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  1. Jon Bishop
    Jon Bishop Published |

    I think this would be extremely useful. Searching for widgets is currently a huge pain and there is definitely a need for more simplified/focused plugins in the repo. This is something we’ve been thinking about recently at our Boston WordPress meetups and this is certainly a step in the right direction.

    1. tom
      tom Published |

      I chuckled when I followed the update link and saw most of the tagged plugins were from the people in the comments above. But hey, it’s a start 🙂

  2. Elliott Stocks
    Elliott Stocks Published |

    Great idea, I’d love to see this implemented =D

  3. Edward Caissie
    Edward Caissie Published |

    Great idea, but I do not agree with the examples being shown in the image (unless I am not understanding their utility, see below for my plugin definitions). Given the examples I would switch the tag to plugin-only. Perhaps its just semantics but let me explain a bit further …

    The WordPress Extend Plugin repository hold a great many “plugins” and “widgets”; and, I think there can be a definitive difference between these two types of code constructs.

    IMHO: A “plugin” simply adds functionality, there is no mechanism involved to add output into a widget area of a theme. Whereas a “widget” is primarily designed to add functionality to a theme by way of adding additional output(s) often found in a widget area of a theme, or perhaps via a shortcode.

    Given these ideas as possible definitions is there still a utility to adding an additional tag? Yes … as I absolutely agree there should be a way to identify this functionality without having to download and/or install the plugin first.

  4. Pippin
    Pippin Published |

    Love the idea. I’ll try and get all my widget only plugins updated this week 😀

  5. Monica
    Monica Published |

    I think it’s a great idea. Just a tag? yup, that’s easy enough.. I’d do it.

  6. Topher
    Topher Published |

    Wouldn’t this be easily accomplished with tags in the plugin? The interface would be the same as your suggestion, but I don’t know that we need to change plugins at all to accomplish that. Am I missing something?

  7. David Decker
    David Decker Published |

    Great idea! 🙂
    I just updated 2 widget plugins of mine with it!

    Here’s the current tag:

    C’mon people, please add your tags 🙂

    1. Monica
      Monica Published |

      Just added the tag to mine…

  8. Andrea_R
    Andrea_R Published |

    This is an excellent idea, even if everyone used the current “widget” tag.

    From a user perspective, they do not see plugins and widgets as the same thing. They think “I need a widget to do X”.

    Giving them a way to click “widgets here” would be…. +100.

    Make a note to bring it up at the summit? 🙂

  9. Norman144
    Norman144 Published |

    I love the idea, my first thought though which I cant seem to get around is, why doesn’t the current widget tag work by itself? why is widget-only needed when there is already widget?

    Don’t we just need to change our understanding of what widget means? instead of adding a new widget-only tag?

    Just saying, maybe Im missing something. But I like the idea and I get it.

    1. Monica
      Monica Published |

      I wondered the same thing at first… the widget tag should be included with a plugin that does whatever it does AND includes or adds a widget to the sidebar. So those plugins would still need the widget tag.

      The new widget-only tag would be for plugis that are widgets only.

  10. Adam W. Warner
    Adam W. Warner Published |

    This is an excellent idea, and I’m glad to see that there’s a built in option to get this started right away.

    Would love to see that filter option in the backend, but if I understand the screenshot example correctly, it might make more sense to list “Widgets” as “Widget-Only” for WordPress users to understand the difference between normal plugins and widget-only plugins.

    Great idea:)

  11. Sami Keijonen
    Sami Keijonen Published |

    Now all I have to do is make a widget-only plugin. Grrreat idea.

  12. Thomas Scholz
    Thomas Scholz Published |

    I just want to throw in the thread Add multiple plugin directories.

    There is also a public repository on GitHub, waiting for testers and contributors: https://github.com/chrisguitarguy/WP-Plugin-Directories

    1. Kaiser
      Kaiser Published |

      Hi people, I’m the one who asked the question over at WPSE. Chris promized to move the repo over to me. So you’ll find the most current updates in the following repo [1]. Please keep in mind, that this is free software, so I’m not updating too often. The current release is stable and I use it myself. Some minor updates will come in the following weeks.

      [1] https://github.com/franz-josef-kaiser/WP-Plugin-Directories

  13. Widget-only WordPress Plugins - circlecube
    Widget-only WordPress Plugins - circlecube at |
  14. Fearby Rixom
    Fearby Rixom Published |

    Anytime I have made a widget only plug-in one of the first user feedback I get is something like:
    The widget is a rate is great but can put this on my posts.
    That is why anything I make with a widget normally comes with a shortcode too

  15. Hev
    Hev Published |

    Some people still prefer not to use widgets. I am one of them. I have yet found a widget that I can make look the way I want it to. So no, I don’t agree with this.

  16. Edward Caissie
    Edward Caissie Published |

    I’ll be adding a “widget-only” tag or a “plugin-only” tag to my plugins with their next updates. I believe for the “widget-only” tag to really have weight, its counterpart “plugin-only” should also be used.

    I will likely be applying these new tags under the premise that any “shortcode” functionality included with a “widget-only” plugin does not affect its designation.

    For example, from my library of plugins in the repository:
    – widget-only: BNS Featured Category, BNS Corner Logo
    – plugin-only: BNS Login, BNS Inline Asides

  17. Brent
    Brent Published |

    Great proposal with solid recommendations. widget-only it is (for now at least)!

  18. Maor Chasen
    Maor Chasen Published |

    Your idea is clever. I have updated my ol’ widget on WordPress.org. It now has the widget-only tag 🙂

  19. caveau
    caveau Published |

    Great proposal, it’s clever!

  20. Michael Novotny
    Michael Novotny Published |

    I am all for clarity.

    I loved Edward Caissie’s idea for three separate repositories, but, like you said, one step at a time to make a difference.

    Thanks for leading and challenging the WordPress community. This is one of those areas that needs to be revisited.

  21. Frank Proomis
    Frank Proomis Published |

    Just added the tag, thanks

  22. YOGESH
    YOGESH Published |

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful information as searching of wordpress standalone widgets is not too easy..

  23. The Frosty
    The Frosty Published |

    Updating my Camera+ widget now.

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    دردشة صوتية Published |

    Thanks Justin that he did a great job

  25. hassan raza
    hassan raza Published |

    great work clever thinking . its a new idea for every one great work

  26. Emil
    Emil Published |

    Hi Justin, great post.. I have made all the changed from this article and all works great 🙂

  27. SAJID
    SAJID Published |

    You are right but i think that finding out widgets is not a big task if you have a clean layout and less widgets added to your website.
    By the way it can help in heavy blogs.

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