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  1. Ryan
    Ryan Published |

    The design is fine. However I think the underlying code is way too complex.

    This is a default theme, not a theme framework, yet there’s a lot of complex PHP going on under the hood. Sure, the PHP is not THAT complex, but it’s still far more complex than a basic theme can be.

    Kubrick is also too complex IMO. There’s a lot of extra junk under the hood which I don’t think should have been added to it.

    A simple, raw, non-complex theme with a simple widgetized sidebar area would suffice IMO. There is no need for all the extra PHP code placed into the functions.php file as it will just confuse noob users.

    KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

    If someone wants complex framework style functionality, they can upgrade to Hybrid, Thematic or any other framework style system. I don’t think this is a good idea for a core theme.

    1. mkjones
      mkjones Published |

      Your right, it does seem rather complex when you dig into the code. If I were new to WordPress I’d be scared off by some of the details in there.

      I think the default theme should be a variant of the K2 theme with cleaned up modernised code that has been really well commented.

      It shouldn’t have any advanced theme options and only a single widget area.

      This way it won’t scare off new users and hopefully encourage them to learn how to modify their own themes.

    2. Ian Stewart
      Ian Stewart Published |

      And here I thought it was simple! Though in Kubrick’s defense for a complex Theme it’s probably the most modified.

      I’d appreciate pointers as to where it could be simplified more. Thanks!

      1. oronm
        oronm Published |

        this is a great theme!!

    3. Michael Fields
      Michael Fields Published |

      @Ryan & mkjones- I really didn’t find all that much complexity in the Kirby Theme – It defines very few of it’s own functions and uses mostly core functions to present data. Granted, a few declarations of global variables could be condensed, and some logical structures could be converted into functions but other than that I feel like Kirby is pretty simple to understand.

      @Ryan RE “There is no need for all the extra PHP code placed into the functions.php file as it will just confuse noob users.”

      Actually, all that code provides some pretty awesome functionality: Custom Header Image, Widgetized Areas, Custom Theme option page and some shortcodes. I feel that these additions are pretty cool and will be welcome by users who never even see this code.

    4. Andrew Gray
      Andrew Gray Published |

      I agree about Kubrick.

      I don’t get why it has so much junk in it, functions, etc.

      Wordpress should come with two themes. one that is nice looking and you can upload an image for the header and one that is bar bones and commented heavily for developers.

  2. Lee Willis
    Lee Willis Published |

    A simple (In appearance), and simply-coded theme is a great way to introduce new developers to Wordpress. Not sure if this has been discussed already, but why not ship with two themes – one that is bare-bones (At least from a code point of view), and another that uses most of the features available (post-thumbnails? Comment meta? User-meta?) so that developers have got a reference point for what’s available.

    I don’t have a preference as to which should be the default activated theme …

  3. Rob Irizarry
    Rob Irizarry Published |

    I was just looking Kirby yesterday – great to see a Hybrid version. Any chance of it being released to the public?

  4. Ian Stewart
    Ian Stewart Published |

    I’m just happy that you chose an appropriate Thumbnail for the post. 🙂 Thanks for the tips, Justin.

  5. John (Human3rror)
    John (Human3rror) Published |

    wow. that’s hawt.

  6. Andrew Wetzel (@CircleReader)
    Andrew Wetzel (@CircleReader) Published |

    Brilliant! It’s wonderful to be able to see two amazing theme developers building off each other this way, with the community chiming in to collaborate!

    As far as simplicity v. complexity, my own take is that we need to pay attention to how end users can move from a basic understanding of WordPress to a fuller understanding as easily, quickly, and independently as possible. In terms of default themes, this might mean constructing a pair of themes in which the second is an elaborated version of a simple original (taking Lee’s suggestion), as long as there are comments in the code to indicate how the more elaborate features were added. This doesn’t mean the comments would need to be verbose (tutorials can take care of that) — just enough to highlight the correspondences between the bare-bones & more fully-featured themes, so new learners don’t get lost when moving between them.

  7. Paul
    Paul Published |

    Thanks Ian for making this wonderful new standard.
    One vote from me to make it the new WordPress default theme.

    and Thanks to Justin for making this a Hybrid’s Child Theme.
    ( Hybrid fan is getting bigger and bigger.)

  8. The Frosty
    The Frosty Published |

    Congrats to the new design and incorporation of Ian’s new theme. I like it.

  9. Ryan Cowles
    Ryan Cowles Published |

    I just installed the Hybrid theme on my blog, and have been pleased with it. The Kirby Junior theme might be fun to play with. Man, I need more time in the day haha. Nice work!

  10. Turning Winds
    Turning Winds Published |

    I just install it now the hybrid theme. I will explore and read more regarding this.

    Sharing this is the most amazing thing happened to my blog. Thank you for sharing this.

  11. nepovratna eu sredstva
    nepovratna eu sredstva Published |

    nice theme, will try it soon in my blog.

    greetings, nepovratna eu sredstva

  12. Thomas Clausen
    Thomas Clausen Published |

    I sure like the new theme by Ian and your interpretation Justin. But I think it would be nice if you also highlighted your own answers like Ian does in Kirby.

    Why you might ask. Well I almost always use them to navigate by, when returning to a post. I don’t necessarily feel like reading all the comments. So I often find myself seeing what you reply with, and from that evaluate if the comment is worth reading.

  13. andri
    andri Published |

    Hi Justin, Please help me to noindex author comments links in hybrid… i give up, i tried many ways and plugins but no one works

  14. Yo Momma
    Yo Momma Published |

    I’m on the fence for this one. I can appreciate the simplicity of Kirby, but I also think it lacks the pizzazz of other themes. But I’d say give it a shot for a while and see how it goes. If it gets too boring, switch to something livelier.

  15. nagradne igre
    nagradne igre Published |

    Why do you think so Justin. I agree more with Yo momma?

    greetings, nagradne igre

  16. MP
    MP Published |

    I’ve thought for quite a while that Ian’s work was a nice compliment to your own. Whereas, Ian’s work is very strong in the typography and visual design arena, you, Justin, are a master at exploiting and refactoring Wordpress features into a malleable environment which can be programatically modified.

    I’d like to see a merger…Thematic and Hybrid (or is it Hybrid and Thematic?) 😉

    And I take my hat off to you for being sufficiently objective that you can support and promote the work of others that way. You’re a good man. Noble, even.

  17. MD
    MD Published |

    The theme looks awesome, and testing it right now, I just wanted to have those post thumbnails in your home page

  18. nagradne igre
    nagradne igre Published |

    hehe Justin, i belive you, i will take a closer look at this theme 🙂

    greetings, nagradne igre

  19. Bob
    Bob Published |

    just looking at the theme it looks pretty aesthetically pleasing. However I would be curious to see how well it does with adsense. I like the really clean, and easy to read feel but being an adsense blogger I’d llike to know if it’s pleasing from a profitability standpoint.

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  21. Jan Egbert
    Jan Egbert Published |

    I was taking a look at http://wordpressfoundation.org/ and it kind of felt familiar…

  22. Dentist Perth
    Dentist Perth Published |

    My design also needs a change…shall try out Kirby

  23. nagradne igre
    nagradne igre Published |

    Whell, i tried kirby and im impressed… thanks

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  25. James
    James Published |

    I really think that the Kirby theme should be the default WordPress theme. It’s much more intuitive and an overall better UI.

  26. Ugur Eskici
    Ugur Eskici Published |

    The theme looks awesome. Did you care user usability and accessibility? Conrats for design. 😉

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