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  1. Edward Caissie
    Edward Caissie Published |

    Great article and sales pitch (*grin*). We definitely could use more people involved with the process.

    Also, being part of the WordPress Theme Review Team allows for more in-depth discussion and potential to help improve the Theme Review guidelines.

    As you noted, Justin, you do not have to agree with the guidelines or even the process 100% but if you have some experience doing Theme reviews using them it is much easier to discuss these differences and work towards improvments.


  2. Vivek Jain
    Vivek Jain Published |

    Would love to be on that side of the table. 🙂 I’m IN.

  3. David Gwyer
    David Gwyer Published |

    Great article Justin. I have just applied to the review team, so hope to be reviewing my first theme soon!

  4. Damian Gostomski
    Damian Gostomski Published |

    Nice post Justin, I’ll be applying as well.

    Although I won’t have loads of time to commit to it (and that will vary massively week to week), I’ve been looking for a way to contribute (the trac can be rather intimidating!) and this looks like a great way to start!

    It’ll be interesting to see how this changes the way I code for WordPress, as currently I write a lot of bespoke themes for clients, where best practices can sometimes be neglected in order to meet a deadline!

  5. Join the WordPress theme review team
    Join the WordPress theme review team at |
  6. WPTRT wants you to review WordPress Themes!
  7. Joss Crowcroft
    Joss Crowcroft Published |

    Hey Justin, I’m gonna get involved too – been doing WP themes for years now and have shared the save frustrations with shoddy code (not least from the free themes directory!)

    I’m a little strapped for time right now though – will the team still be open to new faces, say in a few weeks’ time?


    1. Edward Caissie
      Edward Caissie Published |

      WPTRT “recruiters” are always ready to welcome new people!

      1. Joss Crowcroft
        Joss Crowcroft Published |

        Great! looking forward to it.

  8. Joss Crowcroft
    Joss Crowcroft Published |

    .. save should read same* above!

  9. James Bird
    James Bird Published |

    Is it ok if I apply too? Though I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to Wordpress, hehe.

  10. Kevin Peyton
    Kevin Peyton Published |

    Nice call Justin

    I’m sure you will get the people you need from this post.

    A lot of my work at present is with custom plugin development – and I am imminently going to be a plugin to wordpress.org repository – so some reviewing on the theme side would be good.

    the best practices element – as well as giving back to the community – is also particularly attractive.

    1. Edward Caissie
      Edward Caissie Published |

      @Kevin – Helping out with the WPTRT will also help Plugin authors to improve their works as well; I know it made a difference in my plugins.

  11. Jonathan Soroko
    Jonathan Soroko Published |


    I’d be delighted to volunteer for the review team. I can easily play the part of the slow-learning, badly prepared blog editor. In the theater, this is referred to as “typecasting,” and it works. Except in my case, I don’t have to act to create the illusion of being uninformed, because it’s entirely genuine.

    Where does one sign up?


  12. Rachele
    Rachele Published |

    As a WordPress newbie, I don’t think I would be much of a help as to reviewing the themes just yet. However, I did subscribe to the mailing list to learn and hopefully in the near future I’ll become an active participant. 🙂

    Thank you for making this opportunity available to us!

  13. Ryan
    Ryan Published |

    Hi originally intended to sign up for the theme review team, but shied away once it became apparent that the regulations were going to be set the way that they are.

  14. Micael
    Micael Published |

    Is it possible for new people?I want to learn about wordpress theme.I want to join team.

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  16. Shawn
    Shawn Published |

    Just signed up and looking forward to getting started! I sent the request for a theme to review…about how long after a request is made should we expect a theme to be assigned to us?

  17. Konstantin
    Konstantin Published |

    What a great post Justin, you’re definitely right about becoming a better theme developer, I experienced that on myself a few months ago. And the point about the community, 100% true, and if it wasn’t for the community, there wouldn’t be a WordPress.


  18. Why You Should Join the Theme Review Team
  19. Alan
    Alan Published |

    If you need someone completely new to WP, who could review things from the point of view of someone at the very beginning of the process – ensuring the theme is easy to use and covers all bases from all sides of the WP user spectrum… I’d be keen to get involved!

    I’ve just spent the last 3 days building a food fan site and it wasn’t the easiest so I’d love to somehow help make themes be super-easy to use.

  20. Join WordPress Theme Review Team
    Join WordPress Theme Review Team at |
  21. Dave Doolin
    Dave Doolin Published |

    I’m really focused on plugins at the moment. Is there a plugin review team?

  22. Paul
    Paul Published |

    I signed up earlier today but haven’t received any email confirmation yet. Any idea, how long does it take to get approved?

  23. Glen Pridgen
    Glen Pridgen Published |

    Just joined as well and am looking forward to learning by participating.

  24. QOT
    QOT Published |

    This is an excellent initiative. I am sure the wordpress directory will become much better and themes will be reviewed much faster. All the best.

  25. satya adi
    satya adi Published |

    Yeah, I guest that will be cool to try out some new WP themes…btw can Jquery, be implemented in WP themes ?? I think It’ll make WP more awesome…

  26. Shawn
    Shawn Published |

    Okay Justin,

    You failed to mention that this was addicting man!!! Less than 2 days and I’ve closed 14 tickets….what a great help this is.

    It absolutely forces you to examine every detail of your own work. Thanks again for this post. I had no idea that this opportunity even existed!

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  29. Tara E. Jenkins
    Tara E. Jenkins Published |

    Nice post and advert. I was just wondering if there will be openings for non-techies that will rate the theme based on usability for new comers using wordpress too. And I must say that I was hesitant at first to post, but reading the replies, I guess you guys are very accommodating and friendly 🙂

  30. Manish Gori
    Manish Gori Published |

    Thanks for the post, I am in 🙂 Reviewed the first theme today..

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  33. Random Joe
    Random Joe Published |

    i am quite amazed to see the above mentioned information and the common interest of different people regarding working on word press and i am quite exited to even volunteer for the project and learn slowly but good…

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  35. A Guide to Reviewing Themes for the WordPress Theme Repository » cb.blog
  36. Chaitanya
    Chaitanya Published |

    hey man
    i am a rookie theme developer and really want to be part of this review team. But it will take some time like a month or so to become good at this whole process. Can i join your team after a month?

  37. Mario Peshev
    Mario Peshev Published |

    I also applied for a reviewer like 12 hours ago, still waiting for approval, I believe this would help me to improve my vision on the overall process and improve the quality of my stuff as well.

  38. J Ralphio
    J Ralphio Published |

    It’s nice to hear about someone seeing something they don’t agree with and actually doing something to change it! I wish I could join the review team, I just don’t have the technical skills to do it yet. Thanks for all of your work!

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  40. Thiago
    Thiago Published |


    Do you know if we can submit and review child-themes to WPTRT?

  41. Premium plugins | Theme Code Matters, Too
  42. mutuelle
    mutuelle Published |

    Thanks for this chance I want to get involved too,hope to find it helpful & save me time…

  43. Khurram
    Khurram Published |

    Great article! Loved it!

    What I personally would like to know is what is the amount of time me as a designer and my friend would take to come up with a WP theme which is worthwhile to put up for sale? I am a good designer but have never done a theme to sell, so I would appreciate the help I could get to get started.


    1. Andreas
      Andreas Published |

      In my experience it takes from 80-160 hours to come up with a decent theme but that really depends on how much of your “framework” is ready for reuse.
      One thing you might also consider is the need for support – this can easily consume whole days and go on for weeks if the theme sells well.


  44. Andreas
    Andreas Published |


    thanks – didn’t know that reviewers are needed, heard about that call in the wpmail.me newsletter.
    I am now setting up shop and will be in touch about the first review soon. 🙂


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  46. Oliver
    Oliver Published |

    Great article, can someone who does not know about building themes join the reviewers team? And can reviewers accept themes generated by artisteer?

  47. Oliver
    Oliver Published |

    Cool, will set up shop ASAP. Do you know how long it generally takes for a theme to be approved for the WordPress repository, assuming a theme is meets all the guidelines?

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  49. Afzaal
    Afzaal Published |

    Justin, you’ve just converted me! I don’t think I really thought I could add value as a theme developer without getting my own themes approved. But now I see it’ll definitely help me become a MUCH better theme developer with the review experience.

    Great article!

  50. Join the WordPress Theme Review Team | ThemeShaper

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