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  1. Sami Keijonen
    Sami Keijonen Published |

    Most of us have been in Justin’s WordPress school at It’s a great place to get top of things and get ideas thrown back and forth. Do we ever graduate? No, that’s not possible in web development and that’s part of why it’s so interesting.

    Well of course there is Tung who must have been 10 years old when he wrote those theme tutorials…

    Galin, I’m going to get passed you in year 2313! Even if there are no silver bullets.

    1. Satrya
      Satrya Published |

      Haha, I can’t stop laugh reading your comment Sami.

      Justin’s WordPress school

      I like that words 😀

    2. Galin
      Galin Published |

      Not if I submit updates every week! 😛

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  4. Wisely Woven
    Wisely Woven Published |

    I try to only use Hybrid based themes and am grateful that so many themes are being produced with it. There seems to be a Hybrid ecosystem of sorts emerging.

  5. Aline Conus
    Aline Conus Published |

    On a slightly unrelated note your article made me discover foxnet themes and it’s a pleasant surprise many cool designs

    1. Sami Keijonen
      Sami Keijonen Published |

      Thanks Aline. I hope there is more to come.

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  7. Brian Krogsgard
    Brian Krogsgard Published |


    Thanks for the kind words. Indeed, I use Hybrid Core in just about every custom web project I do. It makes my life easier. Great job starting this series!

  8. Hassan
    Hassan Published |

    I’m mainly a Gantry (another horribly marketed drop-in framework) user, but I have and I still do learn from Hybrid. I follow the development very closely and I’m amazed at how much new stuff I learn after each update. I think reason #2 should be “education”! You educate not just individuals but the whole community on how to develop stuff the right way and I am extremely grateful for that.
    Keep up the great work Justin! 🙂

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