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  1. Ryan Hellyer
    Ryan Hellyer Published |

    Any chance you would be keen to combine forces on this plugin instead?


    I hadn’t thought of adding support for header colour and text, but it makes sense since it is included in the core header implementation.

  2. Frank
    Frank Published |

    Could this same process be used for custom background and header based on tag or category of the post? If multiple tags are present, it uses the first.

  3. Harish
    Harish Published |

    Very neat. I had had used CMB meta box script to allow custom header for a client, but this now will allow theme developers to use this plugin instead.

    Looking forward to see what you come up with next.

    1. Suzie Cheel
      Suzie Cheel Published |

      I was so excited when i found this plugin , is there a way for it to work on a page ?


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  7. Mark Ang
    Mark Ang Published |

    Hi, I am having the following error message using you Custom Header Extended:

    main-header.php not found

    Could you please help me? Appreciate!

    1. egyaqar
      egyaqar Published |

      i have the same problem

      main-header.php not found

  8. Naveen
    Naveen Published |

    Nice stuff Justin,

    Any plan of incorporating custom headers in the free themes of Hybrid? (Not sure if I am asking for too much :-))

  9. Lisa
    Lisa Published |

    thanks for sharing the plugin. I didn’t know you can actually change the background for different post. Very useful. Thanks again

  10. sameer
    sameer Published |

    Can you please tell me how do I customize link position at my header area of webiste ?

  11. jose
    jose Published |

    I need help, the plugin looks very good, but I get the error :

    main-header.php not found .

    Has someone found the way to fix it?

  12. binks
    binks Published |

    Patiently for 2 months I’ve searched php,css and wp for help and posted requests and apart from copy and pasting and not getting the correct results I am still stuck because I do not have seperate headers to upload so none of the plugins help me. I have my header.php for my home page, someone helped me get it to show the Bkgrd and catagories and header on each page – great! My header logo is just the title of each page but imports a special font . If I keep my default template everything fine except the header. In my page-templates I only have contributor and full width pages – no default header to play around with. But I need to change the last word of the header to suit each catagory page – I copied and created page-templates to do this but now my 3 pages have incorporated (obviously)the homepage and I’ve lost my lost my log ins, feature pic etc. can anyone help me with some code or plug in please. thanks in advance.

  13. Pierre Lareau
    Pierre Lareau Published |

    In my website theme, it’s more useful to customize with CSS

  14. Babuddin
    Babuddin Published |

    How about adding custom video option too, may be a youtube link.

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