Help me get a house for Christmas

View of the house from the front corner
View of the house from the front corner

I like to think of myself as a proud and independent man. I keep my word when I give it to people. I started a business fresh out of college on my own. I try my hardest to get things done without assistance. There’s a limit to how proud and independent one should be. Those qualities shouldn’t stop me from asking for help when I need it.

Today, I want to ask all of my blog readers, social networking friends, family, and charitable strangers if they’ll help make this Christmas the best of my life.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been searching for a home to call my own. In particular, I’ve wanted a spot to start a small homestead. I recently found a perfect house with 2.1 acres of land.

Unfortunately, I have horrible timing. We’re right smack in the middle of the holiday season. Plus, self-employed people like myself have quarterly taxes due in mid-January. Purchasing this house will put me in a bit of a bind financially. But, you have to jump on a good deal when it presents itself.

Without going into every detail of the costs, I need to raise at least $2,000, but I really need more along the lines of $5,000 to cover everything.

Therefore, I’ve started a Crowdtilt campaign to see if I could come up with the necessary funds.

Pledges I make

I don’t like taking things without being able to give something back in return. What I’ve come up with is a list of promises that I’ll make for people willing to contribute. You are more than willing to contribute and not ask for anything in return, but here’s what I’m offering.

Contribute any amount

I will link to your site or social networking profile on a public thank you page.

Contribute $25+

I will write an in-depth tutorial on a WordPress-related subject of your choosing. Please keep this within reason (for example, please don’t ask me to write instructions to build a complete e-commerce plugin). If you want to submit a few different tutorial ideas and let me choose one, that’d be great.

Contribute $75+

You will be given a lifetime membership to Theme Hybrid.

Contribute $25 (family/friends)

I will provide a favor, chore, or whatever you need help with for one hour for every $25 you contribute. Well, I’d probably do this for no donation, but I could use the help.

Every $1,000

For every $1,000 in total contributions, I will volunteer and answer 50 questions on the support forums over the next year.

About the house

This is the perfect home for me. It is half a mile outside the city limits (Greenville, AL), so it’s on unrestricted land. This means that I can have a homestead without having to worry about breaking some weird rules. It also means that I’d be close enough to civilization to do all the fun things in life like eat out once in a while or go to the movies without having to make a “trip to town” as we southerners say.

The house was built in 1930 (with later additions). Aside from a couple of minor issues, the only things that need to be fixed are cosmetic. Here are a few details:

  • 1,400 square feet
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Fireplace
  • Wood-burning stove setup
  • Carport

I honestly wasn’t looking for something this big, but it’s at a price that I can easily pay off in 15 years. It’d be nice to have my home and land paid for in full before I hit 45 years old.

The land has apple trees, a pear tree, a fig tree, and plenty of great gardening areas. It’s got a nice, long driveway so that I wouldn’t be right next to the highway.

The only downside to this house is that I wanted to find something a little closer to my parents, but it’s still only a 30-minute drive away from them. Plus, my grandparents and most of my family are within a 15-mile radius, so I’ll have a huge support group as I take on this new adventure.

Please help my Christmas wish come true

I know this is a tough time to ask for donations. It’s the holiday season. People are traveling. You all have gifts to buy for family and friends. But, if every person who reads this blog or all of my Twitter followers would donate just $1, it would more than cover what I need.

I would be eternally grateful for any help you could provide. Even if you can’t help financially, please tweet this to your Twitter followers or share on Facebook.

Thank you all in advance.



48 Responses

  1. Brian Krogsgard
    Brian Krogsgard Published |

    I’m excited for you to have your own place, Justin. You’ve been a huge help to me in my career learning about WordPress. Good luck with the campaign, and Merry Christmas!

  2. Pippin
    Pippin Published |

    Whether you are aware of it or not, you have helped me on numerous occasions. Giving back and helping make your Christmas is the least I can do.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Sami Keijonen
    Sami Keijonen Published |

    Merry Christmas Justin. You’ll get that house, I can feel it.

  4. OriginalEXE
    OriginalEXE Published |

    I smiled at this as I am in the process of buying a flat too so I know how troublesome it is. I was glad to be able to support you in buying this house as you have helped me to get mine too!

    Good luck

  5. David Decker
    David Decker Published |

    Merry Christmas all the way from Germany! 🙂

    Thanks for your work for the WordPress community and all that I’ve learned from your work!

    I really hope you get this house!

  6. Chris Carr
    Chris Carr Published |

    Appreciate your work in the community, and am happy to contribute. Enjoy this next season of your life and have a Merry Christmas!

  7. Cam McVey
    Cam McVey Published |


    Downloaded Stargazer yesterday — my first Hybrid theme — and love it. Contributing here is the least I can do.

    Have a great Christmas!

    Cam (in Scotland)

  8. Shawn Hesketh
    Shawn Hesketh Published |

    We have yet to meet in person, Justin, but you have no idea how much you’ve helped me over the years. When I was freelancing, there were several times I found myself in a jam and one of your excellent tutorials helped me figure it out. So thanks for being an invaluable resource for me—and many, many others, I’m sure!

  9. Leho Kraav (@lkraav)
    Leho Kraav (@lkraav) Published |

    Are you able to provide an invoice for me on the contribution? Hit me up on e-mail if interested.

  10. Brin Wilson
    Brin Wilson Published |

    Just sent out a tweet – good luck!

  11. Drew Jaynes
    Drew Jaynes Published |

    This was a great idea. You’ve certainly contributed more than your fair share to the community over the years and I hope people turn out in hoards to contribute back to this. I did. Good luck!

  12. Kim Parsell
    Kim Parsell Published |

    I’m so glad you’ve found a house that you love, and I was more than happy to give something to help make your wish come true.

    I’ve learned a lot from you over the years – thank you for your awesome contributions to the WordPress community. Merry Christmas Justin! 🙂

  13. David Laietta
    David Laietta Published |

    I’ve also been helped a ton by your public work, but since everyone else is saying that I want to go a different way: I’m very interested in homesteading and self-sufficient living, and I’d love to have a relatable model for it. I’m intending on doing something similar within the next few years myself.

  14. Antonio
    Antonio Published |

    Excelent idea!!!

  15. Danne
    Danne Published |

    Merry Christmas!!! You’ll get that house, I hope soo.

  16. Stefan Johansson
    Stefan Johansson Published |

    Best of luck with your new house and Merry Christmas!

  17. Human kindness has no bounds
    Human kindness has no bounds at |
  18. CSSHero
    CSSHero Published |

    Happy to join your cause Justin, all the best!

  19. Lauren
    Lauren Published |

    I will definitely help you. I hope you are able to get your own house this new year so that it will be great achievement for you. Best of luck to you.

  20. yoto
    yoto Published |

    Even though i can’t help you since i also don’t have my own house, i really hope that you succeed this crowd funding and get your dream house 🙂

  21. Andreas Kullander
    Andreas Kullander Published |

    Too bad I didn’t make it in time before the crowd funding ended.


    I hope you’ll live a long happy life in your new house and thanks for all of your engagement in the Wordpress community.

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  23. eka
    eka Published |

    waw, you are wonderful, can make your own house with you own work. I appreciate it. Hopefully I can make my own house someday.

    this is my first job website.

  24. Temba
    Temba Published |

    Hi Justin, just came across your blog. How is the homestead going? We bought land and started putting things together as well. We have a shed for chooks, a patch to plant different vegetables and now building a dog house. The weather has been interesting this past year. We planted some avocado trees and mango trees but they did not grow very well. We will be trying other things later, maybe macadamia. Would love to hear more about your project. By the way, we’d love to contribute but noticed that your campaign has ended. Will you have another?

  25. Steve Wharton
    Steve Wharton Published |

    Hi Justin, since the crowdtilt fund is closed; hopefully my membership to theme hybrid will help as well. Congrats on the new home. Keep those chicks and chickens warm! Cheers, Steve & Sally Wharton | Seattle

  26. sonesh
    sonesh Published |

    Keep posting the good work.Some really helpful information in there. Nice to see your site. Thanks!

  27. Jimmy
    Jimmy Published |

    Hope you get the house, just keep believing!

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