Days 9 & 10 - Lazy & Tired

I had a slight problem with the internet last night. It wasn’t working! So, I couldn’t write on my progress, and I had a lot to say. Unfortunately, I just about forgot it all.

Day 9
Basically, it was a lazy day. I only gave, roughly, 60% - 70%. I finished up my 6 intervals in my cardio workout, with a minute rest in between each. Maybe, it was because I felt so sluggish all over. I took a nap from 2:00 in the afternoon until around 6:00, waking up dreading the workout. But I dragged through it anyway. I suppose doing it is better than not doing it at all.

Day 10
Today was a better day. I felt better to start off with anyways. I capped off a good set of leg press, doing 12 reps (270 lbs.), 10 (360), 8 (450), 6 (540), and 24 (270). That’s when I got really tired. That last set just wore me out. I then proceeded to do lunges. I done a set of 8 reps (100 lbs.), 6 (100), and 6 (100). I just couldn’t do any more. At least I got the major muscles worked. Really, though, the best leg workouts, standalone, are squate, leg press, or deadlift. But, they don’t like you to use free weights without a partner in the ACT. So, there goes squats, at least. And I’m not really big on deadlift, so I do the leg press.

Nutrition has been on key for the last couple of days. I probably won’t do bad in that area. I pretty much love to eat anything. Almost anything.