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  1. James
    James Published |

    It looks awesome, as usual 🙂

  2. Jai Rijh
    Jai Rijh Published |

    I am actually working on a restaurant website where I want to move it to wordpress from weebly.

    Are you going to integrate it with Locu (or open menus) where most restaurants have their menu. This way they can maintain it in one place and it will be updated on the website, facebook, yelp etc.

    Please do let me know and I will be happy to try it out

  3. Randy
    Randy Published |

    I have built a restaurant menu plugin (not for public but I always had hoped to) before and I have to say the one silly thing I remember is how careful I had to be with naming conventions. I kept finding myself saying things in the instruction guide like “Create a new Menu”, but that was not to be confused with a new “navigational” menu.

  4. jamie
    jamie Published |

    is there going to be a price attached to it

  5. Rgregory
    Rgregory Published |

    Slightly off topic, I love the look of your WP admin menu 🙂 Are you using a plugin to style it? I really like it.

    Great idea for a plugin as well!

  6. josemv
    josemv Published |

    Looks gr8, could it serve as “foundation” or “engine” for other projects, such as movie catalog and reviewing (thinking out loud here)

  7. Amanda R
    Amanda R Published |

    Looks really good, and just as importantly easy to use and navigate around. Picture, description, price, perfect!

  8. Gilbert Sasmuel
    Gilbert Sasmuel Published |


    You gave a review to a resturant plugin but i couldn’t find a link, am i doing something wrong? I would love to hear your reply. The plugin looks good as well

  9. nackle2k10
    nackle2k10 Published |

    Looks interesting. If you need more man to work with this plugin, I’m really interested to become part of this cool stuff. I have been a fan of your works 🙂

  10. Josh
    Josh Published |

    Great plugin. This is what I need.

  11. Mary Susan
    Mary Susan Published |

    Wow, this promises to be awesome….pls do remember to update us when the plug in is ready.


    1. iMadalin
      iMadalin Published |

      I think you can subscribe to Justin’s feed on this blog and I’m sure he will post news about it. This way you will also be noticed by other news.

  12. Greg
    Greg Published |

    Hey Justin

    This looks promising. Looking forward to seeing it when you release it. There are so many restaurants that need a simple setup!

  13. sona
    sona Published |

    When i visit your website . i have got a new plungin .

  14. retrocool
    retrocool Published |

    I’m doing a couple of restaurant sites this month, would it be very unwise to use version 0.1 on a production site?

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  17. Toda Namilki
    Toda Namilki Published |

    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the great work. We all owe you immensely. What is the current status of the restaurant menu plugin you developed. is it available in wordpress plugin repository?

    If not where can I get it from?


  18. Dave
    Dave Published |

    That’s interesting.


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