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  1. Dovy Paukstys
    Dovy Paukstys Published |


    Thank you for the write up. Look forward to Tuesday. πŸ™‚

  2. Dave
    Dave Published |

    Re: #3, yes, but adding fancy stuff such as links to the proper user profile in the dashboard is challenging to the HTML-challenged (still a lot of users).

    1. Towfiq I
      Towfiq I Published |

      Agree with Dave. Those of us who interact with 100 wordpress users on weekly basis we know users find few steps confusing and harder..

      1. Towfiq I
        Towfiq I Published |

        Justin you are obviously more knowledgeable and experienced than any other devs I know. I only have respect for you. It may not show out as we may have different views and I try to voice my opinions. πŸ™‚

        But isnt adding social links through editing profile to creates extra steps for users? same goes for creating theme related content by installing plugin, adding widget, maintaining plugins etc. creates extra hassle for end users, when they could have done it from the theme theme options/customizer? It all worked very well up until now. so why isnt it working all of a sudden?

  3. Stephen Cronin
    Stephen Cronin Published |

    I’m quite interested in these grey areas too – it’s something I’ve been thinking about on and off for a little while now, without a solid conclusion.

    Home pages are often pretty long these days (ie a lot of content). My position is that this should be added via a plugin, but I had someone argue that most people throw away their home page content when they redesign their site / change themes – so it therefore becomes additional friction on getting setup, in order to save content that many won’t want later. Interested to see what the TRT think of issues such as these.

    I’ll watch for the outcome of Tuesday’s discussion (I’d attend if it wasn’t 4am my time!).

    1. Emil Uzelac
      Emil Uzelac Published |

      Very nice, see you in Slack!

  4. Mike Schinkel
    Mike Schinkel Published |

    I’ve been watching this play out with a bit of bemusement.

    But I do have a question on the subject. What is the TRT’s rationale for disallowing themes from being able to install a plugin on behalf of the user? Seems that allowing said behavior — with the user’s pre-approval of course — would solve this entire dilemma and debate. I don’t get it. Why?

    BTW, since I don’t sell themes I don’t really have a dog in this hunt.

  5. Marcus Tibesar
    Marcus Tibesar Published |

    A couple of years ago I began using Themify.me themes. However, I abandoned them last year when I discovered it was so difficult to transition to different themes (including theirs).

    Thank you Justin for thinking of the ‘customer’ who wants to be able to use any theme without getting locked into something they might not even realize that they are getting locked into.

    The bottom line is I as an Editor don’t want anyone to change my database and lock me in to their solution/product no matter how great I or they may think it is at the time.

  6. Paul Shryock
    Paul Shryock Published |

    Great article; thanks for sharing the information. I’m primarily a Wordpress user/admin, although I do some custom design/development, and I find it very helpful to be able to stay in the loop with what’s going on.

    I’m in full support of all the ongoing changes being discussed. They make sense for the big picture.

  7. Patty J. Ayers
    Patty J. Ayers Published |

    I just realized that at least the Theme Repository has standards. I don’t think ThemeForest has any such thing, unless I’m mistaken. I might be better off looking in the Repository for really well-written themes.

  8. Syed
    Syed Published |

    I am glad WP TRT is after this, been feeling it should have been done a little while ago (maybe around 4.0 release), but anyway late is better than never.

    I am hoping it will bring some quality Custom Post Type related plugins, which devs like me will happily use for projects. (I know few of yours I already use Justin ;)), so you know what I mean.

    1 Certainly not a “Content Creation”, it’s mostly being used for credit or copyright, which is minimal content, so should be acceptable for TRT. Will be unfair to be forced to use plugin for this feature.

    I agree on #2 I didn’t liked the way almost every theme uses theme options for this, instead of utilizing CPT etc. So should be considered as “Content Creation”. And should not be allowed.

    3 I think theme should be allowed to provide widgets like Profile Widget etc, as its mostly used for designing purposes only as most good themes read data from user profile section (bio, name etc) and allow just link to page which user would like it to be used as About info. So in my opinion certainly not “Content Creation”.

    4 we can say it falls under gray area, but we can’t restrict it as “Content Creation”, as most of the good themes allow users to modify it via Widgets, I would like it not be considered “Content Creation” as it’s mostly a custom template and I am not sure if we can force devs to handle it via plugin territory.

    Regarding TGM script, I think it’s fair to allow theme authors to prompt users to install certain plugins which will allow users to utilize certain features for their website for which theme provides styling. Like Portfolio Plugin, Testimonial and so on. Obviously with user consent.

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  10. Ronell
    Ronell Published |

    I think you guys are doing a good job of keeping all theme developers on the same page, but do you think some of you guys may be getting paid by theme developers to overlook certain things.

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