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  1. John Blackbourn
    John Blackbourn Published |

    You may not have achieved your goal of being a teacher by profession, but you’ve taught a lot of people a lot of things through your blog. Most definitely not a “fail” in that respect. Your upcoming book will add to that too.

  2. Karl
    Karl Published |

    Another thing that should be added to everyone’s list is ‘Be Happier’. All the above mentioned things are ultimately serving the same purpose. Only we need to choose to be happy consciously…

  3. Mamaduka
    Mamaduka Published |

    Reading more – is my goal for this year too, if you’ve time you should share you books on blog.
    Be healthier – that is important and hardest goal, I’m going to buy a bicycle and ride min. 7-8 hours a week.

  4. Michael
    Michael Published |

    Great post Justin, and I think not late, but timed perfectly.

    Your “Be Healthier” rings a bell for me.

    And given too that I have decided to fed this body in a more health fashion, and allow it to get exercise as well, I created a special blog (to185.com) just for that notion. I’ve no one with whom to compete, except for myself, and the fact that I’ve gone public with my goal. πŸ™‚ Nothing like embarrassment to keep one’s goal in site. (<–spelling pun )

    Tim Ferris' 'Four Hour Body" and/or Mark Sisson's 'Primal Blueprint' are worth checking out.

    Best of luck with your aspiration for 2011.

    And keep up the great work. One of my other NYERs was to cut my of Feed Read list WAY back.

    I kept yours.

  5. Jenn
    Jenn Published |

    I always have time to read, even on hectic days. How do I do that? I bring book wherever I go. Much of our time in this world is filled with waiting. I read whenever I have to wait for something.

  6. Derek Perkins
    Derek Perkins Published |

    I’m going to go with a Seinfeld reference as the source of your “Yada…yada…yada” love.

  7. Ivor
    Ivor Published |

    You’re the best WordPress teacher I’ve ever had, you haven’t fail in that matter. πŸ™‚ I’m also struggling with the fact that I don’t spend too much time with the family, definitely that’s one of my goals for 2011 too.

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  9. Kaj Rietberg
    Kaj Rietberg Published |

    My goals for this year:
    – Building a website for teachers to use for free for topografy ( I hope this is English πŸ™‚ and earn some adsense income with it. So both parties 9I and other teachers) will benefith.
    – Building a community with WordPress multi-site like edublogs.org does but then for all Dutch teachers.
    – Also getting back the fun in teaching children with autism and difficult behaviour or finding another job in wich I can combine my love for the internet and teaching.
    – Building up a small freelance bussiness in WordPress webdevelopment
    – Having a lot of fun with my wife and my kids.

    I think these are a lot. But are really important for me.

  10. Navin
    Navin Published |

    Congrats and wish you Good luck in 2011 πŸ™‚

  11. Daniel
    Daniel Published |

    In regards to reading, there is a very important book that I’ve been meaning to read that is ‘Pyschocybernetics’ by Maxwell Maltz. I really want to improve my self confidence and do things outside my comfort zone that I know deep down that I want to do but couldn’t take that initial leap of faith. Another thing I want to work on this year is how I keep getting distracted by things. A lot of the times when I have projects/assignments to do I would start doing something but would soon lose focus and be doing something else I’d rather be doing.

  12. Scott
    Scott Published |

    wll your goals are good but dont you think that for refreshment entertainment is essential to efficiently do the work and some times it would be great to just take a leave and go for a trip some where as the matter and the fact this boosts up you from the inside and it affects your work and environment in a possitive way.

  13. Carol Amato
    Carol Amato Published |

    My goals for 2011 are very simple.

    1.) Start walking and drink more water
    2.) Eat less
    3.) Reach out and help the less fortunate
    4.) Grow and improve as a person, spiritually, emotionally and phyically

    1. Carol Amato
      Carol Amato Published |

      Aw, I was right in the middle of correcting “phyically” to physically, and it posted! lol

  14. Annie Roddicks
    Annie Roddicks Published |

    Being happy is the greatest feelings of all. I think every human should be happy and smiling.

  15. Brian
    Brian Published |

    So good to find youre site,heard a poem on sat night, still no sleep in sight,im here once again, too become the master of my fate. For I am the captain of my soul. Thanks Justin.

  16. Chad
    Chad Published |

    I find it to be a challenge to spend more time with family and find ANY time to workout when jobs just keep piling up! I work full time as a developer at U of T, serving 160 websites and counting. My weeknights consist of playing with my daughter until she goes to sleep (8ish) then working till midnight or 1am only to get up and go back to work. Needless to say, not much time for anything else.

    I’m sure you get a lot of work requests, how do you say ‘No’ to the ones that are just too financially good? I think that’s my problem. I’ve had more projects this year so far than I had all of last year, and the requests just keep on piling up!

    Congrats on the book though, I cant wait to get it. Amazon sent a shipment email! YAY

  17. Ben
    Ben Published |

    I also set a goal to be healthier…and to some point I achieved it. I now eat healthier and such.

    Another of my goals was to create and online empire too!! LOL.
    Yeah, I started a blog. It flopped, I’m trying to revive it at the moment.

    Good look with your goals for this year.


  18. Tilen
    Tilen Published |

    nice goals. I wish you all the best! πŸ™‚

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