Day 7 - The First Milestone

I finished up my 7th day! That’s the first big milestone. Now, I have only 77 days left to go! I completed my first EDT cardio workout today. I finished up the 3 miles in 44 minutes and 17 seconds. I done the first half mile in 22 min and 49 sec. So, next week I’ll have to beat this week’s time. I also got a nasty rash on my inner thighs and a blistered spot on the top of my heel from this run. Well, it wasn’t really a run. It was mostly a walk. Since it’s the first EDT workout and I turned my ankle yesterday, I walked most of the 3 miles. I hit a few 50 yards or so jogs on the way.

I started a nutrition tracker with my profile at Free It’s a good place to keep track of what you eat. They also have fitness plans and a message board. I’m basically using it to keep track of my daily intakes. I want to see if I’m getting enough carbohydrates, proteins, calories, and fats, so I don’t go overboard, and so I can make sure I’m burning more calories than I take in.

Today, after my EDT training I put together a short video with a little information on it. This is because I said I would at least do one video tracking my progress a week. So here it is: Day 7 Video