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  1. donnacha of WordSkill
    donnacha of WordSkill Published |

    Glad to hear that your excellent plugin is getting updated, although I am using it on a few WP 3.1.3 sites with, apparently, no problems at all.

    For me, the biggest difference between 2009 and now is that, these days, I am using Gravity Forms pretty heavily, so, anything that helps that plugin hook into Members would be very useful. Also, everything is Multisite now.

    1. Chuck Reynolds
      Chuck Reynolds Published |

      I second that… love gravity forms and basically have it on every site I do now… the better it can seamlessly integrate with GV… the more awesomer it’ll be 😉

      Thx Justin – I”ll work on testing this out a bit. Tallyho

  2. Maria Kessar
    Maria Kessar Published |

    This is a good one plug-in i have used.

  3. Grégoire Noyelle
    Grégoire Noyelle Published |

    Thanks Justin for this great plugin.

    I am using it on WP 3.1.3 sites with Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On and it works well. I will try on an other test website for the meta caps.

    I wonder, if I can make a Members role by defaut for all the new user on a WP network?

  4. Aaron
    Aaron Published |

    Hey All,

    I’m testing this plugin and everything looks great. Quick Question. Does this plugin have the capability of restricting a role to be only allowed to edit a single page or post.

    Would this be done by adding a custom capability? If so does anyone have an example? Thanks!!!

  5. Andrew Cafourek
    Andrew Cafourek Published |

    Thanks for continuing development on Members- it has become a standard piece of all of my projects and makes my life easier on a regular basis. Thanks!

  6. Simon Blackbourn
    Simon Blackbourn Published |

    I like the new settings screen, it’s a big improvement.

    One bug I’ve found: the Content Permissions meta box is only showing once a post is saved or published, it’s not there when you’re creating a new one. It looks like it’s due to the “load-post.php” hook you’re using for adding the meta box.

    And one feature request: the ability to completely remove a capability from WordPress would be a welcome addition – there are plugins around that create new capabilities on activation, but then don’t remove them on de-activation, so being able to clean up after them would be good.

  7. Giulio
    Giulio Published |

    Hallo Justin, I’m testing your plugin and everything looks great on my wordpress multi-site installation except that a single weblog admin cannot manage groups/roles when the following option “Add new users” is enabled on the network. Only the Superadmin can do it.

  8. Frank
    Frank Published |

    Great to see, that you work on this plugin; now i have dont find errors or notice. ut i have maybe an small bug or feature from WP 😉 If you klick on the bulk-options, than open this also the Admin Bar Menu; maybe same ID; i dont search for an error. see also this screenshot http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/9191/men006.png
    This is also in 3.1* and 3.2* so.

  9. Frank
    Frank Published |

    No, i have now also tested in 3.2, without other plugins; only Members plugin and Twenty Eleven Theme, no modifikations on theme or core.

    1. Frank
      Frank Published |

      but now i tested without your plugin, same problem on other bulk-actions of WP default; without plugins. 🙁 Also an “feature” on WP, not a problem on the plugin.

  10. Elio
    Elio Published |

    You rock Justin, it’s nice to see that you’ve updated this useful plugin. It goes as much as a role/membership plugin in WordPress can go. WordPress’ lack of fine grain control when it comes to roles is something that must be addressed soon.
    I’ve used Members in a site to restrict most of the usual stuff to allow a user to access only pages and posts but they wanted to give him access to Menus too, and since this is under apperance, the edit_theme_options capability gives him access not only to Menus but Widgets, Header and others under Appearance. Members was a life saver because I was able to create a new role, restrict almost everything using it and then a custom code would test if the user was in this new role created by Members: if it was, the $menu and $submenu would be filtered to hide other menu entries. Not the slickest way to do it but it did the trick until the edit_theme_options is splitted into edit_widgets, edit_menus, and so on.

  11. Swoyersville
    Swoyersville Published |

    worth a try now! thank you for the information and was willing to share.

  12. David Decker
    David Decker Published |

    Hi Justin! Thanx for updating your awesome plugin which I use on a lot of projects (vers. 0.1.1).

    I installed the latest version from trunk and overall it’s working really good! I just found out that the cababilities may be doubled because I have one “restrict_content” and the other one “retrict_content” (missing “s”). Maybe some typo…

    And I am also in the process of translating it into German language and see strings about “statistics” but couldn’t find any module in the UI? Still developing I guess :-).

    I really love the new feature to have custom error messages on a per post/page basis. Really rocks!

    Thanx for your hard work!
    -Dave from Germany 🙂

  13. Justin Tadlock is seeking beta testers for Members 0.2 | WPCandy
  14. John
    John Published |

    Hey Justin,

    Glad to see we will finally get a decent plugin to manage the roles / capabilities matter in wordpress.

    Just dropping a line to tell people that the version provided in the download link doesn’t display the metabox for managing permission in the post/page view.

    Svn version is working just fine on my fresh 3.1.3 + Twentyten install.

    Thx again!


  15. Piet
    Piet Published |

    Hi Justin, I have been using your Members plugin for a while now on several sites. For sites where I do the maintenance for I usually make a “siteowner” role and I keep myself as the administrator. On one site I have also used it to make certain content available for their members only.

    Thanks for doing an update, it’s great to know that the plugin is (back into) regular development. Also it will be easier to let other people know on for example LinkedIn of the benefits of the plugin, something that takes more convincing when a plugin hasn’t been updated for a year or two…

    I have just given the new version a spin and it looks to work great! I also experienced the issue with the Content Permission metabox, but as you say it is fixed.

    I am not a big fan nor user of shortcodes, but in the helpfile you mentioned that it needs some testing so I tried a few. The first one, [access], works great, but already with the second one [get_gravatar] I ran into trouble. I used the id and size, but that resulted in nothing.

    One other suggestion for the plugin is to (better) clarify the roles and the differences between them. As an example, I still don’t know the difference between add_users and create_users.
    I also find it strange that subscriber has 1 capability, but in the general overview it says 2. If you give the administrator role all 55 capabilities, in the Roles menu it says the administrator has 66 capabilities.

    Adding capabilities is a total mystery too, although I think you spoke about it in one of your custom post type tutorials, correct?

    btw I tested it on WP 3.2.


  16. Jonathan Wold
    Jonathan Wold Published |

    Justin, I just upgraded from 0.1.1 to 0.2. When viewing the new “Members” screen, I see “Role Manager” and “Content Permissions”, each with its own respective checkbox. There is nothing after that, though, and no save button.

    Am I missing something?

    This installation is currently locked down to 3.0. I’m waiting for 3.2 before going through the trouble of upgrading.

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  18. Peter van der Does
    Peter van der Does Published |

    Love this plugin. I just send an email, through your contact page, with a bugfix concerning content permissions and roles. The title of the email: [PATCH] Members Beta Trunk

    I’ll keep reporting bugs and fixing them as I find them.

  19. Henry
    Henry Published |

    I really need the best members plugin and this one seems to do the job…

  20. Marilyn
    Marilyn Published |

    Shall give this a try and let you know the feedback soon.

  21. john
    john Published |

    useful plugin. we awating for final version of this.
    thanks justin for developing.

  22. Tim
    Tim Published |

    Hi Justin, Really nice Plugin thanks!

  23. Rae
    Rae Published |

    I am so glad you are going to continue development of this plugin! I just now upgraded from the original to the v0.2. I am missing the [login-form] shortcode greatly though. 🙁 I was using it at the top of posts that had restricted sections and now they’ve all gone wonky. I really like that functionalitly. Any chance of getting it back?

  24. Sam
    Sam Published |

    Hi Justin,

    This plugin is excellent…. I love the way it adds great, simple and powerful functionality without overloading you with things you don’t need. A must for any larger scale project.

    This may not be a bug as I have yet to do extensive testing/reading but…

    If I assign a user to a custom role then that user cannot be selected to be the author of a post or page. If I change their role back to an inbuilt role then their name reappears on the drop down.

    One of the custom roles mimicked the contributor role but it didn’t work… I imagine they’re is some list the custom roles ‘slug’ needs to be added to.

    Thanks again for the plugin!

  25. John
    John Published |

    Great plugin, as you already know. Is it possible to change the Wordpress Level from here. I’m trying to assign articles to certain authors and it looks like WP is assuming everyone except for Admin and Editors are just subscribers.


  26. Andrea Bersi
    Andrea Bersi Published |

    I have create the Italian translation; for downloading go to


    Thank you for the powerful plugin

  27. Michael
    Michael Published |

    Hey Justin,

    Thanks for the plugin … great job!

    I was just testing and all works great, but the one thing I noticed and I am not sure if it can do it, or you might have some insight. When a user goes to a page or post that requires a log in, they get sent to the dashboard afterwards. I was wonder if they can get directed back to the original page they were trying to access?


  28. Mike
    Mike Published |

    I installed 0.2 on a test website of mine and the WordPress login page seems to be in a loop in my iPhone. It works on iPad and in all the browsers I tried, but not the iPhone. Please check to see if you get the same behavior.

    Enable the role manager.
    Enable the content permissions feature.
    Redirect all logged-out users to the login page before allowing them to view the site.

  29. Antoine
    Antoine Published |

    Hi Justin,

    nice work, simple and clean. This is just what I was looking for. I made a French translation. If you’re interested and want to put it in some repository, just let me know.

    I noticed a few bugs however:
    – some strings can not be translated (for instance box titles in the setting page)
    – plural are not handled correctly in the translation

    Login widget:
    – I tried it in a sidebar (wordpress 3.2.1, fresh clean test copy), and when I click on the “log in” button, I get an error because it seems the link the button redirects to is not correct (site url is appended twice in the link: its redirected to “” instead of “”)

    User widget:
    – I can’t make the order option work. Whatever the choice of ‘orderby’ is, I get the same list.

    Best regards.

  30. Simone
    Simone Published |

    Hello, thanks for the nice plugin, it will be great if there will be a kind of Paypal integration!


  31. Silvio
    Silvio Published |

    Thanks for the plugin!

    Does it works with multisite, when I configure members in one site only?

    And for buddypress in a /site-directory?


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