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  1. Brent Logan
    Brent Logan Published |

    From the Add New Post screen, selecting Screen Options and then unchecking the box in front of Post Formats will also hide the post formats UI.

  2. Tim
    Tim Published |

    Thanks Justin, I was just about to code this when I came across your plugin.

    The new Formats UI is probably the worst enhancement to hit WordPress for quite some time.

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  4. Disable Post Format UI WordPress Plugin - Justin Tadlock » WordPress Website Creator
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  6. Konstantin Kovshenin
    Konstantin Kovshenin Published |

    Note that disabling the UI via Screen Options is safer, because if an existing post has any structured data associated with it, 3.6 will still let you edit those fields. Disabling the UI with the filter has that risk of loosing the ability to edit existing data. Of course that doesn’t matter if there’s no structured meta data associated with any posts.

  7. Darin
    Darin Published |

    Thanks for this Justin.

    I think it’s great that Post Formats is finally getting some attention with context appropriate meta-boxes and improved media support, however, I do not understand the all or nothing UI and thinking behind this. Now it appears to be a choice between a full on tumblr like blog or a standard blog. Weird decisions by some truly great folks on the core dev team.

    I find it confusing and annoying that the add_theme_support(‘post-formats’, array()); in my themes will now be ignored. Why is this statement even included in Twenty Thirteen functions.php? It does not have any effect on the UI if you remove support for some post formats.

    I have some themes in which it was decided only to enable certain (e.g. audio, video, and image) post formats; and logically, only those radio buttons (including the default standard one) appeared on the Add New Post admin screen. It made sense even if the meta-box setup didn’t. Now we have the opposite.

    Couldn’t the new implementation show/hide the supported Post Format Icons based on theme support for specific post formats?

  8. Samuel Aguilera
    Samuel Aguilera Published |

    I can’t wait to 3.6 to be released just to disable post format UI 🙂

  9. Cristian Antohe
    Cristian Antohe Published |

    Crap. Thanks for this plugin, I guess I’ll just have to get over the idea this is here to stay.

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  11. Mathew Porter
    Mathew Porter Published |

    Ive got this bookmarked to get it disabled, much appreciated in advance.

  12. webnik
    webnik Published |

    I wonder how much it will take before a “group” of capable people get enough of this Tumblr/”normal users” meme/excuse and fork the entire thing that is WordPress? Even for those who really really prefer not to have an opinion it must get difficult do keep going “awesome” ?

    If this very tiny plugin helps that is good 🙂

  13. Mahesh
    Mahesh Published |

    I was showing the new post format to some of my clients who maintain multi author blogs. They asked me if there is any way to disable it. I see why it is not favored among multi-user bloggers and corporate CMS users. I do see the point of using minimal ui approach of tumblr. Thanks for this plugin, I am sure it is going to help many bloggers if WP UI team tampers with UI in future.

  14. Renan Ferrer
    Renan Ferrer Published |

    I did not know that. There came no notification of this plugin in my account. I’ll see it already.

    Thanks for sharing with us!


    Renan Ferrer

  15. Preston Davis
    Preston Davis Published |
  16. ThemeSquirrel
    ThemeSquirrel Published |

    Great to know, Thanks for sharing!

  17. Jean
    Jean Published |

    This plug-in doesn’t seem to work. I tried typing the code directly into my functions.php, and that still didn’t work.

    I think the enable_post_format_ui(); function is not available in WP 3.6. Is there another way of turning of the Post Format UI?

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