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  1. The Frosty
    The Frosty Published |

    That’s an interesting plugin, what circumstances would you need this in?

  2. Beth
    Beth Published |

    Whoa, now this is interesting. I, too, am wondering what circumstance one could find themselves in where they wouldn’t want to be able to reset their PW to their WP, but I’m gonna go ahead and bet that there’s a very specific one in mind here. Really interesting add-on idea, looking forward to your answer! Thanks in advance!

  3. Stefan
    Stefan Published |

    Is this restriction related to security?

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  5. Bovespa
    Bovespa Published |

    can you explain. why?

    Why i need this?

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  7. Geert Verschaeve
    Geert Verschaeve Published |

    Thx Justin, I was looking for something similar!

    Bovespa, it is used to prevent fraud and bad behavior. Like Justin said it can become rather annoying when someone else keeps trying to reset your admin password, when you are the admin…

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  9. Alex Capul
    Alex Capul Published |

    Great job Justin! Works like a charm. Cheers!

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  11. Ashlife
    Ashlife Published |

    great plugin, can there be like a option where the admin can choose which members should not be allowed to change password this way. ?

  12. Azman
    Azman Published |

    Interesting plugin.
    few days ago i experience a strange wp error. the reset email cannot be sent out. interestingly enough, I managed to reset the pw through the database. not that difficult though.

  13. Tuan
    Tuan Published |

    This is a nice plugin but I don’t get its idea. What other users will do when they forget password and why do we need to prevent password reset?

  14. Cx Rana
    Cx Rana Published |

    Hhahaha.. It’s really cool plugin for new and expencive webmaster…..

  15. Curtis
    Curtis Published |

    I agree. Can the Option be an admin only checkbox. But still a great plugin

  16. Chris
    Chris Published |

    I can see the usefulness of this when you’d like to prevent people with bad intentions from trying to reset your password – but then what do you do when you or a legitimate admin forgets their password?

    I guess you better hope another admin can help you out, eh?

  17. Luke
    Luke Published |

    Depending on whether or not your Wordpress site would be subject to internal control audits (like a SAS70), this is a security issue that could trip a negative report. The idea is that you should not be able to compromise an administrative account of one system (in this case Wordpress) by hacking what might be a non-administrator account of a potentially less secure system like email.

    If I can see/control your email, I can steal your password simply by forcing the password reset email to be sent. Then I view/intercept your email depending on how badly I’ve compromised your system, use the link to reset the password and gain control of your administrative account. By failing to adequately address this security issue, it can put you in a state of non-compliance with several different US regulations depending upon the industry you serve and the information you store about your non-admin users.

  18. vinu
    vinu Published |

    Thank you very much for this tip. I guess this feature would be good for admins due to the majority of word press hacking that is prevalent these days.

  19. Bharat Chowdary
    Bharat Chowdary Published |

    This plugin helps to provide an extra bit of security. Thanks Justin.

  20. Neunoteam
    Neunoteam Published |

    Dear, Justin. Great plugin!!

    TIP: Add an option in user profile to disable password change. Very usefull!!

  21. Jessica K
    Jessica K Published |

    Thanks Justin for your wp plugin. Will try it on my wp blog!

  22. Ameenullah
    Ameenullah Published |

    Indeed a good Plugin. Was looking for. used to prevent fraud. its annoying when someone else keeps trying to reset our admin password. thanks for the plugin Justin. “this option open for other users in case they needed to reset their password after forgetting it.” Since it has the option to change anytime(certain site administrators), its really helpful.

  23. Horloge
    Horloge Published |

    I use this plugin. It’s really good because i think it helps to keep hackers on a distance.

  24. Susan
    Susan Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I was looking for something like this because it works alongside the eMember plugin nicely.

    My question is this:
    Am I able to change the message that users receive that says “Password reset is not allowed for this user” to something more specific to my site? (i.e. “Please use the link located on the News page to reset your password.”)

    Thank you!

  25. Bernardo
    Bernardo Published |

    Hello Justin.

    Is it possible to “Stop receiving the Forgot Password email por the admin”? Every time someone is sent this email, it’s reported to me. I can’t disable that and it’s staring to get really annoying.

    Thanks for the support.

  26. Henk Boeree
    Henk Boeree Published |

    I think this plugin is exactly the thing i need for my wordpress website. Thank you for sharing.

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