so it will appear more centered and in alignment with the rest of my widgets?

    Thanks in advance!

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  53. dave
    dave Published |

    I am trying to have a widget displayed for a specific user but unfortunately I cannot get it to work.

    I have found out how to get the current user id and display a text for this user only, but I don’t know how to convert to Widget Logic code.

    This is what I am trying to do:

    Can anyone tell me how I can get the above to work with Widget Logic?

  54. Philmouss
    Philmouss Published |

    Thaks Justin this just a great and useful plugin !

  55. Bil från tyskland
    Bil från tyskland Published |

    Thanks for this plugin, im using it already on 3 of my sites 🙂
    Very powerful .

  56. Juan
    Juan Published |

    You are my savior 😉

    been looking for this plugin for a long time – didn’t even think it existed.

    thank you!!!

  57. Juan
    Juan Published |

    Spoke too soon I guess ? Trying out your snippet on one of my custom city portal themes and nothing seems to be happening – it worked fine on WP default theme.

  58. Tom
    Tom Published |

    Sound exactly what im looking for if it can display html and javascript together. Will try it out. Thanx!

  59. sergio
    sergio Published |

    Does this plugin still works for current WP version?

    I like the idea. It’s both post snippets and Widget Logic together.

    You should rename the widget as “Post related Widget”, or something like that.

  60. Markus
    Markus Published |

    This plugin works for the current WP verision (my answer to sergio that have written above me).

    Anyway, im using this plugin alreday on all of my sites. I dont see anything bad with it. Cred to you Justin. Because this is a very powerful plugin.

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  62. Bantningsmetoder
    Bantningsmetoder Published |

    Sound exactly what im looking for if it can display html and javascript together. Will try it out. Thanx!

  63. Izrada Sajtova
    Izrada Sajtova Published |

    Justin thank you again
    this smart plugin saved my day.

    I had to convert html site to WP and only solution was this Snippets plugin.
    Some wide (widget) content different on every page was real problem.

    I know you said above U do not like Visual editor, but can be handy here 🙂


    1. Mark Guides
      Mark Guides Published |

      Once again this nice Justin’s plugin save the day. I wanted to show some special notification massage (this product is on sale) in marketpress plugin product page. But My Snippets plugin have no support for custom posts.

      Not any more 🙂

      Open meta-box.php

      Find line:

      add_meta_box( 'my-snippets-post-meta-box', sprintf( __('Snippet %1$s settings', 'my-snippets'), 'post' ), 'my_snippets_post_meta_box', 'post', 'normal', 'high' );

      And after that paste

      add_meta_box( 'my-snippets-post-meta-box', sprintf( __('Snippet %1$s settings', 'my-snippets'), 'post' ), 'my_snippets_post_meta_box', product, 'normal');

      So if you look in code I just replaced ‘post’ with product.

      I think that trick can solve other plugin’s matabox problems. U just need to look in code of plugin and find how custom posts is named (I do not know the term for this 😉

  64. John
    John Published |

    test site using a city theme which uses “places” instead of posts makes this plugin pretty much useless – Q = how difficult would it be to make your plugin work with custom post types ?

    anyone that can make this happen for a reasonable fee $$$ ?

    much appreciated –

    thx JC

  65. Credits | Senshi Media
    Credits | Senshi Media at |
  66. Kristijan
    Kristijan Published |

    Gonna use it right now.

    tnx, kristijan

  67. Izrada Sajtova
    Izrada Sajtova Published |

    Great plugin, thanks.


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