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  1. Randy
    Randy Published |

    Well, I am a low-carb dieter and envious. They look great. They actually look fried. You maybe sprayed them with some oil before baking? The toughest things for me to avoid on this diet are fries and pizza. I can avoid just about anything else like cakes and cookies.

  2. Simone D'Angelo
    Simone D'Angelo Published |


    I live in Brazil and here we have fantastic sweet potatoes.

    He had already eaten in various ways but never fried.

    They look fantastic! I’ll try and I will post the result.

    Thank you.

  3. Salman
    Salman Published |

    Wow! i love sweet potatoes, these are just yum!

  4. david
    david Published |

    I wish I know how to cook.

    I regularly bought potato, sweet potato (white, purple, etc..), corn, etc. and just boil them as late night snack.

    It look good, so, you just cut and fry it, or boil it first?

  5. phillwv
    phillwv Published |

    Don’t know why it took me so long to discover, but low-carb (as in ‘anti-blood-sugar-spike) diet forces interesting choices.

    Home fries are on hold pending research (ie, cook, eat, measure blood glucose) but – before placing on hold, I was cooking with coconut oil. Regular or sweet potato, try it. That’s one delicious variation.


  6. VPS IIX
    VPS IIX Published |

    It’s look delicious. Are you add some flavour ? or It’s just fried Potato that cooking with oil? please share the recipe, because I just can cooking with easy recipe 🙂

  7. Jeetu Melwani
    Jeetu Melwani Published |

    Looks delicious, gotta love sweet potato fries. I love adding some rosemary spice and some tangy indian chat masala to it.

  8. Surya Tejaswini
    Surya Tejaswini Published |

    Hei this is super cool. The texture you have got to this fry is very nice. I loved it. We haven’t tried one of this sort with a sweet potato. But will give it a try after looking into your wonderful recipe……..:)

  9. Peter Knight
    Peter Knight Published |

    I love sweet potatoes and then I found this recipe that comes with a tzatziki dip and spices. It’s delicious. The hardest thing is getting them to the right crisp.


  10. Tareq
    Tareq Published |

    I just love french fries. when i see tomato kechup with it I feel like Im in heaven…hahaha

  11. Sumeet
    Sumeet Published |

    Fried sweet potato in monsoon season with tomato ketchup makes fried potato awesome. I like it very much.

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