Forum Preview #4: Featured Images

Forum featured images

I just added featured image support to forums in the new forum plugin I’m building. Loads of other improvements have worked their way in, but it’s nice to be able to spruce the page up a bit with images.

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  1. Erik Joling
    Erik Joling Published |

    Looking great! Can’t wait to see it released.

    1. David
      David Published |

      Great to see Message Board coming to life.

  2. Kuldeep
    Kuldeep Published |

    It’s looking cool. Really waiting for its release.

    1. Peter Mumford
      Peter Mumford Published |


  3. Manga
    Manga Published |

    Nice ! im waiting for

  4. J
    J Published |

    Stop teasing us already Justin, if you need more testers, let us know! πŸ˜€

  5. Arpit Vimal
    Arpit Vimal Published |

    Forum is looking awesome. When it’s releasing?

  6. Pnr Status
    Pnr Status Published |

    This forum is awesome someone please tell me when this forum will release.

  7. Christian
    Christian Published |

    Liking the look of this, looking forward to seeing it in action

  8. Paul
    Paul Published |

    Hi Justin,

    I’m in the process making a client’s site responsive with some redesign. In this project is a pretty big bbPress form. I never was a big bbPress fan but it did what is needed to do. Alternatives where overkil or they just did not suited our (clients) needs.

    So this might be the perfect moment to switch… I was wondering what your thoughts are on this. Maybe it’s a great way for you to test a migration like this one. Or there might be some tips on your behalf.

    Please let me know. If possible in mail.

    Otherwise I check your site regularly.

    With Regards,


  9. PNR Status
    PNR Status Published |

    Nice please tell what is the type of this forum.

  10. Jonathan
    Jonathan Published |

    Hi Justin,

    One thing I really, really want to see with this plugin is CSS that truly adapts to any theme. That means it should include rules for layout only and should not include any rules for colour, fonts or any design elements or at least if they do it should be possible to turn them off completely while still keeping the rules for layout that make the plugin function.

    The current (and now longstanding) trend in WordPress design is big flat colours on a white background. So many plugins claim to adapt to any theme but really mean they will adapt to any theme with a white background and big flat accent colours. It then becomes a huge chore to override all of the CSS bloat included with the plugin.

    So please, please, I beg you, make this plugin truly work with any theme, it should inherits fonts, colours, button padding, etc from the theme, and not set its own via CSS.


  11. Kenny Chu
    Kenny Chu Published |

    Yes, good forum for Wordpress so far. I hoping to dive into a simple forum like bbPress but isn’t too hard to use and still maintain some of the useful features from other forum platform. Things I suggest:

    Add permission for forums (e.g: who allowed to view this forum).

    Would be could if you can bake this feature into the popular Capability Manager Enhanced plugin for wordpress.

    The ability to enter date of birth, social networks, country and custom fields. Would be good if user only needs to manage through WordPress’ user profile editor. Support custom fields created via functions.php or WordPress plugin.

    I’m sure everything else I’m trying to think is already in WordPress of some sort.

    Otherwise everything looks so good so far. Great work!

  12. Eduard
    Eduard Published |

    It’s looking cool. This forum is awesome!

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