Day 6 - My First Big Hump

Another day gone by, with another workout. I had to do the cardio with intervals today. I ran 1 interval, rested 30 seconds. Then I ran the second, and on the jog back I turned my ankle just as I was slowing down. I wasn’t sure how serious it was, but I was in the mood to finish up. I should’ve been wearing my ankle brace to start off with. So, I walk back to the house, taking a six minute and thirty second break to put on the brace. Then I came back and finished the final 3 intervals with 1 minute breaks in between.

Not one of my more enlightened moments. Now, I have a very irritated right ankle that could possibly hinder this next week’s cardio and lower body workouts. For my EDT training tomorrow, since its still the first week (which is a good thing it’s this early), I plan on walking the 3 miles. I wouldn’t want to further injure myself, and be totally thrown out of the Body-For-Life competition. So, it will definitley be a light day.

As far as nutrition goes, I had a little backslide today. Although, I am allowed one free day a week, so this will have to be it, even though it wasn’t that big of a slip.